The Family that Flexes Together, Stays Together drawn by me

The Family that Flexes Together, Stays Together drawn by me
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(Inuyasha, Ayame, Kenta, and Keita spot in the distance of their caves a huge, hulking boar demon causing terror and pandemonium.)

Inuyasha: Kaito, Momoko, Maya, you three stay and guard the cave.

Kaito: But can’t we come with you?

Momoko: What will happen if you don’t come back?

Maya: Perhaps, we shouldn’t worry too much. Dad, Mom, Kenta, and Keita are gonna kick that demon’s butt.

Ayame: Maya’s right. You don’t have to worry too much about us. We can handle it.

Inuyasha: So, darling, what shall we do about that boar demon?

Ayame: I say we give him a well-deserved ass-kicking. Don’t you agree, honey? Boys?

Inuyasha: Got it.

Kenta and Keita: Affirmative, mom.

(Inuyasha, Ayame, Kenta, and Keita assemble and jet off. Inuyasha and Kenta transform into their full youkai forms, while Keita starts to grow purple stripes on his cheeks. Then they land near the spot where the boar demon is.)

Kenta: Yo, dad.

Inuyasha: Yeah, Kenta?

Kenta: Show me your muscles before showing those to Mr. Big, Mean, and Ugly.

(Inuyasha flexes his pecs and deltoids to Kenta.)

Inuyasha: My muscles are always ready, my boy. Now, show me your muscles.

(Kenta flexes his biceps and Inuyasha touches them.)

Inuyasha: Hmmm…Nice. Very nice. Looks like yours and Keita’s training with me and mom has paid off, huh?

Kenta: Yeah.

(Inuyasha and Kenta nod and growl in agreement with grins on their faces.)

Keita: Hey, mom.

Ayame: Yes, Keita?

Keita: Show me how tough and strong you are.

Ayame: All right. Just lend me your palms and don’t flinch.

(Keita shows his palms to Ayame and she starts punching them.)

Keita: Awesome punches, mom.

Ayame: Thank you, son. Now, show me those biceps of yours.

(Keita flexes his biceps. Ayame touches them and nods with approval.)

Ayame: You are surely ready.

Keita: Mom, I’m always ready to kick butt.

Ayame: Hehehe. That’s my boy.

Inuyasha: Looks like we’re all ready because Mr. Big, Mean, and Ugly is approaching.

Ayame: For sure and we’re gonna have lots of boar tonight and the next few weeks.

(The huge, hulking boar demon comes in stomping, stops, and lets out a bellowing, earth-shattering roar to Inuyasha, Ayame, Kenta, and Keita.)

Inuyasha: Now it’s our turn.

(Inuyasha slowly raises his arms and stretches them. He then flexes his well-shaped biceps complete with a growl and a roar.)

Inuyasha: Grrr…ROOOAAAR!!!!

(Ayame cracks her knuckles, stretches her legs, rolls her head and shoulders and flexes. She also growls and roars.)

Ayame: Grrr…RAAAHH!!!

(Kenta and Keita stretch their legs, raise their arms, flex their biceps, and roar.)

Kenta and Keita: ROAAAARR!!!!

(The boar demon grunts in response.)

Inuyasha: In case you didn’t know what that meant.

Ayame: That means you’re going down.

Kenta: We’ll make sure of it.

Keita: And you’re gonna be our dinner tonight.

Inuyasha: Babe, boys, let’s go kick Mr. Big, Ugly, and Mean’s ass!

Ayame: Affirmative, honey.

Kenta and Keita: Yes, sir!

(Inuyasha, Ayame, Kenta, and Keita charge at the boar demon.)

Inuyasha, Ayame, Kenta, and Keita: ROOOOOOAAAARRR!!!!

I bet you already know what happens after this. It’s certainly a pleasure seeing Inuyasha being the Big Kahuna that he is flexing his biceps in his full youkai form to make all of his enemies quake and tremble, Ayame showing her toughness, strength, and sexiness as a force to not be messed with, and Inuyasha’s favorite sons and eldest twin children of their family, Kenta and Keita, displaying that they are their father’s and mother’s sons by also flexing their muscles. And for them to look exceptionally amazing for their ages, what with Inuyasha being 35, Ayame being 32, and Kenta and Keita being 16, it is certainly saying something. Moreover, these jungle/forest warriors don’t need any spears, knives, bows or arrows. They got their fists, claws, muscles, super strength, heightened senses and super speed to do the job for them.

It just goes to show you, the family that fights and slays together, stays together.

Inuyasha and Ayame from Inuyasha belong to Rumiko Takahashi and Sunrise.

Kenta and Keita belong to me.

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