May 2015

Birthday Sex by Jeremih review (In Birthday Sex’s “Defense”)

By in Birthday Sex’s “Defense”, I mean, that this is really Audio Abominations #13 and every defense I give this song is completely and totally bullshit because “APRIL FOOLS!”. Unfortunately, I was pressed for time so I couldn’t truly delve into why I and so many others hate this song so much. So if you want a true obliteration of this song, you’ll have to wait until I hopefully create my own personal worst songs of 2009 list.

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Audio Abominations #9 – Worst Mainstream Rock Songs of 2014

Like my colleagues, I base my opinions on the Billboard charts. Unlike my colleagues, I turned to the year-end chart of the Mainstream Rock songs. Special thanks to JakeAnderson733 for the number transition request of Come with Me Now, since it was the only song on the year-end chart for the Mainstream Rock songs that made the actual year-end hot 100. Here’s the year-end chart for Billboard’s Mainstream Rock Songs if anyone is curious:…

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