Sogno D’Amore drawn by me

“Vorrei ancora un attimo soltanto per il sogno mio d’amor, Ed io saprei rapirti con il canto dolcissimo del mio cuor. Ma tu non senti questo mio grido e forse non ricordi quando mi stringevi e fra i baci mi sussurravi: “Io no potrò dimenticarlo mai!” Amore mio, sapessi com’è amaro! Qui tutto mi parla ancora di te, Io piango e rido e grido e parlo e tremo, e spero, per non morir! Ma intanto brucia l’anima vibrante nello spasimo, vibrante nello spasimo, e tutto s’accende un sogno d’amor: carezze, baci, estasi che non rivivrò. O bocca amata, o mani che adorai, mai più potrò amar così! O voce cara, o cuor che a me si aprì, perchè, perchè l’amor fini? Amor, amor, amor!” -Sogno d’Amore, Andrea Bocelli after Franz Liszt’s Liebestraum No. 3, S. 541/3, From the album Sentimento recorded between September 30 and October 7, 2000, and released on November 5, 2002 English Translation Courtesy of LyricsTranslate: “I would like just one more moment in my dream of love and I would know how to captivate you with a song The sweetest one of my heart. But you don’t hear this scream of mine And maybe you don’t remember When you held me tight And whispered between kisses: “I will never be able to forget this!” My love, if I knew how bitter it would be! Everything here still speaks of you, I cry and scream and laugh and scream and talk and tremble and hope that I don’t die! But meanwhile my soul burns Vibrantly in spams Vibrantly in spams And everything kindles a dream of love: Caresses, kisses, ecstasy that I won’t relive. Oh beloved mouth, oh hands that once adored, Never again will I be able to love like that! Oh dear voice, oh heart that one opened itself to me Why, why did the love end? Love, love, love!” This piece of Prinack fanart is part of my dearest friend’s Kaitlyn’s aka KatyGorl’s Claim a PPG Pairing Month. Come se dice in italiano, vi piace amici miei. Here we have Jack Spicer and his darling wife Princess Morbucks-Spicer being the absolute lovebirds that they are. If you cannot tell what is transcribed on their shirts, well, Jack’s shirt is translated from its original Italian as “Princess is the queen of my dreams”, while Princess’s is “Jack is the king of my heart”. That is just how much these two tycoons fancy the pants off of each other and I am sure many a Prinack fan cannot have enough of this awesome goodness. Franz Liszt’s Liebestraum has been a childhood favorite of mine mostly because of the gorgeous melodies, tone, feel and how this particular piece of music manages to sweep me off my feet. When it put into to song, especially done by the ever fine Signore Andrea Bocelli, it is an experience that is so worthwhile. So, I give you all Signore Bocelli’s rendition of Sogno D’Amore from his 2002 album Sentimento. Vi piace con ascoltare. I hope you all enjoyed this song as you gaze into the loveliness that is Prinack. See you all in the next submission. Jack Spicer from Xiaolin Showdown belongs to Christy Hui and Kids’ WB. Princess Morbucks from The Powerpuff Girls belongs to Craig McCracken and Cartoon Network.

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Morgen drawn by me

“Und morgen wird die Sonne wieder scheinen und auf dem Wege, den ich gehen werde, wird uns, die Glücklichen sie wieder einen inmitten dieser sonnenatmenden Erde… und zu dem Strand, dem weiten, wogenblauen, werden wir still und langsam niedersteigen, stumm werden wir uns in die Augen schauen, und auf uns sinkt des Glückes stummes Schweigen…” – Morgen Opus 27 Number 4 composed by Richard Strauss, Lyrics and Poem by John Henry Mackay (1864-1933), composed on May 21, 1894. English Translation: “And tomorrow the sun will shine again And on the way which I shall follow She will again unite us lucky ones As all around us the earth breathes in the sun Slowly, silently, we will climb down To the wide beach and the blue waves In silence, we will look in each other’s eyes And the mute stillness of happiness will sink upon us.” This piece of Prinack fanart, which is part of BrickercupMasterX3’s Prinack month, is dedicated to Taylor Wyatt aka Whyboy who will be celebrating his birthday tomorrow. I know this was also supposed to be tomorrow’s submission, but I have so much to do both with my fanart drawing and with school considering that I am about to graduate and head off to university. So, Taylor, may your birthday be ecstatic, energetic, elegant, blessed, and phenomenal. I wish you a lot of joy, love, honor, fame, and prosperity in everything you do as an artist. Wie wir auf deutsch sagen, ich wünsche für deinen besonderen Tag morgen viel Glück, Liebe, Ehre, Ruhm, und Wohlstand in allen, dass du als Künstler tust. Boy, do I happen to make German Lieder fit quite well with two fabulous tycoons like Jack Spicer and his wife Princess Morbucks-Spicer. And I love it! The structure of the music, the nuances of the melodies, and the pristine technique one needs to pull said Lieder off are tasks that easier said than done, but once mastered, one can be on the way to do such musical poetry great justice. Sure, summer may be almost over, but that does not stop either Jack or Princess from enjoying a lovely moment on the beach soaking up that fresh ocean goodness. Plus, I thought Morgen would be a lovely song choice for these two in their most serene moments. That’s why I also gathered five of my most favorite interpreters of Richard Strauss’s Morgen Diana Damrau, Soile Isokoski, Jessye Norman, Fritz Wunderlich, and Jussi Björling. There is something wonderfully special in each of their voices. Whether it would be Diana Damrau’s clean and clear technique, Soile Isokoski’s luminous and glowing tone, Jessye Norman’s plushness and nobility, Fritz Wunderlich’s peerless style or Jussi Björling’s unparalleled musicianship, there’s always something unique in each of these singers that I enjoy tremendously. So, I hope you enjoy listening to these selections as much as you enjoy taking a look at this lovely Prinack fanart. Diana Damrau Soile Isokoski Jessye Norman Fritz Wunderlich Jussi Björling I hope you all enjoyed listening to these five selections as well as this piece of Prinack of fanart. If you have a definitive favorite from each of the five selections of interpreters who sang Richard Strauss’s Morgen, please let me know in the comments below. Until then, as we say in German, alles Liebe und bis bald. Jack Spicer from Xiaolin Showdown belongs to Christy Hui and Kids’ WB. Princess Morbucks from The Powerpuff Girls belongs to Craig McCracken and Cartoon Network.  

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Padam, Padam drawn by me

“Cet air qui m’obsède jour et nuit Cet air n’est pas né d’aujourd’hui Il vient d’aussi loin que je viens Traîné par cent mille musiciens Un jour cet air me rendra folle Cent fois j’ai voulu dire pourquoi Mais il m’a coupé la parole Il parle toujours avant moi Et sa voix couvre ma voix   Padam, padam, padam Il arrive en courant derrière moi Padam, padam, padam Il me fait le coup du souviens-toi Padam, padam, padam C’est un air qui me montre du doigt Et je traîne après moi comme une drôle d’erreur Cet air qui sait tout par cœur   Il dit: “Rappelle-toi tes amours Rappelle-toi puisque c’est ton tour ‘Y a pas d’raison pour qu’tu n’pleures pas Avec tes souvenirs sur les bras” Et moi je revois ceux qui restent Mes vingt ans font battre tambour Je vois s’entrebattre des gestes Toute la comédie des amours Sur cet air qui va toujours   Padam, padam, padam Des “je t’aime” de quatorze-juillet Padam, padam, padam Des “toujours” qu’on achète au rabais Padam, padam, padam Des “veux-tu” en voilà par paquets Et tout ça pour tomber juste au coin d’la rue Sur l’air qui m’a reconnue   Écoutez le chahut qu’il me fait Comme si tout mon passé défilait Faut garder du chagrin pour après J’en ai tout un solfège sur cet air qui bat Qui bat comme un cœur de bois” -Édith Piaf, composed by Norbert Glanzberg, lyrics by Henri Contet, and released in 1951   English Translation: “This tune that haunts me day and night This tune isn’t born of today It comes from as far back as I do Dragged by a hundred thousand musicians One day this tune will drive me mad A hundred times I’ve wanted to say why But it interrupted me It doesn’t let me speak And its voice overwhelms mine   Padam… Padam… Padam… It follows, running behind me Padam… Padam… Padam… It tricks me into remembering you Padam… Padam… Padam… It’s a tune, which like an accusing finger Haunts me like a weird mistake This tune that knows all by heart   It says: “Remember your loves Remember since it’s your turn There’s no reason for you not to cry With your memories held close… “ And me, I look back at those that remain My twenty years of tapping that beat I see between the beats The whole comedy of those loves Accompanied by this tune that always goes…   Padam… Padam… Padam… An “I love you’s” on the fourteenth of July Padam… Padam… Padam… The “forevers” bought at a discount Padam… Padam… Padam… The “Do you want to’s” here by the bundle And all this to bump into the tune That remembers me at the street corner   Listen to the uproar that it causes in me As if all my past were on parade One must save some sorrow for later I have a solfege for this tune that beats… Beats like my wooden heart”   This piece of Prinack fanart, as part of my beloved friend’s BrickercupMasterX3’s Prinack month, is dedicated to Ciara aka LadyMarigold who celebrated her birthday four days ago, Jim Kilpatrick aka Koku-chan who celebrated his birthday yesterday, and SheilaMBrinson and Kay aka transformers3roxCB who are celebrating their birthdays today. So, Ciara, Jim, Sheila, Kay, I wish you a lot of abundance, love, joy, and happiness in everything you do as artists. Comme se dit en francais, je souhaite a vous beaucoup d’abondance, d’amour, de joie et de bonheur dans tout vous faites comme artistes.   Jack and Princess have hit the dance floor once again. This time they are in a ballroom waltzing with such precision to the amazing Édith Piaf’s chanson Padam, Padam, which is about a young woman who has a music-related memory about a lover she had when she was twenty years old. Obviously, these two are rather entranced with the music. So, for your listening pleasure, here is La Grande Madame Édith Piaf singing the passionate and electrifying Padam, Padam.     I hope you all enjoyed this and as we say in French, vous prenez plaisir. Merci beaucoup et a tout a l’heure.   Jack Spicer from Xiaolin Showdown belongs to Christy Hui and Kids’ WB.   Princess Morbucks from Xiaolin Showdown belongs to Craig McCracken and Cartoon Network.

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That Funny Honey of Mine drawn by me

“Sometime’s I’m right Sometime’s I’m wrong But he doesn’t care He’ll String along He loves me so That funny honey of mine   Sometime’s I’m down Sometime’s I’m up But he follows ’round Like some droopy-eyed pup He loves me so That sunny honey of mine   He ain’t no sheik That’s no great physique Lord knows, he ain’t got the smarts   Oh, but look at that soul I tell you, the whole Is a whole lot greater than The sum of his parts   And if you knew him like me I know you’d agree What if the world Slandered my name? Why he’d be right there Taking the blame   He loves me so And it all suits me fine That funny, sunny, honey Hubby of mine   He loves me so That funny honey of mine” – Roxie Hart from Chicago, Composed by John Kander, Lyrics by Fred Ebb, Book by Fred Ebb and Bob Fosse, First Performance on June 3, 1975, at New York’s 46th Street Theater   This piece of Prinack fanart, as part of BrickercupMasterX3’s Prinack month, is dedicated to Eka Ju Wong aka LollyKittyPaws, kou aka kouriiko, Jon aka fanfics4ever, my very good Manic Expression comrade t-kun aka AwkardOddOne, Sam Flemming aka SouthJerseySam, and Nina aka Wickfield who celebrated their birthdays from a few days ago to yesterday. So, I hope you wonderful, splendid, phenomenal, and fantastic artists had a grand birthday. Keep on being as brilliant, innovative, and down-to-earth as you all are. I bless you all and more power to you and to everything you do. I would also love to dedicate this to all of the fine Prinack shippers out there. With that said, sit back, relax, enjoy, and soak in that Prinack goodness.   Here, we have our anti-villainous/anti-heroic couple Jack Spicer and his darling wife Princess Morbucks-Spicer having a serene, sweet, and sentimental moment with each other.   It also helps that the song choice, “Funny Honey” from the Broadway musical Chicago, is a wonderful fit for someone like Princess to dedicate to her significant other Jack. And who better than to perform this ballad than the fine Renée Zellweger, the Roxie Hart I grew up with ever since I was between my tween and teen years and somehow ended up becoming a hardcore Chicago fan when I was all but fourteen years old. So, let’s dig into this song. Maybe you can even imagine Princess singing this to Jack in such a sexy, sensual manner akin to what Madame Zellweger accomplished.     I hope you all enjoyed this and I will see you in the next submission.   Jack Spicer from Xiaolin Showdown belongs to Christy Hui and Kids’ WB.   Princess Morbucks from The Powerpuff Girls belongs to Craig McCracken and Cartoon Network.

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Amor de Cabaret drawn by me

“Siento una pena muy honda dentro del alma y quiero ahogarla con vino y caricias de amor mi vida no tiene remedio perdido ya estoy en este medio maldito de amargura y dolor.   Amor de cabaret que no es sincero amor de cabaret que se paga con dinero amor de cabaret que poco a poco me mata sin embargo yo quiero amor de cabaret.   Amor de cabaret que no es sincero amor de cabaret que se paga con dinero amor de cabaret que poco a poco me mata sin embargo yo quiero amor de cabaret.” – Amor de Cabaret, La Sonora Santanera   English Translation: “I feel a deep pain in my soul and I want to drown it with wine and caresses of love my life does not have a remedy and I am lost in this accursed medium of bitterness and pain.   Cabaret love which is not sincere cabaret love which one pays with money cabaret love which slowly kills me, however, I want cabaret love.   Cabaret love which is not sincere cabaret love which one pays with money cabaret love which slowly kills me, however, I want cabaret love.”   This marks my second Prinack submission, as heralded by my dear friend and fellow DeviantArtist, BrickercupMasterX3, as part of her annual Prinack month. Moreover, I dedicate this piece of Jack Spicer/Princess Morbucks fan art to a fellow DeviantArtist whose birthday was celebrated two days ago, RobotCatArt. So, I hope you had an amazing birthday. I wish you a lot of love, joy, and happiness in your life as an artist and as a person. I also dedicate this to all of the wonderful Prinack shippers out there. With that said, sit back, relax, and enjoy. Como se dice en español, siéntese, relájase y disfrute. Muchísimas gracias.   It’s time for Jack Spicer and his lovely, feisty wife Princess Morbucks-Spicer to get swanky, get their moves and groove on to some tango music, and look fabulous doing so. As one can tell, they are definitely enjoying themselves.   As for the song choice, I am an official fan of Amor de Cabaret composed and sung by the fine people of La Sonora Santanera. I first heard the Edith González version when she sang it in the telenovela Salomé and I was hooked. So, I also hope you enjoy the original version, as you imagine Jack and Princess doing their dance.     Well, I hope you all enjoyed this and as we say in Spanish, hasta la próxima, os deseo un verano maravilloso y Dios los bendiga a todos ustedes.   Jack Spicer from Xiaolin Showdown belongs to Christy Hui and Kids’ WB.   Princess Morbucks from The Powerpuff Girls belongs to Craig McCracken and Cartoon Network.

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The Bonnie and Clyde of Fighting Tournaments drawn by me

This piece of Prinack art, which is part of my dearest friend BrickercupMasterX3’s Prinack month, is dedicated to a fellow reviewer on YouTube and fellow DeviantArtist, Rachel LS Charman aka EyeOfSol, who celebrated her birthday yesterday. She makes amazing animated series and movie reviews, so, please do yourselves a favor and check out her channel. She has great content to offer and she has been one of my biggest inspirations thus far. So, Rachel, I hope you had a most blessed, prosperous, wonderful, and grand birthday and here’s to many more awesome years of being the great reviewer and artist that you are. I would also love to dedicate this to all of the wonderful shippers of Prinack. I hope you all enjoy this.   I came across Jack Spicer and Princess Morbucks as a couple thanks to all of the fanart done especially by the talented and absolutely phenomenal Miss PrincessCallyie. I will admit that the in-universe side of me thought that either Bud Smith/Princess Morbucks, Mitch Mitchelson/Princess Morbucks, or even Jack Spicer/Dyris were far more plausible couples. However, after doing some reflecting and some rethinking, I can safely come to the conclusion that since an über-wealthy young lady like Princess Morbucks has extremely high standards for her choice of boys, so Mitch and Bud are totally out of the question and Jack Spicer has terrible luck with women given his experiences with Kimiko, Katnappé, and Dyris. When all is said and done, these two extravagant tycoons might as well find love through each other.   As you can tell from this picture, are almost like the Townsville version of Tekken’s Lee Chaolan and Anna Williams given their attire and given how much they would use their money to get themselves out of any sticky situation, in spite of the fact that they are also fighters themselves.   For Jack’s outfit, I managed to maintain his signature goggles and, of course, his trademark style of wearing black. However, I also added in a few touches like giving his greyish-black shirt a silver skull to make a little bit more imposing, even though he is far from it, and silver boots with gold spikes.   Princess Morbucks’s outfit was rather enjoyable to do, especially given my experience on watching my most favorite episode starring her, Stuck Up, Up and Away, which I loved when I was a seven-year-old and I still love it to this very day. I often compared Blossom’s and Princess’s epic battle to the heated sibling rivalry between Nina and Anna. Blossom almost reminded me of Nina Williams given her cool, calm, collected attitude in said battle, while Princess was almost like the split image of who Anna Williams was in terms of her fiery disposition. For that, I was rather inspired by Anna’s outfit to the point where I kept Princess’s signature colors of yellow, purple, and black.   Speaking of colors, purple is considered to be a royal color and silver and gold are basically color representing wealth. So, I thought that these would go hand-in-hand with everything Jack and Princess represent both individually and as a couple.   Now that that’s out of the way, let’s find out how the now 31-year-old Jack Spicer and the now 25-year-old Princess Morbucks came to be as an item and as wealthy owners of Townsville’s grandest fighting tournament organization.   One can say it was fate that brought Jack and Princess together. One can say it was God, the Universe, or some higher power who beckoned these two worldly souls and told them that it was time to get their butts out of their mansions and go out into the world and find someone to make love to. Trials and tribulations were omnipresent, but despite all of the obstacles, they found each other.   Jack Spicer was the type gentleman who inherited a lot of things that would make the common folk jealous ranging from abundant wealth to the ability to create and design robots for his robot army to his undying ambition to rule the world. In spite of all of these goals, dreams, ambitions and what have you, there was one thing he was a failure at and that was attracting the opposite sex all due to his cowardice, inability to be a strong fighter, and just an overall case of bad luck. Katnappé was just too spicy for him in terms of her overly mischievous attitude and he could not stand her being such a magnificent nuisance. Kimiko did not want anything to do with him, given how peeved she would be every time she saw him. Moreover, there was that one time Jack had a go with Dyris.   Sure, their first encounter was akin to a fairy-tale, as if Jack were the prince and Dyris his princess and they hit it off well. However, Dyris had one dark goal and that was to take away Jack from land and have him all to herself. She did so by attempting to drown him. Luckily for Jack, Wuya and Chase Young ended up saving him, but also called him out for being stupid enough to fall for such a manipulative creature like Dyris. Eventually, Wuya made sure that Dyris either stayed as a mermaid or a human by giving her a potion that will eliminate the monstrous side of her and can only use her mermaid powers. The monster inside Dyris was eliminated and she then decided to settle for Clay Bailey, who was really forgiving after everything she did.   Princess Morbucks was the girl who had everything so long as her father gives it to her. However, there was one thing that even money could not even buy and that was being a Powerpuff Girl like the Utonium sisters, Blossom, Buttercup, Bubbles, and Bunny. Her jealousy of the Utonium sisters heightened when the reformed Rowdyruff Boys ended up joining forces with the Powerpuff Girls becoming the superhero team, Team Xtreme. Every time,…

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