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Thanksgiving and Future Plans

In a few hours, I’ll be leaving to visit family for Thanksgiving.  They live on a farm with no internet, so I’ll be taking a break from all things online.   My next video review is going to be of the Steven Universe episode “Gem Harvest”.  I was going to make this review for Thanksgiving, but then a bunch of school stuff came up so I’ll have to delay it.  Hopefully, it should be ready in time for Christmas, since the message of the episode is equally appropriate for both holidays.   After that, I have a list of eavy-themed episodes that I want to cover: Gargoyles – Deadly Force Static Shock – Jimmy Teen Titans – Spellbound Wander Over Yonder – The Time Bomb Powerpuff Girls – Equal Fights DuckTales – Once Upon a Dime Bobby’s World – The Music   I also plan on loking at some literature-based animation shows us well: Red Planet Jumanji Conan the Barbarian The Adventures of Mark Twain.   Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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Saberlord Reviews – Teen Titans “TROQ”

Have you ever wondered what it was like serving the military as an African-American in WW2? Have you wondered what black veterans might have to say about current social justice movements like BlackLivesMatter and Antifa? I answer that in my very first review, an in-depth analysis of one of the best episodes of one of my favorite shows.

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