December 2017

The ASS Reviews – Rick and Morty

Holy shit.  I feel like I’m going to get crucified for admitting to not being a raving foaming-at-the-mouth fan for this show.  Especially by the szechwan sauce martyrs who will probably demand for my head on a plate with szechwan sauce drizzled on it.  But my cousin requested that this show be reviewed and four months later, here we are.  This one intrigued me and annoyed me in ways that I wasn’t anticipating.  This highly overrated show got a bit of a reality check from me, but at the same time, a whole lotta praise.  I did my best with this one, folks.  I gave it everything I got and didn’t hold back.  This was made mainly for the truly smart, insightful fans of Rick and Morty, not the dumb assholes who only remember the catchphrases and nothing else.  Yes, I’m a 100% positive that Justin Roiland voices BOTH Rick and Morty.  Now who wants to get schwifty with me?

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This was an extravagant Christmas concert headed by a classical crossover soprano, who was known to the world for creating an iconic musical heroine from one of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s most popular works of all time, a cavalcade of gentlemen known for singing such mystical music, and a veritable cavalcade of classical crossover artists, including two dashing tenors, a lovely young countertenor, and a teenage harpist. Enjoy the review and let me know your opinions as well.

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Fifty years on stage is certainly a milestone for this lyric-dramatic coloratura soprano, who worked her way up all throughout the years. From starting out in some major roles at a young age to her sheer determination in her Vienna State Opera House years to her journeys with Mozart and later Bel Canto to also being claimed one of the Queens of Bel Canto. Enjoy the review and let me know your opinions as well.

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Verdi’s Rigoletto 2016 Album Review

This was Maestro Dmitri Hvorostovsky’s final hurrah in the recording studio as the iconic hunchbacked jester, Rigoletto. Accompanying him on one of his final journeys were some absolutely astounding superstars who made this particular ride a fulfilling one. Enjoy the review and let me know your opinions as well.

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