Vous Etes Seuls, Mais Je Desire Etre Avec Vous drawn by me

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“Vous êtes seuls,
mais je désire être avec vous”
-Nina Simone, Released in January 1982 on the album Fodder on My Wings
English Translation:
“You are alone,
but I desire to be with you.”
This piece of Blossutch, Boomubbles, Blossoomer, and Butchubbles fanart, which is part of my dear friend’s Paula’s aka BrickercupMasterX3’s Blossutch Month, is dedicated to Haya aka TF-KidoNightmare who celebrated her birthday yesterday. So, Haya, I hope you had a brilliant, awesome, wonderful, and exciting birthday. I wish you all of my love, joy, and abundance. Comme on dit en francais, J’espère que tu as un anniversaire brillant, génial, merveilleux et excitant. Je te souhaite à tous mon amour, joie et abondance. I would also love to dedicate this to all of the marvelous shippers of Blossutch, Blossoomer, Butchubbles, and Boomubbles. Prenez plaisir mes amis et camarades de le shipping de Blossutch, Blossoomer, Butchubbles et Boomubbles ou en francais Bâtard x Belle, Bâtard x Bulle, Fierabra x Belle et Fierabra x Bulle.
Here we have Butch, Blossom, Bubbles, and Boomer in a mood rather festive and joyous if one cannot tell by their expressions and their choice of attire. I seriously love these four together and if you were to ask me in a blind test which Blossom-centered OTP I prefer being Blossutch or Blossoomer or which Bubbles-centered OTP I prefer being Butchubbles or Boomubbles, I have this to say. I love, admire, enjoy, worship, and adore the absolute stuffing out of all of them. Whether it be the flexibility and excitement of Blossutch (Butch x Blossom), the adorability and great interest of Butchubbles (Butch x Bubbles), the warmth, genuineness, and lovability of Blossoomer (Boomer x Blossom) or the cuteness, sweetness, and tenderness of Boomubbles (Boomer x Bubbles), I can certainly get a kick out of all my OTPs, or in this case OT4.
I cannot begin to tell you how addicted I am to the song Vous Êtes Seuls by the legendary Nina Simone to the point where it has become an earworm. I’m pretty sure you are going to the same way too, as you listen to this awesomely catchy tune. At least you can imagine, Butch dancing with Blossom, Butch dancing with Bubbles, Boomer dancing with Blossom, and Boomer dancing with Bubbles. Do you want to make this more exciting? Just throw in Brickercup (Brick x Buttercup), Bunnitch (Mitch x Bunny), and Robike (Mike x Robin) and it’s going to be an OTP party extravaganza full of fun, laughter, and high spirits.

I hope you all enjoyed this piece of Blossutch, Blossoomer, Butchubbles, and Boomubbles fan art. A tout a l’heure mes amis.
Butch, Blossom, Bubbles, and Boomer from The Powerpuff Girls belong to Craig McCracken and Cartoon Network.

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