Bro Bicep-Flexing with Shuran and Hakkaku drawn by me

(Shuran is lifting two heavy boulders while releasing a series of powerful grunts and roars. Hakkaku enters lifting slightly lighter boulders.) Hakkaku: Hey there, Shuran. (Shuran puts down the boulders and so does Hakkaku.) Shuran: Hakkaku, my old friend. What brings you here? (Shuran flexes his tremendous biceps and emits a huge roar.) Shuran: Have you come to challenge my strength and even admire how much I have worked hard for these muscles?! Hakkaku: Yeah and yeah. Man, Shuran, you really have been working hard on those biceps. Shuran: Thanks, Hakkaku. You know very well that my most beloved wife Ayumi, my kids, and my grandkids love it when they see my muscles. Speaking of which, how about you show me yours and then we can have a posedown from here. Hakkaku: All right, Shuran. (Hakkaku flexes his biceps for Shuran, as he takes notice of them.) Shuran: You definitely have not been slacking off, bro. Hakkaku: Thanks. You know that your sister, Karan, finds them nice to touch. Plus, my kids and grandkids just love to look at them. Shuran: True, Hakkaku. But they’re still not as big as mine. (Shuran raises his arms, flexes his biceps, flexes his calf muscles, and emits a huge roar.) Shuran: These are what real muscles look like, my friend. So, do you accept this challenge? (Hakkaku flexes back at Shuran.) Hakkaku: I do. (Both Shuran and Hakkaku flex their biceps, triceps, make their pectoral muscles bounce, and do the most muscular pose facing towards each other.) Shuran (grunting): You surely don’t give up, huh Hakkaku. Hakkaku: Giving up is not part of my vocabulary, Shuran. (Shuran and Hakkaku chuckle at each other, as they stand erect.) Shuran: Well, old friend, it was a nice posedown we had. We should do this again. Hakkaku: You got it, friend. (Shuran and Hakkaku clasp hands.) Shuran: See you later, man. Hakkaku: Anytime, bud. This piece of Shuran and Hakkaku fan art is dedicated to NadoArts who celebrated his birthday five days ago. Entonces, Nado, espero que hayas tenido un cumpleaños magnifico, excelente y maravilloso y te deseo mucho amor, felicidad, prosperidad y abundancia en tu vida como artista y como persona. This is also dedicated to those who ship Shuran and Hakkaku as a strong, awesome platonic pairing or a BroTP. Here we have 36-year-old Shuran and 35-year-old Hakkaku being the strong, handsome, muscular best friends that they are and showing just how strong they truly are, what with Shuran and his massive size and Hakkaku with his well-toned body. I totally love the idea of a big, burly, buff, tough guy like Shuran being really good friends with someone as a well-built, fun-loving, goofy yet strong guy like Hakkaku. Their personalities bounce off of each other so well and Hakkaku could have someone like Shuran to be almost like a big, protective older brother while also enjoying each others’ company testing each others’ strength and always trying to physically one-up each other. Regardless, they have a very strong bond where Shuran is akin to a large-and-in-charge, rowdy, tough older brother and Hakkaku is the handsome, fun-loving, and gregarious younger brother. Well, I hope you all enjoyed this and I will see you all in the next submission. Take care, everybody. Shuran and Hakkaku from Inuyasha belong to Rumiko Takahashi and Sunrise.

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Warrior Husbands Flexing for their Gorgeous Wives drawn by me

(Inuyasha, Hakkaku, and Ginta enter the cave roaring and beating their chests in triumph. Ayame, Karan, and Shunran excitedly run to their respective husbands.) Ayame: Inuyasha! Welcome home! (Ayame embraces and kisses Inuyasha.) Inuyasha: It’s great to be back home, darling. Karan: Hakkaku! You have returned! (Hakkaku and Karan embrace each other.) Hakkaku: I surely did, honey! Shunran: Oh, my beloved, sweet, Ginta! (Shunran hugs and kisses Ginta with such passion and joy.) Ginta: My lovely Shunran. Your kisses make me filled with such pleasure and joy. Ayame: So, how was your great battle with the lion Onis? Karan: Yeah. Shunran: I gather that you managed to show them who was the boss with those bulging muscles of yours? Inuyasha: Yeah. We tackled those beasts with our own strength. I got my claws and fists to finish him off. Hakkaku and Ginta: And we pinned them down! Inuyasha: You could say that they were no match for us. Right, guys? Hakkaku and Ginta: Right, Inuyasha. (Inuyasha, Hakkaku, and Ginta strike some muscle poses, as Ayame, Karan, and Shunran applaud.) Ayame, Karan, and Shunran: Wow, impressive! (Inuyasha, Hakkaku, and Ginta sinuously approach their wives.) Inuyasha: Indeed. Hakkaku: And since you ladies missed us so much. Ginta: We have something for you. (Ayame, Karan, and Shunran giggle, as Inuyasha, Hakkaku, and Ginta start flexing their muscles for their wives.) Inuyasha: I know you can’t resist this, Ayame. (Inuyasha flexes his biceps and unleashes a low roar.) Ayame: You managed to put those awesome muscles of yours to work, my most beloved Inuyasha. (Ayame touches Inuyasha’s biceps, chest, and abs, as he continues to flex, and she gives him a kiss.) Hakkaku: Karan, babe, check this out. (Hakkaku bends his legs, flexes his biceps, and makes his back muscles ripple.) Karan: You continue to cut such an impressive figure, Hakkaku, you stud of a man. (Hakkaku stands up. And flexes his biceps.) Hakkaku: My muscles thank you so much, my beautiful Karan. (Karan touches Hakkaku’s biceps, as she leans to kiss him.) Ginta: I hope you’re ready for this, my sweet Shunran. Shunran (blushing and giggling) : Of course, I am, my hunky, funny Ginta. (Ginta bends his legs and flexes his biceps. After that, he stands erect and makes his pecs bounce.) Shunran: Wow! I love it when you put your muscles to work. (Shunran giggles, as she touches Ginta’s pecs. Ginta then proceeds to flex his biceps and Shunran kisses him on the lips.) (Inuyasha, Hakkaku, and Ginta continue to flex until they stand erect, cross their arms, and make their pecs bounce.) Inuyasha: Well, that’s all the time we had, ladies. Hakkaku: How about we take up where we left off? Ginta: And you can see a lot more of us. (Ayame, Karan, and Shunran giggle mischievously, as they approach their husbands with loving yet sinuous gazes.) Ayame: Sure thing, Inuyasha. Karan: I think I would love that, Hakkaku. Shunran: It would be my pleasure, Ginta. (Inuyasha and Ayame, Hakkaku and Karan, and Ginta and Shunran kiss, as they head to their chambers.) This piece of Inuyasha x Ayame or InuAya, Hakkaku x Karan or HakkKar, and Ginta x Shunran or GinShun fan art is dedicated to sahori yamilet aka kokorotenshii, Tenshi-Yoru, Sarah aka frauleinpflaume, Balaszy Geza aka balgeza, Fraise aka FraiseParfait, CandiiDrawing, Sam aka sambeawesome, and SylunisArt who celebrated their birthdays several days ago. So, I hope you had such blessed, awesome, and phenomenal birthdays and I wish you a lot of love, joy, happiness, and prosperity in your lives as artists and as people. Como se dice en español, yo espero que hayaís tenido cumpleaños benditos, maravillosos y fenomenales y os deseo mucho amor, alegría, felicidad y prosperidad en vuestras vidas como artistas y personas. Come se dice in italiano, spero che voi tutti abbiate compleanni benedetti, maestosi e fenomenali e vi auguro molto amor, gioia, felicitá e prosperitá nelle vostre vite come artisti e persone. Wie man auf deutsch sagt, ich hoffe ihr hattet gesegnete, tolle und phänomenale Geburtstage und ich wünsche euch viel Liebe, Freude, Glück und Wohlstand in euren Leben als Künstler und Menschen. This is also dedicated to all of the fabulous InuAya, HakkKar, and GinShun shippers out there. So, sit back, relax, enjoy and soak in that InuAya hotness and goodness, that HakkKar adorability and awesomeness, and that GinShun sweetness and loveliness. What would happen if you combine pale silver-haired, handsome, strong, buff warrior hunks with fiery, gorgeous, feisty red-headed goddesses? You get three of my most beloved Inuyasha OTPs of all time, Inuyasha x Ayame aka InuAya, Hakkaku x Karan aka HakkKar, and Ginta x Shunran aka GinShun. Ayame, Karan, and Shunran are surely lucky to have such strong, handsome, brave, and muscular husbands like Inuyasha, Hakkaku, and Ginta flexing their well-toned, wonderfully-sculpted muscles for them. They can never have enough of their husbands and they love them to bits. I bet you all know where this is going to go after this. I hope you all enjoyed this and I will see you in the next submission. Take care. Cuídaos. Vi riguardi. Mach’s gut. Inyuasha, Hakkaku, Ginta, Ayame, Karan, and Shunran from Inuyasha belong to Rumiko Takahashi and Sunrise.

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Hey, everybody! Antoni, here, with another fan fiction “recommendation”, you will see why I put those quotation marks there later in this post. This time, I am taking a look at an Inuyasha fanfic called A Hint of Hope which was written by darling krash and published on January 29, 2005. It’s rated M. It’s in English and the main pairing is Inuyasha and Ayame. Other characters involved are Kouga, Ginta, Hakkaku, and one random character who appears in the end. I will say this once and I will say this again. I am no InuKag fan in the slightest. I find it annoying whenever Inuyasha and Kagome bicker constantly even though they grow closer to each other, and it does not help matters when Kagome uses the “Sit boy!” command although there were times Inuyasha did not deserve to be punished in such a fashion. There are also times that despite being the main female protagonist and showing some strength and independence as a character, Kagome will at times be the designated damsel in distress probably because the plot seems to demand it. Even at thirteen, I always thought that Inuyasha should be better off with another girl aside from Kagome, who can be as strong, tough, and courageous as Inuyasha. Enter Ayame. Even though she is a filler character and was meant to be Kouga’s bride to be, she certainly has a presence to her which makes her all the more endearing and charming as a character. Yes, she only appeared in a total of four episodes, and spoilers I am not even a fan of KogAya, mostly because Kouga seems to have a lot more interest in Kagome, despite the respective couples being married in Inuyasha: The Final Act. When all is said and done, this is all just a matter of personal tastes so InuKag, InuKik, and KogAya fans please put down your torches and pitchforks. When it comes to shipping Inuyasha and Ayame, there are traits about the both of them which I love. Both Inuyasha and Ayame are strong, tough, capable, battle-ready, fiery, and badass characters with a lot of spirited personalities. Because Ayame has been raised by the white wolf yokai tribe, she was taught to fight at such an early age, and for that, she is respected by her tribe, though Ginta and Hakkaku are rather intimidated by her. In terms of Inuyasha, he grew up in such a harsh environment where both humans and demons repudiated him because of his ********** status, due to the fact that he has a human mother and a Daiyokai father. When one puts two and two together, one has characters like Inuyasha and Ayame who have gone through a lot in their lives, faced many a hardship, and even faced loss and heartbreak, Inuyasha with Kikyo and Ayame with Kouga. In spite of the obstacles, these two remain resilient and headstrong with their goals, Ayame in trying to get Kouga to marry her to reunite their tribes and Inuyasha in obtaining the Shikon no Tama or the Shikon jewel, in order to become a full-fledged yokai. Even more so, these fighters are intrepid enough to go headfirst into battling demons and other evil spirits. I love these two so much as characters, that at times I wish they could’ve been the main couple and let Kagome be paired up with someone as thrill-seeking as Kouga or calculating as Sesshoumaru. It is also a shame that Ayame did not get as many appearances in the TV show, as she was a pretty formidable ally, who was criminally underused. With that rambling out of the way, let’s get on to what I thought about the story. Ayame is sitting by a stream pondering about Inuyasha and Kagome liking each other so much. Kouga appears not to return Ayame’s love, but to scold her for interfering with his obsession with Kagome, and he assaults her. In storms, Inuyasha defends Ayame against Kouga, wards him off, and tends to her wounds and her overall loneliness. During Inuyasha’s stay with Ayame, the two of them become closer, a bit more intimate, and their relationship blossoms even further. All the while, Kouga is all the more obsessed in terms of having a bone to pick with Inuyasha, no pun intended. By and large, the story was pretty well-woven with sufficient interest. As always, I want to spoil neither the climax nor the ending. I will say this about the latter. The ending does make me want to draw fanart of how Inuyasha looked like with his new attire when he returns to Ayame. Okay, I know I have a no-spoiler policy when it comes to doing fanfic or general reading recommendations, but I will give myself the benefit of the doubt, the ending had a nice build up, it was nicely satisfying, and it was lovely to have Inuyasha and Ayame be together. The characters who managed to steal the show for me were Inuyasha and Ayame. Inuyasha does manage to keep his tough-guy personality, though it’s backed up with a chivalrous and noble personality without going too over-the-top with it. He makes sure that Ayame gets not only the protection she needs but the love she so wholeheartedly deserves. Speaking of Ayame, she herself manages to be thoroughly enjoyable as a character. She still keeps her loyal, fierce, and strong personality, but it’s also backed up by some vulnerability to make her all the more human and relatable. Kouga took a level in jerkass in this fanfic. Yes, he was rather villainous in his debut episode when he and his wolves ransacked a village, but he immediately had a 180 when he met Kagome at such a bizarre rate. Here, I actually like how darling krash made him a little bit more villainous in terms of his jealousy, animosity, and obsession to best Inuyasha, and he served his purpose well. The other characters like Ginta, Hakkaku, and a random black wolf yokai serve their…

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