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Top of the morning to you all! Buenos dias a vosotros todos! Guten Morgen an euch alle! The 6th Annual Mr. Coat Contributor Award Nominations is under way. A lot of my great reviewer friends like Logan Ridenbaugh aka Hewy Toonmore, Sam Flemming aka South Jersey Sam, Andy Snyder and David Rose from The DVD Shelf, James Sullivan aka Jaimetud, Ryan Hipp from That Show and Daniel Swallow aka Sonicguru have made a lot of great content and the work they have done to their respective shows and everything have been quite phenomenal. So vote to your heart’s content as the deadline is on March 1. Instructions are on the site attached. Have a lovely day! 😀

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Twelve Years a Slave Movie Review

I would love to thank my great reviewer friend, Tony Whatley II aka The Black Critic Guy, for giving this film the highest recommendation it deserves and for somehow inspiring me to watch this for myself. I never regretted anything after this.

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