Cäcilie (Wenn du es wüsstest) drawn by me

“Wenn du es wüßtest,
Was träumen heißt von brennenden Küssen,
Von wandern und ruhen mit der Geliebten,
Aug in Auge,
Und kosend und plaudernd,
Wenn du es wüßtest,
Du neigtest dein Herz!
Wenn du es wüßtest,
Was bangen heißt in einsamen Nächten,
Umschauert vom Sturm, da niemand tröstet
Milden Mundes die kampfmüde Seele,
Wenn du es wüßtest,
Du kämest[6] zu mir.
Wenn du es wüßtest,
Was leben heißt, umhaucht von der Gottheit
weltschaffendem Atem,
Zu schweben empor, lichtgetragen,
Zu seligen Höhn,
Wenn du es wüßtest, wenn du es wüßtest,
Du lebtest mit mir.”
– Cäcilie Opus 27 Number 2 composed by Richard Strauss (1864-1949), Lyrics and Poem by Heinrich Hart (1855-1906), Composed on September 9, 1894.
English Translation:
“If you but knew, sweet,
what ‘tis to dream of fond, burning kisses,
of wand’ring and resting with the beloved one;
gazing fondly
caressing and chatting,
could I but tell you,
your heart would assent.
If you but knew, sweet,
the anguish of waking thro’ nights long and lonely
and rocked by the storm when no-one is near
to soothe and comfort the strife-weary spirit.
Could I but tell you,
you’d come, sweet, to me.
If you but knew, sweet,
what living is, in the creative breath of
God, Lord, and Maker
to hover, upborne on dove-like pinions
to regions of light,
if you but knew it, could I but tell you,
you’d dwell, sweet, with me.”
This Prinack submission, as part of BrickercupMasterX3’s Prinack month, is dedicated to Bluebear aka ITBluebeadTI who celebrated her birthday yesterday. So, Bluebear, you had an amazing and blessed birthday and I wish you abundance and prosperity in your life as an artist. Wie wir auf deutsch sagen, ich hoffe, dass du einen tollen und gesegneten Geburtstag hattest, und ich wünsche dir Vielfalt und Wohlstand in deinem Leben als Künstlerin. I also want to dedicate this to all of the wonderful Prinack shippers out there. So, I hope you all enjoy.
Here we have Jack and Princess having a tender, sweet, and blissful moment with each other. As you can tell, there are also some German words placed in this drawing which goes hand in hand with the chosen Richard Strauss Lied I have for them. On Jack’s side, these two words are translated as My Princess and My Mistress. On Princess’s side, the words are translated as My Lord, My Comfort, and My Beloved.
When listening to different interpretations of this sweeping Richard Strauss Lied, I have to say that five stood out to me the most Diana Damrau, Jessye Norman, Christa Ludwig, Fritz Wunderlich, and Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau. So, I hope you also enjoy listening to these selections, as you imagine Jack and Princess having their moment of romance, sweetness, and love for each other.
Diana Damrau

Jessye Norman

Christa Ludwig

Fritz Wunderlich

Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau

I would also love to know which of these five singers do you enjoy the most when it comes to Richard Strauss’s Cäcilie. It would be a great pleasure to hear which singer catches your fancy. So until then, as we say in German, bis bald und alles Liebe.
Jack Spicer from Xiaolin Showdown belongs to Christy Hui and Kids’ WB.
Princess Morbucks from The Powerpuff Girls belongs to Craig McCracken and Cartoon Network.

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