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This submission as part of BrickercupMasterX3’s Brickubbles month is dedicated to a few people I have sadly lost in my life growing up: my maternal grandma, Lydia Aznar-Alfonso, who passed away eight years ago from intestinal cancer, my chemistry teacher in third-year high school, Mr. Nicolas Apelinga, who passed away about three weeks ago, and one of my paternal uncles, Francis Duran, who as stated by my mom passed away today. I would also love to dedicate this piece of RRB/PPG fan art to a fellow filmmaker who I had the pleasure of working with, Steffen Kaminski whose father passed away. May you all rest in peace, you will all be in my prayers and may the Heavenly Father keep you all in His realm.   This is going to be the final Brickubbles Flashback, chronicling Brick’s and Bubbles’ major highlight in college. Technically, this is my second-to-the-last Brickubbles submission, as I have one more coming up. Furthermore, this flashback takes place in June 2014, where Brick, Butch, and Boomer were twenty-two years old, Blossom and Buttercup were twenty-one years old, and Bubbles was twenty years old. This was also the month where Buttercup gave birth to Blaze, hers and Brick’s first son, thus making Brick and Buttercup married while entering their fourth year of college. Moreover, since Boomer and Bubbles were the first to marry while still in college, they had their first three children, twins Bailey and Barley who were two years old and Brittany who was a year old. Butch and Blossom were engaged, as she stated to him that she would rather marry when they graduate college to which he gladly agreed. Enjoy this final flashback to the past. Brickubbles is kept as a loving platonic relationship, while the real couples in this flashback are Brickercup, Blossutch, and Boomubbles. There’s also a bit of Bunnitch here.   Birth. Childhood. Adolescence. Adulthood. Middle Age. Old Age. Death. This is the life cycle of an average human being and is basically what we all go through in life. Everything influences us to be the people that we are from our environment to our family to our friends to our teachers to society as a whole. There will be good days and there will be bad days, depending on what one makes of it. Speaking of which, picture yourself as this young will-to-be parent. The thought of it is rather intimidating considering the responsibilities of being one, but with enough moral support and unconditional love one can definitely raise one’s child to be the best he or she can be. Submitted for the approval of The Brickubbles Flashbacks, I call this story Life’s and Love’s Gift. Brick, Bubbles, please take the floor.   Brick and Bubbles: Thanks, Antoni.   Bubbles: And our many condolences to those wonderful people you mentioned.   Brick: Yeah, man, I hope you’ll be okay.   Me: I will. Let’s dedicate this show to them.   (Team Xtreme Headquarters. Blaze, Brent, and Brooke enter racing in the living room with Buttercup. Bailey and Barley are playing a card game akin to Yu-Gi-Oh. And Boomer enters playfully chasing Brittany and Birdie. They land on the huge couch where Brick and Bubbles were sitting.)   Brick: Well, hello darling, and my little scamps.   (Brick gives Buttercup a kiss and ruffles Blaze’s, Brent’s and Brooke’s hair.)   Bailey: Ha! I got Flaminius. He’s gonna roast you alive. There’s no way you can beat me.   Barley: Well, bro. I got Dasher! He’s gonna shock you down.   (Bailey and Barley realize the attack level both cards have.)   Bailey and Barley: Aww…dangit. Another tie.   (Boomer approaches Bailey and Barley.)   Boomer: I see you enjoyed your game. Now, how about we hop on the couch with your sisters, cousins, mom, your uncle, and auntie?   Bailey and Barley: Okay, dad!   (Bailey and Barley sit beside Boomer, as he has Birdie on his lap. Bubbles has Brittany sitting beside her. Buttercup has Brooke on her lap and Brick has Brent on his lap with Blaze sitting beside him.)   Brent: Dad, I wanna be like you, mom, Uncle Boomer, and Auntie Bubbles when I grow up!   Brittany: Yeah, we get to do all sorts of adventures.   Blaze: Fight bad guys.   Brooke: Fly around the city!   Barley: Help out people in need.   Bailey: Stop fires from happening!   Birdie: And do all that stuff before we go to bed!   (Brick, Boomer, Buttercup, and Bubbles chuckle.)   Brick: We know you guys will be great heroes.   Boomer: There will be a lot of hard work to be done.   Buttercup: But if you’re tough and brave enough, we’re all sure you can make it.   Bailey: Speaking of making it, when are Uncle Butch, Auntie Blossom, Brendan, Blake, and Belle coming back from grocery shopping?   Bubbles: Well, they should be back in an hour. It looks like they’re getting as much good food as they can.   Boomer: Sometimes I still can’t believe how much all of you kids have grown. Bailey, Barley, you’re growing taller and stronger every time I see you. And Brittany, you’re getting a lot smarter than I thought.   Bubbles: And Birdie, let’s not forget about how fast you continue to run.   Bailey, Barley, Brittany, and Birdie: Aw, mom, dad, thanks.   Buttercup: Speaking of growing, Brooke your speech is getting clearer every time. That’s great.   Brick: And Blaze, your mom has seen how tougher you continue to grow. Brent, you’re even fast enough to give your Uncle Boomer and Auntie Bubbles a good race.   Blaze: Thanks, Dad, we’re really happy to have you as our parents.   Brick: Bubs, I can’t even believe how fast we became parents. Even during college.   Bubbles: Yeah, I can’t believe it too. It was clear that Boomie and I were meant for each other. So, getting married while being in college was crazy, but…

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