My Completed Powerpuff Girls Shipping Meme

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Credit goes to the amazing Ariel aka PurfectPrincessGirl for this particular Powerpuff Girls Shipping Meme.

Now we come to the big PPG Shipping Meme and I wholeheartedly accepted this challenge because I thought this would be of great interest and enjoyment. So, let’s dig in!

If you know me, I always love to start off with getting the negatives out of the way before I build up to the euphoric positives. However, given this meme, there are some characters I have marked as staying single for one reason or another. I know I should have marked other pairings down but I will give my explanations to suffice what I could have marked. So, before we get to the pairings I cannot stand nor touch with a ten-foot pole, let us attend to the characters I prefer to stay single.

PPG Characters I Prefer to Stay Single

Femme Fatale
Knowing how unapproachable she is to men and that she is a straw feminist, she has no chance in ending up in a long-lasting relationship and probably for the best.

Mask Scara
Her eccentricity leaves a lot to be desired in a serious relationship. Men would easily feel intimidated by her emotional instability and no woman would ever want Mask Scara to be her life partner, even if she does have a questionable taste in fashion. Therefore, in my headcanon, Mask Scara has given up her whole gig of being a petty supervillainess in order to express her creativity in a healthy way by being an art teacher, thus inspiring young minds to step out of their creative comfort zone.

The Talking Dog
I cannot see this endearing hound being in any relationship. I see him as someone who has been enjoying his single life for 20 to 21 years and has managed to turn the Fluffy Bunch (Puppy Wuppy, Fluffy Kitty, and Cuddly Bunny) into upstanding creatures rather than the insufferable smegheads we had to witness in “Sweet ‘N Sour”. Ergo, in my headcanon, The Talking Dog functions as the Scrooge McDuck to the Fluffy Bunch’s Hewy, Dewey, and Louie.

Roach Coach
Why would anyone want to be with this slime-ball? Moving on!

Mojo Jojo
As entertaining Mojo Jojo is as a character and as much as I enjoy him so much as a villain, he is, at least in my opinion, a really crappy role model to the Rowdyruff Boys and he is not one to be in any form of relationship. Sorry, Mojo x Blossom, Mojo x Berserk, and Mojo x Moko shippers, but that is how I roll. He is that type of person who is more than content to spend his villainously hammy bachelor life for as long as he lives.

Lenny Baxter
After what he did to the Powerpuff Girls, would I ever want this creepazoid to be in any long-lasting relationship? I believe I answered my own question. He might as well just spend the rest of his natural life in solitary confinement, as far as I am concerned.

All right HIM x Bubbles (Hibbles), HIM x Brat (HimBrat), and HIM x Professor Utonium (HimProf) shippers do not get yourselves in a tizzy but please hear me out, as this is solely my opinion. I do not support HIM being with anyone, as I am pretty sure he will cause nothing more than grief and destruction, which he is really good at.

Grubber, Big Billy, and Arturo
Sure, I may have shipped Ace and Snake with Berserk and Brat respectively, but I do not really have an ideal partner for these guys and I am confident that they are more than willing to live out their lives as happy yet grubby bachelors.

Fuzzy Lumpkins
No doubt is this guy hilarious, but he can never keep up in any relationship given his hair-trigger temper and simpleton nature.

Professor Dick Hardly
He may be one of my most favorite villains and his appearance in “Knock It Off” is so darn memorable. However, it says something that even his fangirls should stay away from this exploitative douchebag of a person. This scumbag should really know his place in the deepest, darkest pits of Hell!

The Amoeba Boys
These guys cannot win at being supervillains even if they tried. How much more for getting dates? I think I answered my own question.

The Boogie Man
Finally, we have reached the home stretch with this monstrous gentleman. In terms of finding himself in a stable relationship based on faithfulness and duty, he is not that interested in that stuff. He is more of the type of funky debonair who could make love to anything that moves, thus having a string of flings, while enjoying his supernatural life as a literal party monster who loves fancy cars and to have a grand old time.


Brick x Blossom (BlossSICK)
I beg your pardon, Blossick shippers, but I think I make myself clear when I say, get this overrated, overhyped, over-loved, over-bloated RuffPuff pairing out of my face! I cannot stand Blossick because of their occasionally bloated egos and the high-and-mighty attitude they would have with each other if they were to land in a relationship. At times, I would want to rip my guts out whenever I see anything Blossick related. So much so that to this day, I can never understand why Blossick is so appealing when there are other better pairings for both Brick and Blossom. I prefer Brick and Blossom more as good friends and professional comrades-in-arms being the Team Dad and Team Mom they are in my Team Xtreme headcanon, thank you very much.

Butch x Buttercup (Butchercup…BLECH!!!!)
Oh, my aching, throbbing head, as I see these two green-clad toughies bicker, whine, bitch, moan, and Heaven knows what these two will get themselves into. Their stubbornness, their aggression, their loudness, and their over-competitiveness make me want to scream at both Butch and Buttercup to shut up and stop whining about their emotional constipation with each other! At least, they can function as really great friends who love to mess with each other while giving any felon a good, well-deserved knuckle sandwich where it hurts the most.

Mitch Mitchelson x Princess Morbucks (MitchCess…PHOOEY!!!)
Okay, much like my earlier experiences with Blossick and Butchercup, I used to ship Mitch and Princess as a couple. Nowadays, as an adult, I can see just as many cracks in MitchCess’s relationship as the ones I would see in Blossick and Butchercup. While my main gripe with Blossick is how annoyingly overrated it is and with Butchercup for how there seems to be nothing more than needless aggression and animosity, MitchCess has another problem that needs to be addressed by yours truly. That problem would be how these two freckle-faced smegheads would constantly go back to the same bad habits and traits and, therefore, never find anything fulfilling in their relationship. It would be nothing more than a pathetic fling and Mitch and Princess will end up falling into more quagmires, which is not only sad but really depressing. If these two were to be in a relationship, problems would continue to congest everything they have in their lives and there would be no happy ending for either of them. As the old saying goes, two wrongs do not make a right, which establishes MitchCess perfectly.

Mojo Jojo, HIM, Lenny Baxter, and/or Professor Dick x Anyone
Self-explanatory and see the section PPG Characters I Prefer to Stay Single, thank you very much.

My Disliked Pairings

Mike Believe, Harry Pitt, and/or Elmer Sglue x Princess Morbucks
Knowing Princess’s extravagantly high expectations when it comes to boys, she is just going to dump them in a heartbeat!

The Mayor x Miss Bellum
It might as well be chalked up to the eccentric old man constantly needing the only sane woman’s help when it comes to his occasionally haphazard plans. Other than that, there is nothing romantic about them together.

Mr. Green and/or Professor Utonium x Sedusa
I highly doubt that any long-lasting relationship will ever occur with Sedusa around. In her case, it is just going to be a nice fling, clear out with the jewels, and head out to the next john. That is all.

All of the Powerpuff Girls x Princess Morbucks
I prefer the rivalry Princess has with the girls rather than pair all of the girls with her as lovers.

Pairings I Express Doubt With

Bud Smith x Blossom
Where this pairing is concerned, I am not so sure about the appeal of this. It might seem cute but I think these two could do so much better.

Harry Pitt x Blossom
It functions as a schoolboy crush thing and nothing more.

Ace x Snake (AceSnake)
It could work in a Yaoi or Shounen-Ai scenario, but they might as well be just really good friends and nothing more.

All of the Rowdyruff Boys x Princess Morbucks
I think Brick, Butch, and Boomer would feel very annoyed with her clinginess.

Pairings I am Neutral to

Mike Believe x Bubbles (Mikeubbles or Bubblike)
I know I should have marked this, but I will say this. It is adorable and it leaves a warm, fuzzy feeling in me. However, I prefer these two as really great friends who will always be there for each other.

Mitch Mitchelson x Buttercup (Mitchercup)
It is nice and I do love their interactions but I have other better pairings for these two besties.

Bud Smith x Princess Morbucks (BudCess)
It is a short fling and nothing more.

Buttercup x Elmer Sglue (Elmercup)
It is okay and I can picture Buttercup being supportive towards Elmer with his goals. However, I can just chalk it up to them being good friends.

Pairings I Have a Love/Hate Relationship With

Professor Dick Hardly x Sedusa (DickDusa)
I could definitely see them being in a relationship and I can see the appeal of this, thus making it work rather well. However, it is going to end up being rather short-lived. At least, they could still have their fun.

Major Man x Femme Fatale (MajorFemme)
They can click exceptionally well. However, when all is said and done, the spark they once had will eventually fade out and die. At least, they can respectively con the Ruffs and the Puffs in following their skewered ideals, which will eventually lead to them getting the tar beaten out them by the Ruffs and the Puffs.

Mitch Mitchelson x Robin Snyder (Robitch)
This can work as a typical bad boy and girl next door scenario we have seen in a lot of teen media. In terms of something more fulfilling, I would rather look elsewhere.

Main BroTPs

Mr. Green x Professor Utonium
Two smart, compassionate, savvy gentlemen who are the respective fathers of the Rowdyruff Boys and the Powerpuff Girls.

Ms. Bellum x Ms. Keane
With their brains and beauty, they can work together exceptionally.

Brick x Butch x Boomer x Mitch x Mike
In my Team Xtreme Headcanon, these guys are the best of friends and brothers and are always there for each other through thick and thin.

Blossom x Buttercup x Robin Snyder x Bubbles x Bunny
Their sisterly bond will never be broken.

Side BroTPs

Harry Pitt x Elmer Sglue
I think Harry would end up wisening up and also apologize to Elmer for his habits, seeing that Harry himself has his habits of being grubby. Therefore, they will end up being the best of friends.

Mary x Julie Bean
I can sense a sweet gal-pal type of friendship between these two.

Villainous BroTPs

Ace x Snake x Big Billy x Grubber x Little Arturo
These punks know how to find solidarity with each other, which I applaud.

Berserk x Brute x Princess Morbucks x Brat x Julie Smith
A marvelously catty quintet.

HIM x Fuzzy Lumpkins x Mojo Jojo
What makes me support them as a BroT3 is their epic moment in “Telephonies”. I could imagine how their group interactions would be if they were to work together. Sure, bickering will occur, but I think it would be fun to see these three do their best to try to eliminate Team Xtreme even though they would end up failing all the time.

Professor Dick Hardly x Femme Fatale
They could do some serious black market business together, in spite of the constant arguments.

The Pairings I Like aka The Cute, Innocent Pairings

Boomer x Buttercup (Boomercup)
It may not be long-lasting, but I can still appreciate some Boomercup cuddliness.

Brick x Bubbles (Brickubbles)
I cannot stop singing Brickubbles’ praises not only for how adorable it is but also how healthy and supportive their relationship can be.

Mike Believe and/or Elmer Sglue x Bunny
Both pairings are absolutely adorable for how kind and caring Mike and Elmer can be to someone like Bunny.

The Crossover Pairings

Aku x Blossom (AkuBloss)
I do not ship these two romantically. However, this is very fascinating for what type of dynamics can occur between Aku the Shogun of Sorrow and Blossom the Commander and the Leader. Where my headcanon is concerned, Aku is an amalgamation of Slade, Trigon, and Brother Blood while Blossom is akin to Robin all from Teen Titans 2003. I could see Aku mess with Blossom’s mind and manipulate her into joining the dark side and there will be this race against time and life which challenges Blossom to not only be protective of her teammates but to prove to Aku that she is not one to mess with. Ergo, there is this evil guardian and upright apprentice relationship that these two have.

Dexter x All of The Rowdyruff Boys and all of The Powerpuff Girls
I know it is the Dexter x Lalavava shipper in me shouting over the clamor, but I see Dexter being as a sort of big brother figure to Brick, Butch, Boomer, Blossom, Buttercup, Bubbles, and Bunny, thus helping them with equipment and combat technology. I can even imagine Lalavava or Olga be the Edna Mode to the Ruffs’, Ruffs’, and their parents’ Incredibles, as she will be in charge of state-of-the-art battle suits and fashion designs.

Dexter x All of The Powerpunk Girls
Especially where Dexter x Berserk is concerned, all of these pairings between and Dexter may be cute and interesting, but they never really grew on me.

Bubbles x Mac (Macubbles)
It is a lovely pairing. However, where my Team Xtreme headcanon is concerned, they are extremely good friends with similar interests in art and literature.

Jack Spicer x Princess Morbucks (Prinack)
Heck, yes! Their personalities compliment each other so perfectly and they are inseparable to a T!

Omi x Julie Smith (OmiJul)
This is not just cute and adorable but it is also rather fulfilling in terms of Omi constantly being there for Julie Smith and, eventually, becoming better people with each others’ support.

The Love-Hate Sex OTPs

Major Man x Sedusa (MajorDusa)
A hulking, hunky con-man of a phony superhero pairing up with a sinuous vixen of a seductress. What could be better than this?

Ace x Berserk (Aceserk)
Sexy, spicy intimacy between two hot-headed leaders. How I love it!

Snake x Brat
Brat could definitely be the dominant one in this relationship and they might end up interchanging, which makes it a lot more fun!

Bud Smith x Brute
Bud’s misanthropy and Brute’s roguishness are an exceptional blend!

The Side OTPs

Harry Pitt x Julie Bean (HarJul)
The sweetness of this pairing involving a grubby young man and a cheery young woman is enough to make me jump with such euphoria.

Elmer Sglue x Mary (Elmary)
There is something really sweet between these two nerdy yet lovable souls. Moreover, I can spot these two growing old yet happy together.

The Main OTPs

Mr. Green x Ms. Bellum (GreenBell)
A wonderfully offbeat and brilliantly fun couple. In my headcanon, they are the Rowdyruff Boys’ parents and have done an outstanding job in raising them.

Professor Utonium x Ms. Keane (ProfKeane)
I have been supporting this couple ever since I was a little boy and I am proud to call myself a hardcore ProfKeane shipper.

The Flying Squirrel from “Fuzzy Logic” x Bullet
I christen this particular squirrel from “Fuzzy Logic” as Breezy and that he is a male, in my headcanon. I figure this is the lovely animal universe of a Normie x PPG couple and I can attest that Breezy and Bullet will produce lovely offspring and have a happy, long-lasting relationship.

The Main OTPs I am exceptionally passionate about (Explanation is no longer necessary)

Brick x Buttercup (Brickercup)
YES! I love my preciously exciting Hot and Spicy Couple!

Butch x Blossom (Blossutch)
The Watermelon Couple. It’s gorgeousness incarnate! These two are just so precious together!

Butch x Bubbles (Butchubbles)
Ah, the Toughie, Cutie Couple! How great this is.

Boomer x Blossom (Blossoomer)
The highly esteemed Cotton Candy Couple. This ranks alongside Brickercup as my most favorite color-clash RuffPuff couple.

Boomer x Bubbles (Boomubbles)
My blissfully precious Beautiful in Blue couple!

Mitch Mitchelson x Bunny (Bunnitch)
The greatest Normie x PPG couple in history!

Mike Believe x Robin Snyder (Robike)
I can never, ever go wrong with these two darlings when they are together, as Robike is the greatest normie x normie couple ever!

I hope you all enjoyed my filled-up Powerpuff Girls meme and I would love to hear from you, which pairings you love the most and which ones you absolutely cannot stand. Please let me know in the comments below and I wish you all a lovely spring. Take care, everybody!

The Powerpuff Girls belong to Craig McCracken and Cartoon Network.

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