A Savanna Battle Between Two Alpha Male Brothers drawn by me

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(The sun shines on the African Savanna.)
Narrator: The wilderness of the Savanna! It’s high noon.
(Cut to a lake in the jungle.)
Narrator: A secluded lake in the jungle, where we get to see the gorgeous lioness woman Blossom taking a dip and enjoying herself. But, what’s this? A handsome suitor approaches. Why, yes. It’s one of the Alpha Male lion men Butch, who is so well-known for his prodigious strength, and he is rather smitten with her.
(Butch peers from the bushes, stretches his body, and dives in the lake to join Blossom.)
(Blossom continues to swim, as she is being followed by Butch, who is swimming behind her. He creeps up to her and puts his hands on Blossom’s eyes.)
Butch: Guess who, my queen?
Blossom: Hmmm…A rough-toned voice and really strong hands from all of the wrestling, boxing, and general bare-handed fighting you are well-known for. Could it be Butch?
(Butch releases his hands and Blossom turns to his direction.)
Butch: That’s right!
Blossom (rather surprised): What are you doing here?
Butch (slyly): I just wanted to join my most favorite lioness queen for a swim.
(Butch gives Blossom a kiss on the cheek.)
Blossom: You are quite the stubborn one, but I can appreciate the kind gesture. As you know, I’m waiting for someone.
Butch: Oh, and who could that be? Could it be someone who could outmatch my superb masculinity?
(Butch flexes his muscles for Blossom.)
Blossom: Oh, Butch. (chuckles) Don’t flatter yourself too much.
A voice from the distance: Hi, Blossom!
(Cut to that distant voice who reveals himself to be Boomer standing on top of the ledge and waving to Blossom.)
Narrator: Well, what do you know? Another strong and handsome suitor in the form of Boomer who is well-known for his peerless athleticism. A wonderful marriage of raw, animal strength and lightning speed. Let’s see what he does.
(Boomer readies himself as if he were in a race. He sprints, he jumps from the ledge, does a backflip, and gracefully lands on the water.)
(Butch and Blossom search for Boomer. Boomer arises from the water to surprise Blossom and he kisses her. Laughter is in the air between Boomer and Blossom.)
Blossom: Boomer, it’s really nice to see you.
Boomer: It’s nice to see you too, my queen.
(Boomer takes notice of Butch.)
Boomer: Oh. Hi, bro.
Butch: Hey. Weren’t you supposed to be with Bubbles?
Boomer: Bubbles is hunting with Brick and Buttercup. I thought it would be nice to hang out with Blossom, but I guess you turned up.
Butch: Well, I saw her first. I take it you wanna race me.
Boomer: A friendly competition between us brothers never hurts.
Blossom: Oh, you guys.
Butch: We’re just doing it for you, Bloss.
Boomer: Yeah.
Blossom: Well, if you insist. On your mark, get set, go!
(Butch and Boomer speedily swim from the lake to the grassy shore. They end up getting there at the same time, thus making this a tie. Blossom follows suit, but her speed is a little bit more gradual.)
Butch and Boomer (to each other): What are you doing here?
Boomer: I got here first, Butch!
Butch: Oh, yeah, well I’m clearly the winner, bro!
Blossom (as she steps in between Butch and Boomer): Actually, it ended up being a tie. Wouldn’t it be nice for you two to just stop arguing over me? Unless you want to settle this like the Alpha Males you are.
Butch (flexes his biceps): GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!
Boomer (flexes his biceps): GRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!
(As Butch and Boomer flex their bulging biceps, Blossom is still between both of them. She touches their muscles, as she is rather enticed by how both Butch and Boomer maintain such godly physiques. The following rapport between these two Alpha Males ensue.)
Butch: You think you’re a lot stronger than me, Dumb-Bee?
Boomer: I know I’m a lot stronger than you, Butcher! And don’t call me Dumb-Bee!
Butch: My muscles are gonna crush you so bad you won’t feel your body anymore!
Boomer: Well, my muscles are gonna crush you that you will feel like a boulder has destroyed you!
(Blossom steps back, as Butch’s and Boomer’s pecs touch each other and they continue to growl and flex their bulging biceps like the Alpha Male lions that they are.)
Butch: All right, Boomer, we’re going to settle this like real Alpha Males. The winner takes Blossom as his mate.
Boomer: Fine by me, Butch. Just as long as I get to beat you!
Butch: No way, bro, I’m gonna beat you!
Narrator: Whoa! The tension between these two Alpha Male brothers is thick! It’s impossible to cut it!
(Fade to black. Cut to the Savanna desert.)
Narrator: The Savanna. A challenge between two powerful brothers ensues for the love of one beautiful woman.
(Blossom stands in the center, as Butch and Boomer walk towards each other with fierce, determined looks in their eyes. They approach other in the center.)
Blossom: Just remember to not kill each other all right.
Boomer: No problem, Bloss.
Butch: This is just a friendly competition between us brothers.
Blossom (a bit befuddled): Whatever you say.
(Butch and Boomer circle each other. They then stop their circling. Butch and Boomer raise their arms, as they take observation of their well-built bodies. As they raise their arms, they flex their biceps.)
Butch and Boomer: ROOOOAAAAAR!!!!
(After flexing, they approach each other and Butch makes the first move. He attempts to land a hook on Boomer but he misses. Boomer ducks and makes a spinning kick to Butch’s ankle and he falls. Butch retaliates that by knocking Boomer’s ankle with his fist and he falls too. Both brothers rise up again. Butch proceeds to give Boomer an uppercut to his chin, thus having blood spewing from his mouth. Boomer keeps his composure and he lands several punches Butch in the gut area, thus having blood spewing from his mouth but slightly more than Boomer’s. After that move, it is clear that Butch is not too happy about it.)
Butch (ominously): Boomer. Now, you made me mad!
Boomer: Show me what you got.
(Butch charges to Boomer and wraps him in a tight bearhug.)
Butch: Escape this, Boom. Grrrrrrr…..
Boomer: Grrrrrr…Is this your tightest yet, bro?
Butch: You want it tighter? You got it!
(Butch further tightens his grip, as his growl increases. Boomer struggles at first. However, he then clasps his hands together to give Butch a strong, resounding bash on the head.)
Blossom: You guys, this is getting too much now!
(However, her words fall deaf on Butch’s and Boomer’s ears, as they are rolling, wrestling, and roaring on the ground struggling to the death with their arms and legs wrapped on each other. Butch finds himself on top of Boomer with his left hand on Boomer’s neck. Just as Butch is about to put his right hand on Boomer’s neck, Boomer grabs Butch’s right hand and tries to get it away from him. Butch’s grip on Boomer’s neck loosens, as Boomer arises. Both brothers are on their knees with Boomer being on top of Butch. Boomer has his left arm on Butch’s neck and his right hand on his head.)
Boomer: Any last words?
Butch: Go on, Boom. Show me how strong you are. Break me!
Boomer: Oh, I will.
(Boomer breaks Butch’s neck, making it snap and making Butch collapse to the ground with Boomer toppling above him. Blossom bears concern, as Boomer stands erect. After that, Boomer proceeds to emit the Tarzan yell and beat his chest, thus making his jungle yell resound throughout the plains.)
Blossom: Boomer.
(She approaches him, as she touches his body in awe.)
Boomer: I finally beat my brother. And every one shall bear witness. As I said, I’m doing this for you, Blossom.
Blossom: All right, Boomer.
(Boomer raises his arms and emits the Tarzan yell once again, as he beats his chest. This time his yell is a lot more powerful than the first one. After that, Boomer raises his arms and flexes his biceps.)
Boomer: Grrrr!!!!!!
Blossom: Oh, Boomer. You are my brave hero.
(Blossom kisses him.)
Boomer: Thanks, Blossom.
(They look at Butch’s still unconscious body.)
Boomer: Don’t worry, Blossom, I’ll take care of him.
(Boomer carries Butch on his arms and Blossom hops on Boomer’s back.)
Blossom: Let’s go back to the den.
Boomer: Sure. We had such a long day.
(Boomer sprints with Blossom on his back and Butch on his arms and takes a huge leap.)
Narrator: Boy, what an intense battle this was. So, once again, the day is saved. Thanks to Boomer and Blossom! Oh, and Butch. Let’s hope he recovers well.
This piece of Blossutch vs Blossoomer fanart, which is part of my art trade with the wonderful KatyGorl, is dedicated to alysiademagio aka Tigerlover1993, A’acoyani L. Willis aka zorenaandcoya, and Princess Blossom aka PinkPrincessBlossom who are celebrating their birthdays today and Meg aka Ryoko-368 and Olivia aka ilovepoop97 who celebrated their birthdays yesterday. So, Alysia, A’acoyani, Blossom, Meg, Olivia, I wish you lovely ladies a lot of love, joy, beauty, strength, happiness, and abundant blessings in everything you do as artists and as people. This is also dedicated to the many shippers who love either Blossutch, Blossoomer or both. So, I hope you all enjoyed the story I gave above that accompanies this piece of Blossutch vs Blossoomer fanart.
So, what happens when beastly brawn clashes with peerless athleticism all for the sake of obtaining a gorgeous goddess’s hand in love? Why you have an epic battle between two strong, handsome, powerful brothers in the form of Butch and Boomer, as they are fighting for their gorgeous lady love, Blossom. Moreover, Feral Team Xtreme strikes again, especially for this Halloween season. I don’t think I’ll stop doing Team Xtreme in their feral, lion state any time soon.
I managed to get a lot of inspiration from a lot of fight scenes I have seen from “Tarzan, The Ape Man” starring Miles O’Keeffe where he had to wrestle Steve Strong’s Ivory King and Tar-Chan’s and Anabebe’s fight scene from “Jungle no Ouja Tar-Chan”. For that, I ended up having a lot of fun with this concept. Let’s also not forget that I am a huge supporter and shipper of both Blossutch and Blossoomer. So, there’s that.
Well, I hope you all enjoyed this piece of Blossutch vs Blossoomer work and I will see you in the next submission. Take care and Happy Halloween!
Butch, Boomer, and Blossom from The Powerpuff Girls belong to Craig McCracken and Cartoon Network.

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