Vivo Per Lei drawn by me

“Vivo per lei da quando sai La prima volta l’ho incontrata Non mi ricordo come, ma Mi entrata dentro e c’è restata Vivo per lei perché mi fa Vibrare forte l’anima Vivo per lei e non è un peso Vivo per lei anch’io lo sai E tu non esserne geloso Lei è di tutti quelli che Hanno un bisogno sempre acceso Come uno stereo in camera Di chi è da solo e adesso sa Che anche per lui, per questo Io vivo per lei È una musa che ci invita A sfiorarla con le dita Attraverso un pianoforte La morte lontana Io vivo per lei Vivo per lei che spesso sa Essere dolce e sensuale A volte picchia in testa, ma È un pugno che non fa mai male Vivo per lei, lo so mi fa Girare di città in città Soffrire un po’, ma almeno io vivo È un dolore quando parte Vivo per lei dentro gli hotels Con piacere estremo cresce Vivo per lei nel vortice Attraverso la mia voce Si espande e amore produce Vivo per lei nient’altro ho E quanti altri incontrerò Che come me hanno scritto in viso Io vivo per lei Io vivo per lei Sopra un palco o contro un muro Vivo per lei al limite Anche in un domani duro Vivo per lei al margine Ogni giorno una conquista La protagonista Sarà sempre lei Vivo per lei perché oramai Io non ho altra via d’uscita Perché la musica, lo sai Davvero non l’ho mai tradita Vivo per lei perché mi dà Pause e note in libertà Ci fosse un’altra vita la vivo La vivo per lei Vivo per lei la musica Io vivo per lei Vivo per lei, è unica Io vivo per lei Io vivo per lei Io vivo per lei Io vivo per lei” – Vivo Per Lei, Sung by Andrea Bocelli and Giorgia Todrani, Written by Gatto Panceri and Valerio Zelli, Released in 1995 English Translation: “I live for her, you know, since the first time I met her. I do not remember how, but she entered within me and stayed there. I live for her because she makes my soul vibrate so strongly. I live for her and it is not a burden. I live for her too, you know, and don’t be jealous: she belongs to all those who have a need that is always switched on like a stereo in the bedroom, to someone who is alone and now knows that she is also for him; for this reason I live for her. She is a muse who invites us to brush her with the fingers. Through a piano death remains far away, I live for her. I live for her who often knows how to be sweet and sensual: sometimes she stuns you but it is a blow that never hurts. I live for her. I know she makes me travel from town to town and suffer a little, but at least I live. It is painful when she leaves. I live in hotels for her. It grows with supreme pleasure. I live for her in the vortex. Through my voice it expands and produces love. I live for her. I know nothing else, and how many others I shall meet who, like me have written on their faces I live for her. I live for her on a dais or against a wall I live for her to the limit. also in a harsh tomorrow. I live for her to the very edge. Every day a conquest; the protagonist will always be her. I live for her because now I have no other way out, because, you know music is something I have truly never betrayed. I live for her because she gives me rests and notes with freedom. If there were another life I’d live it, I’d live it for her. I live for her, music. I live for her. I live for her, she is unique. I live for her. I live for her. I live For her.” This piece of Brickercup, Butchubbles, Blossoomer, Bunnitch, and Robike fan art, which is part of BrickercupMasterX3’s Brickercup Month last December, is dedicated to tultsi93, Ronald Kuang aka SeerLight, PhantomLatte, Puni Puni aka Noire-Ighaan, Seyari Minamoto aka Seyari, gcar1a-unic0rn, Yahga, Kristen aka TromKehra, Abbie Lawson aka xXDittoXx, adRianne aka CulaRi-ann192, William Matthew Karner III aka DarthWill3, Jean aka Mayeru, RandMmanga, L.P. aka fashionbella, and Nicc aka e-hima who celebrated their birthdays a few weeks ago. So, I hope you guys had such magnificent birthdays and equally awesome 2019s. I wish you a lot of beauty, love, greatness, abundance, hope, and strength in your lives as artists and as people, especially in this year. This is also dedicated to all of the wonderful shippers of Brickercup, Butchubbles, Blossoomer, Bunnitch, and Robike. So, I hope you all enjoy this and soak up that Brickercup, Butchubbles, Blossoomer, Bunnitch, and Robike goodness. Vi piace. Qué lo paseís bien. Vergnügt euch. Here we have my most beloved OTPs of all time, Brick x Buttercup (Brickercup), Butch x Bubbles (Butchubbles), Boomer x Blossom (Blossoomer), Mitch x Bunny (Bunnitch), and Mike x Robin (Robin), being all loving, sweet, and the awesome couples that they are. I swear there is nothing in this earth that is sweeter nor lovelier than the sensation of this feeling of pure bliss. When you have such charming, 26-year-old gentlemen like Brick, Butch, Boomer, Mitch, and Mike being the dashing beaus that they are to 25-year-old Buttercup, 24-year-old Bubbles, 25-year-old Blossom, 24-year-old Bunny, and 25-year-old Robin, you can certainly bet your bottom dollar that it is euphoria and true love incarnate. I have grown up with the song “Vivo Per Lei” ever since I was a 9-year-old boy, but I watched the Spanish version, which was a part of a music video Andrea Bocelli did with Marta Sánchez as part of his “A Night in Tuscany” performance. Ever since then, this song has become so addicting to listen to….

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That 70’s Winter Ball drawn by me

This piece of Brickercup, Butchubbles, and Blossoomer fan art, which is part of BrickercupMasterX3’s Brickercup Month last December, is dedicated to Sophie Gelsthorpe aka Sophiegegewophie, Paragon-Aura, Nana-boo, kaorgaa, SukiMisaki, tearmint, Ria aka pureria, Springy aka springgirl-13, James aka Jimma1300, Misse-the-cat, Amelia aka 100points4everyone, VNCCP, and Nadia aka OrdinaryDream3r who celebrated their birthdays some weeks ago. So, I hope you wonderful people had such exceptional, happy, blessed, and grand birthdays and I also hope that your holiday seasons and your 2019s were equally as awesome. I wish you a lot of love, happiness, and abundance in your lives as artists and as people. This is also dedicated to all of the amazing Brickercup, Butchubbles, and Blossoomer shippers out there. So, I hope you all enjoy this piece of Color-Clash RuffPuff Couples fan artwork and soak up that Brickercup, Butchubbles, and Blossoomer goodness. December 17, 2010. The City of Townsville. Townsville High. 18-year-old Brick, 17-year-old Buttercup, 18-year-old Butch, 16-year-old Bubbles, 18-year-old Boomer, and 17-year-old Blossom were in their senior year in High School or to put it more simply in the twelfth grade. This marked Team Xtreme’s final High School Winter Ball before heading off to college in the form of Townsville University in September 2011 and as you can tell the theme for this Winter Ball is The 1970’s. We see Brick and Buttercup in leather vests, long pants, long-sleeved shirts, and boots to show their brand of classiness and toughness as a couple, Butch and Bubbles showing some skin and looking rather sexy as a couple, having a bit of bling on their bracelets, spiked boots for Butch, platform shoes for Bubbles, and, as a lovely bonus the Joy and the Laughter, a diamond-shaped pale sapphire navel ring, and Boomer and Blossom in large T-shirts, golden lockets, headbands, swanky long pants, and suede shoes. Let us also not forget that Boomer and Blossom have the whole Love and Peace philosophy going in their attire, what with Boomer’s endearing, adorable nature making him a fitting candidate for love and Blossom’s brand of diplomacy and savviness making her totally ideal for peace. As one can expect from these lovely couples, their evening before the Christmas break was, in a way, really groovy. I hope you all enjoyed this and may 2019 be an epic year for all of you. Brick, Buttercup, Butch, Bubbles, Boomer, and Blossom from The Powerpuff Girls belong to Craig McCracken and Cartoon Network.

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The Complete Blossoomer Family drawn by me

This Blossoomer family picture is dedicated to Bernadette V. aka Heszperia, Dave the Knave aka Dynamoe, DemgieMaxine, The-Chibster, Roz aka irozhea, and maham aka blossomandbubbles who celebrated their birthdays weeks ago. So, I hope you guys had a wonderful, blessed, beautiful, and exceptional celebration. I wish you all a lot of love, joy, and beauty in your lives as artists and as people. This is also dedicated to all of the Blossoomer shippers out there. So, I hope you all enjoy and soak up the Blossoomer goodness.   The Blossoomer family has struck again and this time they are complete.   We already got acquainted with Boomer’s and Blossom’s other children in the forms of Bloom, Brittney Jane aka BJ, Beau, Becky, and Bella aka Belladonna, so let us get to know Brian who is the fourth 7-year-old Blossoomer sextuplet in my Team Xtreme headcanon.   Brian Matthew Green, much like his other siblings, was born on July 25, 2011. It was said he was rather placid and sweet when he emerged from his mother’s womb akin to his other siblings. Brian loves his parents equally to the point where he has inherited both of their signature traits. He has inherited Blossom’s intelligence and ambition and Boomer’s hilarity and sympathetic nature. He does get anxious and jumpy when he is in a sticky situation and he can be a bit reckless when it comes to his occasional ego. However, he will always stick by his parents’, uncles’, aunties’, siblings’ and cousins’ sides no matter what mission they have and in everything they do, thus showing immense loyalty and an unrivaled sense of duty to his family. Even though he is very close to all of his siblings, he has an exceptionally strong bond with Beau, given how passionate these two are when it comes to music, theater, and the arts.   As opposed to Beau, who is a pianist, Brian specializes in the French horn and enjoys singing in the Townsville Opera House’s children’s chorus. Playing the French horn has certainly helped Brian learn the essence of really good breathing to the point where plays a few notes on the French horn before bursting into song and he even stands out in the chorus as having the most vocal presence. He has played the French horn ever since he was a three-year-old and he is yet another wonderful musical prodigy. Every holiday Beau and Brian would play on their respective instruments to entertain their family members and their friends, thus bringing an amiable, loving, and warm atmosphere throughout the halls of Team Xtreme Headquarters. Brian is passionate about opera, chamber music, Lieder, Shakespearean theater, Broadway musicals, Enka, J-Pop. K-Pop, audio dramas, world literature, anime, jazz, and rhythm and blues. For someone who is currently seven years old, Brian is completely immersed into the works of Gaetano Donizetti, Giacomo Meyerbeer, Carl Maria von Weber, Johann Sebastian Bach, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Gioacchino Rossini, Giuseppe Verdi, Richard Wagner, William Shakespeare, Friedrich Schiller, John Keats, and John Milton. Moreover, Brian can speak French, Spanish, German, Italian, Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Czech, Hungarian, and Russian. Outside of music, theater, and literature, Brian is even into history, biology, physics, mathematics, and soccer. Brian aspires to be a classically-trained singer who specializes in the Italian, French, and German repertoires while also singing chamber music and jazz while supporting LGBTQ causes.   Brian’s special power is his glacial shockwave, in which he unleashes a huge wave of ice-encased energy with his hands. Plus, he can even spot pressure points on his opponent’s body in order to ensure incapacitation.   So, there you have it, ladies and gentlemen, we not only got to know Brian, but we also have the complete Boomer x Blossom or Blossoomer clan.   Boomer and Blossom from The Powerpuff Girls belong to Craig McCracken and Cartoon Network.   Bloom, Brittney, and Becky belong to KatyGorl.   Beau, Brian, and Bella belong to Misse-the-cat.

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Beauregard Alain Green: Magnificent Musical Marvel drawn by me

This Blossoomer fan-child picture, which is part of KatyGorl’s Blossoomer Next-Gen Month, is dedicated to DemigieMaxine who celebrated her birthday yesterday and Juacamo who is celebrating his birthday today. So, I wish you guys a lot of love, joy, happiness, strength, beauty, enthusiasm, triumph, and abundance in your lives as artists and as people. This is also dedicated to all of the Blossoomer shippers out there. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy as we get acquainted with the 17-year-old Beauregard Alain “Beau” Green.   Townsville, U.S.A., 2028. Beauregard aka Beau has grown from being a lovable, adorable, lovely young boy into a sensitive, idealistic, popular, charming, well-traveled, brilliant, handsome young gentleman who is on the verge of international stardom.   Beau is a twelfth-grade student, much like Bloom and Brittney, and he has his eyes set on The Curtis Institute in Philadelphia, The Julliard School in New York, Pepperdine University, The Tisch School of the Arts, Harvard University, the University of the District of Columbia, University of Notre Dame, Bournemouth University, Royal Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, Trinity College, University of South Wales, and the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, as they can offer a Bachelor’s program in Music, Musicology, Classical Piano, Opera, Chamber Singing, and Contemporary Music. He even has his eye on singing at the Metropolitan Opera House, the Royal Opera House, La Scala, Teatro la Fenice, Deutsche Oper Berlin, Staatsoper Unter den Linden, and Wiener Staatsoper, and not just performing as a pianist at the Royal Albert Hall or Carnegie Hall.   Beau is quite the musical genius, as he has been playing the piano ever since he was three years old. As he grew, he started to play more classical pieces from composers like Mozart, Pergolesi, Gounod, Bach, Barber, Dvorak, and even Czerny, Liszt, Schubert, Schumann, and Brahms among many other composers. At age seven, he played Schubert’s Ave Maria at an elementary school assembly. This got to the point where his second-grade teacher told Boomer and Blossom that Beau is literally Julliard material.   As good as Beau is at playing the piano, there was one thing he wanted to do more than anything in the world and that was singing. Thanks to his mother exposing him to opera at infancy, the then 8-year-old Beau wanted to sing, thus he started out as a member of the Townsville Opera Children’s Chorus in productions of Carmen, Tosca, La Bohéme, Turandot, and Der Rosenkavalier.   At age 13, Beau went through puberty and bade farewell to the Townsville Children’s Chorus. However, he ended up having voice lessons with the famous Italian-American tenor Giorgio Gregorio Zampieri. Signore Zampieri recognized that Beau had perfect pitch, a clean and clear tone, a well-supported diaphragm, rather experienced in terms of his choir singing years, and on the verge of becoming an Italianate lyric tenor. Beau began with chamber music specifically with César Franck’s Panis Angelicus, which was to be his signature song. Then at age 15, Beau found himself singing Italian, French, and German art songs and opera arias. It all came to a head when he got himself into the Maria Callas Bel Canto Competition for Young Classical Singers singing “Ah Leve-Toi Soleil” from Gounod’s Roméo et Juliette, “La Donna é Mobile” from Verdi’s Rigoletto, “Frisch zum Kampfe” from Mozart’s Die Entführung aus dem Serail, and finally César Franck’s Panis Angelicus all at the age of seventeen years old. For that, he ended up being one of the recipients of the Maria Callas Award for Young Classical Singers.   Beau combines his love for piano and classical singing so effectively that he does not need an accompanist to help him. He is essentially his own accompanist on several occasions. Moreover, thanks to his experience in singing art songs in different languages, he is even fluent in French, Italian, German, Spanish, Catalán, Russian, Czech, Hungarian, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean among many other languages to the point where he wants to travel to France, Italy, Spain, Czechia, Germany, Japan, Hong Kong and the other European and Asian countries in general. Outside of classical singing, Beau even loves to perform songs and musical numbers like “Feelin’ Good”, “My Baby Just Cares for Me”, “Bring Him Home” from Les Miserables, and “Singing in the Rain” from Singing in the Rain. On top of that, he even enjoys singing duets with his brother Brian who is also a tenor, as they both specialize in Italian bel canto.   Outside of his musical endeavors, he is also a star student at Townsville High where he is an ace in English, French, Spanish, German, Music, Theater, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Art, and Creative Writing. He even has averages ranging from 98 to even 99%. He is even a member of the Drama, Glee, Photography, and French clubs to the point where shows are given in special occasions and he is usually chosen to play the piano and sing much to the delight of the teachers and the students. His musical charisma has been catching the attention of a lot of girls, boys, and even teachers. So much so, that Beau has become one of the most popular and well-loved young gentlemen at school.   Beau enjoys the company of his friends Margaret and Melanie Spicer, Jack Spicer’s and Princess Morbucks-Spicer’s 14-year-old twin daughters, Ken, Rei, and Mai, Toshi’s and Soyen’s 17-year-old son, 16-year-old son, and 15-year-old daughter, as they love to go to the cinema, the amusement park, and even concert halls. Beau keeps himself fit by doing yoga, calisthenics, circuit training, weightlifting, kickboxing, and boxing. In order to ensure balance in his system and heighten his concentration especially in piano-playing, Beau always loves to meditate.   Even though the girls are completely attracted to him, Beau is more attracted to guys, as he has a steady relationship with Igor McPherson and mainly looks at his twin brother Gabor as a really good friend. Igor even states that he…

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Brittney Jane Green: The Badass Warrior Bard drawn by me

This Blossoomer fan-child picture, which is part of my little sister from another mother Katy’s aka KatyGorl’s Blossoomer Next-Gen Month, is dedicated to Jenna aka lilreddragon11 who celebrated her birthday three days ago and NotUrAvgType, Busterella, and Mordegon’s Belladonna aka ShiEksdee who celebrated their birthdays two days ago. So, I hope you guys had magnificent, phenomenal, awesome, uplifting, euphoric, fantastic, and fabulous birthday celebrations. I wish you a lot of love, joy, happiness, strength, and beauty in your lives as artists and as people. This is also dedicated to all of the Blossoomer shippers out there. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy, as we get to know the 17-year-old Brittney Jane “BJ” Green the second sextuplet daughter of Boomer Green and Blossom Utonium-Green.   It is 2028. Brittney Jane aka BJ has grown from being a bright, precocious, tomboyish little girl of seven years old to an articulate, ambitious, idealistic, and adventurous young woman of seventeen who is so ready and willing to put her wonderfully creative and open mind to great use.   BJ is a twelfth-grade student, as she skipped a grade alongside Bloom and Beau, at Townsville High and is aiming for a spot in Townsville University, Harvard, Pepperdine University, The Tisch School of the Arts, Julliard, The University of Bournemouth, Guildhall School of Music and Drama, Regent’s University, Trinity College, Hunter College, Freie Universität Berlin, Humboldt Universität Berlin, Technische Universität Berlin, the Met Film School Berlin and many other universities which offer a Bachelor’s Degree in Film, Creative Writing, Media Communications, Literature, and Theater. Based on these choices, BJ would love more than anything to amp up her screenwriting and literary expertise, so that she can work with the world’s most renowned filmmakers, actors, musicians, and academics.   BJ is definitely that type of person who lives her passion every single day. She is a poetess, an authoress, and a playwright, as one can see on an existential drama script she has been working on. One might even ask, where she gets all of this inspiration from. Well, as one can see, BJ is quite the heavy reader and language learner, hence her extensive collection of novels, language books, and encyclopedias. All of the influences she gained certainly helped her, as there was a mystery writing contest held in her school and she won the “Writer of the Year” award for her work “The Disappearance of Claudia Faye Denning”, a bone-chilling piece of work which tells the tale of two boys and two girls searching for their long lost friend and a secret that will be unraveled thanks to them. Moreover, one can tell that her passion for languages make her such a polyglot to the point where she would love to spend a gap year in any country outside the United States of America, most ideally starting off with France then Spain then Germany then the Netherlands then Wales and finally China, a place where her father, her mother, her uncles, and her aunties spent their academic year abroad as eleventh-graders.   In terms of her academics, BJ is exceptional in the subjects of English, Theater, History, Music, French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Chinese, Biology, Computer Skills, and Creative Writing. She has final averages that are between 97.99 to 99%, thus making her a quarterly recipient of the Alfred Nobel Academic Award, an A+ student, and constantly competing with her sister Bloom as to see who is the best student in the class. Outside of her academics, BJ is the lyricist, backup vocalist, and lead guitarist of the band “Night Sovereigns” with Bloom, Bea, and Brea as the lead singers, Brad on the drums, Brandon on the keyboards, Betty on the triangle, Bailee on the backup vocals, and Brett on the electric bass. Their style of music is essentially a cross between Celtic music and heavy metal, which is always a welcome treat for their school. A lot of students and teachers say that BJ’s lyrics especially when they are sung by Bloom, Bea, and Brea are haunting, melancholic, romantic, and capable of touching a raw nerve whenever one listens to the melodies and the words. Ergo, her writing skills can make anyone green with envy, as BJ knows how to reach someone with the usage of her words.   When BJ is not cooped up in her quarters coming up with new plot ideas for plays, literary works, and songs in development, she loves to hang out with her friends Simone, Patrice, and Monique Uno, who are Abigail Lincoln-Uno’s and Nigel Uno’s eighteen-year-old triplet daughters, and Igor and Gabor McPherson, who are Dexter McPherson’s and Olga “Lalavava” Astronomonov-McPherson’s eighteen-year-old twin sons, in a café and talk about deep, philosophical topics. BJ also loves to keep herself fit by doing yoga, battojutsu, and kickboxing every weekend. Additionally, she also loves to listen to heavy metal music, rock and roll, and death metal music whenever she feels the need for an adrenaline rush or for inspiration to surge through her mind, body, and soul.   Due to BJ’s busy schedule as a writer, she does not have a lot of time to be in relationships nor does she consider being in one. She does have a strong interest in boys, but she is just too invested in her writing material to ever consider being in a serious relationship with someone. Perhaps that time will come when that Mr. Right has something in common with her.   BJ’s battojutsu training and skills certainly pay off whenever she is in the heat of battle, as she can create one katana that is made of raw energy akin to Boomer’s baseball bat and another katana that is made of ice. She can use these weapons to slice through any foe and even any hard object with ease. That is not to say that she cannot use her fists. In fact, BJ’s lightning punches are proven to incapacitate her enemies in a flash. She even continues to have her snow-encased raw…

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Bloom Amanda Green: Tactician and Innovator drawn by me

This Blossoomer fan-child picture, which is part of my little sister from another mother Katy’s aka KatyGorl’s Blossoomer Next-Gen Month, is dedicated to Josh aka TheTrainMrMenPonyFan and Trashlord aka Kandyrezi who celebrated their birthdays a few days ago, Jesse J. Barboza aka jbwarner86, divadonna224, and Naura S. aka NauraImagination who celebrated their birthdays yesterday. So, I hope you guys had amazing, blessed, beautiful, happy, grand, uplifting, energetic, elegant, and astounding birthdays. I wish you a lot of love, joy, strength, triumph, and abundance in all of your lives as artists. This is also dedicated to all of the Blossoomer shippers. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy, as we get to know the 17-year-old Bloom Amanda Green the first-born sextuplet daughter of Boomer Green and Blossom Utonium-Green. We find ourselves in 2028, which is ten years from now into the future. Bloom has matured from an idealistic, wide-eyed little girl of seven years old to a creative, brilliant, ambitious, highly intelligent, exceptionally well-rounded teenage girl who is very much the catalyst of changing the world around her. Bloom is a twelfth-grade student at Townsville High seeing that she, Brittney Jane or BJ, and Beau skipped a grade in the first grade and went straight to the second grade when they were little girls because the teachers felt like they were extremely ready to take on the bigger challenges. She has her eye on Townsville University, Harvard, Pepperdine University, Loyola University Chicago, and even Oxford University, Cambridge University, University of Toronto, The University of British Columbia, and Humboldt University in Berlin, Germany, especially when it comes to studying Media and Design and Biochemistry. She would even love to spend semesters abroad and contribute her scientific expertise to the world’s greater good. As one can see, Bloom has developed a natural synthetic that can give roses and other types of flowers a different color and not just the typical red, pink, white and/or yellow without harming them whatsoever. Ergo, her passion for the environment shows no limits to the point where she uses plant-based fibers to make and design her own clothes, thus having a desire to open her own plant-based fashion chain. In terms of her academics, she shows consistency, focus, determination, and savviness in every subject she does. Therefore, she has always been the winner of the Alfred Nobel Academic Award for each quarter, as she has averages ranging from 98,67 to 99,90% making her a straight A+ student at Townsville High. Furthermore, Bloom is the student council vice president and participates in the Chess, French, Spanish, Japanese, German, Physics, Math, English Literature, Fashion Design, Chemistry, Biology, and Geography clubs. Some students aspire to be like her, boys want to date her, while others especially the girls are rather jealous of her. Beneath this perfect shell, lies a girl who is caring, sympathetic, fun-loving, open, and good-humored, as she has a great number of friends including Cassiopeia and Andromeda Astronomonov, Mandark’s and DeeDee’s eighteen-year-old daughters, and Ross and Peter Mordecai, Douglas and Vicky’s eighteen-year-old sons. Sometimes, Bloom can goof off whenever she gets overworked or when she is struggling to come up with a groundbreaking idea, but that is just her way of dealing with the craziness of being a teenage girl. Bloom has no prospects of being in a relationship, even though she has had crushes on both girls and boys but leaning more towards girls. She knows that the time will come when that special person will come into her life and they would end up clicking. When it comes to fighting crime, Bloom always uses analysis and tact in order to take her enemies down from the inside. Her special of embedding objects made of raw energy in ice certainly makes her a most formidable opponent, thus giving her enemies a good old-fashioned butt-whooping. So, I hope you all enjoyed this look into the life of the seventeen-year-old Bloom, Boomer and Blossom’s first sextuplet daughter. See you in the next submission. The Powerpuff Girls belong to Craig McCracken and Cartoon Network. Bloom belongs to KatyGorl.

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The Return of the Blossoomer Family drawn by me

This piece of Blossoomer fanart, which is part of my art trade with my dearest friend and fellow DeviantArtist Kaitlyn aka KatyGorl, is dedicated to zainab aka zaameen who celebrated her birthday three days ago, Janna aka Lucy101 who celebrated her birthday two days ago, and Joseph aka Ichik11 and Neru Kim aka ShugoandRiegel who celebrated their birthdays yesterday. So, Zainab, Janna, Joseph, Neru, I wish you a lot of love, happiness, joy, and abundance in your lives as artists and as people. Wie wir auf deutsch sagen, ich wünsche euch allen viel Liebe, Glück, Freude und Reichtum in euren Leben als Künstler und als Menschen. Como se dice en español, os deseo mucho amor, felicidad, alegría y abundancia en vuestras vidas como artistas y como personas. This is also dedicated to all of the wonderful Blossoomer shippers out there. So, enjoy and soak up that Blossoomer awesomeness, sweetness, and goodness. Boomer, Blossom and their dearest daughter have obviously struck again. This time, they have brought more wonderful members to this sweet family namely Brittney, Beau, Becky, and Bella. Since we got to know how Bloom came to be, let us get acquainted with the other four members of the Blossoomer quintuplets, who are all at the tender age of seven years old. Right after Bloom was born, her siblings Brittney, Beau, Becky, and Bella followed. Much like their sister Bloom Amanda Green, Brittney Jane “BJ” Green, Beauregard Alain “Beau” Green, Becca Danielle “Becky” Green, and Bella Donna “Belladonna” Green were born on July 25, 2011. It was said that while Bloom was placid yet jolly, BJ was more rambunctious, Beau was calm, Becky was energetic and hyperactive, and Belladonna was quiet and sweet when they emerged from Blossom’s womb. During Team Xtreme’s college years, Bloom, BJ, Beau, Becky, and Belladonna, Boomer’s and Blossom’s quintuplets, alongside their cousins Brandon, Buddy, Brea, and Betty, who are Butch’s and Bubbles’ quadruplets, Beatrice “Bea”, Bailey Christina “BC Jr.”, and Bradford “Brad, who are Brick’s and Buttercup’s triplets, would live and be raised by their grandparents Mr. Green, Mrs. Bellum-Green, Professor Utonium, and Mrs. Keane-Utonium every weekday. After school and every weekend, Brick, Butch, Boomer, Blossom, Buttercup, and Bubbles would come over to be the parents they ought to be, thus spending lots of quality time with them and seeing them grow in love, health, and excellence. Brittney Jane or BJ is a daddy’s girl in every single way. Even though her birth name is Brittney and her second name is Jane, she always loves it when her father calls her BJ and her mother does appreciate it when she calls her by her nickname, except on some occasions when BJ is in trouble does Blossom use her full name of Brittney Jane Green. Personality-wise, BJ takes after Blossom’s intelligence, articulacy, and diplomacy as well as Boomer’s occasionally rough-and-tumble yet sympathetic nature and she is a bit more of a tomboy as opposed to the more ladylike Bloom. However, there are times that BJ can be rather bossy and be a bit of a know-it-all, which can easily cause a lot of conflicts with Bloom, thus making these two strong-minded sisters butt heads on more than one occasion. In spite of all that, they can have their moments where they can mellow out and be occasionally spaced-out whenever they do not fight crime. BJ shows a strong interest mainly in heavy metal music, but she also loves jazz, rhythm and blues, and soul. Moreover, much like Bloom, she is a fan of literature, as she loves reading J.K. Rowling’s “Harry Potter”, C.S. Lewis’s “The Chronicles of Narnia”, J.R.R. Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings”, and Louisa May Alcott’s “Little Women”. BJ aspires to be a singer-songwriter much like how her father was a singer in his high school years and she wants to combine the elements of heavy metal and soul to make it be one interesting blend for people to hear. Moreover, she would also love to be a poetess and an author of science fiction novels when she grows up. BJ’s signature power is her electric snowball, in which she forms a ball made of raw energy and makes it encased in snow, thus giving opponents an initial freezing sensation and followed by a powerful electrocution they will never forget. Aside from that, she is very cognizant in terms of how her enemies will attack meaning she can spot their every strength and weakness, thus taking advantage of these particular traits. Moreover, she and Bloom have a special combo attack they do together which is called the Freezing Electric Baseball Bats of Doom. Both Bloom and BJ would form an ice-encased electric baseball bat akin to the one made by Boomer and they would point their bats to their opponents, thus having an icy shockwave be emitted freezing them and eventually giving them be immobilized by the electric shocks. In terms of languages, she can speak French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and German. Beau is very much a mama’s boy, though he is close to his father too. His poise, sense of class, willingness to lead by example, sense of empathy, and strict moral code all make him seem like he is akin to Blossom if she were a little boy of seven years old, thus making him the split image of his mother. His moments of spacing out are few and far between. However, one should be careful with Beau. While he is sympathetic, kind, and a gentleman in any and every single way, he can get furious if one were to be so brazen to hurt his sisters, his mother, his father, his uncles, and his aunties. He loves playing the piano, as he is also passionate about composers like Bach, Czerny, Dvorak, Debussy, Britten, Vivaldi, Beethoven, Mozart, Brahms, Schumann, and Schubert. He is currently learning Schubert’s Ave Maria and it is one of his most favorite pieces. Aside from classical music, Beau also loves jazz, Broadway musicals, J-Pop, Enka, and…

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Boomer’s Muscle Puns for Blossom drawn by me

This piece of Blossoomer fanart, which is my late submission for KatyGorl’s Color-Clash Contest, is dedicated to Kitty aka crazydemonkitty who celebrated her birthday five days ago, Alexander Tansley aka DrCrafty and Viviane aka belafantasy who celebrated their birthdays four days ago, Paola Enriquez aka Gumi-CoffeeCat who celebrated her birthday three days ago, and Lea Virtudazo aka Da-AWESOME-girl who celebrated her birthday yesterday. So, Kitty, Alexander, Viviane, Paola, Lea, I wish you a lot of love, joy, happiness, beauty, grace, greatness, and abundance in your lives as artists and people. Como se dice en español, os deseo mucho amor, alegría, felicidad, belleza, gracia, grandeza y abundancia en vuestras vidas como artistas y personas. I would also love to dedicate this to all of the awesome Blossoomer shippers out there. So, I hope you all enjoy this, as you soak up that Blossoomer sweetness and goodness.   Here we have Boomer being the handsome, dashing, sympathetic muscle hunk that he is to his darling sweetheart, Blossom. One can certainly rely on him to keep his red-haired goddess of intelligence and beauty safe from anyone and even comfort her in times of strife. Blossom really loves how loving, strong, fine, and just plain awesome he is as a gentleman.   I hope you all enjoyed this and I will see you in the next submission.   Boomer and Blossom from The Powerpuff Girls belong to Craig McCracken and Cartoon Network.

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Team Xtreme: Townsville’s Finest Superheroes drawn by me

This piece of RRB/PPG fanart is dedicated to Carrie aka Carriedreamer who celebrated her birthday a week ago and whose fanfic “As Time Goes By” is so worth reading and is freaking awesome, Miss-Beastly and RyanSilberman who celebrated their birthdays yesterday, and alin aka abby-sanban and alexus aka GalaticX-Studios18 who are celebrating their birthdays today. So, Carrie, Miss-Beastly, Ryan, Alin, Alexus, I wish you a lot of love, joy, happiness, beauty, strength, and abundance in your lives as artists and as people. Como se dice en español, os deseo mucho amor, alegría, felicidad, belleza, fuerza y abundancia en vuestras vidas como artistas y personas. I would also love to dedicate this to everyone who loves teaming up the Rowdyruff Boys and the Powerpuff Girls into one awesome superhero team. I hope you all enjoy this. Move over, Justice League. Step aside, Teen Titans. Take a hike, Avengers. Because Townsville’s bravest, finest, and most awesome superheroes are in the house. Ever since they were children they have been bringing security, honor, and strength to not only Townsville, thus becoming one of America’s finest superhero teams of all time akin to the Justice League and the Teen Titans, but also the world. Is there anything else one needs to say about this six-person superhero team? It is rather self-explanatory but let us who they are. From left to right, and from eldest to youngest, we have Brick, Butch, Boomer, Blossom, Buttercup, and Bubbles. 26-year-old Brick “The Bludgeoner” Green is the eldest member of Team Xtreme, as well as the leader, thus functioning as the Team Dad. It also helps that he is the eldest son of Mr. Green and Mrs. Bellum-Green, as he and his brothers were taken to be adopted by them, more specifically Mrs. Bellum-Green, and, therefore, make both HIM and Mojo Jojo lose custody of the Rowdyruff Boys. His combination of strength, street-smarts, and book smarts certainly make him a fearless leader. He is commanding and tough towards his foes and loving, loyal, and willing to sacrifice his life for the sake of his teammates. He can be impulsive whenever things go awry and there are times his confidence can tread towards hubris, but he still means well to them and they, in turn, help him in whatever circumstance he is going through. His special power is pyrokinesis and many of his main attacks are fire-based. His hobbies and interests include martial arts, mechanics, weightlifting, basketball, soccer, physics, wrestling, automobiles, specializing in different forms of cuisine, and history. He is happily married to Buttercup and they have ten children named Bea, Blaze, Brent, Brooke, Brianna, Bane, Bethany, Brina, Bona, and Brett. 26-year-old Butch “The Baron of Berserk” Green is the second eldest member of Team Xtreme and is the muscle of the group. Whenever there is a heavy duty task that needs to be done, he accomplishes it in flying colors. While Brick acts as the main big brother of the group, Butch functions as the second big brother, thus making them close not only as brothers, but also as comrades seeing that they are also two days apart. He is always battle-ready, as he uses a combination of brute strength, pure brawn, and raw animal instinct to help him carry through. His teammates always rely on him and Buttercup to kick criminal butt and protect them from all forms of harm. He is extremely aggressive towards his enemies to the point of overdoing his attacks, mostly to dish out what harm they would cause to his teammates. However, with his teammates he can be surprisingly sympathetic especially to Blossom and Bubbles, fun-loving yet extremely competitive to Buttercup, loyal to Brick, and competitive to Boomer all while maintaining his savage side. Aside from creating forcefields, which have become extremely applicable whenever it comes to protecting his teammates from energy-related attacks, he bears the main element of wind, as his deadly Tornado Punch comes in handy when beating up criminals. Butch’s hobbies and interests include weightlifting, bodybuilding, wrestling, martial arts, American football, basketball, soccer, mechanics, physics, monster trucks, riding his motorcycle, and automobiles in general. He is happily married to Blossom with eight children named Azalea, Brendan, Blake, Bradley, Belle, Brenda, Belinda, and Abigail. He even has three children with Bubbles, his life partner, named Brandon, Brea, and Betty. 26-year-old Boomer “The Fleet Athlete” Green is the optimistic athlete of this superhero group. Being a superbly holy matrimony of brute strength, massive endurance, and lightning speed, he is really reliable not only in battle but in many everyday situations. Personality-wise he is an optimist, the occasional funny man, and he is pretty much the sympathetic dumb muscle of the group. Through moments of joy and sorrow, he is always there to comfort his teammates and give them abundant moral support. He is the type of guy whose heart is always in the right place, thus having he and Bubbles gelling the group in its entirety with flying colors. He has a competitive yet tight relationship with Brick and Butch, as evidenced with all of the wrestling, martial arts, weightlifting, and occasional bodybuilding these three brothers do. A lot of his powers are clearly linked to lightning and raw energy, as his special power is creating objects out of raw energy like a baseball bat, shuriken, and a lasso. Boomer’s hobbies and interests include music, American football, hockey, soccer, filmmaking, anime, video games, martial arts, weightlifting, swimming, languages, sculpting, and theater. He is happily married to Bubbles with eight children named Bailey, Barley, Ben, Brittany, Bonnie, Birdie, Belina, and Bali. Boomer even has five children from his life partner Blossom named Bloom, Brittney, Beau, Becky, and Bella. 25-year-old Blossom “The Commander and the Leader” Utonium-Green is the brains, tactician, and Team Mom of Team Xtreme. What makes Blossom lethal in the battlefield is her accuracy, especially when it comes to acknowledging her opponents strong and weak points. She even uses her smarts when solving various problems, as well as her profession…

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A Savanna Battle Between Two Alpha Male Brothers drawn by me

(The sun shines on the African Savanna.)   Narrator: The wilderness of the Savanna! It’s high noon.   (Cut to a lake in the jungle.)   Narrator: A secluded lake in the jungle, where we get to see the gorgeous lioness woman Blossom taking a dip and enjoying herself. But, what’s this? A handsome suitor approaches. Why, yes. It’s one of the Alpha Male lion men Butch, who is so well-known for his prodigious strength, and he is rather smitten with her.   (Butch peers from the bushes, stretches his body, and dives in the lake to join Blossom.)   (Blossom continues to swim, as she is being followed by Butch, who is swimming behind her. He creeps up to her and puts his hands on Blossom’s eyes.)   Butch: Guess who, my queen?   Blossom: Hmmm…A rough-toned voice and really strong hands from all of the wrestling, boxing, and general bare-handed fighting you are well-known for. Could it be Butch?   (Butch releases his hands and Blossom turns to his direction.)   Butch: That’s right!   Blossom (rather surprised): What are you doing here?   Butch (slyly): I just wanted to join my most favorite lioness queen for a swim.   (Butch gives Blossom a kiss on the cheek.)   Blossom: You are quite the stubborn one, but I can appreciate the kind gesture. As you know, I’m waiting for someone.   Butch: Oh, and who could that be? Could it be someone who could outmatch my superb masculinity?   (Butch flexes his muscles for Blossom.)   Blossom: Oh, Butch. (chuckles) Don’t flatter yourself too much.   A voice from the distance: Hi, Blossom!   (Cut to that distant voice who reveals himself to be Boomer standing on top of the ledge and waving to Blossom.)   Narrator: Well, what do you know? Another strong and handsome suitor in the form of Boomer who is well-known for his peerless athleticism. A wonderful marriage of raw, animal strength and lightning speed. Let’s see what he does.   (Boomer readies himself as if he were in a race. He sprints, he jumps from the ledge, does a backflip, and gracefully lands on the water.)   (Butch and Blossom search for Boomer. Boomer arises from the water to surprise Blossom and he kisses her. Laughter is in the air between Boomer and Blossom.)   Blossom: Boomer, it’s really nice to see you.   Boomer: It’s nice to see you too, my queen.   (Boomer takes notice of Butch.)   Boomer: Oh. Hi, bro.   Butch: Hey. Weren’t you supposed to be with Bubbles?   Boomer: Bubbles is hunting with Brick and Buttercup. I thought it would be nice to hang out with Blossom, but I guess you turned up.   Butch: Well, I saw her first. I take it you wanna race me.   Boomer: A friendly competition between us brothers never hurts.   Blossom: Oh, you guys.   Butch: We’re just doing it for you, Bloss.   Boomer: Yeah.   Blossom: Well, if you insist. On your mark, get set, go!   (Butch and Boomer speedily swim from the lake to the grassy shore. They end up getting there at the same time, thus making this a tie. Blossom follows suit, but her speed is a little bit more gradual.)   Butch and Boomer (to each other): What are you doing here?   Boomer: I got here first, Butch!   Butch: Oh, yeah, well I’m clearly the winner, bro!   Blossom (as she steps in between Butch and Boomer): Actually, it ended up being a tie. Wouldn’t it be nice for you two to just stop arguing over me? Unless you want to settle this like the Alpha Males you are.   Butch (flexes his biceps): GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!   Boomer (flexes his biceps): GRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!   (As Butch and Boomer flex their bulging biceps, Blossom is still between both of them. She touches their muscles, as she is rather enticed by how both Butch and Boomer maintain such godly physiques. The following rapport between these two Alpha Males ensue.)   Butch: You think you’re a lot stronger than me, Dumb-Bee?   Boomer: I know I’m a lot stronger than you, Butcher! And don’t call me Dumb-Bee!   Butch: My muscles are gonna crush you so bad you won’t feel your body anymore!   Boomer: Well, my muscles are gonna crush you that you will feel like a boulder has destroyed you!   (Blossom steps back, as Butch’s and Boomer’s pecs touch each other and they continue to growl and flex their bulging biceps like the Alpha Male lions that they are.)   Butch: All right, Boomer, we’re going to settle this like real Alpha Males. The winner takes Blossom as his mate.   Boomer: Fine by me, Butch. Just as long as I get to beat you!   Butch: No way, bro, I’m gonna beat you!   Butch and Boomer: GRRRRRRRROOOOOAAAAARRRR!!!!!!   Narrator: Whoa! The tension between these two Alpha Male brothers is thick! It’s impossible to cut it!   (Fade to black. Cut to the Savanna desert.)   Narrator: The Savanna. A challenge between two powerful brothers ensues for the love of one beautiful woman.   (Blossom stands in the center, as Butch and Boomer walk towards each other with fierce, determined looks in their eyes. They approach other in the center.)   Blossom: Just remember to not kill each other all right.   Boomer: No problem, Bloss.   Butch: This is just a friendly competition between us brothers.   Blossom (a bit befuddled): Whatever you say.   (Butch and Boomer circle each other. They then stop their circling. Butch and Boomer raise their arms, as they take observation of their well-built bodies. As they raise their arms, they flex their biceps.)   Butch and Boomer: ROOOOAAAAAR!!!!   (After flexing, they approach each other and Butch makes the first move. He attempts to land a hook on Boomer but he misses. Boomer ducks and makes a spinning kick to Butch’s ankle and…

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