A Mother’s Day Surprise Posedown drawn by me

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Inuyasha: All right, boys, you ready?
Kenta: You bet, dad!
Keita: Yeah.
(Ayame, Kaito, Momoko, and Maya come home to their cave from hunting, as they are carrying a wild boar, a fat doe, and a rabbit they have just hunted down to prepare for a Mother’s Day feast. Just as they are about to set down the food, Inuyasha, Kenta, and Keita come out from their hiding spot flexing their biceps for them to witness.)
Inuyasha (to Ayame in a suave manner): Good evening, honey.
Kenta (to Kaito): ‘Sup, bro.
Keita (to Momoko and Maya): Yo, little sisters.
Inuyasha, Kenta, and Keita: Happy Mother’s Day!
Ayame: Oh. Um…Happy Mother’s Day to you, too, love and boys.
(Inuyasha, Kenta, and Keita break out of their posedown routine and give Ayame, Kaito, Momoko, and Maya a firm hug.)
Inuyasha: So, how was your hunting trip?
Momoko: It was great, daddy!
Maya: Mommy taught us how to hunt for boars and other animals and we caught some.
Kaito: Tonight, we are going to have wild boar, doe meat, and rabbit.
Inuyasha: Shall I help with the preparation, babe? (He gives Ayame a sneaky grin complete with mischievous raising eyebrows and a bit of pec flexing.)
Ayame (chuckles): Sure thing, honeybun. (She gives Inuyasha a kiss on the lips.)
Kenta and Keita: We can help with setting the table.
Kaito: And I’ll help you gather some firewood to cook the meat.
Inuyasha and Ayame: Sure thing, boys.
Maya: Oh boy! This is going to be such an awesome feast.
Momoko: It surely will.
This one goes to all of the mothers out there. For your viewing pleasure, here are Inuyasha, aged 35, and his two favorite eldest sons, Kenta on the left and Keita on the right both aged 16, having a posedown for all the ladies to see, especially if those ladies happen to be his awesome wife, Ayame, and his lovely daughters, Momoko and Maya. Let’s also not forget about their other dearest son, Kaito, who is in utter awe of their muscular magnificence and also aspires to be as strong as his father and big brothers.
Their muscles are surely a sight to behold, especially when one has a father like Inuyasha who serves as his family’s big kahuna of a patriarch. From ensuring rigorous physical training to making sure that his children live and eat right, he expects nothing but the best from his family, especially with a supportive wife like Ayame who is just as strong as him.
The same thing can be said about the eldest boys, Kenta and Keita. These wonder twins are lucky to have a buff warrior dad like Inuyasha, as they look up to him unconditionally. From all the wrestling matches to the posedowns to the days and hours of training to having other combat sports in their regimens like kickboxing and Pankration to the roaring matches to some quieter moments where they enjoy each others’ company in places like a serene lake, these three have the strongest bond and the twins take a lot after their dear old man in personality and in physical capabilities.
Well, I hope you enjoyed this and once again, Happy Mother’s Day.
Inuyasha belongs to Rumiko Takahashi.
Kenta and Keita belong to me.

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