Hey, everybody! Antoni, here. I know I was supposed to review Verdi’s Aida live from the Kungliga Operan. However, last week, I caught a live stream production of Verdi’s Les Vepres Siciliennes live from the Bayerische Staatsoper, which I will most likely make a review of tomorrow, as I need to do some research about the opera’s plot. So, I do apologize for some delays in the reviewing schedule, as I had to deal with a Chemistry exam and I did need to catch up on rest so that I will not over-exert myself.   With that said, I am feeling rather naughty right now. I just caught a Powerpuff Girls fanfic that has become a real guilty pleasure of mine, more on that later. It’s called My Dear Sister, written by Yurilover89, published on March 23, 2014, last updated on June 10 of that same year, but it’s incomplete with only two chapters. It’s rated M. It’s in English and the main pairing is…here it goes…Blossom/Buttercup. There are hints of Brick/Buttercup, Butch/Blossom, Boomer/Bubbles, and Princess Morbucks/Bubbles, however, they are only mentioned via exposition. The other character to be involved in this fanfic is Ace from The GangGreen Gang. Even more so, Blossom and Buttercup are 18 years old in this fanfic, so, please, be at ease.   If it were not already obvious, this is basically PPGcest fanfic involving Blossom and Buttercup complete with some steamy action between the two. I am probably not alone when I say that although this pairing kind of titillates me on some occasions, I am sort of not a fan of having Blossom and Buttercup being lovers, given the fact that they are sisters. I am sure that there are certain people who jack off to this pairing because these two girls are sexy, but I am surely not one of them.   I will gladly reiterate that I always enjoy Blossom’s and Buttercup’s tough love as sisters because these two work so well off of each other when it comes to being opposites of each other and having great dynamics whether they engage in physical combat or show genuine care for each other in spite of their differences. When one combines Blossom’s feminine grace, overall professionalism as a superheroine, her unparalleled skills as a fighter, and her genius bruiser persona, which has always made me love her so much, and Buttercup’s rough and tumble, rebellious, tough, fiercely independent yet reckless attitude, full-fledged bruiser persona, and tomboyish cuteness, which in turn has always made her so endearing, one gets a clear understanding how these two work as characters in terms of dynamics and chemistry. This is the reason why I always enjoy these two together because they have strong personalities as the older daughters of Professor Utonium and the older sisters of Bubbles.   However, to pair them up as lovers in fanworks seems wrong as it serves to mainly titillate the mostly adolescent or young adult male demographic. Yet, to the fanfic writers’ and fan artists’ credit, I do fancy some kinky action going on between two of most favorite badass girls of the PPG. It could be their strong personalities that complement each other. It could be their bruiser personalities, what with Blossom being the genius one and Buttercup being the full-fledged one, that makes their interactions really exciting. Or it could just be because Blossom and Buttercup appeal to me a lot more than Bubbles, mostly because I am the eldest in my family and I look up to both of them for having each others’ backs and for being awesome older sisters to Bubbles. With that said, let’s get on to this guilty pleasure of a fanfic.   After a long day, Blossom and Buttercup enter their apartment to have a bit of a rest. Their respective boyfriends, Butch and Brick, have gone off to Jamaica and Bubbles has gone to Korea with Professor Utonium for some philanthropy work, leaving the two older Powerpuffs behind. In terms of Bubbles, both Blossom and Buttercup, especially the former, feel envious of their younger sister because she is so well-loved by everyone and is openly bisexual, not only being in a relationship with Boomer but also having some “sessions” with Princess Morbucks, thus making her female partner change her ways. It all comes to a head when Buttercup proclaims her love to Blossom and vice versa, and then they consummate their said feelings of love to each other. Yes, I’m fully aware that there are some people who feel rather dirty when reading this fanfic and others who feel rather aroused seeing two girls in action, but at least it’s enjoyable in a kinky fashion. Moreover, I’m very pleased that the main characters of Blossom and Buttercup are both eighteen in this fanfic, which is definitely considered to be a legal age to be a young adult in many societies, otherwise, the author would’ve faced a lot of trouble for making the girls younger than that age. It is such a shame that this story was left incomplete for four years because I would’ve loved to see where this would all go especially when Brick and Butch are thrown in the mix, it would’ve been temptingly interesting. Butch could make love to Blossom, Brick could make love to Buttercup, Brick could also make love to Blossom, Butch could also make love to Buttercup, and we could have also had a Brick/Butch moment, culminating in a foursome. I would also like this story to have a little bit more substance in terms of character development and not just titillating the mostly male demographic. Would this story also work as a one-shot? Yes, I see why not, mostly because there were times that the story did drag due to some of the dialogue and the naughty bit scenes. For example, the two girls compliment each others’ breasts, buttocks, and naughty parts all while making love in the second chapter.   Speaking of my favorite…

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