Antoni Garcia

I’m absolutely blessed to have been a part of this Nicksmissal podcast involving a couple of dismissed Ren and Stimpy spin-off shows, with my great friend, Patricia Miranda. So, Patty, thank you so much for having me on board for this. Fun fact, this was also recorded on a school night, about 11:45 PM in German time of all things. Regardless of that, I had a lot of fun and I would love to participate in a lot more. 🙂

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Congratulating a Fellow YouTuber and a Really Good Friend

Let’s all give a huge round of applause and congratulations to my very wonderful friend, James McLoughlin a.k.a. Long Lee a.k.a. Jambareeqi, for reaching 5,000 subscribers on YouTube. The gratitude I have for this gentleman is boundless as he has been a major inspiration for bettering myself as a YouTuber. I know I sounded like a broken record there, but I’m really happy for James to have reached this mark. So, James, stay cool and awesome as you are and have an awesome Whitsun week. Please don’t forget to subscribe to Jambareeqi’s channel as he’s got a lot of great things to offer. Take care. 😀

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