The Four Graces drawn by me

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My dear viewers. I bestow upon you Rin, Kanna, Satsuki, and Souten, the four little girls of Inuyasha who have grown up to be lovely, elegant, and gracious young ladies. Their current ages in this pic are the following. Rin is 25 going on 26 years old, Kanna and Satsuki are 25, and Souten is 24 going on 25.
In spite of the fact that Rin and Kanna are recurring characters and Satsuki and Souten are one-time characters, I feel like these young ladies steal the show for being rather endearing in their own ways. What with Rin and her jovial personality, Kanna and her lethal silence wrapped up in an unsuspectingly lovely package, Satsuki and her overall innocence, and Souten and her mischievousness, I totally ship these young women as my SisT4, the female version of a BroT4.
In my headcanon for this quartet of young ladies, Rin is essentially the eldest and the leader of this quartet, as she has the most personality and she stands out rather well. She still has her jovial and jolly nature intact, as she knows when to let loose, and she is not bossy in the slightest.
Kanna is still the quiet one, but she feels rather comfortable with her great gal pals by her side.
Satsuki is the romantic creative with a bit of edge. One should never be fooled by her sweet attitude, as she is also a tough girl who is not afraid to put up a fight.
Souten is still the tomboy but given that she’s in her twenties she has become more ladylike. She’s essentially the bruiser of this group, so if anyone dares to hurt any or all of her homegirls, she will unleash Hell with her combat prowess.
Ergo, Rin has elegance, empathy, and kindness, Kanna has poise, class, and gentility, Satsuki has joy, laughter, and love, and Souten has strength, creativity, and endurance.
As for who I ship them with, well it’s obvious that I ship Rin with Kohaku as my OTP because I feel like they were destined for each other. Besides, I always saw Sesshoumaru as her adoptive father, thus making me a fan of not only Kohaku/Rin but also Sesshoumaru/Kagome, as they would make solid parents to Rin and Shippou and even more solid grandparents to Kohaku’s and Rin’s and Shippou’s and Souten’s grandchildren.
As for the other three, I ship Kanna with Souta because I do fancy the quiet girl and energetic boy type of pairings, Satsuki with Hakudoshi because I can and I am pretty sure they would help each other become stronger fighters, and Souten with Shippou because I can’t see any other girl with Shippou other than her and I am pretty sure that they would have a solid relationship. Yes, there’s also Satsuki but I see it more as a BroTP type of relationship with them being super supportive of each other.
Thanks for taking a gander at this piece of fanart and for reading this post. I wish you a most pleasant day.
Rin, Kanna, Satsuki, and Souten from Inuyasha belong to Rumiko Takahashi.

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