May 2018

A Sanctuary of Our Own drawn by me

Imagine a world where you can be what you long to be. Imagine a world where time indefinitely stops. Imagine a world where nature is vast and everything blooms with life. Imagine a world where you can love anyone you want. Would you want to live in that world? Surely you would. Take those first steps, for what you have dreamed of will be realized. Here’s a really lovely Brick x Butch moment where our two favorite hotheaded studs of brothers find love and peace in nature. Nobody and nothing can disturb their moments of the undying passion they have for each other in this secluded green forest with a lake. Well, I hope you enjoyed this piece of Brickutch fan art. I would also love to dedicate this piece of work to Timothy M. Nolan aka AuronTsubaki1985 who is celebrating his birthday today. I wish you a lot of love, beauty, and prosperity on your very special day and take care, man. Brick and Butch of The Rowdyruff Boys from The Powerpuff Girls belong to Craig McCracken and Cartoon Network. By the way, the prose before the description belongs to me.

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We’re An Item and That’s Legit drawn by me

Looks like the Blossick, Brickercup, Butchercup, Blossutch, Brickubbles, and Butchubbles shippers will be out for my blood when I say this. Apparently, having Brick and Butch as a couple has seriously grown on me, as Brickutch has gone from being a guilty pleasure pairing to borderline OTP. And why shouldn’t it be my borderline OTP? In my opinion, and as I stated before, even though they are brothers they have this closeness which is akin to a chemical attraction. They feed off of each other’s impulses and the will to become stronger as a fighter and as a person in a way that one cannot exist without the other. Therefore, the plausibility of them becoming a couple is rather high, even though titillation can be present because of how cute, hot, and sexy this pairing seems. So, yeah, Brickutch for the win, at least in my opinion. Like I said, I know everyone is not going to like this couple because they are in fact brothers, but still. The bond is so strong between my two favorite hotheads. Brick and Butch of the Rowdyruff Boys from the Powerpuff Girls belong to Craig McCracken and Cartoon Network.

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The Sound of Silence drawn by me

“Hello darkness, my old friend I’ve come to talk with you again Because a vision softly creeping Left its seeds while I was sleeping And the vision that was planted in my brain Still remains Within the sound of silence” – The Sound of Silence, Simon & Garfunkel, 1964 Here are Brick and Butch looking rather contemplative on a drizzling overcast open field. It may be unusual for brawny tough guys like them to act so pensively on a day like this. But as the saying goes, even tough guys need to reflect, contemplate and question their existence in the world. Brick and Butch of The Rowdyruff Boys from The Powerpuff Girls belong to Craig McCracken and Cartoon Network.

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Visceral Fury drawn by me

Brick and Butch beating the ever-loving tar out of each other has struck again. And why not, I certainly enjoy it when these hotheaded big brothers have a beatdown, as there is a certain ferocity that these two emit in the ring. I will admit that it was not easy to make something like this, as it took trial and error and of course inspiration from some fighting scenes in anime to nip it in the bud. But for what it was worth, it was an enjoyable experience. Brick and Butch of The Rowdyruff Boys from The Powerpuff Girls belong to Craig McCracken and Cartoon Network.

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Morning Routine: Brick and Butch Style drawn by me

Narrator: The City of Townsville! And what a bright new day it is for our beloved superhero team, Team Xtreme. Let’s see what they’re up to. (Team Xtreme Headquarters. Boomer, Blossom, Buttercup, and Bubbles are still sleeping. Brick and Butch enter their bedroom in speedos and they open the curtains to let in the sunshine.) Brick: Mornin’ teammates. Butch: You guys slept well? (Boomer, Blossom, Buttercup, and Bubbles wake up to see Brick and Butch under the gleaming sunlight flexing their muscles for the four of them to see.) Boomer: Uh…Yeah, big bros…I slept well, hehe. Blossom: I think my heart skipped a beat. What about yours, Buttercup? Buttercup: Yeah, mine too. Bubbles: WOW! OH, MY GOODNESS! YOU GUYS LOOK AMAZING! (swoons) I feel like as if though I were greeted by the gods of the morning. Brick: You like what you see, teammates? Butch: We’re sure you do. Brick and Butch: We bet you wanna bask in our muscular glory. We’re sure you’d all like that. (They turn their attention to Boomer who’s nervous.) Brick: Awww…What’s the matter, Boom Boom? Butch: Are you jealous? Boomer: Um…No, I just like seeing you guys in the morning. Hehe. (After Boomer, Brick and Butch turn their attention to Blossom and Buttercup who are about to have a nosebleed.) Brick and Butch: Well, Blossy and Butterbabe, let’s say we mosy ourselves down to the breakfast table after this little rendezvous. (They flex their pecs in front of Blossom and Buttercup.) Brick: I know. Butch: We’re amazing. (After that display, Brick first kisses Blossom and then Buttercup in the lips. Butch does the same thing first with Buttercup then with Blossom.) Brick and Butch: Bubbles, sweetie. (Bubbles giggles, as Brick and Butch flex their biceps in front of her. She touches their muscles and is squealing with excitement.) Brick: That’s right, Bubbles. You like this kind of stuff, do ya? Butch: We bet you do. Bubbles: Yeah. You are so dreamy. Brick: Lil’ bro, Blossy, BC, Bubs, we hope you enjoyed the show. Butch: Meet us at the breakfast table and have a fabulous day. (Brick and Butch depart the bedroom and wink at Boomer, Blossom, Buttercup, and Bubbles.) Boomer, Blossom, Buttercup, and Bubbles: Wow. That was something. You have to leave it up to Team Xtreme’s two big, strong, sexy studs, Brick and Butch, who know how to start the day in their own charming, alluring, and interesting way. For that, Boomer is a little bit nervous, as to what he is seeing in front of him, but he still finds his big bros rather amusing. Blossom and Buttercup are drooling and are having nosebleeds in Brick’s and Butch’s godly presence. Finally, there’s Bubbles who is completely head-over-heels about Brick’s and Butch’s well-toned, buff, and awesome physiques. Brick, Butch, Boomer, Blossom, Buttercup, and Bubbles from The Powerpuff Girls belong to Craig McCracken and Cartoon Network.

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You’re The Only Man I Ever Loved drawn by me

Brick: Butch, can I talk to you? Butch: Sure, Brick, what’s eatin’ you, Big Bro? Brick: Well, it’s just that…we’re brothers not only by name but also by blood…and we know a lot of things about each other. (Butch nods his head in agreement.) Brick: It’s also true that you and I are super close, even back then when we were pint-sized morons. (As Brick and Butch are having their conversation, Boomer, Blossom, Buttercup, and Bubbles are listening in with sneaky smiles on their faces.) Butch: Yeah, I mean…we sure care a great deal about each other…and I always thought highly of you. Sure, we got a younger bro in Boomer, buddies like Mitch, Mike, Floyd, Lloyd, Elmer, Harry, and Pablo, awesome babes like Blossom and Buttercup, and someone we can call little sister-in-law like Bubbles, but something tells me that something is missing. Brick: Yeah. (Beat. Brick is pondering what else to say until he decides enough is enough.) Brick: Ah, screw it! You know what, Butch?! I…….you! Butch: What?! Brick: Yeah, you heard me, bro! I love you so much and not just as a brother but as my greater equal. You were and will always be the only man I have ever loved. Screw all those other guys like Mitch or Mike or even Boomer, I can’t even imagine starting something with him. It’s you I desire, Butchie! And yes, I may have Blossom as my wife and you may be married to Buttercup and we do trade partners. But when all is said and done, they’re just only parts of what makes us strong in everything we do. Butch, the point is, you make my life all the more complete! You’re not just my favorite brother, Butch, you are my everything and I would gladly sacrifice my life for you. (Boomer, Blossom, Buttercup, and Bubbles are still in hiding and silently muttering “Go Brick and Butch!”) Butch: But…Um…Brick…why me? Brick: Well, because you’ve always been a great listener, especially when I have my insecurities to deal with. I love sparring with you and every time we’re in the training room I felt this surge of adrenaline flow through me all thanks to you. Plus, I always admired your muscles. You really know how to put those babies to work. More than anything, you’re not like other guys who are just all talk and no action. You are very much true to yourself and that’s what I love about you. Butch: Wow, Brick. I never knew you felt that way about me. In fact, I’m kind of jealous of you because guys always look up to you and girls fall in love with you. I guess people were just so scared of me and I seemed to walk in your shadow. But you weren’t scared of me. You could put up with me better than anyone else and we work great as a team. I’ve always admired just how brave and strong you are and you never back down from a fight. And yeah, you’re an awesome sparring partner as well. You’re able to find out my strengths and weaknesses when we train and we very help each other. (Pause. After Brick and Butch poured their souls out, they blush at each other and are rather tongue-tied.) Brick: So, we’re an item? Butch: Yeah, we’re an item. Bros or not, we’re gonna have each other until the end of time. (Brick and Butch embrace each other tightly. While they are embracing, Boomer, Blossom, Buttercup, and Bubbles emerge from their hiding place giving the two men a round of applause.) Brick and Butch (surprised): You four were listening on us? How long were you hiding there? Boomer: Long enough to say we’re proud of you, guys. Blossom: You are proof-positive that love can transcend anything. Buttercup: Yeah, you guys are totally destined for each other, and not just being a part of the Team Xtreme family. Bubbles: So, for being brave enough to be a great item, we present you our gifts. (Boomer, Blossom, Buttercup, and Bubbles bring out four golden plaques which have inscriptions and pictures of them in the center.) Boomer: For being the cool and awesome dudes that you are together and for being brave enough to tell and show each other how you really feel, you deserve the Boomer Award for Rocking On. (Boomer gives Brick and Butch the plaque consisting of him doing the “rock on” sign.) Blossom: For being commendable in your bravery, fortitude, and perseverance and for being Team Xtreme’s greatest assets, you two deserve the Blossom Award of Excellence. (Blossom gives Brick and Butch a plaque consisting of the inscription, “Excellent!”, as well as a picture of her saluting.) Buttercup: For being a kick-butt couple and for kicking loads of butt in general, you deserve the Buttercup Award of Oh Yeah! (Buttercup gives Brick and Butch a plaque consisting of her giving two thumbs up and the inscription, “Oh Yeah!”) Bubbles: Finally, because you two are absolutely amazing together and because I support you two as a cute couple, you deserve the Bubbles Award of Cuteness! (Bubbles then gives Brick and Butch a plaque consisting of her with sky blue hearts in the background and the inscription, “Cute!”) Brick: Wow. Thanks so much, you guys. Butch: We couldn’t be any more touched. You’re the best! (All six superheroes give each other a group hug.) Brick: So, Butch, now that we’ve got our crazy emotions out of the bag, what do you say we go town. I know a great amusement park we can go to. Butch: Sure, Brick, I’m totally up for it. Boomer, Blossom, Buttercup, and Bubbles: Awesome! You guys are going on a date! Yes! Brick: What are we waiting for, handsome? Let’s go. Butch: Way ahead of you, stud. (Brick and Butch hug and kiss each other and fly out the door.) Boomer, Blossom, Buttercup, and Bubbles: Have fun on your date! Narrator: I always knew Brick…

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Double Knockout! drawn by me

Here we have our two favorite hotheads, Brick and Butch, doing what they do best, having a heated Mixed Martial Arts beatdown! All right, ladies and gentlemen, in the red corner weighing 185 lbs., standing at 6 feet tall and made of pure muscle is the Lord High Bludgeoner himself, Brick Green! In the green corner weighing 190 lbs., also standing at 6 feet tall, and also made of pure muscle is the Baron of Brawn himself, Butch Green! Folks, this is going to be a long match, as we’re gonna see how long these two brawling brothers are gonna last! I get the feeling that it’s going to be for a long time. Now without further ado, LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE!!!! Brick and Butch of The Rowdyruff Boys from The Powerpuff Girls belong to Craig McCracken and Cartoon Network.

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You Can’t Escape from Me, Butchie! drawn by me

Brick: Butchie, babe. Where do ya think you’re going? Butch: Ummm…I was…just going out for…a walk. Yeah. A walk. Brick: You honestly think I’m gonna buy that? (Butch gulps and shakes his head hesitantly.) Brick: It should be obvious that I’m your big bro and I know your every move. I can tell if you’re lying a mile away and I know you want me badly. You’re just scared to admit it. (Butch then quivers in Brick’s presence.) Brick: You’re in my power now, Butch, and there’s nothing you can do to either escape from me or even stop me. If you run, I will catch you. If you betray, I will do everything to hurt you. But if you love me and want me so badly, well, let’s just say that I’ll be the one to give you all the pleasure you need. Butch: Yes, sir. (Butch blushes like in the picture.) Brick: Now, now, handsome. You’re all tense and agitated. It’s a good thing I put some scented candles in this room. Can you smell it? The red one is rose-scented and the green one is peppermint. They have a calming effect on wild guys like you and a strong effect on studs like me. So, what do you say we get down to business, Butchie? Butch: I think I’d love that, Brick. Brick: Trust me, Butchie. You may not know what you’re gonna get yourself into. But I’ll show you things that give men like us lots of pleasure. (Short pause between the two, as one only hears their breathing. Then they passionately kiss, enveloping each other in their arms.) Well, looks like Butch got himself into a cat-and-mouse game with Brick. And, of course, Brick is as always charmingly persuasive and he knows it. Seriously, the tension and overall chemical attraction between these two hotheaded gents are so thick that you need a chainsaw to cut through them. It helps, that the scented candles are stirring their senses in a way which makes them tap into undisclosed feelings and sensations if you know what I mean. I hope you enjoyed this piece of Brickutch fan art. I know I enjoyed making this considering that Brick/Butch is my guilty pleasure pairing and I certainly loved coloring the walls of their room crimson, as Brick is the dominant one in this pairing. So, I hope you all enjoy the summer. Brick and Butch of The Rowdyruff Boys from The Powerpuff Girls belong to Craig McCracken and Cartoon Network.

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He’s Mine! drawn by me

Brick: Hey, you! Yeah, you! If you’re seeing this now, you should know that Butch is mine! He ain’t just my favorite brother in the whole world, but I love him from here to eternity. If you dare touch him, I’ll hunt you down, bludgeon you until you bleed, and execute you. Personally! Got that? Good. Butch: Well, looks like they got the message. But…Umm…Brick…You’re holding me a bit too tight. Brick: Oops…Sorry, handsome. (Brick gives him a peck on the cheek and Butch just blushes.) And now I present to you, what has to be in my opinion the greatest guilty pleasure pairing of all time in The Powerpuff Girls and The Rowdyruff Boys universe, Brick/Butch or Brickutch or Butchrick, whatever you may prefer. I swear there’s something so appealing about two hotheads having such an intimate connection with each other because of how much chemistry there is. Sure, in Brick’s and Butch’s case they’re brothers. However, I can see a closeness that they share, which is more than brotherhood. Moreover, it’s rather fun having Brick as the tough, rough seme and Butch as the strong yet submissive uke, thus having Brick be really protective of his most beloved brother, Butch. I am very sure that the Blossick, Brickercup, Butchercup, Blossutch, Brickubbles, and Butchubbles shippers are going to be out for my blood because I thought that Brick/Butch would be an adorable pairing. Well, I say bring it on. What kind of fascinates me about this pairing is that it’s more of a chemical attraction rather than superficial romance. These guys feed off of each others’ strong impulses and bounce off of each other so effectively in terms of communication. Even when they pick on Boomer as part of the elder brothers who think they are big, tough, strong, and mean, they have this chemistry that makes this pairing plausible in a weird way because these two explosive dudes can still have each others’ backs, in spite of everything they go through. So, that’s my take on Brickutch or Butchrick. I know people are not fans of this pairing, as they mostly abhor it, but as for me, I’m kind of cool with it. I don’t think Boomer would ever be paired up with either Brick or Butch because I’m pretty sure it will just be chaos all over again. Plus, I prefer to have Boomer be shipped with all three Powerpuff Girls and let Brick and Butch have either Blossom and/or Buttercup or even each other! Thanks for taking a gander at this piece of fan art. Have a great summer! Brick and Butch of the Rowdyruff Boys from The Powerpuff Girls belong to Craig McCracken and Cartoon Network.

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And The Songbirds Keep Singing drawn by me

“And the songbirds keep singing Like they know the score And I love you I love you I love you Like never before” – Eva Cassidy (1963-1996) I would love to dedicate this piece of fan art not only to the shippers of Blossoomer, Boomercup, and Boomubbles but also to a really wonderful DeviantArtist, Sweatshirtmaster, who is celebrating her birthday today. So, Sweats, I hope you enjoy this piece of work I did as a gift for your very special day. Happy birthday and continue to be the awesome artist that you are. Here we have Boomer and his most beloved darling belles, Blossom, Buttercup, and Bubbles, in a field of daisies and looking very contemplatively at the sky, presumably at all the birds flying up in the air in different directions. What’s not to love about the Fearlessly Fabulous Four having a moment where one’s heart melts so easily? Boomer, Blossom, Buttercup, and Bubbles from The Powerpuff Girls belong to Craig McCracken.

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