Greeting the Day with Love Most Pure drawn by me

(The sun shines on The City of Townsville.)

Narrator: The City of Townsville. February 11, 2019. Team Xtreme Headquarters. It’s a brand new day for our beloved Baron of Berserk who is known for his brute strength, animalistic fierceness, and his interesting brand of being a pretty cool dude. The one and the only 26 going on 27-year-old Butch Green. For this guy, there is nothing more worthwhile than starting the day by keeping his well-shaped muscles toned and sculpted that could rival any Greek god or bodybuilder.

(Butch is doing bench presses while wearing green shorts and is topless.)

Butch: 991…992…993…994…995…996…997…998…999…1000! All right!

(Butch puts the barbell down and he sits erect.)

Butch: Yeah, that’s the stuff.

(Butch flexes his biceps and grins.)

Butch: GRRRRR…..Butch, you are totally in great shape this morning.

(High-pitched giggling is heard from the hallway and Butch puts down his mighty arms.)

Butch: Could that be my darling wife, Bubbles.

(Bubbles enters and she is hiding something behind her back.)

Bubbles: You guessed right, my dearest Butchie.

(Bubbles leans towards Butch and gives him a kiss with her lipstick mark being imprinted on his cheek.)

Bubbles: I have a surprise for you, my great stud of a husband.

Butch: What could it be, my sweet wifey-poo.

(Bubbles reveals the surprise, as it is a big heart-shaped letter.)

Bubbles: Tada! Happy Eight Years of being happily married, Butchie. The kids and I made this especially for you.

(Bubbles gives the letter to Butch and he reads it.)

Bubbles (voiceover): Happy Eighth Anniversary, Butchie! Much love, your darling wife, Bubbles.

Brandon, Buddy, Brea, Betty, Blithe, Bibi, Blaine, and Blair (voiceover): And your awesome kids.

Brandon (voiceover): Brandon…

Buddy (voiceover): Buddy…

Brea (voiceover): Brea…

Betty (voiceover): Betty…

Blithe (voiceover): Blithe…

Bibi (voiceover): Bibi…

Blaine (voiceover): Blaine…

Blair (voiceover): And Blair.

(Butch finishes reading the letter.)

Butch: Bubs, baby girl, this is definitely the best wedding anniversary gift ever.

Bubbles: I’m so happy you loved it, Butchie. For our anniversary, I prepared breakfast for us and the kids. So, let’s get going to the dining hall.

Butch: All right, Bubs. I’ll put on my best shirt then we’ll eat.

Bubbles: All right, Butchie.

(Bubbles embraces Butch and they had to the dining hall.)

Narrator: Awww…This is certainly quite a lovely start to an equally lovely day. So once again, the day is saved. Thanks to Butch and Bubbles. And their offspring Brandon, Buddy, Brea, Betty, Blithe, Bibi, Blaine, and Blair.

This piece of Butchubbles fan art is dedicated to Kairah aka Raikaaa, Graceann aka AngelePuquiz, FEN-OSHI, wtfisabluecornmoon, PourSomeSugarOnMeee, Ariel aka PurfectPrincessGirl, DontbeModest, nax aka propimol, and Key aka xKeyToMyHeartx who celebrated their birthdays some days ago. So, I hope you guys had awesome birthdays and equally lovely Valentine’s Days. I wish you a lot of love, joy, happiness, prosperity, abundance, and strength in your lives as artists and as people. This is also dedicated to all of the Butchubbles shippers out there. So, sit back, relax, and soak in that Butchubbles goodness.

I know I said this in my final Blossoomer month submission, but I will reiterate anyway. If I did not have Blossutch as my endgame OTP pairing for Butch and Boomubbles as my endgame OTP for Bubbles, Butchubbles would have taken that title with Blossoomer following suit and vice versa. As you can tell, this is a Team Xtreme AU where Butch and Bubbles are a happily married couple and they ended up having not only the sextuplets in the forms of Brandon, Buddy, Brea, Betty, Blithe, and Bibi aka KatyGorl’s and Misse-the-cat’s fan kids but younger twin sons in the forms of Blaine and Blair much like the number of kids Boomer and Blossom have.

Butchubbles has always and continues to fascinate me to this very day. I compare this couple to other opposites attract couples like Seiji and Midori from Midori Days and Arashi and Miwako from Paradise Kiss with the classic case of Butch being the strong bad boy with the foul mouth and Bubbles being the sweet ingenue with an edge who has a thing for said bad boy. Sure, it is a trope as old as time, but I cannot help but find this particular pairing so charming and rather fun. In Butch’s and Bubbles’ case, it could start off as playful infatuation on Bubbles’ side and hiding his emotions on Butch’s side and it would eventually grow into feeling really comfortable with each other to the point where Butch can see Bubbles for the outgoing, forgiving, compassionate person that she is and Bubbles could see that side of Butch that is so protective, determined, and unorthodoxly sympathetic, in spite of being really rough around the edges. Truly a yin and yang couple incarnate.

To conclude, if there is anyone I would love to thank for making ship Butchubbles more and more, it has to all of you wonderful shippers. You guys know who you are and I am completely grateful for all of you who managed to make me love Butchubbles as an OTP that stands right beside the likes of Brickercup, Blossutch, Blossoomer, Boomubbles, Bunnitch, and Robike. I cannot get enough of the flexibility and the interesting dynamics Butch and Bubbles have with his roughness, toughness, ferocity, and muscle thus being an awesome compliment to her flexibility, lovability, willingness to be open, and sense of being a placid, loving young lady. Therefore, it would be a great pleasure to see Butch and Bubbles live life to the fullest together given how well they could play off of each other that makes them all the more charming and adorable.

Well, that is all for now. I hope you all enjoyed this piece of Butchubbles work and I will see you all in the next submission. Take care, everybody.

Butch and Bubbles from The Powerpuff Girls belong to Craig McCracken and Cartoon Network.

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