Your Character Sucks #23 – Matt Parkman (Heroes Reborn)

  Disclaimer: I don’t hate Molly Walker, but if she died, it could be a motivating force for Matt turn evil. I sincerely hope this character gets back to the way he was before Claire revealed EVOs to everyone. Also, this is what happens when the writers tell us why a character turns evil, the motivation being a quick buck, rather than showing us something interesting. To put things plainly, Matt Parkman sold out.

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Audio Abominations #16 – From a Distance by Bette Midler

I sincerely apologize for going a bit long on my rant against the Christian Contemporary Music genre but I felt like it was necessary to reinforce my absolute hatred for this song. For the record, I have nothing against religion, people can believe what they believe and as long as they don’t shove it down my throat I’m fine with that. But if this is the word of God and if he refuses to take responsibility for his actions, then sometimes I wish religion was non-existence.

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