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You Can Now Find Me on

Hello, everybody! You can now find me on As a major anime fan, I’m very thankful to be on this site, where I can connect with fellow anime fans and to some extent express what anime we love and what we don’t like. So far, I am enjoying my time here and I’m sure there will be a lot to look out for.

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Find Me on Discord if You Want to Have a Chat with Me

Hey, guys! Due to me doing the best I can to not only make long-lasting connections with my fellow online reviewers and in general online entertainers on social media and of course Skype, I decided to make a Discord account. You can find me as AntoniGarciaTheMusicMan, which is my server name, and I do hope to be connected with all of you from here too. Until then, have a great day. 🙂   P.S. My Skype name is antonianimationfan, if ever you want to have a conversation with me.   And please do not forget to support me on Patreon to see what rewards I have to offer you, in which one of them is a Skype or Discord chat. Thank you so much.

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I’m Now on Opera Musica

Hello, everybody. I am officially now on Opera Musica, where I will also release my music-related reviews mostly restricting myself to opera, classical music, and Baroque music. I was introduced to this site by complete chance as this was headed by the fine Mathieu Abelli. When I arrived in Dresden he convinced me to publish my current reviews on Opera Musica specifically on the News section, which I did. So, I hope you enjoy the profile I created, as I will also post the reviews on there, and do stay tuned for my review of Verdi’s La Traviata at the Semperoper Dresden.

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