The RRB x PPG Pairings and My Thoughts on Them

Greetings, Rowdyruff Boys and Powerpuff Girls fans, it is your old pal Antoni here with another written entry.

I know this one, in particular, might sound blasé to some of my more experienced readers but there are some thoughts about the color-coded, color-clash, and color-crack RuffPuff pairings that I would love to have the pleasure of expressing them in earnest. Sure, some of my thoughts remain the same, while others need further clarification.

As one can tell, a lot of my thoughts are based on my own headcanons, my experience with reading fanfics focusing on all of the RRB x PPG pairings, looking through RRB x PPG fanart, reading through a lot of RRB x PPG memes and charts, and even my insurmountable immersion with other great superhero shows such as Teen Titans 2003 and Justice League. Moreover, even when Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup did not end up kissing Brick, Boomer, and Butch, therefore having Miss Bellum adopt the Rowdyruff Boys as her own sons, there would be countless possibilities and probabilities on how the boys and girls would end up working together not only as couples but as a six-person superhero team. However, I am getting way ahead of myself. Discussion and debate are always welcome in the comments section so long as they are civil and well thought-out. Furthermore, please keep in mind that these are my opinions and do not come whining to me if you disagree with any of them.

With that said, let us begin.

The Color-Coded RuffPuff Pairings (Boomer x Bubbles, Brick x Blossom, Butch x Buttercup)

This set of RuffPuff pairings is the most popular throughout the RRB x PPG shipping fandom, mostly because of the ending where the Powerpuff Girls gave their kisses to their respective Rowdyruff Boys counterparts before the latter group exploded. Seriously, this is just as popular as Mickey Mouse x Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck x Daisy Duck, and the color-coded Chipmunks x Chipettes pairings (Alvin x Brittany, Simon x Jeanette, and Theodore x Eleanor). While I can understand the appeal of this set of pairings, I also find it to be extremely overrated and, at times, annoying, seeing that this set of RuffPuff pairings take up most of the RRB x PPG shipping fandom. I know this will get a lot of color-code RuffPuff shippers in a tizzy but please take the time to hear me out.

The true story is that I used to be a color-code RuffPuff shipper ever since I was between my tweens and teens. Nowadays, I just cannot stand two out of the three color-coded RuffPuff pairings and chances are you already know what they are. Additionally, now as an adult, I basically find the color-coded RuffPuff pairings to be on the bland side at best and troublesome at worst. Even though I can enjoy the wonderful fan artists and fanfiction writers for producing such fine pieces of Boomubbles, Blossick, and Butchercup works, I have taken off those rose-colored glasses and have seen beyond this particularly overrated set of pairings. At least, one out of these three color-coded pairings managed to hold up exceptionally.

Boomer x Bubbles (Boomubbles)
This is the only color-coded pairing I can ever defend as my OTP and the best of this set of color-coded RuffPuff pairings from here to eternity. Sure, on the surface, if Boomubbles had an ice-cream flavor, it would be bubblegum blueberry swirl, which is pleasing to the palette so long as I am consuming it in moderation. However, looking beyond the sweet fluff, I can see a genuine, well-meaning, pleasing, and peaceful relationship between the blues, as they are the most normal out of their siblings.

Considering that my upcoming Rowdyruff x Powerpuff OTP timeline fanart mainly focuses on how Boomer and Bubbles grew as a couple in my headcanon, I am really excited to have this accomplished. All of you Boomubbles shippers will have to wait for the final product because real life and educational priorities have been getting in the way, but here is the itty bitty CliffsNotes version to prepare you all for the real thing. Boomer and Bubbles start off as childhood sweethearts, affirm their relationship all the way up to teenhood, end up married in their young adult years, and start a happily euphoric family.

Getting back to the matter at hand, I have been shipping Boomer and Bubbles as a couple ever since I was a teenager and, to this day, I am pleasantly surprised to see how well this particular color-coded pairing manages to hold up. I can imagine them to be unafraid of letting their emotions show and proclaim to the world of their undying love for each other. Moreover, both Boomer and Bubbles can find something positive within each other, thus sealing the deal in their ever-blossoming, ever-sweet relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend as teenagers and husband and wife as adults.

Boomer would easily fall for Bubbles’ brand of forgiveness, kindness, physical flexibility, beauty, talent as a performing artist and visual artist, and warmth while Bubbles would be exceptionally fascinated with Boomer’s sympathy, physical and psychological strength, endurance, kindness, and protectiveness, thus making Boomubbles the best color-coded RuffPuff pairing in my eyes.

Overall, I can still smile at how much Boomer and Bubbles have sweetness and lovability that few couples can ever compare. In spite of that sweet blueberry bubblegum cotton candy fluff, I can attest that Boomubbles is a treat that I would not mind having over and over again.

Brick x Blossom (Blossick)
I know that I used to like Blossick but, nowadays, I find this particular pairing really annoying! This is in due part to how overrated BlossSICK really is. Everywhere I go on the internet, whether looking at fanfiction or looking at fanart, Blossick seems to be the poster child for Rowdyruff x Powerpuff pairings. And the whole Blossick hullaballoo does not fricking stop! It makes me even happier that I abandoned the Blossick campaign in its entirety because of how annoying, overrated, overloved, and overly ubiquitous Blossick really is. Seriously, I do not want to offend any artist or fanfic writer who ships Blossick as an OTP, but if I set foot into anything that is Blossick-related I would gladly mentally scream my guts out!

All right, I know I have been harping on Blossick so much and I know I am going to get a lot of hate comments from Blossick shippers for soiling their precious ship. I just want to say that I have my reasons, as to why I would rather ship Blossick platonically and not romantically. Let’s also face it, Brick and Blossom were never romantically involved in my headcanon as you will read why I would make such a decision to ship Brick and Blossom platonically after I rewatched some episodes and even read some fanfics.

First of all, I can understand why Blossick is such a big deal when it comes to shipping these two red-clad leaders. It is because they have the most differences. While Boomubbles is deemed as sweet fluff and Butchercup is deemed as having rough edges, thus having so many things in common, Brick and Blossom are opposites. Brick is fire, while Blossom is ice. He is street smart and she is book smart. He is crude, rough, tough, takes no crap from anyone and roguish but she is classy, elegant, sleek, gorgeous and ladylike. While I can buy those reasons as to why anyone would ship Blossick as an OTP, thus backing it up with a lot of belligerent sexual tension, that does not mean I am going to be thoroughly invested with them as a couple. The one noticeable flaw I can find in Blossick would definitely be the amount of friction going on between Brick and Blossom. These two would always find themselves one-upping each other and would find no amount of contentment considering their different expectations. Ergo, Brick’s roguishness is certainly going to clash with Blossom’s class and elegance in a not so good way.

Secondly, do you really want to know what kills Blossick for me? That’s right, ladies and gentlemen. Their egos! I mean, seriously. There were times I could not stand just how huge Brick’s ego tends to be especially in Seasons 5 to 6. Moreover, do not ever get me started on how Blossom’s ego is just as huge as Brick’s in episodes such as “Film Flam” and the ending to “A Made Up Story”. There is a fine line between pride and hubris and I highly doubt these two would ever normalize each other. This argument actually correlates to the first one, but the whole ego problem is what makes me deathly ill whenever I think of Blossick. That just goes to show you that two big egos ending up in a relationship would not be the way to go forward but go backward. Because of that, there will be no compromises made when these two red-clad leaders are in a relationship.

This is where my solution for Brick and Blossom in a platonic relationship comes to play. I basically kept them as really good friends and comrades-in-arms who have each others’ backs but their friendship is just too precious to spoil with romance. Since Brick is the intrepid leader of Team Xtreme in my headcanon, it would make sense that Blossom is the brainy beauty of a counselor. It would take Blossom’s savviness to level with Brick’s plans of action to balance things out effectively. Other than that, their comradeship is just too great to even think about pairing them up as lovers.

With my rose-tinted glasses being taken off for Blossick, I can safely say that I shipped them once and I will never, ever in my lifetime ship Blossick ever again and the Reds deserve better life partners. And, brothers and sisters, it might as well stay that way.

Butch x Buttercup (Butchercup)
Just when you think Blossick’s annoyance of being so fricking overrated is going to be stopped right there, there comes Butchercup with their brand of emotional constipation, unwavering loudness, overcompetitiveness, and just a pairing that is doomed to fail so miserably. This and BlossSICK make Boomubbles look decent in comparison. Out of all the color-coded RuffPuff pairings, this is the one I abhor the most because Butch and Buttercup do not have a future as a couple due to their stubbornness and their tendency to fall back into old habits. To add insult to injury, both Butch and Buttercup would never find true contentment, balance, and a healthy relationship when they are together.

While I harp on Blossick for how overrated it is, I have every right to harp on Butchercup for how unhealthy and, in the worst case scenario, toxic it really is. Yes, both Butch and Buttercup are the strong ones. Yes, the Greens are the toughies. Yes, they know how to give any felon the biggest knuckle sandwich known to man. Yes, the Greens also have a lot of hot, belligerent sexual tension found in fanfics and fanart. However, that is where the magic ends once and for all with Butchercup and here is why.

Firstly, thanks to a demotivational poster I read from a fellow Deviant by the name of RivaAnime, where she talked about how Inuyasha’s and Kagome’s relationship would be doomed to fail and how Kagome is not Inuyasha’s forever person, Butch x Buttercup is one of the perfect examples of Karmic Soulmates. That means that Butch and Buttercup would end up repeating their argument patterns, being incredibly hostile towards each other, having their own set of addictions, becoming extremely irrational, pushing each others’ buttons, bringing out each others’ dark sides, and, worst of all, they would not last forever in a relationship. The unappetizing icing on this otherwise stale cake would be that Butch’s and Buttercup’s relationship will easily come off as violent, stressful, full of anxiety, and would be plagued by so much uncured pain. Ergo, the whole prospect of Butch and Buttercup ending up in a relationship is akin to a kamikaze attack and that is saying something.

Secondly, and this correlates to my first argument, Butch and Buttercup would not end up growing in a meaningful way. Their emotional constipation, hard-headedness, and stubbornness will be their downfall, thus finding themselves in a huge mess that they have no choice but to clean up. There would be so much trash-talking, shouting, and general anger between these two green-clad toughies that I swear I was having a thousand if not a billion drills whirring around my head and stomach and plop goes my brain and guts. Speaking of guts, Butchercup is the color-coded pairing that manages to do a phenomenal job at ripping my guts out, shredding them to smithereens, and trampling all over them while draining the blood out from me. Nice work, Butch and Buttercup, if you green-clad hotheads keep up your grumbling, unnecessary arguments, unnerving over-competitiveness, and boundless emotional constipation you might as well find yourselves skinning me alive and tearing me apart.

So, yes, ladies and gentlemen, my vehemence and my animosity against Butchercup know no bounds whatsoever. However, I do have a nice solution for Butch and Buttercup that would make me tolerate their relationship a bit more. That solution would be to just keep them as really good friends who kick loads of butt and have a wonderful time doing so. At least, Butchercup can function exceptionally as a fine platonic pairing and I would rather keep it that way.

All in all, Butchercup is the other color-coded RuffPuff pairing that left me drained aside from Blossick. I kind of shipped Butchercup once and I am glad to say that I will never ever ship Butchercup again and keep them as a couple of hotheaded good friends!

And there you have it. I may loathe Butchercup’s animosity and I may loathe Blossick’s overratedness, but I could still say that Boomubbles is the only color-coded RuffPuff pairing that is good to stay and that I am so overjoyed to call myself a hardcore Boomubbles shipper to this very day. Aside from that, I might as well just keep away from the color-coded blandness, thank you very much.

The Color-Clash RuffPuff Pairings (Boomer x Blossom, Brick x Buttercup, Butch x Bubbles)

I am so proud to call myself a hardcore color-clash RuffPuff shipper. This is the set of RuffPuff pairings that guarantees the most versatility, flexibility, balance, and genuineness. Moreover, the color-clash RuffPuff pairings have a fair amount of love found in fanfics and mostly in fanart. Is it just as loved as the color-coded pairings? Not really, but these pairings manage to have quite the strong cult following in many a Rowdyruff x Powerpuff shipper and the reasons may vary.

Perspective is quite the amazing thing to have as someone who is still in his twenties and I am so glad to have accepted Brickercup, Blossoomer, and Butchubbles as my OTPs, thus hitting the jackpot when I say that the color-clash pairings are the best set of pairings when it comes to finding something interesting, dynamic, and brilliant in this mainstream sea that is otherwise over-bloated with color-coded RuffPuff fanworks. Ergo, I easily consider the color-clash RuffPuff pairings as the diamonds in the rough, things of beauty that scintillate and resonate with me so effectively that I will defend Brickercup, Blossoomer, and Butchubbles to the ends of the earth, especially the former two. I also have really great friends who ship the color-clash pairings as their OTPs such as BrickercupMasterX3, KatyGorl, and xmysticaldreamsx and I easily consider them to be my sisters from other mothers because of the similar tastes we have with these pairings.

Boomer x Blossom (Blossoomer)
I am very proud and pleasantly surprised to say that Blossoomer has found its way to the top of not only the best color-clash RuffPuff pairing ever but also the best overall RuffPuff pairing ever, thus beating Brickercup for that title. If Blossoomer had an ice cream flavor or a milkshake flavor, it would definitely be Blueberry Strawberry Cotton Candy Delight, which bears a lovely combination of sweetness from the cotton candy and a bit of tartness from the berries. Moreover, if there are any nice nouns to give for Blossoomer that perfectly encapsulates them as a couple, it would be loyalty, empathy, sacrifice, genuineness, chivalry, diplomacy, compassion, unconditional love, and kindness. I have nothing but strongly positive reasons for supporting Blossoomer and they all reflect on those aforementioned nouns.

Blossoomer has invited me to marvel at just how genuine, unpretentious, and wholesome a relationship can be. It may be the hopeless romantic in me talking but it is a lot more than that. The healthy synergy found between Boomer and Blossom is something I would love to not only go in-depth with but also cherish for the rest of my life. Blossoomer is an example of finding out the best from each other, learning from each other, and building a meaningful relationship that is based on mutual understanding and heaps of empathy. Ergo, Blossoomer is the pairing that feels the most human and most dear to me. From Blossom helping out Boomer with his academic and professional endeavors to Boomer seeing through Blossom’s veneer of perfectionism and pride to see that there is a young woman inside with uncertainties and anxieties like every other person to both of them morally, psychologically and physically supporting each other in both good and bad times to Blossom helping Boomer stand up for himself more often to Boomer being brave and gracious enough to reduce Blossom’s ego, there is no doubt that I will never stop singing Blossoomer’s well-deserved praises with such exaltation.

What made me ship Blossoomer so much was a combination of two activities. The first one was having a gander at xahCHUx’s beautifully animated fan-animation of Amy Lee of Evanescence’s “My Immortal” starring, of course, Boomer and Blossom. I swear that Sarah did an amazing job at evoking the strong emotions found in that song and implementing them so well into this song that made me bawl my eyes out. For that, I want to really thank her for not only making me enjoy that video but also for solidifying my undying love for Blossoomer. The second one was the art trade I accomplished with KatyGorl as well as the Blossoomer Next-Gen month that happened four or five months ago. Thanks to Kaitlyn, I found so much joy when bringing her Blossoomer kids to my Team Xtreme universe to the point where I came up with two more brothers for her Blossoomer kids in the form of Bramley and Basil. My great gratitude to Sarah, Kaitlyn, Paula, and many other Blossoomer shippers knows no bounds whatsoever and I continue to be inspired to keep Blossoomer as my OTP for life.

The fascination I have with Blossoomer makes me more excited to make a timeline dedicated to them and how their relationship bloomed and grew. The prospect of having a lovable dumb muscle pair up with a savvy brainy beauty is one that makes me feel so thankful for their presence and chemistry and Blossoomer fills me up with so much joy to the point where their personalities can mesh so beautifully. For instance, Boomer would easily fall for Blossom’s beauty, grace, kindness, and willingness to empathize and understand someone as misunderstood yet sympathetic as Boomer. Meanwhile, Blossom would admire how gracious, chivalrous, loyal, kind, and strong Boomer is, especially when he saves her from impending peril. At this rate, they can save each other from any form of destruction.

All in all, I can never stop praising Blossoomer for how much positivity I can spot in this relationship. One must not look any further if one wants a relationship that bears its foundation in allegiance, respect, kindness, empathy, and diplomacy.

Brick x Buttercup (Brickercup)
Ah, my most esteemed Brickercup. Never is there a dull moment between Brick the Bludgeoner and Buttercup the Toughest Fighter. This is belligerent sexual tension done right and, for that, I salute everything that makes Brickercup shine like firecrackers in the Fourth of July. The flavor I get from Brickercup is hot and spicy because of how much zing, zest, pizzazz, and excitement there is complete with a savory aftertaste that tantalizes my tastebuds. At least I can have my equally esteemed berry sweet couple Blossoomer to be my personal palate-cleanser after having Brickercup’s brand of spiciness. Speaking of excitement, Brickercup manages to bear its foundation on a strong bond, oodles of toughness, heaps of determination, and an attitude that shows that this is a couple to not be messed with.

I always felt that Brick and Buttercup were meant to be together because they can acknowledge each others’ similarities and differences. They are both hot-headed, rambunctious, athletic, tough, and rough fighters who exude a lot of strength and confidence in battle. Moreover, unlike Butch, Brick can show control and he has experience especially when it comes to dealing with a kindred spirit such as Buttercup. In a way, Buttercup is Brick’s soulmate because of how natural, outspoken, independent, and unwavering she is as a person to the point where she does not need to be a pretty girl to show that she is that Mrs. Right for Brick. Her toughness and her feistiness are, in Brick’s eyes, the qualities that make Buttercup intrinsically and extrinsically beautiful. Meanwhile, Buttercup would be completely attached to Brick’s brand of toughness and fierceness to the point of not only respecting him but also fancying the pants off of him.

In terms of dynamics, there is something very fun, interesting, and fascinating about how Brick and Buttercup work off of each other. In spite of how hot-headed they tend to be, they will at least help each other out through thick and thin. If Brick’s ego gets too big for his boots, Buttercup would easily call him out. If ever Buttercup has something to hide, Brick would always assure her that it will always be between the two of them. Whenever they are in a battle, they would be well-armed and give any bad guy a good ass-whooping by courtesy of their super strength and the undying endurance. After every single battle, Brick and Buttercup would end up consummating their feelings for each other and touch each other in ways they cannot imagine, thus making their nights of intimacy deservedly intense.

I already made it clear in my “History of Brickercup” timeline that Brickercup is the couple who start off as childhood friends, grow into having a relationship, and end up having married with many children. It just shows that even though there are times that Buttercup has her guard up, there are times that Brick is quite the roguish charmer to see how much of a soft spot Buttercup actually has.

Overall, I can never find myself tired of Brickercup’s brand of spiciness and steamy intimacy. This couple leaves me with a huge smile on my face and oodles of excitement running through my veins.

Butch x Bubbles (Butchubbles)
Who would have known that I ended up starting this particularly interesting couple? Butchubbles was nothing short of an amazing miracle story, as it found itself leaping from BroTP to cute, innocent pairing to OTP for life. As a matter of fact, I am so proud to call myself a Butchubbles shipper and fan. While not bearing the genuineness of Blossoomer or Brickercup’s spiciness, Butchubbles has an extremely fun, lovable, and wonderfully flexible dynamic that makes Butch and Bubbles function so well as a couple. This Toughie, Cutie Couple has a distinctively savory and sweet flavor, which starts off as earthy and gamey and has a sweet after taste. When all is said and done, this is a yin and yang couple that I can certainly get behind.

As I stated before, the thought of pairing Butch and Bubbles did not cross my mind until I saw some really adorable fanart of the two of them and even read some fanfics starring them. What is so noticeable about Butchubbles as a couple is how they play off of each other. Sure, I have seen couples like this before, especially Arashi and Miwako from Paradise Kiss and Seiji and Midori from Midori Days. As a matter of fact, Butchubbles is so similar to Arashi x Miwako and Seiji x Midori that it is both fascinating and frighteningly uncanny because of the whole trope of a bad boy being in a relationship with an ingenue. This trope is pretty much a tale as old as time because of how entertaining the whole prospect of this relationship can be.

Butchubbles is also the classic case of showing that interpersonal encouragement comes a very long way and can lead to a healthy, long-lasting relationship. Butch would not hesitate to tap into Bubbles’ hardcore side and make her use it a lot more since this is the side of her that turns him on. Even the subtle notes of showing that Bubbles is a lot more than just the ingenue by being fascinated with zombie movies and monster truck shows. Bubbles would also be brave enough to see a softer side to Butch such as his love for animals and surreal art that is unafraid to push the envelope. Together, Butch and Bubbles can find something extremely interesting about each other and enjoy each others’ company so much. This would even get to the point that Butch would always protect Bubbles from any form of harm.

Speaking of protection, I can easily imagine Bubbles award “her darling Butchie” with hugs and kisses for saving her butt on countless occasions. This whole prospect makes me even more excited to make a Butchubbles timeline focusing on how Butch and Bubbles grew from being childhood sweethearts to the couple they are today. Therefore, they would be the type of couple who would break each others’ walls down and see another side to each other that they never thought they would realize.

Overall, Butchubbles’ brand of healthy balance, lovability, and adorable chemistry manage to leave a fuzzy feeling in my heart. Moreover, I am just as grateful to KatyGorl for the Butchubbles children art trade, thus solidifying my love for this wonderfully off-beat couple.

So, there you have it, my thoughts on the color-clash RuffPuff couples. This set of Rowdyruff x Powerpuff couples is so great that I think it deserves its own journal entry. Seriously, I love Blossoomer, Brickercup, and Butchubbles that much because of the healthy dynamics that are present within these couples.

The Color-Crack RuffPuff Couples (Butch x Blossom, Brick x Bubbles, Boomer x Buttercup)

This is actually my second favorite set of RuffPuff pairings ever. One because it is really underrated and deserves a lot more attention. And two because this is the set of pairings that contains my ultimate OTP pairing of this particular category, a pairing I really love, and a pairing I like so much. I am sure you all know that one pairing that stands out to me the most of the color-crack RuffPuff pairings.

Additionally, I can also attest that the color-crack RuffPuff couples are a clear example of needing more love because the only Deviants I know who would ship them all together are yosuehere and Smol-Marshmallow who know how to make really great color-crack fan art, especially the one that I am so excited to talk about in this segment. Plus, the color-crack RuffPuff pairings have just as much diversity, flexibility, and charm as the other pairing categories.

Butch x Blossom (Blossutch)
In my opinion, this is the best color-crack pairing ever and I am so proud to call myself a hardcore Blossutch shipper. I mean it. The whole concept of a strong bad boy and a brainy beauty may sound like something out of many romantic movies revolving around this offbeat couple but it is a lot more than that. Butch’s Herculean strength and courage and Blossom’s Athenian beauty and wisdom make them quite the formidable force to be reckoned with. It is no wonder why Blossutch is called The Watermelon Couple because of how Butch’s hard outer shell can perfectly complement with Blossom’s elegant sweetness. I really cannot stop loving Blossutch and I will never abandon this particular ship that I walk the ground on.

Sure, real life may not always show how positive a bad boy, bookworm couple can be but take away all of that and one has a relationship that is all about finding balance, breaking down barriers, and simply loving each other for who they are. Just because Butch is a beastly brawn who loves to exude his super strength and let his fists fly at the slightest provocation does not mean he cannot be tamed by Blossom’s brand of diplomacy. One should never forget that Blossom is no damsel in distress and she has faced a lot of worse monsters, felons, and demons than Butch. To her, Butch is unique in his own way and Blossom would be unafraid to figuratively get herself into the belly of the beast and find something oddly charming about him and find out that he is not as terrible as he is. Butch is just someone who has an extremely hard outer shell but inside he is as cuddly, protective, and loyal as any giant teddy bear or a pitbull who is so submissive to his master though he is harsh towards the trespassers.

There is so much lovability to be found in Blossutch that denying it would be a major crime on my part. Butch would also see that Blossom has a lot more to her than just a pretty face and a lot of smarts. He would see a girl who is brave, determined, fierce, and independent and these are the qualities that make Blossom internally and externally beautiful in his eyes. Butch would also love how unpretentious and pure Blossom is considering that she does not need to dumb herself down to valley girl levels of stupid to end up with a guy like Butch. Besides, girls with class, style, smarts, elegance, and savviness turn Butch on so much and Blossom stands out above the rest.

As I made myself clear in the timeline involving Blossutch, this relationship starts off with a crush on Butch’s side, which has made him feel rather embarrassed to admit his true feelings for Blossom, bloomed into mutual respect, allegiance, and love, thus seeing the best from each other, and has them being married with children as the apotheosis. To this day, they continue to root for each other through thick and thin.

All in all, what more can I say? I always love me some Blossutch. Their intertwining dynamics fascinate me on an emotional level that I can never ever stop rooting for them.

Brick x Bubbles (Brickubbles)
I happen to really like this pairing so much. Yes, their personalities are extremely different. Yes, there is not so much a possibility of them being in a long-term relationship. But, good Lord, does Brickubbles scream cute and innocent pairing that doubles so beautifully as a platonic pairing. I could see this work mainly in a high school setting and nothing more, seeing that Brick would be the roguishly well-rounded popular school hottie to Bubbles’ ingenue with an edge cheerleader. Sadly, this would be one of those pairings that would work on a short term basis, but hey, the memories of seeing this lovable couple together will certainly last. Moreover, they can also see each others’ positive sides in a very effective way.

Brick would be the type of guy who would see that Bubbles is a lot more than just the sweet, innocent ingenue and can easily acknowledge Bubbles’ hardcore side to the point of encouraging her to use it a lot more. After all, in Brick’s eyes, Bubbles is always awesome when she goes hardcore. Nevertheless, he would also go out of his way to protect Bubbles from over-exerting herself and ensure her safety like any other responsible older brother.

Bubbles would easily tap into Brick’s softer side and see that there is someone who is protective and supportive. On the outside, Brick is the type of person who acts cool and street smart. However, when he is around Bubbles, he would not be afraid to show off his more tender side towards her. That side of Brick would be branded as intrinsically and extrinsically attractive in Bubbles’ eyes. Moreover, she would also have the pleasure of reducing Brick’s ego in a most delightful way. Therefore, their loyalty towards each other will go uncontested.

As I stated before, as much as how much I fancy of how cute, sweet, and lovely Brickubbles is as a pairing, it is something that I cannot see as a long-term relationship. Sure, they can morally, psychologically, and physically support each other. Good for them. However, their varying personalities are only enough for them to be exceptionally great friends. No more and no less.

All in all, I could still root for Brickubbles as a pairing that is so cute and so lovely because of how much I enjoy the fuzziness I feel for these two.

Boomer x Buttercup (Boomercup)
What do you know? Another pairing I like so much that doubles as a cute and innocent pairing and a platonic pairing. I would be lying if I did not say that Boomercup is so fun and sweet. If one were to combine Boomer’s lovable dumb muscle personality with Buttercup’s rambunctiousness and feistiness, one gets a pairing that shows a lot of interesting dynamics when it comes to breaking each others’ walls down. However, just like Brickubbles, I do not see this functioning as a long-term relationship and it is more suitable in a high school setting with Boomer being the athletic, lovable, multitalented popular guy and Buttercup being the brawling bruiser she-jock. At least, they can end up being the best of friends who will stick out for each other.

Boomer would always be courteous towards Buttercup and he would find her brand of toughness to be awesome. In fact, everything about Buttercup would be deemed as awesome in his eyes because she is not like many other girly girls and she does not have to be a super girly girl to make herself great.

Buttercup would always be the one to help Boomer become more self-confident with her own brand of tough love. As for the whole prospect of ending up as Boomer’s life partner, it is highly unlikely that would ever happen. At least they can stick by each other through thick and thin, that is for sure.

If I were to seriously pair up Boomer and Buttercup as my OTP, I would say that this would be an interesting case of Buttercup wearing the pants in this relationship, which would be fun. As it is, I would just keep it in the realms of a cute, innocent pairing that might not last that long.

All in all, in spite of Boomercup’s relationship not lasting for a very long time, I can still cherish its warmth and fuzziness.

And there you have it. My second favorite set of RRB x PPG pairings that need a lot more love than they have. At least I can take comfort and say that Blossutch is the best pairing from this particular category.


That concludes my look at all of the RRB x PPG in an earnest fashion. If you want the tl;dr version of my preferred RRB x PPG pairings here it is.

Boomubbles is definitely here to stay and I love seeing these two cuties when they are together.

Blossick can go screw itself because it is fricking overrated and there are better pairings for Brick and Blossom.

Butchercup can go kiss my ass because when the Greens are together, they annoy the living Hell out of me.

Blossoomer makes me smile with euphoria and leaves me with really happy thoughts!

Brickercup is, simply put, fricking amazing!

Butchubbles is lovely and adorable!

Blossutch is awesome!

Brickubbles is sweet and really cute. I like it.

Boomercup is simply adorable.

As for the RRB x PPG shipping categories, here they are.

Color-Coded RuffPuff Pairings- No Way in Hell, especially to Blossick and Butchercup! At least Boomubbles is phenomenal. Other than that, the entire thing about this set of pairings is meh.

Color-Clash RuffPuff Pairings- Oh, yeah! Awesome sauce, especially to Blossoomer and Brickercup! Kudos has to go to Butchubbles too.

Color-Crack RuffPuff Pairings- How lovely, yet Blossutch rules over them so effectively!

That’s all, folks. Tune in later for another written entry specifically dedicated to the Color-Clash RuffPuff Pairings. See you then.

Brick, Butch, Boomer, Blossom, Buttercup, and Bubbles from The Powerpuff Girls belong to Craig McCracken and Cartoon Network.

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