The Prinack Family drawn by me

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This piece of Prinack fanart, as part of my dear BrickercupMasterX3’s Prinack month, is dedicated to Eugenia Makiewicz aka Hagallaz who celebrated her birthday a few days ago. So, Eugenia, I hope you had a blessed, wonderful, blissful, and awesome birthday. I also wish you abundance, love, and joy in your life as both an artist and as a person. Furthermore, I dedicate this to all of the fine people who ship Jack Spicer with Princess Morbucks. I hope you all enjoy this picture with their offspring.
What is seen before you, is an influential family consisting of a loving, well-meaning, and rather dashing patriarch in the form of Jack Spicer, his feisty, fiery wife Princess Morbucks-Spicer, and their children: eldest identical twin daughter Margaret and Melanie, who are four years old, middle identical twin sons Nicholas and Napoleon, who are three years old, and youngest daughter Samantha, who is a year old. Let us see how these children came to be.
It was one calm evening in the Bahamas, where Jack and Princess were having their honeymoon. All of the sudden, the calmness subsided when Princess announced to her dear husband that she was pregnant, thus returning to Townsville with such glee. The ultrasound showed that she was going to give birth to twin girls. She was very excited about having daughters she and Jack can call their own and in the next months, Princess began to crave for all types berries, watermelon, and even sushi. It all came to a head on April 3, 2014, when Jack and Princess rushed to Townsville Hospital and gave birth to two lovely daughters named Margaret Elizabeth Venus Spicer and Melanie Mary Serena Spicer. When naming their daughters, Jack and Princess had heated discussions, as Jack wanted them to be named Elizabeth and Mary respectively because of the biblical significance found in the former being John the Baptist’s mother and the latter being Jesus’s mother as well as the historical significance in the two queens of Great Britain, Elizabeth I of England and Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots, in which both cases they were cousins. Princess wanted something a little bit more trendy, hence she suggested Venus and Serena, as she happened to be a major fan of the Williams sisters and also loves how they not only look but also play tennis like the professionals that they are. Eventually, a compromise was settled when both of them came to an agreement that Margaret and Melanie would be wonderful first names. Margaret’s second names ended up being Elizabeth and Venus while Melanie’s were Mary and Serena.
Margaret, the girl with the yellow frock and fuschia ribbons, and Melanie, the girl with the fuschia frock and yellow ribbons, are very much the split images of their mother from her dark red hair to her freckles to her occasionally explosive attitude. Even though both Margaret and Melanie are alike, they have their differences. Margaret is lady-like, elegant, posh and quite eloquent for her age who loves warm colors from yellow to red to orange or any of their hues. Melanie, while as posh and eloquent as Margaret is, is more outspoken, sassy, mischievous, and a bit on the tomboyish side who prefers the cold colors from purple to blue to green and all of their hues. What fascinates Jack and Princess about their eldest twin daughters is just how savvy and smart they are when it comes to spending, unlike Princess when she was a little girl. At times, they can be demanding but it is only because they want to settle for exceptional quality and not anything that is half-assed. Be it clothes or books or accessories, these little ladies know how to strike a deal. On a physical level, they are even developing as gymnasts with all of the rolling and somersaulting they have been doing in the mansion’s grand playpen. Moreover, as much as they love fairy-tales like Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Little Mermaid, Cinderella, Rapunzel, and The Princess and the Pea, both of them have such a knack for other types of literature. Margaret is into the works by Jane Austen, L. Frank Baum, Sir Walter Scott, and Charles Dickens with her favorites being Pride and Prejudice, The Wizard of Oz, Ivanhoe, The Bride of Lammermoor, Oliver Twist, and, of course, A Christmas Carol, thus making her a fan of romantic and slice-of-life novels. Melanie, on the other hand, is more of a science fiction and action adventure person, as she is more into Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Tarzan, H.G. Wells’s The Invisible Man and The Time Machine, Jules Verne’s Around the World in Eighty Days and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, and Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book. Aside from their book smarts, they even prove themselves to be people persons, as they are also good friends with Bailey, Barley, Blaze, Brendan, and Blake to the point where they have become their best and firmest of friends.
On May 30, 2015, Princess then gave birth to another set of identical twins and this time they were boys. They were christened as Nicholas Laertes Mercutio Spicer and Napoleon Archimedes Coroebus Spicer. Much like how their older sisters are the split images of their mother, Nicholas and Napoleon take after their father in almost every single aspect. Even when they wear Jack’s old goggles, it does not take a genius to know that the apple does not fall too far from the tree. Speaking of genius, both Nick and Nap have a knack for inventing their own toys, which thankfully saves his parents loads of money. Every time, Jack and Princess found a teddy bear in the donation department, the boys would dissect the toy and add in the mechanical gadgets to make a toy like that be mobile and this was done when they were merely two years old. Essentially, Nick and Nap are inventors in the making, thanks to inheriting a lot of Jack’s genius ways and methods. Personality-wise, Nick is a fun-loving, mischievous, charming soul while Nap is rambunctious, hyperactive, and high-strung, thus making Nick the more cool and collected brother. With their prodigious inventing powers combined, they can put aside their differences and create something rather out of this world almost surpassing their father’s robot soldiers.
The youngest child, who was christened as Samantha Rose Violet Spicer, was born on July 18, 2017. She was said to have been a solemn yet jolly baby when she emerged and those same sentiments still held up even when she slept in her crib. Samantha or Sam bears the best of both worlds in terms of her appearance, bearing her mother’s eye color and love of fashion and her father’s skin tone and fiery red hair. Even though she is only a year old, Sam happens to be very demanding for her choice of clothing, as she cannot stand it when she is something that is not up to par in her eyes.
As parents, Jack and Princess have obviously outgrown their brat ways years ago, as they make sure that their children do not end up going down the same path of being imprudent spendthrifts. Princess usually has the final say and Jack is always welcome to disagree with her, thus making her all ears and eyes with what he has to say.
There you have it, the Prinack family. So, Jack, Princess, kids, any words for our celebrant?
Jack: We hope you had a rocking birthday.
Princess: May you live your life to the fullest.
Margaret: Full of awesome art.
Melanie: Lots of great people.
Nicholas: Great inventions.
Napoleon: And lots of inspiration.
(Samantha coos.)
Thanks, everybody. And I will see you all on the flipside.
Jack Spicer from Xiaolin Showdown belongs to Christy Hui and Kids’ WB.
Princess Morbucks from The Powerpuff Girls belongs to Craig McCracken and Cartoon Network.
Margaret, Melanie, Nicholas, Napoleon, and Samantha belong to me.

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