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Two Bros, Two Wives, and Two Sets of Kids drawn by me

So here they are from left to right. Rin and Shippou, Kagome Higurashi, Sesshoumaru, Inuyasha, Ayame, and my InuAya fan children, Kenta and Keita. I mainly aged up Rin to be seventeen, Shippou to be fifteen, Kagome to be twenty-four, Sesshoumaru to be twenty-eight, Inuyasha to be twenty-six, and Ayame to be twenty-three. This was something I did back when I was a seventeen-year-old third-year high school student before I transitioned to senior year back in the spring of 2010. I did this as my final project in computer class, but when looking back at this, I realized I should have outlined, hence that’s why it appeared like this. Nowadays, I know better. Okay, enough beating myself up about it let’s get on to the picture itself. As you can tell, I am not only a hardcore Inuyasha x Ayame shipper but I also ship Sesshoumaru and Kagome all the way. Even more so, I decided to bulk up both Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha to make them appear more warlike and badass. For Sesshoumaru and Kagome, I can certainly see them adopting Rin and Shippou to be their own children. Eventually, Sesshoumaru and Kagome would end up having hanyou children of their own to add to their happy family. The family dynamics would work with Sesshoumaru being the stern, strong, and calm father, Kagome being the spirited and doting mother, Rin being the fun-loving and sweet older sister, and Shippou being the adorable younger brother. There’s no doubt I love to ship Inuyasha and Ayame until the ends of the earth. They seem destined for each other. I also gave them their children, namely Kenta who is four and Keita who is three in this picture. I can envision Inuyasha as the manly, strict, brave, and tough dad and Ayame as the equally strong and loving mother. Moreover, I can see Inuyasha training his sons to be a great fighter like him. So, yes, this was something I kind of enjoyed doing when I was in my teens and it still has some sentimentality behind it. Inuyasha belongs to Rumiko Takahashi.

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I take myself back two years ago where I caught the concert version of Vincenzo Bellini’s I Capuleti e I Montecchi, known in English as The Capulets and The Montagues, at the Deutsche Oper Berlin starring Joyce DiDonato, Venera Gimadieva, and Celso Albelo. Enjoy the review and let me know your opinions as well.

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Dallas Buyers Club Movie Review

At last, a biographical drama film that is so well-written and so intense that I feel like my brain cells are coming back at such a fast rate yet has made me kind of depressed but still have the courage to live life to the fullest. Enjoy the review and let me know your opinions as well. And yes, I still consider Dallas Buyers Club to be not only a brilliant movie but also a great antidote to the now boring Tarzan 2013 or Tarzan 3D.

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Tarzan 2013 Movie Review

Oh boy! This is the first movie that has made me have the case of nerd rage and has made me scream a bit. Moreover, when looking back at this review, I realized just how boring and forgettable this excuse of an animated film became over the years.

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My Thoughts on Verdi’s Nabucco at the Praha Statni Opera

Three years ago in Prague, I was extremely excited to review the very opera, which put Giuseppe Verdi on the map as one of the greatest Italian composers of all time! With a diverse and formidable cast of singers who poured their beings into their selected roles, this was absolute bliss. Enjoy the review and let me know your opinions as well.

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