Fan Fiction Recommendation: Wolf Dog, an Inuyasha fanfic written by BonaFideGarbage

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Hey, everybody! Antoni, here, with another fan fiction recommendation. Today I am taking a look at another Inuyasha fanfic entitled Wolf Dog written by BonaFideGarbage and published on February 4, 2009. It’s rated M. It’s in English. It’s Hurt/Comfort/Romance, and the main couple is Inuyasha and Ayame. Other characters involved, yet mentioned through exposition, are Kagome Higurashi, Sango, Kouga, Miroku, and Shippou.
As you can tell, I am totally up for some hot, steamy action from my two of my most favorite anime characters in the world and OTP, Inuyasha/Ayame. So, let’s cut to the chase!
After Naraku’s defeat and death, Inuyasha and his friends decide to go their separate ways. Miroku and Sango ended up being married with children. Shippou is in the search for other kitsune. The icing on the cake is Kagome splitting up from Inuyasha and becoming Kouga’s wife. This irritates Inuyasha so much to the point where his inner full demon forcefully advises him to get over that failed relationship. One day at a hot spring, Inuyasha spots Ayame, who is about to immerse herself in the steamy yet soothing water, while feeling down that Kouga would dare choose Kagome over her. He questions what she is doing at his relaxation spot, as she starts to get suspicious. That is until Inuyasha comes down from the tree as his hiding spot and Ayame finally recognizes him. What follows are moments of self-revelation from both sides and a rapidly blossoming romance between them. By and large, I did find myself thoroughly enjoying the story, as it is a nice balance of genuine character interactions and some well-deserved eroticism between Inuyasha and Ayame. The story does build itself up rather nicely and I love the inclusion of having Inuyasha’s full yokai form as a sort of conscience, as he is meant to be a symbol of Inuyasha’s animalistic instincts. This creature is just so tired of Inuyasha’s complaining that he actually spurs him to do something about his problem. Enter Ayame, who unfortunately was in a similar situation as Inuyasha, as these two have more than just a heart-to-heart conversation. Overall, the story does not rely too much on the eroticism but rather builds up the necessary development for our two main characters before the deed is done. One tiny caveat I have to give is, how do the other characters react to this? Part of me thinks that they are first hesitant, but turn face when they realize that Inuyasha and Ayame are truly compatible.
Talking about the characters is talking about Inuyasha and Ayame. As always, Inuyasha maintains his defensive, brash, easily peeved, angry, yet strong-willed and charming personality. The fact that he has is full yokai side within his conscience kind of makes him rather dangerous yet fascinating. Whenever Ayame starts to weep, he tells her, albeit abrasively, that whatever they have experienced is all in the past and they need to move on.
Ayame is presented here as a jilted lover, who cannot fathom why Kouga would choose Kagome as his mate over her. She initially has a hard time accepting it until she sees Inuyasha. Knowing what he went through in the past given his hanyou status, his first tragic falling out with Kikyou, and his latest one with Kagome, she easily empathizes and establishes a much stabler connection with him. In terms of their lovemaking scene, she is the submissive one to Inuyasha’s more alpha male actions. In terms of her characterization, she maintains her strong will and occasional vulnerability making her a diverse character overall.
Even though the other characters in the forms of Miroku, Kouga, Sango, Kagome, and Shippou are only shown in bits and pieces, they do contribute well to the plot, even though it would have been nice to see how they react to such a change occurring between Inuyasha and Ayame.
The only issues I have in terms of the grammar, spelling, and other technicalities mainly chalk up to minute missing letters from certain words. Otherwise, the layout is really good and the language does serve its purpose as an erotic romance story.
So, overall, this was a really well-done Inuyasha/Ayame fanfic. If you are into erotic romance stories with a good amount of steam and genuine character relationships, this could be for you. With that said, I give this fanfic a solid A+. In spite of some super minor gripes, I still have to salute it for at least delivering the goods in terms of Inuyasha’s and Ayame’s relationship. There was rarely a time I had to correct in terms of grammar or spelling and I had an overall blast.
Well, that’s all for now. Tune in later where I recommend another Inuyasha/Ayame fanfic, The Promise by darling krash. So, until then, have an awesome Easter Week.

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