The Hunky, Muscular Combat Sports Gods drawn by me

Ichiro and Kintaro: Greetings, ladies, and gentlemen.

Ichiro: I am your lord of uppercuts, hooks, and jabs, Ichiro Miyata.

Kintaro: And I am your lord of suplexes, judo flips, and gut punches, Kintaro Touyama.

(Ichiro flexes his pectoral muscles and Kintaro flexes his biceps.)

Ichiro: We know you cannot resist this.

Kintaro: If you want us so badly come and get it.

Rose and Solty: Ehem. Sweethearts, we just heard that.

Ichiro and Kintaro: Oh. (whisper to the viewers) Just don’t tell our wives that. But until then, have a great day.

This piece of Ichiro Miyata and Kintaro Touyama fan art is dedicated to Cecilia aka Neyuni who celebrated her birthday barely a month ago. Entonces, Cecilia, espero que hayas tenido un cumpleaños maravilloso y te deseo mucho amor, felicidad y prosperidad en tu vida como artista y persona. This is also dedicated to the people who ship Ichiro Miyata and Kintaro Touyama as an awesome BroTP.

Here we have 35-year-old Ichiro Miyata and 34-year-old Kintaro Touyama being the absolutely dashing, handsome, jacked gentlemen combatants that they are and being as quite the charmers. I personally ship these two as a BroTP because of how their different personalities can be played off of each other with having Ichiro’s focus, no-nonsense attitude, and intelligence complementing Kintaro’s fun-loving, lovable personality. Ergo, it is so fun to see their personalities bounce off of each other.

I hope you all enjoyed this and I will see you all in the next submission.

Detective School Q belongs to Seimaru Amagi and Pierrot.

Solty Rei belongs to Gonzo and AIC.

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