The Warlord King and His Warrior Queen drawn by me

The Warlord King and His Warrior Queen drawn by me
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(Butch and Blossom along with their eight comrades in battle enter the palace podium. They are drenched in the blood of their enemies and they have fierce looks in their eyes. Butch growls like a lion, as he glares at the spectators. He raises his powerful arms and flexes his biceps.)
Butch: GRRRRRRRR!!!!!!
(After that he does the most muscular pose, thus flexing his triceps, biceps, pectoral muscles, and deltoids.)
Butch: GRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!
(Finally, he stands erect and beats his chest emitting a most powerful, earth-shattering roar.)
Butch (beating his chests): ROOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAARRRRRR!!!!!!
(His four closest male comrades, consisting of a man with long dark orange hair donning red, a man with slightly long dark brown hair donning a black cape, black gauntlets, and black short shorts, a man with slightly long blonde hair donning cobalt blue, and a man with short light brown hair donning gray and all four of them well-built, tall, bare-chested, muscular of the same age as him being 26 years old, and wearing the same attire as Butch, are shouting in triumph raising their blood-stained fists in the air.)
The Four Male Comrades: AHOO! AHOO! AHOO! AHOO!
Butch: Silence, my brothers. My wife and queen is also the victor of our battle. Show her ye appreciation too.
Blossom: I thank thee, my husband and king.
(Blossom also approaches the podium. She snarls like a lioness, as she glares at the audience. They are trembling at her presence. She raises her right blood-stained fist in the air, as she emits out a victory cry.)
Blossom: HAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!
(The crowd cheers for Blossom, as she lets out another victory cry, this time raising her left hand, also stained with blood.)
Blossom: HAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!
(The crowd’s cheering increases in volume. Blossom then raises both of her arms and emits her most powerful victory cry all while raising her fists to the heavens.)
(Her four closest female comrades, consisting of a jet black-haired woman whose hair shorter than Blossom’s donning lime green, a dark brown-haired woman donning light purple, a blonde-haired woman donning baby blue, and a slightly light brown-haired woman donning red-orange, all four of them bearing sleek physiques, being 25 years old for the black-haired and dark brown-haired female comrades and 24 years old for the blonde-haired and light brown-haired female comrades, are gorgeous, and wear the similar attire as Blossom’s, are also shouting in triumph while raising their blood-stained fists in the air.)
The Four Female Comrades: AHOO! AHOO! AHOO! AHOO!
(All eight of them join in the chant, as the volume increases.)
Butch and Blossom: WE ARE VICTORIOUS!!!!
(The comrades cheer, as Butch and Blossom kiss each other passionately. After that kiss, they turn their attention to the audience.)
Butch: My wife, my comrades, and I have won against the invaders who dare to plunder our land and make it bow to their corrupt ways!
Blossom: Thus, we have annihilated our foes, as we bathed in their blood!
Butch: They may have been the strongest foes ever. But we are a million times stronger than them!
Blossom: What remains of them is now in total obliteration, as we tore them apart with our bare hands, fist, and feet! Their skills, as unparalleled as they were, were no match for us.
Their Eight Comrades: AHOO! AHOO! AHOO! AHOO!
(The four male comrades flex their muscles and beat their chests, while the four female comrades raise their fists, snarl, and emit victory cries.)
Butch: All ye citizens, take heed of our words. Even though we may have won in battle, there are still matters my wife and I need to address. As ye all know, my love for my wife knows no bounds. If any of thee were to be so brazen, so foolish, and so puerile as to dishonor, violate, and tarnish my most highly-favored wife Blossom, I shall make haste to use my bare hands, furious fists, and most mighty muscles to send thee and thy pitiful souls to oblivion!
(Butch flexes his biceps and beats his chests like a wild gorilla.)
Blossom: I, too, love my husband and he has sworn his eternal faith, allegiance, and loyalty to me not only as his queen but also as his spouse. But heed my words, all ye citizens, especially all ye young virgins, if ye art to use acts of promiscuity, lewdness, and salaciousness on my eternally beloved Butch, I shall break ye necks and put ye heads on pikes as a warning to all ye who dare practice infidelity. To ye men, heed my words as well. Should ye dare besmirch my husband’s strength and honor and besmirch that of my honor with your lust, I shall also obliterate thee and feed thy corpses to my comrades, their children, and our children.
The Four Male Comrades: ALL HAIL OUR KING AND QUEEN!
The Four Female Comrades: ALL HAIL OUR KING AND QUEEN!
(The crowd cheers but Butch and Blossom step aside.)
Butch: Well, my most beloved wife, shall we make way to our chambers where I can indulge in thy blissful love?
Blossom: ‘Twill be a pleasure most undefiled, my bravest husband. However, since the stench our enemies’ blood has been perfuming us, why don’t we make sweet love in the bath? ‘Tis rosewater and lavender-scented and I know ’tis something you would love.
Butch: Wife, thou art a goddess.
(Butch and Blossom kiss each other passionately, as they head to the bath chamber.)
This piece of Blossutch fanart is dedicated to Riku aka CappuccinoDoodles and Gaz aka Galaxy-Gazer who celebrated their birthdays a few days ago. So, Riku, Gaz, I hope you two had awesome, wonderful, amazing, and thrilling birthdays. I wish you all the best and all of my love in everything you do as artists and people. Keep up the great work and blessed be. I would also love to dedicate this to all of the wonderful Blossutch shippers out there. With that said, enjoy.
Here we have Butch and his beloved wife Blossom being the strong warriors of Ancient Greece that they are. Thanks to being inspired by the likes of 300, Greek Mythology and Literature in general, as well as Shakespeare, and many other epic dramas involving great battles, I felt completely compelled to do something like this. Besides, I always love it when Butch and Blossom go into badass warrior mode, it just makes them all the more alluring. Moreover, as you can tell, Butch is essentially the strong, wild, beastly warlord king with the phenomenal strength of Heracles, the animal instincts of Enkidu and Tarzan, and the warlike mindset of Ares and Blossom is the gorgeous, wise, fierce warrior queen with the wisdom and courage of Athena, the dominance of Hera, and the toughness of Hippolyta and Atalanta. One should also not forget that they and their comrades use Pankration in battle. Given that they bear superhuman strength and speed, no weapon can ever damage them. Thus making any armed man cower with much trepidation yet be fascinated by their skills as warriors who fight with their bare hands.
To make this fun, I’m pretty sure you can decipher who says these chants delivered to Butch the Warlord King and Blossom the Warrior Queen. I shall give you a hint. Two of them are Butch’s brothers with the one being called The Bludgeoner and the other one who used to be mocked for being The Dumber than The Dumbest when he was a boy of 6 years old but now at 26 years old he is now known as The Fleet Athlete, while the other two are his really good friends with one being rough and kind of crass and the other one being gentle yet a definition of beware the nice ones. Three of Blossom’s comrades are her sisters while the fourth one is their very good friend from childhood. One is known for being the Toughest Fighter, the other is known for being the Joy and the Laughter, and the youngest one is known for being very lovable. Then you have the fourth one is known for her sunny disposition. Let me know in the comments if you can decipher the comrades based on the text colors, please and thank you.
Well, I hope you all enjoyed this Blossutch submission. Until the next time, dear friends.
Butch and Blossom from The Powerpuff Girls belong to Craig McCracken and Cartoon Network.

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