This is very important: If you want to be an official reviewer on this site then it’s also important to follow the rules!

  1. No Fanhaters: What’s a fan hater? A fan hater is basically a person who has a hate against something (e.g. movies, video games etc.) but they don’t like other enjoying what they hate. This entry does explain that much better: FanHater
    Unless the review itself isn’t too serious and is more meant to be a joke: Then we might don’t see any problems with your videos.
  2. Hate on on people being responsible for movies/games/songs/anything else that you don’t like? Making some jokes here and there are fine. What doesn’t work however is using such lines as: “Add name of Person deserves to be dead.” “…to be raped.” “…to be tortured.” or anything else like that. It’s even worse than being a fan hater! There’s a fine difference between satire, black comedy and real life! If you just use lines similar to those that were metioned above then there’ll be no chance for you to become a member on this site in general. Even Evil Has Standards!
  3. You have to be at least 18 years old to join the site because puberty can easily preventĀ them from working on reviews due to private issues or even change people for better or worse which could also take away anyone’s credibility as a reviewer due to how often teenagers tend to change their opinions over time.
  4. If you should ever consider to join our site then you shall never remove your videos from Youtube or whatever Videoportal you’re using. The reason why we’re not condoning that type of action is because you would basically delete a part of your own history. We’re all not proud of the past mistakes we’ve done but we should always look back at them to improve on ourselves and think about how times have gotten much better compared to those days. It could also inspire others that may be fans of yours who would love to make their own videos too. Another reason we won’t tolerate members deleting their videos is because in a way you would also basically betray or even hurt your own fans that won’t have a chance to watch those videos anymore which is something that we won’t stand for either. If you’re actually breaking this rule then we’ll still give you another chance to re-upload your video/s again. If you refuse to do so however then this could possibly end with us letting you go from Team Night Saturn which would be a painful choice from our side but repercussions for hurting our rules should always be taken under consideration. So if you want to become a member of Team Night Saturn then you should always go by this rule.

Those are the major rules for now and it doesn’t look like much but if the videos that you doing don’t follow the rules then you won’t become a member on this site… it doesn’t matter how many views and subscribers you have!

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