The Hunky, Muscular Combat Sports Gods drawn by me

Ichiro and Kintaro: Greetings, ladies, and gentlemen. Ichiro: I am your lord of uppercuts, hooks, and jabs, Ichiro Miyata. Kintaro: And I am your lord of suplexes, judo flips, and gut punches, Kintaro Touyama. (Ichiro flexes his pectoral muscles and Kintaro flexes his biceps.) Ichiro: We know you cannot resist this. Kintaro: If you want us so badly come and get it. Rose and Solty: Ehem. Sweethearts, we just heard that. Ichiro and Kintaro: Oh. (whisper to the viewers) Just don’t tell our wives that. But until then, have a great day. This piece of Ichiro Miyata and Kintaro Touyama fan art is dedicated to Cecilia aka Neyuni who celebrated her birthday barely a month ago. Entonces, Cecilia, espero que hayas tenido un cumpleaños maravilloso y te deseo mucho amor, felicidad y prosperidad en tu vida como artista y persona. This is also dedicated to the people who ship Ichiro Miyata and Kintaro Touyama as an awesome BroTP. Here we have 35-year-old Ichiro Miyata and 34-year-old Kintaro Touyama being the absolutely dashing, handsome, jacked gentlemen combatants that they are and being as quite the charmers. I personally ship these two as a BroTP because of how their different personalities can be played off of each other with having Ichiro’s focus, no-nonsense attitude, and intelligence complementing Kintaro’s fun-loving, lovable personality. Ergo, it is so fun to see their personalities bounce off of each other. I hope you all enjoyed this and I will see you all in the next submission. Detective School Q belongs to Seimaru Amagi and Pierrot. Solty Rei belongs to Gonzo and AIC.

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Bro Bicep-Flexing with Shuran and Hakkaku drawn by me

(Shuran is lifting two heavy boulders while releasing a series of powerful grunts and roars. Hakkaku enters lifting slightly lighter boulders.) Hakkaku: Hey there, Shuran. (Shuran puts down the boulders and so does Hakkaku.) Shuran: Hakkaku, my old friend. What brings you here? (Shuran flexes his tremendous biceps and emits a huge roar.) Shuran: Have you come to challenge my strength and even admire how much I have worked hard for these muscles?! Hakkaku: Yeah and yeah. Man, Shuran, you really have been working hard on those biceps. Shuran: Thanks, Hakkaku. You know very well that my most beloved wife Ayumi, my kids, and my grandkids love it when they see my muscles. Speaking of which, how about you show me yours and then we can have a posedown from here. Hakkaku: All right, Shuran. (Hakkaku flexes his biceps for Shuran, as he takes notice of them.) Shuran: You definitely have not been slacking off, bro. Hakkaku: Thanks. You know that your sister, Karan, finds them nice to touch. Plus, my kids and grandkids just love to look at them. Shuran: True, Hakkaku. But they’re still not as big as mine. (Shuran raises his arms, flexes his biceps, flexes his calf muscles, and emits a huge roar.) Shuran: These are what real muscles look like, my friend. So, do you accept this challenge? (Hakkaku flexes back at Shuran.) Hakkaku: I do. (Both Shuran and Hakkaku flex their biceps, triceps, make their pectoral muscles bounce, and do the most muscular pose facing towards each other.) Shuran (grunting): You surely don’t give up, huh Hakkaku. Hakkaku: Giving up is not part of my vocabulary, Shuran. (Shuran and Hakkaku chuckle at each other, as they stand erect.) Shuran: Well, old friend, it was a nice posedown we had. We should do this again. Hakkaku: You got it, friend. (Shuran and Hakkaku clasp hands.) Shuran: See you later, man. Hakkaku: Anytime, bud. This piece of Shuran and Hakkaku fan art is dedicated to NadoArts who celebrated his birthday five days ago. Entonces, Nado, espero que hayas tenido un cumpleaños magnifico, excelente y maravilloso y te deseo mucho amor, felicidad, prosperidad y abundancia en tu vida como artista y como persona. This is also dedicated to those who ship Shuran and Hakkaku as a strong, awesome platonic pairing or a BroTP. Here we have 36-year-old Shuran and 35-year-old Hakkaku being the strong, handsome, muscular best friends that they are and showing just how strong they truly are, what with Shuran and his massive size and Hakkaku with his well-toned body. I totally love the idea of a big, burly, buff, tough guy like Shuran being really good friends with someone as a well-built, fun-loving, goofy yet strong guy like Hakkaku. Their personalities bounce off of each other so well and Hakkaku could have someone like Shuran to be almost like a big, protective older brother while also enjoying each others’ company testing each others’ strength and always trying to physically one-up each other. Regardless, they have a very strong bond where Shuran is akin to a large-and-in-charge, rowdy, tough older brother and Hakkaku is the handsome, fun-loving, and gregarious younger brother. Well, I hope you all enjoyed this and I will see you all in the next submission. Take care, everybody. Shuran and Hakkaku from Inuyasha belong to Rumiko Takahashi and Sunrise.

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Bro Bicep-Flexing with Inuyasha and Ginta drawn by me

Inuyasha: Yo, Ginta. Ginta: Yeah, Inuyasha. Inuyasha: Show me your muscles, man. I just wanna see how well you managed to get your biceps in shape. Ginta: All right, Inuyasha. (Ginta flexes his biceps, as Inuyasha observes them and touches them.) Inuyasha: Not bad. Now, check out mine. (Inuyasha flexes his biceps. Ginta marvels at the size of Inuyasha’s biceps.) Ginta: Wow! Inuyasha. Those are quite the huge biceps you have. Inuyasha: Thanks, Ginta. You wanna have a posedown? Ginta: You bet. (Inuyasha and Ginta begin to flex their muscles for each other, all while grunting, snarling, and growling.) Inuyasha: Hehe. Shunran is surely lucky to have a strong guy like you, Ginta. Ginta: Hey. My muscles always charm her. And Ayame must be really impressed by your brute strength and great muscles. Inuyasha: I thank you for that compliment, Ginta. And, yeah, Ayame is really happy to have a guy like me, especially when my muscles can come in handy. Ginta: All right, Inuyasha. Are you ready for the finale? Inuyasha: I sure am, Ginta. (Inuyasha and Ginta raise their arms and flex their biceps. After that, they hunch, do the most muscular pose, stand erect, and body slam each other roaring really loudly.) Inuyasha: Well, Ginta, I enjoyed that. Ginta: So did I, Inuyasha. Let’s say we head back home to our darling wives, kids, and grandkids. Inuyasha: Sure thing. We can even come back for another posedown round and maybe bring my sons along with me. Ginta: Absolutely. Now, let’s head home. (Inuyasha then noogies Ginta, as they head towards their home.) This piece of Inuyasha and Ginta fan art is dedicated to Daniel aka EthanTK who celebrated his birthday more than a week ago. Entonces, Daniel, espero que hayas tenido un cumpleaños maravilloso y increíble y te deseo mucho amor, felicidad, prosperidad y abundancia en tu vida como artista y persona. This is also dedicated to the people who ship Inuyasha and Ginta as a strong, awesome, and magnificent platonic pairing or BroTP. Here we have 36-year-old Inuyasha and 35-year-old Ginta being the muscular best friends that they are and flexing their well-shaped biceps on a clear, sky-blue day. It says something when these two have excellent physiques anyone can marvel at. I hope you all enjoyed this and I will see you all in the next submission. Take care, everybody. Inuyasha and Ginta from Inuyasha belong to Rumiko Takahashi and Sunrise.

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R-E-S-P-E-C-T drawn by me

“What you want Baby, I got it What you need Do you know I got it? All I’m askin’ Is for a little respect when you get home (just a little bit) Hey baby (just a little bit) when you get home (Just a little bit) mister (just a little bit)   I ain’t gonna do you wrong while you’re gone Ain’t gonna do you wrong ’cause I don’t wanna All I’m askin’ Is for a little respect when you come home (just a little bit) Baby (just a little bit) when you get home (just a little bit) Yeah (just a little bit)   I’m about to give you all of my money And all I’m askin’ in return, honey Is to give me my propers When you get home (just a, just a, just a, just a) Yeah, baby (just a, just a, just a, just a) When you get home (just a little bit) Yeah (just a little bit)   Ooh, your kisses Sweeter than honey And guess what? So is my money All I want you to do for me Is give it to me when you get home (re, re, re, re) Yeah baby (re, re, re, re) Whip it to me (respect, just a little bit) When you get home, now (just a little bit)   R-E-S-P-E-C-T Find out what it means to me R-E-S-P-E-C-T Take care, TCB Oh (sock it to me, sock it to me, sock it to me, sock it to me) A little respect (sock it to me, sock it to me, sock it to me, sock it to me) Whoa, babe (just a little bit) A little respect (just a little bit) I get tired (just a little bit) Keep on tryin’ (just a little bit) You’re runnin’ out of fools (just a little bit) And I ain’t lyin’ (just a little bit) (Re, re, re, re) when you come home (Re, re, re, re) ‘spect Or you might walk in (respect, just a little bit) And find out I’m gone (just a little bit)” -Respect, Aretha Franklin (1942-2018), Released on April 29, 1967   This is my entry for the Blossick contest as hosted by the fine people of Powerpuff-Nation. Moreover, I would love to dedicate this piece of Blossick fanart to Lady aka XXTHELADYINTHEHOODXX who is celebrating her birthday today. So, Lady, I wish you a prosperous, blessed, and awesome birthday. Keep up the amazing work you have been doing as an artist and may your life, in general, be full of beauty and abundance.   Here we have Team Xtreme’s proud, fierce, mighty leaders, the one and only Brick and Blossom. As you can tell, I do not ship them romantically, even though I used to as a teenager but now, I just prefer them as strong comrades-in-arms. Moreover, by their shirt colors, you can easily decipher who I ship Brick and Blossom with. Here’s a hint I’m a hardcore shipper of those three OTP pairings and there is no way in Hell I am ever going to let go of them nor give them up. Yeah, take a good and wild guess and you can tell me in the comments below. Finally, I also love playing around with their elemental powers, what with Brick being a pyrokinesis user and Blossom being a cryokinesis user.   I figured that for this piece of platonic Blossick fanart that the song Respect by Aretha Franklin would fit them to a T. Why you ask? Well, if it was not already obvious, these two are Team Xtreme’s tall and proud leaders and with their strategies, mad skills, and commanding presence, they can lead this six-person superhero team wonderfully. So, without further ado, I hope you also enjoy the song as sung by the late yet great Madame Aretha Franklin, as you take a gander at this piece of platonic Brick/Blossom fanart.   I hope you all enjoy this piece of platonic Blossick fanart and I will see you all on the flipside.   Brick and Blossom from The Powerpuff Girls belong to Craig McCracken and Cartoon Network.

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You’re The Best drawn by me

“Try to be best ‘Cause you’re only a man And a man’s gotta learn to take it   Try to believe Though the going gets rough That you gotta hang tough to make it   History repeats itself Try and you’ll succeed   Never doubt that you’re the one And you can have your dreams!   You’re the best! Around! Nothing’s gonna ever keep you down You’re the Best! Around! Nothing’s gonna ever keep you down You’re the Best! Around! Nothing’s gonna ever keep you down   Fight ‘til the end Cause your life will depend On the strength that you have inside you   Ah you gotta be proud Starin’ out in the cloud When the odds in the game defy you   Try your best to win them all And one day, time will tell   When you’re the one that’s standing there You’ll reach the final bell!   You’re the best! Around! Nothing’s gonna ever keep you down You’re the Best! Around! Nothing’s gonna ever keep you down You’re the Best! Around! Nothing’s gonna ever keep you down   You’re the best! Around! Nothing’s gonna ever keep you down You’re the Best! Around! Nothing’s gonna ever keep you down You’re the Best! Around! Nothing’s gonna ever keep you down   Fight ‘til you drop Never stop Can’t give up Til you reach the top (FIGHT!) You’re the best in town (FIGHT!) Listen to that sound A little bit of all you got Can never bring you down   You’re the best! Around! Nothing’s gonna ever keep you down You’re the Best! Around!” – You’re the Best, Joe Esposito, Bill Conti, and Aimee Willis, June 23, 1984   This marks my final Brickubbles month submission for this year as heralded by my very good friend and fellow DeviantArtist the ever-phenomenal and ever-awesome Paula aka BrickercupMasterX3. Moreover, this Brickubbles month submission is dedicated to a fellow DeviantArtist by the name of Ilenia aka DynamisGD who is celebrating her birthday today. So, Ilenia, I hope you have a pleasant birthday and I hope you enjoy this piece of Brickubbles fan art. Tanti auguri a te e tutta la gioia e la felicitá per te.   I know I was supposed to have turned this in days ago, but I had other plans and let’s just say that real life got the best of me. I am really sorry for the delay I hope you could forgive me for this really, really long wait. I wanted to make this Brickubbles month go out with a bang and I think this might as well be the submission to do it.   Here we have our fabulous big brother-in-law little sister-in-law duo Brick and Bubbles, who are engaged in a sparring match and looking like they’re about to give each other their all, what with Brick being the sensei/senpai and Bubbles being the student/kohai. One cannot help but feel immersed by the dynamics these two have with Brick being like a mighty dragon and Bubbles being an elegant and graceful crane, as these animals represent them in terms of their personalities and it’s a nice mesh and clash between fire and water. Plus, one can easily imagine Brick and Bubbles to be the closest of sparring partners on a ritualistic level, where Bubbles respects Brick as if though he were her older brother from another mother and Brick can acknowledge how teachable, adaptable, and skilled Bubbles truly is as a fighter and as a person.   As to be expected, the dragon was an obvious choice for Brick, as it represents might, strength, valor, and ferocity. These are the traits he bears as well as being a skilled user of pyrokinesis. He is someone who demands respect and loves to be heard, but when he does not get it, boy, does he get pissed, so beware.   The crane was an easy choice for Bubbles, as it is very well-known for its grace and placidity. It is also a bird which usually finds itself on shallow waters. Ergo, animals and the element of water are very much those features which resemble Bubbles in terms of her affiliation with these two, as she can also speak the animal language and is flexible, graceful, and fluid like a calm lake.   When Brick and Bubbles are combined together they definitely form a team-up few duos can ever rival. With Brick’s strength, fierceness, and commanding presence and Bubbles’ agility, grace, and fluidity of movement, they can definitely give any opponent a reason to run for the hills. So, Brick, Bubbles, do you have anything to say to our celebrant?   Brick and Bubbles: Sure, we do.   Brick: We hope you have a kickass birthday, Ilenia.   Bubbles: On behalf of Team Xtreme, we wish you a lot of love and joy in the years to come.   Thanks, you guys. Well, that’s it for this submission. During the time I made this I was listening to You’re the Best Around, as I was thinking of a nice song to complement this final Brickubbles month submission. Eye of the Tiger was a bit too overused, so that was out of the question. Then came Joe Esposito’s You’re the Best, which I thought fit Brick and Bubbles as karate fighters very well. So, I hope you also enjoy listening to this song, as it was my drive to pull everything together for this final Brickubbles month submission.   You’re the Best by Joe Esposito as part of the Regular Show soundtrack.   Take care, everybody.   Brick and Bubbles from The Powerpuff Girls belong to Craig McCracken and Cartoon Network.

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The Brickubbles Flashbacks: Problem Solved! drawn by me

This Brickubbles submission, as part of BrickercupMasterX3’s Brickubbles month, is dedicated to a phenomenal DeviantArtist who celebrated his birthday yesterday, a fine and awesome gentleman by the name of Leonidafremov (Leonid Afremov). So, Mr. Afremov, I hope you had a magnificent birthday and I hope you enjoy this piece of fan art and this story that I made.   Today’s Brickubbles Flashback shows the time when Brick and Bubbles were in the seventh grade and there was a mathematics problem to be dealt with.   Mathematics. Whether one likes it, loves it or hates it, this subject is very much part of everyone’s life. One can use it when going to the grocery store, telling time, balancing one’s checkbook, and a plethora of other activities. I bet you recall the time you can’t stand math and try to avoid it as much as you can. However, there was that one person who was really good in this subject who actually inspired you at least tolerate it. I guess that person is worth being grateful for. Submitted for the approval of The Brickubbles Flashbacks, I call this story, Problem Solved.   Brick: Thanks for that usually dramatic intro, man.   Me: No problem, Brick. Now, let’s get this show on the row.   (Bubbles is rummaging through some old paraphernalia and finds a golden makeshift trophy with a plus sign.)   Bubbles: Hey, Brick. Do you remember this little trophy I gave to you?   (Brick takes time to look at the trophy and sees the inscription “Best Math Tutor Ever!”)   Brick: Yeah, I think I do. I still can’t believe it was like what twelve or thirteen years ago.   Bubbles: I believe you helped me with this ratio and proportion I had when we were in the seventh grade.   Brick: Ah, the seventh grade. That was something.   (Flashback to the autumn of 2005 begins. Brick was thirteen and Bubbles was eleven. The entire action takes place in Team Xtreme headquarters’ study hall. Bubbles is sitting alone on her desk and looks slightly flustered at the paper with a ratio and proportion problem. She is trying to find what N is but is still confused.)   Bubbles (thinking): Two-hundred by three-hundred is equal to N by six. What does this mean? Perhaps I should ask Brick he’s good at math.   (Brick is just walking through the hallways. Bubbles stands up from her chair and spots him.)   Bubbles: Brick!   Brick: Yeah, Bubs.   Bubbles: Can you please help me with this math problem?   Brick: Sure thing.   (Brick enters the study hall, as Bubbles sits down on her desk. He then looks at the paper and he has a confident smile on his face.)   Brick: Well, Bubs. It’s really simple. All you gotta do is first turn these into fractions. Don’t forget that two-hundred and N are the nominators and three-hundred and six are the denominators.   (Bubbles does what he tells him.)   Brick: Now that you’ve turned them into fractions, you have to cross multiply. What’s six times two-hundred?   (Bubbles observes where the six is and where the two-hundred is.)   Bubbles: One thousand two-hundred.   Brick: Correct! Now divide that by 300 and you get your N.   (Bubbles does the equation and is beaming with confidence. To her joy, she finally got the answer.)   Bubbles: N is four. So that means, two-hundred by three-hundred is equal to four by six.   Brick: Bingo, Bubs!   (Bubbles excitedly writes down the solution and the answer.)   Bubbles: Yes, I got it! Oh, thank you so much, Brickie!   Brick (nervously): Hehe. Hey, I was really happy to help.   (Bubbles hugs Brick and he reciprocates by hugging her back.)   Bubbles: You are definitely an awesome math tutor. I owe you one!   Brick: Aw, shucks, Bubs.   (The following morning is a Saturday. Bubbles is hiding something, as Brick is eating his breakfast.)   Bubbles: Good morning, Brick.   Brick: Morning, Bubs.   Bubbles: I made you something. First, you gotta close your eyes and hold out your hands.   (Brick closes his and holds out his palms. Bubbles give him his gift.)   Bubbles: Now you can open your eyes now.   (Brick opens his eyes and to his delight and surprise it is a makeshift golden trophy with a plus and an inscription, “Best Math Tutor Ever!”)   Brick: Bubs, thanks so much. I’m so honored. I don’t know what to say.   Bubbles: You’re very welcome, Brick. I carved it out some old gold items I found in the dump and I did all the fine-tuning. It took hours to do this. You truly deserve it, Brick. You really helped me. Now, I’m more motivated to do great in math and I’m not afraid of it anymore thanks to you.   Brick: I’m so happy to hear it, Bubs.   Bubbles: I will definitely remember this moment.   The now 24-year-old Bubbles: And I still do.   The now 26-year-old Brick: To this very day.   Brick and Bubbles: The End.   I declare this meeting of The Brickubbles Flashback closed. See you in the next flashback where our main protagonists look back at their high school years. This is something I am very excited about.   One has to leave it up to someone like Mr. Green to be the great father and teacher he is for the Rowdyruff Boys. He certainly raised them well and everything he taught them was especially absorbed by Brick. Let’s also give credit to Miss Bellum, known at that time as Mrs. Bellum-Green, who ensured that her sons have a more stable home life than what has been offered by HIM and Mojo Jojo. It’s quite amazing that someone like him can turn out to be so well-rounded. First proving that he can do the right thing, then showing his artistic talents, and now proving himself to…

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The Brickubbles Flashbacks: Arts and Amicability drawn by me

This Brickubbles submission, as part of BrickercupMasterX3’s Brickubbles Month, is dedicated to a fellow DeviantArtist KingRyHuff, who celebrated his birthday yesterday. So, I hope you had such an amazing and I wish you a lot of amazing endeavors to come.   Welcome to the second installment of The Brickubbles Flashbacks. This time we’re going back to 2003, where Brick and Bubbles were eleven and nine years old respectively and in the fifth grade. One can say that this was one of their highlights during their elementary school years. Submitted for the approval of The Brickubbles Flashbacks, I call this story Arts and Crafts and Friendship.   With that said, Brick, Bubbles, you have the floor.   Brick and Bubbles: Thanks, Antoni!   Bubbles: Brick, do you remember Miss Scara?   Brick: Oh, you mean our former art teacher.   Bubbles: I still can’t believe she went from being Mask Scara to finally giving up the whole supervillainess to be an art teacher in Townsville International Academy. She truly was one of the best art teachers we ever had.   Brick: I can still remember the project we had to do together.   Brick and Bubbles: Paint an idealized version of your good friend.   (Flashback to 2003 begins. Brick, aged 11, and Bubbles, aged 9, are walking home from school with their canvases in hand. They look at each other with a smile.)   Bubbles: So, Brick, I’d like to see what you painted. I’m sure your work is really great.   Brick: Aw, you know I’m not as great as an artist compared to you. Bubs. But since you asked for it, here you go.   (Brick shows his canvas. It is a painting of Bubbles in 18th-century women’s attire complete with a frock, a three-cornered hat, and an elegant-looking hairstyle reminiscent of all the noblewomen at the time. In the background are two roses on each opposite side.)   Bubbles: Wow, Brick. It’s beautiful.   Brick: I…uh…call this one The Lady of the Court because that’s how I see you, Bubs. You are elegant and ladylike and you know it and you always like to look really pretty and cute.   Bubbles: Aw, shucks, Brick. By the way, here’s mine of you.   (Bubbles shows her canvas. It is a painting of Brick as a rock star with his trademark red cap, red shirt, and long orange hair, a black leather jacket, and an electric guitar. He is surrounded by flames and a gold wall is behind him.)   Brick: Bubs, this is amazing.   Bubbles: I call this one Musical Ignition because I have always seen you as the person who wants to be a rock star and you are a cool person to hang out with. Plus, I really love your fire powers.   Brick: You know something, Bubs?   Bubbles: Yeah?   Brick: I think we’re gonna be art buds for life.   (Brick and Bubbles giggle, as they continue to walk home.)   The now 26-year-old Brick: And we still are.   The now 24-year-old Bubbles: To this very day.   Brick and Bubbles in the present: The End.   I declare this meeting of The Brickubbles Flashbacks closed. See you in the next post.   The idea of having Mask Scara from the Season 6 episode A Made Up Story as a reformed character and art teacher sort of came to my mind by complete chance. I figure that instead of using her silly makeup to take over the world, she could use her skills as an artist to mold young minds into doing something really creative, hence her reforming into an art teacher. This managed to also tie in very well with the then eleven-year-old Brick and the then nine-year-old Bubbles. One also has to leave it up to Miss Scara and Bubbles to tap into Brick’s artistic side and for Brick to see how graceful and lovely Bubbles is as a person. Therefore, Brick and Bubbles have had a gig where they called themselves Fab Art Buddies for Life during their years as children.   Well, I hope you all enjoyed this post and piece of Brickubbles fan art. Until then, see you in the next post.   Brick and Bubbles from The Powerpuff Girls belong to Craig McCracken and Cartoon Network.

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Let’s Get You Home drawn by me

This is my first Brickubbles month submission as spearheaded by my dearest friend and fellow DeviantArtist, BrickercupMasterX3.   The basic story behind this picture goes like this.   Brick, Butch, Boomer, Blossom, Buttercup, and Bubbles have decided to call it a night after ridding Townsville of a giant monster ravaging the city. Bubbles decided that she wants to do some final scouting of the city to which her teammates consented, as she is old enough to take care of herself even though she is the youngest teammate.   As she was scouting, she spotted some thugs making advances on a battered ten-year-old girl. The sight of this cruelty was enough to let Bubbles unleash her hardcore side, as she beat the thugs up. The ten-year-old girl introduced herself as Jessica King and she said she wanted to go back to her parents but she ended up getting lost. Bubbles offered to call Jessica’s parents on her Team Xtreme cellphone to which she did. After finishing her call, Jessica alerted Bubbles that one of the thugs was right behind her. It was too late, as the thug whacked Bubbles on her head with a club. Jessica was frozen with fear, but Bubbles’ last words before she was dragged off was, “Call Brick.” Without hesitation, Jessica did just that, as she searched through the contacts. In the nick of time, Mr. and Mrs. King arrived to pick up their daughter. In a state of panic, Jessica called Brick on the Team Xtreme cellphone. Brick received the news and a flash of anger was brewing in his eyes. As the eldest of Team Xtreme, he commanded Butch, Boomer, Blossom, and Buttercup to head back to Team Xtreme headquarters and assured them that he will be back at 10 PM.   Bubbles woke up to the sound of malicious laughing, as the thugs were about to violate her. Battered, Bubbles was about to go to her hardcore phase until Brick came along. He fought with all of his strength receiving lacerations from the thugs’ knives and a few beatings. Bubbles joined him in beating up the thugs until her body gave way and fainted. Brick handed the thugs over to the police and carried Bubbles home via a piggy-back ride on him. What follows is the aftermath of what happened that night.   Bubbles (waking up on Brick’s back): Where am I? Brick?   Brick: Bubs! Thank God you’re awake!   Bubbles: What happened? Where’s Jessica?   Brick: Well, apparently, you used up a lot of your energy when you went hardcore to beat up those bastards. You don’t need to worry about Jessica. She’s safe with her parents and she’s so thankful to have someone brave like you save her. If that didn’t happen, she would’ve been a goner for sure.   Bubbles: Did she really mean it?   Brick: Yeah, she even gave me this.   (Brick gives Bubbles her Team Xtreme cellphone.)   Bubbles: My cellphone. Thanks, Brick.   Brick: Don’t thank me. Thank Jessica for keeping it in mint condition. You were actually wise to tell her to call me when you were in danger. I know I’m supposed to be angry at you for going off on your own like that, but I am actually proud of you for saving that girl’s life. You really are something, Bubbles.   Bubbles: And in return, you rescued me. Sometimes, I still can’t believe you went from being the jerky kid who used to be mean to me and my sisters to an awesome person who knows how to take charge. I guess it’s no wonder why BC is so happy to have you as her husband. You’re always there for us. Plus, you and Blossom are great as our team leaders. So, I just wanna say, thank you so much, Brick, for all the times you saved not only me but also the people who were in danger.   Brick: You’re welcome, Bubs. I’ve always been saving you because it was not only the right thing to do, but you are like the little sister I never had. I’ve only been growing up with my bros before we got adopted by our mom and dad. I just wanna leave Mojo and Him in the past. That’s where they should stay and they don’t deserve to be in neither my nor your life.   Bubbles: Brick, you’ve learned from the past. And look at you. You’re a wonderful guy and I am so happy you’re in my life. Not only as my big brother-in-law but also a great leader for Team Xtreme.   Brick: Gee, thanks, Bubs. You know what? I really like how forgiving and compassionate you are. You really know how to give people a second chance in life and you always fight for what’s right. At times, I wish I could be like you.   Bubbles: Really?   Brick: Yeah. Anyways, it’s getting late. Let’s get you home before Boomer starts to have another panic attack of losing you, Butterbabe starts beating my ass for it, Bloss starts scolding me why I didn’t get you home on time, and Butch starts not speaking to me for not rescuing you. You need rest, Bubs.   Bubbles: I’ll do just that, Brick.   (Bubbles closes her eyes, as Brick flies gently back to Team Xtreme headquarters where Butch and Blossom were sleeping side by side in their queen-size bed, Buttercup was sleep-punching in her’s and Brick’s king-size bed, and Boomer is sleeping still in his and Bubbles’ queen-size bed. Brick lays her down beside Boomer and gives Bubs a goodnight kiss.)   Brick: Goodnight, little sis-in-law. I’ll see you in the morning.   (Brick heads back to his and Buttercup’s room where he scooches over to her side and stops her sleep punching. Buttercup’s mouth contorts to a smile and Brick dozes off.)   There you have it, folks, my first Brickercup month submission for this year. As you can tell…

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Enok and Rahan Lifting and Getting More Ripped drawn by me

My love for Enok/Rahan as a BroTP has been growing stronger and stronger every time. Speaking of strong, Enok and Rahan demonstrate that they are the type of men who firmly convict that lifting weights is essential for every jungle warrior. Isn’t that right, you guys? Enok: Indeed it is. Rahan: Besides, we got a few words to say to the audience. Me: Okay, fire away. (Enok and Rahan continue to lift their dumbbells.) Enok: Hey, you. Yes, you, you lazy fool. What are you doing? Hating on us? Rahan: Stop hating. Start lifting. Enok: And as for the rest of you, you like these muscles don’t you? (Enok then shows how his biceps contract and relax when lifting his dumbbells.) Rahan: That’s right. Look at them. Look closely at these muscles. (Rahan also shows how his biceps contract and relax when lifting his dumbbells.) Enok: We warriors have to lift in order to survive and fight. Rahan: But if you don’t like seeing us lift. Tough. We don’t even know why you’re here. Enok and Rahan: Grrrrrrr…… (Enok and Rahan keep lifting their dumbbells.) Me: Well, folks, there you have it. Is it any reason why these two are such powerhouses and still look phenomenal to this very day? One cannot help but be amazed at just how strong, determined, and fierce Enok and Rahan really are. This has been Antoni Garcia reporting from the Dark Age jungles. So, Enok, Rahan, you guys have any last words to our viewers at home. (Enok and Rahan put down their dumbbells.) Enok: Sure. Rahan: And it’s also dedicated to our awesome wives. The very people who have been very supportive of us and always had our backs. (Enok flexes his pecs, shows his back muscles, and turns back to show his deltoids.) Enok: The chief is in session, especially for you my beloved and sweet Tetya. (Tetya is watching at home from her crystal source and she lets out a high-pitched giggle.) Tetya: Oh, my brave and proud, Enok. (Rahan flexes his back muscles, his deltoids, and does some pec bouncing.) Rahan: Me Rahan. King of the Jungle. You Noama, the queen of Rahan’s jungle. (raises his eyebrows in a suave manner.) (Noama is also watching from Tetya’s crystal source.) Noama: Hehehehe. Oh, Rahan. Enok: And now… Rahan: The big finale. (Enok and Rahan gradually raise their arms and flex their biceps first at each other and then they face to the front.) Enok and Rahan: ROAAAARRR!!!! Me: Well, there you have it, two awesome, brave, and totally ripped jungle warriors who have shown their work. It was really nice talking to you, guys. Enok: The pleasure is ours, my friend. Rahan: No problem, brother. Enok, Rahan, and Me: See you later. Enok and Rahan from Rahan: Son of the Dark Age belong to Roger Lecureux, Pascal Morelli, Marc du Pontavice, and Xilam.

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It’s Bro Flex Time with Enok and Rahan drawn by me

This piece of Rahan fanart is dedicated to dawn-refia who is celebrating her birthday today. So, dawn-refia, I hope you have a most blessed birthday and even if you don’t know where this piece of fanart originated from I still hope you are able to enjoy my gift to you. So, I got myself interested in a French-Italian cartoon by Xilam, the same company that made the likes of Oggy and the Cockroaches. What cartoon was that you ask? It was none other than Rahan: Son of the Dark Age. I only knew about the original source material by Roger Lecureux in passing but have only read bits and pieces of it online and I found it kind of fascinating mostly because I do like stories of primitive tribes and action fantasies akin to Tarzan and Conan. So, as I watched some episodes of the Rahan cartoon by Xilam, there were some characters I grew to love and those were Rahan, Enok, Noama, Teyta, Bakur, Chief Moko, and to some extent Ursus, even though I did find him annoying on some occasions. Based on my experience on watching episode 2, I have to say that this made me ship Enok and Rahan as an awesome BroTP given their chemistry. Heck, I almost rooted for Enok to ditch his father and his tribe to be with Rahan and Ursus, to start his life anew, and admit that it was really dumb of him to steal the Cave Dwellers’ idol. However, it was not meant to be, which made me feel sad inside because I was rooting for Enok and Rahan to be best friends forever and be allies. In the show, Enok was about 18 years old and Rahan was about 16 or 17 years old. I decided to age them up to what I think they would look like this year with Enok being 28 years old and Rahan being 27 years old. Moreover, I transported them to the modern times where both Enok and Rahan are MMA fighters, who have gained acclaim not only in their native France but also internationally. I also threw in Ursus for good measure, as he functions as the mascot, and he is holding up a sign that says translated from French to English, “BroTP forever”. I don’t know if there is a French equivalent to BroTP, so please French native speakers and Francophones comment what it is. In my headcanon, when Enok was a teenager he became so fed up with his father’s and his clan’s tight hold on him that he decided to ditch them. Moreover, he decided to swallow his pride and be with the one person he loved as a friend and a brother, Rahan. Rahan was initially hesitant with having Enok around due to his trust issues and how he does not like it when Enok acts rashly and pridefully. After some time, Enok and Rahan decided to bury the hatchet and accept each other as brothers much to the joy of Ursus. In addition to that, after much reflecting, Moko decided to let go of his hatred and animosity and accept Rahan as his younger adopted son, as he understood that Rahan himself led a life as an orphan. Given their passion for self-defense and martial arts, Enok and Rahan enrolled themselves in Muay Thai, MMA, kickboxing, boxing, and wrestling sessions. Day by day, the two men have trained their bodies and minds to reach peak physical performance. From swimming to weightlifting to doing track and field to all the beatdowns they had, there was a sense of mutual fraternal love and respect they had for each other. Moreover, they even made new friends and had new mentors along the way from all over the world. To this day, the two are still proud to call themselves brothers and are happily married, Enok ended up with Teyta and Rahan ended up with Noama. Ursus stayed around to be the official mascot of the two-man MMA team Enok and Rahan made and therefore christened this team as The Jungle Chiefs. Well, I hope you enjoyed this post, especially to all of you fans of the Rahan cartoon series by Xilam. And to dawn-refia, lot’s of love on your very special day. Enok, Rahan, and Ursus from Rahan: Son of the Dark Age belong to Roger Lecureux, Pascal Morelli, Marc du Pontavice, and Xilam.

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