Sensually Sinuous Jungle Loving drawn by me

This piece of Namontack x Basuli or NamonBas and Kocoum x Tarzan or KocoTar fan art is dedicated to YANN-X and itanatsu-chan who celebrated their birthdays a few weeks ago and Jeff Snyder aka twilightsparkle3562 and Ikrines who celebrated their birthdays a few days ago. So, I hope you guys had such magnificent, awesome, and grand birthdays and I wish you a lot of love, prosperity, and abundance in your lives as artists and as people. Comme on dit en francais j’espère vous avez magnifiques, merveilleuses et grandes anniversaires et je vous souhaite beaucoup d’amour, de prosperité et d’abondance dans votres vies comme artistes et personnes. This is also dedicated to all of the NamonBas and KocoTar shippers out there. So, sit back, relax, and soak in that Namontack x Basuli sexiness and that Kocoum x Tarzan hotness.

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Disney Jungle Male Slash Next Generation

Greetings, fellow OTP shippers of Namontack x Basuli and Kocoum x Tarzan! It is I, your old friend Antoni with another written entry involving a list of fan-children from my two favorite Disney Jungle Male Slash OTPs of all time. I have always loved these two pairs of hunky, muscular couples, so, I thought it would be great to compile a list of the NamonBas and KocoTar fan-children. As to be expected, I am not only going to list the children down but also the two sets of fathers. Moreover, I will place their ages as of 2019, their birthdays, their birth years from the modern era, and their statuses, as I will not go too in-depth with their biographies because the fan art submissions are reserved for that. With that said, let’s get cracking. The Tough Powhatan Warrior Muscle Hunk Dads Namontack Age: 50 Birthday: January 2, 1969 Status: Married to Basuli since 1999 Kocoum Age: 48 Birthday: March 1, 1971 Status: Married to Tarzan since 1999 The Handsome Waziri Fighter Muscle Hunk Dads Basuli Age: 47 Birthday: January 3, 1972 Status: Married to Namontack since 1999 Tarzan Age: 46 Birthday: February 1, 1973 Status: Married to Kocoum since 1999 The NamonBas (Namontack x Basuli) Offspring Imamu Age: 26 Birthday: March 23, 1993 Kwame Age: 26 Birthday: March 23, 1993 Kofi Age: 26 Birthday: March 23, 1993 Mugambi Age: 25 Birthday: February 3, 1994 Keewazi Jr. Age: 25 Birthday: February 3, 1994 Ashanti Age: 22 Birthday: July 2, 1997 Nomusa Age: 21 Birthday: August 3, 1998 Ekua Age: 20 Birthday: June 3, 1999 The KocoTar (Kocoum x Tarzan) Children Korak Age: 26 Birthday: April 2, 1993 Jabari Age: 26 Birthday: April 2, 1993 Imari Age: 26 Birthday: April 2, 1993 Mangani Age: 25 Birthday: April 6, 1994 Bongani Age: 25 Birthday: April 6, 1994 Mara Age: 22 Birthday: August 30, 1997 Kiara Age: 21 Birthday: August 30, 1998 Torah Age: 20 Birthday: August 3, 1999 Well, I hope you all enjoyed this list. If you are wondering how Namontack’s, Kocoum’s, Basuli’s and Tarzan’s now grown-up kids came to be, they were orphans until these four jungle warriors adopted them as their own children and, therefore, ended up two sets of big happy families with two dads. More specifics will come when I hopefully make fanart of these two sets of families. With that said, I will see you all in the next submission. Take care and have a great spring. Namontack and Kocoum from Pocahontas (1995) and Basuli and Tarzan from Tarzan (1999) belong to Disney.

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My Top 5 Beloved Disney Male Slash OTPs

Happy Holidays, ladies, gentlemen, and readers of all ages. I just want to make something clear that I go crazy for Disney male slash pairings between two canon characters whether in animated films or TV shows. Besides, I always love me some guy on guy action occurring between two handsome hunks. What more can you also expect from someone who also enjoys yaoi manga and BLCDs? Thanks to such artists like YANN-X and 04jh1911 I have become even more invested in these type of ships, even though they do not happen canonically. However, when all is said and done, Disney slash couples are a lot of fun and there is a certain appeal to them. With that said, let us cut to the chase and count down my top 5 Disney Slash OTPs of all time. Why top 5? Because these are the only ones I can ever think of. Moreover, these are the ones I am most passionate about, to the point where I would love more than anything else in the world to do more fanart of them. Keep in mind that these are my opinions, so I hope you take the time to enjoy the Disney Slash goodness. 5. Prince Adam x Prince Eric These two are my favorite Disney royal hotties of all time, The Beast in human form aka Prince Adam from “Beauty and the Beast” and Prince Eric from “The Little Mermaid”. I have always toyed around with shipping these two together because of just how appealing, plausible, and enjoyable it is. Cue the people who ship Adam with Belle and Eric with Ariel to be out for my blood in three, two, one. I basically see Adam x Eric as a classic case of an overly romantic piece of work come to life that is aimed for a tween to teen female demographic in virtue of their attractiveness and charm. If I were to write a slash fic or if someone were to write a sort of doujinshi with these two, Prince Adam would be the dominant, strong, imposing, demanding seme to Prince Eric’s carefree, easygoing, cool uke. I could really see this as a fun pairing full of fluff, roller coaster rides, and a lot of charm to make this slash pairing come to life. Moreover, I could even imagine Eric admiring the absolute heck out of Adam’s hair or even have Adam and Eric in the tub together to engage for some “action” if you know what I mean. Goodness, do I have such an interesting mind. 4. Muviro x Adonis I know I ship Muviro with Queen La from “The Legend of Tarzan” and I prefer to have Adonis from the Hercules animated show single, but, good Lord, I cannot afford to separate these two as a couple even if I tried. Think about it. Muviro is a stone-cold, jealous bastard who happens to have such a really ripped body and Adonis is a stuck-up, prissy prince with the musculature of an athlete. When one puts these two together, they would make superb chemistry in virtue of it being a love-hate relationship. Muviro would feel initially annoyed with Adonis’s snootiness and prissiness and would, therefore, give him such a deadly scowl that would make Adonis crap his pants out. Meanwhile, Adonis would initially find Muviro to be frightening, mean, and repulsive. However, as time goes by, they could end up dropping each others’ defenses and find out that there is something admirable about each other. Muviro is so going to be on top of this relationship due to the fact that his rock-hard, muscular body could be put to great use as a fighter, especially when he wrestled with Tarzan and had his epic battle with Basuli at the elephant graveyard, and Adonis would definitely admire Muviro because of his said buff bod and warrior attitude. Plus, I think it is rather cute to think about Muviro protecting his precious, sexy Prince Adonis from anyone who dares to defile him. 3. Li Shang x Hercules Captain Li Shang from “Mulan” and Hercules from “Hercules” have been my childhood crushes ever since I was a six-year-old boy. You could say it has something to do with their rippling muscles, their handsome countenances, their overall lovability as characters, and/or even the fact that Shang was voiced by the magnificent B.D. Wong and Herc was voiced by the fine Tate Donovan, as their sexy, charming voices were put to great use for these gentlemen. Combining Shang’s authoritative, focused, determined, dashing nature with Herc’s brand of sexiness, courage, and boy scout nature is a totally genius idea, as there is going to be some interesting dynamics occurring between the tall and dashing captain of the Chinese army and the heroic Greek demigod. There is no darn surprise that Shang is going to be on top of this relationship, as his authority, experience, and sense of duty and responsibility are components as to what makes Shang an ideal male partner for Hercules. That does not mean that Herc would end up being overly submissive in this relationship, as his muscles are certainly useful, especially when these two go into the heat of battle. Speaking of heat, I am also confident that their moments of intimacy will be a combination of sweet and spicy. 2. Namontack x Basuli The most underutilized Disney muscle hunk and best friend to the third wheel, Kocoum, from “Pocahontas” pairing up with the most underrated best friend to the main hero, Tarzan, from “The Legend of Tarzan”, what could be better than this? Yes, dear readers, I am a huge sucker of pairing up two muscular men together as a couple. In my opinion, I do believe Namontack x Basuli could work not only because of the fact that these two are skilled warriors but because I believe their relationship could be fleshed-out and it would be a nice one at that. On the outside, they could use their imposingly muscular bodies and…

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Bring it On! drawn by me

My three favorite Disney muscle hunks, Hercules, Basuli, and Tarzan, are back. This time, based on the look in their eyes, they are so ready for a beatdown, more specifically a Pankration match. Plus, they are aged up to be in their forties, given their ages after their shows or movies were aired and, of course, their beards. In this pic, Herc is 45, Basuli is 44, and Tarzan is 43.   For those of you not in the know, Pankration is an ancient Greek martial art that existed since the 7th century BC and that is a combination of wrestling and boxing along with the usage of kicks, holds, locks, and chokes. The only unacceptable moves were biting and gouging the opponent’s eyes out. Etymologically speaking, Pankration derives from two Greek words, “pan” meaning “all” and “kratos” meaning “strength, power, or might”. When combined together the literal meaning is “all of the power”. Moreover, Pankration is rather similar today’s mixed martial arts given the similarities of certain moves.   Going to Herc, Basuli, and Tarzan, I envision them as veteran pankratiasts, given their superhuman strength and unparalleled combat prowess. Even more so, when making this drawing, I kind of knew that Hercules would also specialize in something like Pankration, as he is based in Ancient Greece, and I figured that Basuli and Tarzan would make perfect sparring partners and teammates for Herc. Growing up, they would participate in many a Pankration match and would constantly sharpen their skills. By the time they reach their forties, they would still go on with competing, but they would also dedicate themselves to becoming coaches to aspiring young fighters and teach them the basics and watch their growth and development.   When making this drawing, there were facets that had to come into consideration from the stance to researching the typical Pankration attire to aging up these three gentlemen. I gave Herc, Basuli, and Tarzan their signature color loincloths, with Herc’s being burgundy, Basuli’s being red and Tarzan’s being dark brown, and even different beard styles, with Herc having his beard around the jaw and chin area, Basuli having a sort of full beard and Tarzan having a goatee. Plus, I gave them the same color of cloth that binds their hands and wrists when fighting. In addition to that, I am rather satisfied with how their arrangement turned out, as everyone is seen and in a line.   Overall, I definitely enjoyed making this and even finding out a bit about Pankration. I imagine these guys would square off against Nessus, Kaj the Leopardman, and Muviro, Goku, Vegeta, and Gohan all three in their Super Saiyan 4 form, or even, Conan, Prince Zula, and Ka-Zar in a three-on-three throwdown. That would be such a spectacle I would pay really good money to see! As always, it’s really fun seeing Hercules, Basuli, and Tarzan kicking loads of butt together while being really close friends, which is definitely a crossover I would’ve loved to see happen.   Thanks so much for taking a gander at this pic and for reading this post and I will see you all on the flipside. Take care.   This is where I found some information regarding Pankration, so here you go. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pankration   Hercules belongs to Disney and Greek Mythology Basuli and Tarzan from The Legend of Tarzan and Tarzan belong to Disney and Edgar Rice Burroughs.

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Three Best-Selected Disney Musclemen

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you all my three beloved Disney musclemen, Hercules or Herc from, of course, Hercules, Basuli from The Legend of Tarzan, and Tarzan from, of course, Tarzan, having a posedown in Opar. Aside Basuli and Tarzan being my absolute man-crushes of all time, Herc was definitely the one who preceded them. I remember even liking Disney’s Hercules ever since I was a little boy. Moreover, I was rather fascinated with Herc and how absolutely charming he was from his muscles to his charisma to the fact that Tate Donovan did such a phenomenal job bringing this character to life. Nowadays, as an adult, I still fancy him, even though his movie did have some flaws here and there. Regardless, Disney’s Hercules is still a rather enjoyable flick from time to time. I have always wanted to draw Hercules, Basuli, and Tarzan in one picture because I do feel like these guys can make an excellent three-man team with Herc being the leader and the overall big brother, Basuli being the proud warrior with his set of codes and Tarzan being the fierce fighter who saves his teammates’ behinds. I can even imagine them having the closest BroT3 bordering on OT3 bond ever because of how well they might work in battle and how well they deal with each other. In terms of relationships, as I stated before, I always see Basuli and Tarzan as brothers and when Hercules enters the mix I see him more as the childhood friend who always has their backs through thick and thin. If these guys were to be relocated in Ancient Greece, I am pretty sure these men would have some action together with the two jungle men sharing nights of intimate pleasure with their beloved demigod of strength. This kind of gives me an idea for an AU where Basuli and Tarzan are brothers who are brought to Greece from their native Africa to be trained as Hercules’s comrades in war. Little does Herc know, Basuli and Tarzan also have superhuman abilities like super strength, super speed, and even, the ability to communicate with animals. Thus, Herc feels a connection with them that he does not want them to be his slaves but rather his best friends and confidants akin to brothers. I can envision them training their muscles via weightlifting and even engage themselves in contact sports like wrestling, boxing, javelin-throwing, discus throwing, and probably their most favorite, Pankration. As time goes on, they will start to have feelings deeper than kinship. They might eventually confess their admiration and love for each other to the point where all three men strike a deal. Basuli will have three nights of passion with Hercules. Tarzan will have three nights of passion with Hercules. Finally, on the seventh day, all three of them will have a go at each other. I could really imagine these guys battling it out in the day and having their hours of passion at night. When their parents would inquire them about this, Hercules, Basuli, and Tarzan would staunchly say that they deeply care for each other and they are meant to be together and nothing they say will separate them. In terms of this drawing, I had to get the positioning, the postures, the skin tones of each of these gentlemen, and the setting pegged down to a T. I’m fully aware that Hercules has the lightest skin tone among his comrades, with Tarzan having a darker shade given his time in the jungle, and Basuli having the darkest shade of skin in comparison to Herc and Tarzan. Moreover, when it comes to muscle mass, Herc and Basuli are the bulky ones compared to Tarzan, who is leaner yet definitely has muscle. Out of all these facets when making this drawing, I had the most fun with the positioning and postures, as I was able to ensure that all three of these hunks are visible and, boy, was it satisfying. Plus, I find drawing Tarzan’s to be a slightly better experience than before. As for the setting, I sort of decided on a chamber in Opar complete with leopard-spot curtains and a reddish backdrop, enough to give anyone who views this exhibition a grand time with these three godly hunks. I hope you all enjoy this drawing I did and the post I wrote, as I did put some time and effort into this. Until then, see you on the flipside. Hercules belongs to Disney, and of course, Greek mythology. Basuli and Tarzan from Tarzan and The Legend of Tarzan belong to Disney and Edgar Rice Burroughs.

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Hello, once again! Antoni, here, with another piece of fan art. As you can see in my picture, it’s Basuli from The Legend of Tarzan, Simba from The Lion King and, of course, Tarzan himself or as I would like to call them, The Wild Jungle Brothers. Their commanding presence, strong bond as brothers, well-built muscles, extraordinary combat prowess, and superhuman athletic abilities are enough to leave any poacher, marauder, destroyer, and/or traitor quaking at the sight! So, don’t mess with these badass, muscular warrior bros.   There is no doubt that I love both Disney’s The Lion King, plus its sequel, bits and pieces of The Lion Guard, and a bit of Lion King 1 1/2, and Tarzan, as well as the television show following the movie, The Legend of Tarzan. When it comes to jungle-themed animated installments, a crossover between these two actually seems wonderfully plausible. They are both set in Africa, albeit in different countries, and they balance action with a bit of romance, friendship, and humor. Plus, having a crossover between Basuli, Tarzan, and Simba seems like the stuff of legends because of their overall heroism and the fact that they are super strong Alpha males in their own special ways.   To make this fun, for those of you reading and taking a gander at my piece of fan art, I would like to invite you to comment some captions for Basuli, Simba, and Tarzan respectively. The floor is yours and I hope you have fun with commenting your captions.   Ever since I was a nine-year-old boy, I was really psyched to see that there was a television continuation of Disney’s Tarzan in the form of The Legend of Tarzan. Even when I was in Hong Kong in a bookstore, I read the original tale by Edgar Rice Burroughs and was actually fascinated that there were actually humans that came to Tarzan’s side of the jungle headed by Chief Mbonga and his son, Kulonga, who ended up killing Kala with his poisoned bow and arrow. This action then leads Tarzan to avenge his foster mother’s death by hanging Kulonga in a tree and stabbing him in the heart with his hunting knife. Eventually, my curiosity was further aroused when I saw a teaser containing an actual African native in the show, something that the 1999 film did not really show. As I watched the show itself, I found out that the African native’s name was Basuli, who is a member of the Waziri tribe.   It was from Basuli’s debut episodes, “Tarzan and the Poisoned River Parts 1 and 2”, did I start developing a secret crush on not only him but Tarzan too. If you were in my place and a nine-year-old boy, I am sure you would’ve been ashamed at telling your parents that, but for a girl, it would be no problem. Anyways, as he made further appearances in “Tarzan and the Fountain” and “Tarzan and the Eagle’s Feather”, I grew to love the brotherly relationship these two have. So much so, that I am convinced that Tarzan’s biological parents should have gone to the Waziri tribe’s area, though they would have ended up being brutally murdered by Sabor the leopardess, and it would be up to Chief Keewazi to raise the orphan boy as his own alongside his biological son, Basuli, thus having both boys be brothers.   There are definitely highlights from Basuli and Tarzan in the TV show, and those were: the pair of them wrestling each other before Chief Keewazi stops the commotion and introduces Tarzan to the Waziri village, the double roar Basuli and Tarzan gave to the greedy mine owner Ian McTeague, which was their shining moment of all time, and the whole race for the eagle’s feather for Basuli to marry the lovely Naoh. It was a major shame that Basuli was only featured in a total of four episodes because I truly love him as a character and I wish more of him would have been fleshed out. Sure, Tarzan’s, Terk’s, and Tantor’s relationship is basically on the best friends level, but with Tarzan and Basuli there is truly something deeper akin to brotherhood because of how they compete with each other, have certain fights, and, of course, their superhuman physical capabilities, which made that one scene in “Tarzan and the Eagle’s Feather” where Basuli and Tarzan were running, gliding, vine-swinging, and tree-surfing before they find themselves in a strong river stand out to me so much. Special acknowledgment also has to go to Phil LaMarr, who did an amazing job at capturing Basuli’s proud and mighty nature, as well as having an irresistible vocal presence, which, in turn, was applicable in giving Basuli his signature swagger.   Even though Tarzan and Simba are from completely different installments, fanfic authors and fan artists find it great to have these two characters interacting with each other. Whether it’s them being good friends or almost akin to brothers or even having Tarzan live in Simba’s area, there are a lot of possibilities of how their relationship can be handled. There was a really good piece of fanfiction called Tarzan of the Lions that I really enjoyed reading during my time as a nineteen-year-old in film school. Unfortunately, the fanfic got deleted by the author himself, as he wanted to focus on writing more original stories or fanfics that are not totally beat per beat with original movies. I forgot who wrote it but it’s safe to say that it’s Tarzan meets The Lion King with the first half having The Lion King’s musical number and the second half being more Tarzan-focused. In that story, Mufasa served as Kerchak, an OC by the name of Uzuri served as Kala, although I would’ve wanted Sarabi to take on the Kala part and have Simba and Tarzan be brothers, Scar is an amalgamation of Tublat and Sabor, and Timon and Pumbaa are still themselves but with hints of…

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