My Filled-Up Powerpuff Couple Rating Chart

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As a mostly RRB/PPG shipper, I realize just how much my tastes have developed, in terms of looking beyond the color-coded pairing and finding the mixed-colored and the color crack pairings even more intriguing that I can ever give them credit for. There have been some ships I ended up loving even more and there are also some ships I love even less. And there are also other ships which are quite fascinating mostly due to the fanart and to some extent the fanfics. Let’s get this show on the row.
The Buttercup Ships
OTP Pairing: Brick x Buttercup (Brickercup)
Ah, the sheer excitement of Brickercup! Me likey Brickercup! Me likey – you’re a big boy now. Stop it! That slightly improvised Lois Griffin quote from Family Guy’s Lethal Weapons aside, I dub this OTP The Hot and Spicy Couple, as Brick the Bludgeoner is the fire to Buttercup the Toughest Fighter’s spice.
There’s so much to love about Brick and Buttercup together and there’s never gonna be a dull moment when these two passionate fighting souls are around. From Brick teaching Buttercup new and effective fighting techniques that she can use wisely to him soothing her occasional temper tantrums by being the roguishly handsome charmer that he is to Buttercup giving Brick’s ego a run for its money by taking no crap from him to all of that juicy belligerent sexual tension building between the both of them to that intimacy they have when consummating their feelings.
Sure, their romantic relationship is so akin to a crazy yet fun rollercoaster ride, but when one combines Brick’s large-and-in-charge, fiery, independent, street-smart, occasionally book smart, and roguishly charming personality with Buttercup’s feisty, mischievous, tsundere, tough, equally fiery, and rebellious nature they can truly complement each other in almost every single way and, therefore, become a force of nature through their boundless energy, determination, and emotional, physical, and psychological durability. They will definitely give life’s circumstances the middle finger and open up the biggest can of whoop-ass one has ever seen.
Their love-hate relationship would begin as childhood frenemies to respecting each other for their fighting skills, so much so where Brick acts as the sensei to Buttercup’s student in combat, to finally finding a soulmate in each other to working off of their temperamental synergy when they date to somewhat mellowing down when they get married but only when the situation calls for it. At the end of the day, Brick and Buttercup will certainly have each others’ backs and stay with each other through thick and thin.
Loved Pairings: Boomer x Buttercup (Boomercup) and Mitch x Buttercup (Mitchercup)
Starting off with Boomercup, I cannot begin to describe to you how much this pairing has been growing on me at a gradual rate. I can totally understand why this ship, in particular, has its followers and that’s because someone like Boomer can be able to put up with Buttercup’s fiery temperament and she can find him rather amusing and surprisingly tough considering how much he’s been bullied by Brick and Butch, yet still manages to have enough fighting spirit and strength to push through.
This is essentially the good bad boy being paired up with the bad good girl, as Boomer is sympathetic and sensitive and Buttercup is rebellious and impulsive. I also consider this ship to be healthy because Boomer and Buttercup can help each other break each others’ walls down, melt the ice that surrounds them, and see that they are a lot more than meets the eye. Plus, they’re the outcasts of their siblings with Boomer being bullied by Brick and Butch, the very guys who are supposed to be his older brothers, and Buttercup being the tomboy who’s not as ladylike nor poised as Blossom and Bubbles. Boomer and Buttercup, therefore, feed off of each other and build trust, empathy, and a close-knit friendship with Buttercup giving Boomer noogies galore and Boomer thinking that Buttercup is the coolest out of her sisters.
Boomer would look up to Buttercup for being herself and not take crap from anyone and Buttercup would look up to Boomer for showing so much endurance, guts, and stamina in everything he does. Sure, this ship may not have a lot of supporters considering the uncertainty of how Buttercup would treat Boomer in a harsh, bullying fashion, but I consider Boomercup to be fun, just as healthy as the other Boomer ships, interesting, and also the entertaining case where Buttercup wears the pants in this relationship and Boomer is the more submissive and loyal partner.
Overall, I consider this to be a cute, innocent pairing bordering more on the BroTP area, but it’s nonetheless an absolutely endearing pairing in a hilarious fashion.
Then we go to Mitchercup. This is definitely a popular PPG/Normie pairing given how Mitch and Buttercup interact with each other. There’s a chemistry that these two have implying that there could be something more than just being friends. They interact with each other in a way that makes them bounce off of each other so effectively and they seem totally chill with each other. This is also appealing because of the whole childhood friend becomes the person’s greater equal when they grow up. Sure, I ship Mitch with Bunny a lot more, but when all is said and done, this has its plausibility.
If I were to compare which of these loved Buttercup pairings I care for the most, it would have to be Boomercup because this ship needs a lot more love on how funny, entertaining, and interesting Boomer’s and Buttercup’s dynamics can be. Plus, Boomer and Mitch might as well function as the closest brothers-in-law given that Buttercup is married to Brick in my headcanon, thus also establishing them as really great friends.
Liked Pairing: Elmer x Buttercup (Elmercup)
It’s a cute ship, but I think Elmer would definitely be more at home with someone like Mary, the really chunky girl with glasses who was seen in Ice Sore and had a major role in Mojo Jonesin’. Elmer and Buttercup function more as a BroTP deal.
Indifferent Pairings: Butch x Buttercup (Butchercup) and Ace x Buttercup (Acercup)
My experience with Butchercup was turbulent, to say the least. I found myself from liking it as a teenager to nowadays finding it unhealthy and borderline toxic given how loud, overcompetitive, and aggressive these two are together.
This is essentially a hot and spicy relationship done wrong and I definitely fell out of love with this ship, as I can only spot animosity, boundless anger, and unbridled emotional baggage from both Butch and Buttercup. If there is one word that I can perfectly describe their relationship, it would be volatile. These two probably would not reach a compromise, they would get on each others’ nerves, yell at each other incessantly, squabble, bicker, grumble, and there would be too much unnecessary friction, thus making their relationship easily fall apart.
Out of all the color-coded shippings, this is my overall least favorite, as Butch’s and Buttercup’s egos, passion for violence, and aggression would end up killing each other on the inside and on the outside if they stayed in a relationship. The entire affair would be branded as atrocious. Absolutely atrocious.
Butch and Buttercup work much better as teammates who are the toughest fighters and good friends who like to troll on their siblings. At the end of the day, these two deserve better life partners.
Acercup is a ship I’m not really a huge fan of. To me, it’s more akin to a silly schoolgirl crush and nothing more. I would go out of my way and treat this as the ruggedly roguish older brother with the feisty, tough younger sister type of relationship with the constant bickering going on. I will give Ace credit though. He has the experience when it comes to charming and manipulating the opposite sex. Does it make him an ideal life partner for Buttercup? No. But he has enough tenacity to be the person that he is with or without Buttercup or his fellow Gangreen Gang members.
Overall, Acercup may be marginally better than Butchercup, but I would still say that these two ships are not only overrated but don’t really guarantee a secure and healthy relationship for Buttercup.
Disliked Pairing: Buttercup x Princess Morbucks (PrinCup)
Where my headcanon is concerned, Buttercup is straight and Princess could debatably be bisexual. I will give credit to fan artists who can make good PrinCup pictures. But aside from that, I just see this more on the lines of being frenemies and I’m sure that Princess has a more refined taste in men and women.
NOTP Pairing: Johnny Test x Buttercup (JohnnyCup)
I never cared for Johnny Test. So, this pairing is out of the question. However, I can see this as Buttercup being constantly annoyed by Johnny’s stupid antics and would, therefore, leave him for good.
The Blossom Ships
OTP Pairing: Butch x Blossom (Blossutch)
Take a look at this, a wonderful example of a brawn-and-brain couple, something that I’m not only a fan of but one that I find to be fascinating, flexible, and plausibly potent. Plus, that is what this OTP might as well be dubbed as. The Beastly Brawn and the Brainy Beauty Couple.
On the surface, it’s the classic case of a bad boy pairing with a bookworm. Look beyond this trope as old as time and one would see that Butch has insurmountable strength, tons of fighting spirit, and lots of animal instinct and Blossom has grace, poise, self-discipline, courage, strength, and beauty to make her as well-rounded as she is. Moreover, if one were to look beyond Butch’s psychosis, anger, and violent streak and Blossom’s nagging, scolding, and occasional high-and-mighty attitude, one would see that those are just defense mechanisms in order for Butch to show that he is just as strong and fierce as his opponents and Blossom to show that she is a great role model not only as a superheroine but also as a contributor to society, which in turn can be a burden for someone like her.
There is a wonderful journal entry that I have read from fellow DeviantArtist yosuehere where she talked about why she ships Butch and Blossom. It is a truly fascinating read, which made me love Blossutch a lot more and has made more proud to be a hardcore Blossutch shipper, considering that pairing needs a lot more love. Plus, she makes a lot of gorgeous Blossutch fanart, so please check out her essay on why she ships Blossutch. It’s a recommendable read.
Going to this, I definitely concur with Sue, that Butch follows Brick around as if though he were a dog and Brick his master, thus Brick has the final say and Butch just carries along with it. It also does not help that as entertaining as HIM and Mojo Jojo are as villains and characters, they are not really the greatest role models for The Rowdyruff Boys, thus having Brick be the domineering one and deciding which actions are most appropriate even though they are far from the most beneficial. It all adds up to Butch being very dependent on Brick, even though there is this strong fraternal love these two have with each other, albeit done in a way where they feed off of each others’ desires for power and strength.
It’s true that Butch is really strong and tough as a fighter. Unfortunately, self-control is an area where his weakness shows and he would benefit more with a life partner who can help him gain self-discipline and become one with himself. Buttercup would be completely out of the question considering the volatility these two have with each other. Bubbles would be a wonderful choice, as I will discuss much later in Butchubbles. Yet, it would be Blossom who would be the one to get to the nitty-gritty of what makes Butch truly tick and how she can tame the beast within him by using her savviness and courage, thus giving Butch more peace of mind with or without Blossom. Butch would even help Blossom tap into her animal instincts and remind her that fighting is not just about using your head all the time but also your gut feeling of when the opponent is going to strike.
Moreover, Blossom would realize that Brick has not been the best role model for Butch and would be more than gutsy enough to tell him to stand up for himself more often and be his own fighter not what Brick wants him to be. She would be fully aware of how loyal he is, therefore, Butch would deeply respect Blossom in which he would go out of his way and say that she’s a million times better than Brick will ever be because she’s smart, elegant, strong, independent, poised, and takes crap from no one, thus making her wear the pants in this relationship. Butch would even see that Blossom is far from being Miss Perfect, as she has problems, doubts, and insecurities everyday people have, which make her all the more fleshed out as a person because of the fact that she has to look and feel professional 24/7 so that people can give her the respect she deserves. Thus making Butch look beyond Blossom’s perfectionism and seeing a girl who is just as nice, sympathetic, savvy, attentive, and fun to be around with. In turn, Blossom would look beyond Butch’s brutish, weird, unorthodox nature and see a guy who is loyal, surprisingly sympathetic, funny in his own special way, and protective. Therefore, this synergy that Butch and Blossom have will be healthy and in a way fulfilling.
On a hilarious note, I can even imagine a setting where Blossom is at home reading a novel when all of the sudden Butch comes in riding his motorcycle. Blossom is irritated by the noise outside, checks to see who is making all of that racket, and to her surprise, she sees Butch, who greets her by saying, “Wassup, babe!” and revving his engine, thus inviting her to ride on his motorcycle with a hot pink helmet just for her. She then tells her sisters that Butch has surprised her with a motorcycle trip to which they are pretty cool with and off Butch and Bloss go.
Loved Pairing: Boomer x Blossom (Blossoomer)
Even though Blossutch is my Blossom-related OTP for life, I still have to say that Blossoomer is just as healthy, plausible, and lovely.
This is the classic case of the lovable dumb muscle being paired up with the classy, savvy, smart all-around good girl. Someone like Blossom would be emphatic enough to see through Boomer’s hard shell and realize just how much he is in hurting inside and even realize what has been continuously eating at him because of all tribulations he had to go through at the hands of his big brothers. Blossom would break Boomer’s walls down by being a great listener, thus helping him become a better person in life by helping him with his academics and his overall self-esteem. Therefore, Blossom would tell him to stand up for himself and fight against bullies. Boomer would even go out of his way to help Blossom to chill to ensure that the worry-lines do not consume her pretty face due to all of the expectations put upon her as a role model, the “eldest” sister, a superheroine who has to constantly protect Townsville, and someone who has to be Little Miss Perfect all the time. He would, therefore, acknowledge that Blossom is just doing everything in her power to not let her weaknesses show as well as be presentable on a daily basis.
There’s no doubt that empathy, attentiveness, openness, and grace play huge roles as to why I love Blossoomer as much as Blossutch to the point where I brand this as a cute, innocent pairing bordering on OTP. Boomer would see that Blossom is a gracious, caring, lovely, and brave soul and Blossom would see that Boomer is just as brave, strong, and sympathetic than he believes himself to be. These two would end up having each others’ backs 24/7 and have a very stable relationship. Therefore, this Boomer-centered ship is sweet, endearing, and leaves a warm, fuzzy feeling inside of me.
Liked Pairings: Brick x Blossom (Blossick) and Dexter x Blossom (DexBloss)
In recent years, my support for Blossick has been going down the drain, as it is no surprise that I am more in favor of the strong bad boy/elegant bookworm pairing found in Blossutch, which therefore wins the gold medal for being exciting, cute, flexible, and for showing dynamic synergy in a trope as old as time, and of the dumb muscle/graciously elegant bookworm pairing found in Blossoomer, which therefore wins the silver medal for being adorable, plausible, lovely, sweet, and showing amazing synergy through character development. Both Blossick and DexBloss win the bronze for at least having a fun love triangle set between Dexter, Brick, and Blossom, but also loses points for being overrated and overloved. Sorry, Blossick and DexBloss fans, but that’s just how I roll mostly because I see these two ships as equally overrated, as I ship Brick with Buttercup and Dexter with Olga aka Lalavava.
In Blossick’s case, I will give this credit for being slightly better than Butchercup. This is because at least Brick and Blossom are the eldest and are more mature than Butch and Buttercup, hence me being a hardcore Brickercup and Blossutch shipper. In fact, I like Blossick because of its nostalgia value and how a lot of artists know how to make awesome Blossick art. I used to ship this as a teenager and even before I turned twenty-six. I also realize that this is the most popular and most loved ship of the RRB/PPG pairings and it’s easy to see why. There is a love-hate relationship between Brick and Blossom. These two have the ability to make a truce between their teams once they mature, thus building more trust. Let’s also not forget about the underlying sexual tension Brick and Blossom have with each other. It’s also true that they are smart and special in their own ways. Brick has street smarts, Blossom has book smarts, he is fire, she is ice, he is ruggedly handsome, she is classy and elegant, he is impulsive, she is more controlled, and it’s true that the similarities and differences are what make them the way they are.
However, when all is said and done, there is one thing I am not a fan of and that would be their egos. Seriously, the competitiveness is sorely matched by how huge their egos are and at times it’s not always pretty. They would try to one-up each other of who’s smarter, who’s stronger, and who’s the better one and it’s too much. Sure, compromises and truths would be put to great use as leaders, but when the chips are down their egos would end up being a detriment to their relationship. At the end of the day, these two function more as comrades-in-arms in a platonic relationship.
In terms of DexBloss, I think it is a cute pairing seeing that Dexter’s Lab is within the same universe as the Powerpuff Girls. Plus, the love triangles between him and Brick fighting for Blossom are rather hilarious. I think the only reason why I prefer Blossick slightly more is the interaction between the street-smart strong guy and the elegant book smart girl, thus making the opposites all the more intriguing. Oh, yes, Dexter is slightly more mature than Brick, which, in turn, makes DexBloss all the more laudable but at the end of the day, I just think that Dexter deserves someone a little bit cooler, calmer, and icily collective like Olga aka Lalavava. I also think that Dexter would be a bit too high-strung for someone like Blossom, which knowing and his temper, in spite of his massive intelligence, can make a bit of a dent on their relationship, thus having them function more as really good comrades and allies. I would also imagine that Dexter would especially be helpful to Team Xtreme as a close ally.
Overall, both Blossick and DexBloss may have their places in my heart but since I have become a lot more flexible on who I ship these characters with that should say something.
Indifferent Pairing: Harry x Blossom (Harrossom)
It’s a nice pairing between the grubby lad and the classy lass, but I just see it more as Harry having a schoolboy crush on the popular, well-rounded girl like Blossom. I never really gave this pairing much thought seeing as I would rather give Harry Pitt’s grungy, smudgy, messy countenance to Julie Bean’s pudgy-cheeked, freckle-faced, massively curly-haired with a bright orange hue, cute face if MissEmmyJay’s charming piece of work Doodle- Assigned Dance Class Partners gave any reason why I think PittBean is indeed a really lovely pairing that needs to be explored more often.
Disliked Pairing: Blossom x Princess (PrinBloss)
Once again, I do not see Blossom as a lesbian. Though in all fairness, I do think that Princess Morbucks could be bisexual. However, that is quite debatable. At best, they would function more as rivals, frenemies, and sparring partners.
NOTPs: Mojo Jojo x Blossom (Mojossom), Aku x Blossom (AkuBloss)
No offense to anyone who ships them, but, in face value, these two are old enough to be Blossom’s uncle and grandfather respectively!
In terms of Mojossom, I think Mojo Jojo would be the last villain to ever think about being in a relationship. I am positive this superintelligent mutant chimp would love more than anything to live his single life the best way he can if ever he gets jaded and tired of being a supervillain.
In terms of AkuBloss, I never understood the appeal of this pairing. Don’t get me wrong I do think that the artists who make AkuBloss fan art are really talented, but the pairing never grew on me. I just see it as this old man with lots of power starting something with a very young girl, which kind of makes me ill inside. I see it working more as a mentor who is unafraid to see the dark side of his student and, therefore, make her use it when she needs to. I don’t think this would work as a legit pairing and that is for sure. Plus, Aku kind of got it on with the malevolent High Priestess and bore her seven daughters including the awesome and ever-lovely Ashi.
The Bubbles Ships
OTP Pairing: Boomer x Bubbles (Boomubbles)
This is the only color-coded pairing I am still passionate about to this very day. At face value, it is cute fluff, but when all is said and done, this is a relationship I can see working billionfold because of how healthy and long-lasting this is. Moreover, I dub this OTP as The Sweet and Beautiful in Blue Couple.
This is a relationship which can go from being childhood friends to developing crushes on each other to going out on their first date to being in a stable relationship with each other to marrying each other to finally growing old together. Given that they are also pacifists as well as the youngest they can be able to resolve issues quickly and easily without the need of squabbling or bickering.
It’s just a shame that this color-coded pairing is not as popular as Blossick and Butchercup because you know sexual tension and arguments in a relationship sells. Though with Boomubbles’ case, it’s wonderful to have a relationship where synergy, harmony, and diplomacy play major roles.
Loved Pairing: Butch x Bubbles (Butchubbles) and Brick x Bubbles (Brickubbles)
Both Butchubbles and Brickubbles have been growing on me so rapidly, but I actually love Butchubbles more because of the dynamics between The Baron of Berserk and The Joy and the Laughter. I would also say that the dynamics between The Bludgeoner and The Joy and the Laughter are just as amazing.
Butchubbles has went from being plain BroTP to a really cute, innocent pairing bordering on OTP. This is a pairing where opposites really attract and, therefore, works in a way that Butch can acknowledge how fun and equally strong Bubbles can be and not just a pretty face and Bubbles can see that Butch can have a soft side underneath that steely hard shell of psychosis and wild animal instincts. Speaking of being a wild animal, while Blossom has the tact, pragmaticism, brain, and savviness to tame Butch, Bubbles has empathy, unconditional love, sacrifice, and heart to put Butch’s wild side at ease. It’s only when Blossom or Bubbles are in utter danger that he goes berserk and saves them. Butch would acknowledge how hardcore Bubbles can be in battle and Bubbles can tap into Butch’s more sympathetic, soft, human side when they are alone together. Plus, it would seem that Bubbles has enough courage to save Butch from himself when the chips are down if you know what I mean. Plus I love these pairings where the muscle gets to be paired up with a cute, pretty ingenue. It makes for some interesting interactions.
Since this is Brickubbles month, this pairing is more of a BroTP deal for me, what with Brick’s large-and-in-charge, responsible older brother doing anything and everything in his power to take care of Bubbles’ ingenue, inwardly hardcore younger sister. Sure, it also functions as a cute and innocent pairing, but I think Brick would love to have someone who could be exciting and be a challenge to him (hint nudge Buttercup) and not someone who imposes her ego on him (cough Blossom cough). Brick could be a great sparring partner, tutor, and a really supportive friend to Bubbles and Bubbles could help Brick to minimize his ego, help him be at ease, and have fun every once in a while.
There’s no shadow of a doubt that as a blue, Bubbles would certainly get the best out of not only Boomer but also Brick and Butch. They’ll find something interesting, cute, and fun about her and she’ll find something charming and handsome about them.
Liked pairings: Mike x Bubbles (Bubblike) and Robin x Bubbles (Robbles)
Since I happen to be a hardcore Mike/Robin shipper I basically see Bubbles as the most loyal best friend who is mega supportive of their beautifully stable and awesome relationship. Once they grow up and get married, she would definitely make all the arrangements for Mike’s and Robin’s marriage and it is surely going to be an extravaganza. Moreover, I can easily imagine Bubbles to be the most favorite godmother Mike’s and Robin’s children will ever have.
Indifferent Pairing: Princess x Bubbles (Prinbles)
I guess Princess could function more as Bubbles’ catty friend. Since Bubbles is the Joy and the Laughter she could see some semblances of niceness in Princess, thus having them be friends with benefits.
Disliked Pairing: Snake x Bubbles (Snubbles)
I never really understood the appeal of this pairing at all. I might as well just chalk this up as the cool older brother pairing up with the ingenue with an edge baby sister and call it a day.
NOTP Pairing: HIM x Bubbles (Hibbles)
After all the times this devil manipulated Bubbles, no just no! I sense absolutely no chemistry with these two.
So, those are my opinions on the main three’s pairings. Let’s say if I were to add in Bunny in the mix. Here are my ratings for Bunny’s ships.
The Bunny Ships
OTP Pairing: Mitch x Bunny (Bunnitch) = 1
Loved Pairings: Mike x Bunny (Bunnike) and Boomer x Bunny (Boomunny) = 2 and 3
Liked Pairing: Elmer x Bunny (Elmbun) = 4
Indifferent Pairing: Harry x Bunny (Harunny) = 5
Disliked Pairing: Brick x Bunny (Brickunny) = 6
NOTP Pairings: Butch x Bunny (Butchunny) and Princess x Bunny (Prinunny) = 7 and 8
There you have it. Just remember that these are all my opinions and you can feel free to agree or disagree with me as long as you stay civil. Thank you very much.
The Powerpuff Girls, Dexter’s Laboratory, Samurai Jack, and Johnny Test belong respectively to Craig McCracken, Genndy Tartakovsky, Scott Fellows, and Cartoon Network.

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