Possible Podcast?

The title says it all basically. I’ve been exploring the option of creating a podcast. Right now I pretty much have the technical and publishing side of things figured out. Where I continuously become stymied is the actual subject. Naturally I considered doing one on manga, but there is already a very good podcast for manga and, unlike the video reviews of manga, I don’t feel I would be adding anything of real value to the environment by making another one.

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The Asian Critic Chick – Grown Ups 2

This is a vulgar, cheap, raunchy landfill of unfunny, talentless, and plotless shit I don’t think I’ve ever seen… but seeing Taylor Lautner get his dick chewed off by a reindeer was pretty damn funny. Again, Sony Pictures Entertainment blocked this review on YouTube to prevent any further debauchery of their beloved masterpiece.  My response was the following:  

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