Mr. and Mrs. Northern Yoro Tribe drawn by me

This piece of InuAya fan art is dedicated to Edward aka AsmodisArt who celebrated his birthday last week. So, Edward, I hope you had a wonderful and blessed birthday celebration. I wish you a lot of love, joy, beauty, strength, hope, prosperity, and abundance in everything you do as an artist and as a person. Wie wir auf deutsch sagen, ich hoffe du hast einen wunderbaren und gesegneten Geburtstag. Ich wünsche dir viel Liebe, Freude, Schönheit, Kraft, Hoffnung, Wohlstand, und Reichtum in allen, dass du als Künstler und Mensch tust. This is also dedicated to all of the InuAya shippers out there. So, sit back, relax, and soak in that Inuyasha x Ayame goodness and sexiness. I cannot begin to tell you how long it has been since I last drew my most beloved Inuyasha OTP of all time. I swear it felt like forever. However, after so many months of not having any Inuyasha x Ayame action in my gallery, here they are in their fiercest, toughest, and strongest glory like the warriors that they are. One can tell that they certainly look fabulous in their mid-30’s, what with Inuyasha being 35 going on 36 years old and Ayame being 32 going on 33 years old. I hope you all enjoyed this piece of Inuyasha x Ayame fan art and I will see you in the next submission. Inuyasha and Ayame from Inuyasha belong to Rumiko Takahashi and Sunrise.

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Inuyasha and Ayame: A Badass Power Couple

My love for Inuyasha x Ayame or InuAya will always stay unwavering every single time. There’s so much to love about having these two sexy, powerful, awesome warriors together as an unbreakable and healthy couple. Inuyasha and Ayame from Inuyasha belong to Rumiko Takahashi and Sunrise.

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Belle Nuit, O Nuit D’Amour drawn by me

Favorite duet from one of my most favorite French operas aside, here are my most beloved Inuyasha OTPs, Inuyasha/Ayame and Ginta/Shunran, having a really romantic moment in a moonlit flower field. I swear, I enjoy shipping the pants off of Inuyasha and Ayame and Ginta and Shunran like there’s no tomorrow, they are truly meant for each other! I will admit that I am not a fan of drawing kissing scenes, given how difficult they can be to illustrate. However, for what this was worth, I have to say that the experience I had doing this was kind of worthwhile especially with my favorite Inuyasha OTPs of all time. Inuyasha, Ginta, Ayame, and Shunran from Inuyasha belong to Rumiko Takahashi.

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Inuyasha’s and Ayame’s Beautiful, Happy Family drawn by me

Happy Mother’s Day everybody, especially to all of the moms, aunties, grannies, and awesome female role models out there. In honor of this very special day, here is my gift. A piece of Inuyasha fanart consisting of my OTP for life, Inuyasha and Ayame, along with their offspring.   So, here they are from left to right. Inuyasha, aged 35, the Alpha Male of the Northern Yoro Tribe Ayame, aged 32, his dearest and most loving wife Kenta and Keita, aged 16, the eldest twin sons Kaito, aged 15, the younger son and third child Momoko, aged 14, the elder daughter and fourth child Maya, aged 12, the youngest daughter   My little story behind this is that Inuyasha has moved on from Kikyo and has grown fed-up with Kagome’s constant nagging and scolding that he finally had the guts to leave her. Meanwhile, Ayame has also grown exasperated with Kouga constantly chasing after Kagome. As the two met one day in the forest complete with a lot of baggage in their systems, Inuyasha and Ayame initially vent out their frustrations towards each other. So much so, that a fistfight occurred between the two. After their bout, Inuyasha and Ayame complimented each others’ strength and combat prowess and have decided to hit it off with her introducing her grandfather to her new beau. Her grandfather was not at all convinced at first and initiated a challenge for Inuyasha to fight against an invading demon.   Come the day of the challenge and a huge, hulking, horned demon came roaring. Because of Inuyasha’s unparalleled strength, he was able to incapacitate the demon with his bare hands and claws, thus killing it. The Northern Yoro Tribe immediately welcomed Inuyasha as their own and he won Ayame’s hand in marriage. For that, a magnificent feast was held for the newlyweds.   After their marriage, Ayame desired to have children of her own. For that, Inuyasha and Ayame would have nights of passion after every battle they fought. Nine months passed, and Ayame gave birth to twins Kenta and Keita. Moreover, they had children one after the other all thanks to Inuyasha’s and Ayame’s exciting nights of passion.   Now with five children, Inuyasha and Ayame could not be any happier. In spite of all the ills and challenges, they know that they have each other as a family.   Now that the backstory is out of the way, let’s briefly talk about the children.   As the eldest twin children, Kenta and Keita have a responsibility to uphold as the heirs to the Northern Yoro Tribe. They have inherited their father’s brute strength, unwavering courage, and fierceness to the point where Inuyasha considers them his most favorite sons. Kenta and Keita have always looked up to Inuyasha as their role model and they have always aspired to be as strong as him. Growing up the twins have trained their bodies and minds to reach peak condition so that they can be able to fight alongside their father, mother, and siblings in battle. Every sunrise, Inuyasha would greet the twins by going to their bedroom and flexing his muscles, as they wake up to see their father in all of his battle-hardened glory and the twins would wake up, approach their father, and flex back. From there, a wrestling/boxing match would ensue between father and sons before and after breakfast and it would always culminate with Inuyasha, Kenta, and Keita having a laugh. In terms of distinguishing personalities, Kenta is the more large-and-in-charge, outgoing, macho twin while Keita is slightly kinder but still manages to be impulsive yet passionate. Due to their strong personalities, they would end up having skirmishes with each other and it would take the imposing presence of their parents for them to cease and desist. In spite of their skirmishes, they genuinely care for each other and have the strongest bond as twin brothers.   Kaito is a gracious, emphatic, and kind-hearted young man. However, one should be careful not to provoke nor taunt him, as he will unleash his fury all thanks to his brute strength, lightning speed, and unrelenting reflexes. While his older brothers, Kenta and Keita, are usually about muscle, Kaito relies more on tact when it comes to being in battle. He inherits both his mother’s eyes and his father’s features, as well as his mother’s highly-strung nature when it comes to getting things done. He loves nature, cares for every creature he sees, and does not want harm to come into any forest, mountain or natural resource. He was taught by both his father and mother the importance of healing and has, therefore, become reliable in knowing which plants and herbs to use on wounds or illnesses. Even though he is close to his father, he is much closer to his mother, as he finds her firm yet nurturing, soothing and kind. He does enjoy his older brothers’ company but he finds his younger sisters, Momoko and Maya, to be more approachable, thus being in touch with his feminine, sensitive side.   Momoko is an independent, free-spirited, tough young girl who enjoys sparring and does not let her inhibitions hold her back. She’s extremely close to her oldest twin brothers, even though she does tend to find their machismo rather annoying. Whenever Kenta and Keita playfully annoy her, she would always have Kaito by her side, as he shows a great deal of empathy and good cheer. Even though she does have a slightly rough outer shell, she can be sweet and be a bit of a softie to both of her parents and favorite elder brother, Kaito.   Maya is a jovial and flighty young girl who brings light, life, and love to her family. Her sunny attitude certainly makes Maya her mother’s favorite child and she brings a lot of unconditional love to her older siblings and her father. She is very playful to Kenta and Keita to the point where she enjoys…

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Hey, everybody! Antoni, here, with another fan fiction “recommendation”, you will see why I put those quotation marks there later in this post. This time, I am taking a look at an Inuyasha fanfic called A Hint of Hope which was written by darling krash and published on January 29, 2005. It’s rated M. It’s in English and the main pairing is Inuyasha and Ayame. Other characters involved are Kouga, Ginta, Hakkaku, and one random character who appears in the end. I will say this once and I will say this again. I am no InuKag fan in the slightest. I find it annoying whenever Inuyasha and Kagome bicker constantly even though they grow closer to each other, and it does not help matters when Kagome uses the “Sit boy!” command although there were times Inuyasha did not deserve to be punished in such a fashion. There are also times that despite being the main female protagonist and showing some strength and independence as a character, Kagome will at times be the designated damsel in distress probably because the plot seems to demand it. Even at thirteen, I always thought that Inuyasha should be better off with another girl aside from Kagome, who can be as strong, tough, and courageous as Inuyasha. Enter Ayame. Even though she is a filler character and was meant to be Kouga’s bride to be, she certainly has a presence to her which makes her all the more endearing and charming as a character. Yes, she only appeared in a total of four episodes, and spoilers I am not even a fan of KogAya, mostly because Kouga seems to have a lot more interest in Kagome, despite the respective couples being married in Inuyasha: The Final Act. When all is said and done, this is all just a matter of personal tastes so InuKag, InuKik, and KogAya fans please put down your torches and pitchforks. When it comes to shipping Inuyasha and Ayame, there are traits about the both of them which I love. Both Inuyasha and Ayame are strong, tough, capable, battle-ready, fiery, and badass characters with a lot of spirited personalities. Because Ayame has been raised by the white wolf yokai tribe, she was taught to fight at such an early age, and for that, she is respected by her tribe, though Ginta and Hakkaku are rather intimidated by her. In terms of Inuyasha, he grew up in such a harsh environment where both humans and demons repudiated him because of his ********** status, due to the fact that he has a human mother and a Daiyokai father. When one puts two and two together, one has characters like Inuyasha and Ayame who have gone through a lot in their lives, faced many a hardship, and even faced loss and heartbreak, Inuyasha with Kikyo and Ayame with Kouga. In spite of the obstacles, these two remain resilient and headstrong with their goals, Ayame in trying to get Kouga to marry her to reunite their tribes and Inuyasha in obtaining the Shikon no Tama or the Shikon jewel, in order to become a full-fledged yokai. Even more so, these fighters are intrepid enough to go headfirst into battling demons and other evil spirits. I love these two so much as characters, that at times I wish they could’ve been the main couple and let Kagome be paired up with someone as thrill-seeking as Kouga or calculating as Sesshoumaru. It is also a shame that Ayame did not get as many appearances in the TV show, as she was a pretty formidable ally, who was criminally underused. With that rambling out of the way, let’s get on to what I thought about the story. Ayame is sitting by a stream pondering about Inuyasha and Kagome liking each other so much. Kouga appears not to return Ayame’s love, but to scold her for interfering with his obsession with Kagome, and he assaults her. In storms, Inuyasha defends Ayame against Kouga, wards him off, and tends to her wounds and her overall loneliness. During Inuyasha’s stay with Ayame, the two of them become closer, a bit more intimate, and their relationship blossoms even further. All the while, Kouga is all the more obsessed in terms of having a bone to pick with Inuyasha, no pun intended. By and large, the story was pretty well-woven with sufficient interest. As always, I want to spoil neither the climax nor the ending. I will say this about the latter. The ending does make me want to draw fanart of how Inuyasha looked like with his new attire when he returns to Ayame. Okay, I know I have a no-spoiler policy when it comes to doing fanfic or general reading recommendations, but I will give myself the benefit of the doubt, the ending had a nice build up, it was nicely satisfying, and it was lovely to have Inuyasha and Ayame be together. The characters who managed to steal the show for me were Inuyasha and Ayame. Inuyasha does manage to keep his tough-guy personality, though it’s backed up with a chivalrous and noble personality without going too over-the-top with it. He makes sure that Ayame gets not only the protection she needs but the love she so wholeheartedly deserves. Speaking of Ayame, she herself manages to be thoroughly enjoyable as a character. She still keeps her loyal, fierce, and strong personality, but it’s also backed up by some vulnerability to make her all the more human and relatable. Kouga took a level in jerkass in this fanfic. Yes, he was rather villainous in his debut episode when he and his wolves ransacked a village, but he immediately had a 180 when he met Kagome at such a bizarre rate. Here, I actually like how darling krash made him a little bit more villainous in terms of his jealousy, animosity, and obsession to best Inuyasha, and he served his purpose well. The other characters like Ginta, Hakkaku, and a random black wolf yokai serve their…

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