Muscles of Steel and Will of Iron drawn by me

This Powerpuff super couples fanart is dedicated to a fine fellow DeviantArtist who is also a very great friend and supporter and always leaves wonderful comments on my works, the one and the only Dolo aka PowerpuffObsessed. So, Dolo, I wish you a most amazing, thrilling, prosperous, and blessed birthday and I also wish you abundant blessings and joy in your work as an artist. In turn, I dedicate this piece of Powerpuff couples fanart to all of the wonderful shippers of Brickercup, Blossutch, Bunnitch, and Boomubbles. Enjoy.   Quick question. What happens when you combine four studly, powerful, badass muscle dude brothers like Brick, Butch, Mitch, and Boomer with four gorgeous, tough, elegant, and sassy sisters like Buttercup, Blossom, Bunny, and Bubbles? Why you get four grand power couples who exude strength, confidence, fierceness, and bravery in everything they do as superheroes. Yes, Mitch may not be Brick’s, Butch’s, and Boomer’s brother, but I would love to think of him as their brother from another mother and their all-time closest friend and ally.   So, we have Brick, Butch, Mitch, and Boomer doing the most muscular pose and being the strong muscle hunks that they are and their darling wives Buttercup, Blossom, Bunny, and Bubbles being rather calculating and fierce showing why neither they nor their husbands should be messed with. Isn’t that right?   Buttercup, Blossom, Bunny, and Bubbles: Absolutely.   Buttercup: Besides, my Brickster here, is in great command of his buff, studly body like a true warrior king. That’s why I’m more than happy to have this guy as my hubby.   Brick: Aw…BC, you are the greatest wife a man like me could ever have.   Buttercup: Thanks, Brick.   Brick: My pleasure, babe.   Blossom: Well, my dearest Butch, is raw fortitude and animal power incarnate. He truly lives up to the mantra “beast mode engaged”.   Butch: Bloss, you are a goddess.   (Blossom kisses Butch on the cheek and he blushes euphorically.)   Bunny: My darling Mitch may be a normie, but he has enough muscle to beat up any baddie out there.   Mitch: My rock-hard muscles and I wanna thank you so much for that compliment, Bunny Rabbit.   Bunny: You’re welcome, Mitchie.   Bubbles: Last but not least is my big, strong, handsome, and sweet Boomie. I don’t just love seeing his muscles but I love touching them too. I can tell he, Brick, Butch, and Mitch work so hard to keep such godly physiques.   Boomer: Aw shucks, Bubs. You always bring sunshine every day.   There you have it. The Utonium sisters are totally lucky to have big, strong, powerful, muscular husbands like Brick, Butch, Mitch, and Boomer. So, any birthday greetings for our dear friend, PowerpuffObsessed?   Brick: Since we’re the gentlemen here, we’ll let our wives go first.   Butch: After all, ladies first is always our mantra. Ain’t that right, guys?   Mitch and Boomer: Yeah.   Buttercup: Well, all right. Yo, Dolo, we hope you have an amazing birthday today.   Blossom: The dedication you have to your work is astounding.   Bunny: We hope to see you create some more amazing things.   Bubbles: And keep up the great work.   Blossom: Now, girls, let’s let our husbands take the floor. They have something special.   Brick: Thanks, partner.   Blossom: Anytime, partner. Now show her what you got.   (Brick, Butch, Mitch, and Boomer fall in line while Buttercup, Blossom, Bunny, and Bubbles depart.)   Brick: This is how we buff guys say happy birthday in beast mode.   (Brick hunches to do the crab-style version of the most muscular pose.)   Brick: Nnnnnnnnnnngggggggghhhhrrrrrrrrr…..!!!!!   (Butch does the same pose as Brick.)   Butch: Nnnnnnnnngggggghrrrroooooaaaar!!!!!!!!!!   (As does Mitch.)   Mitch: Nnnnngggggghhhrrrr….!!!!!   (As does Boomer.)   Boomer: Hnnnnnngggggggghhhh….!!!!   (All four of them group together in this pose with wide grins on their faces and furrowed eyebrows.)   Brick, Butch, Mitch, and Boomer: Grrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!   (Brick then shoves Butch, Mitch, and Boomer, as he stands back up erect.)   Brick: Don’t mess with the boss.   (Brick beats his fist to his chest, as Butch, Mitch, and Boomer tackle and tickle him and they laugh.)   Brick: Okay, dudes. I tap out.   Butch: You mean it, brah?   Brick: Yeah!   Boomer: Okay, bro.   (Butch, Mitch, and Boomer let Brick go.)   Brick: Well, PowerpuffObsessed, we hope you enjoyed your birthday gift.   Butch: Let’s just say that our muscles wanna thank you for being here.   Mitch: Keep on rockin’, baby.   Boomer: We hope to see you again real soon.   Brick, Butch, Mitch, and Boomer: Take care and stay fit.   Wow! Thanks for that awesome piece of entertainment. So, PowerpuffObsessed as well as all of my beloved comrades in shipping Brickercup, Blossutch, Bunnitch, and Boomubbles, I hope you all enjoyed this post and this picture and see you all on the flipside.   Brick, Butch, Mitch, Boomer, Buttercup, Blossom, Bunny, and Bubbles from The Powerpuff Girls belong to Craig McCracken and Cartoon Network.

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The Brickubbles Flashbacks: Rekindling and Renewal drawn by me

This Brickubbles Month submission, as spearheaded by my dear friend BrickercupMasterX3, is dedicated to a fellow DeviantArtist by the name of StrayF0rk whose birthday was celebrated yesterday. So, StrayF0rk, I hope you had a pleasant birthday and I wish you a lot of amazing things as a fellow artist.   This second part of The Brickubbles High School Flashback was certainly long in the making. It took a lot of conceptualizing and figuratively banging my head how Brick’s and Bubbles’ journey in adolescence was going to end. So, here’s the final part of their time in High School. The pairings involved here are Brick x Bubbles (Brickubbles), Boomer x Bubbles (Boomubbles), Brick x Buttercup (Brickercup), Butch x Blossom (Blossutch), and Mitch x Bunny (Bunnitch). This flashback still takes place in the summer of 2009, though spanning from July to August.   There comes a time where relationships are either repaired or newly beginning. A repaired relationship is great, especially when you know that both life partners can start fresh and keep going with their lives together. A new relationship after experiencing the pangs of a breakup is just as great, as the past is left behind and what needs to be considered is the future. How does everything wrap up well in such a nice package? Submitted for the approval of The Brickubbles Flashbacks, I call this story Rekindling and Renewal. Brick, Bubbles, you have the floor.   Brick and Bubbles: Thanks, Antoni.   Brick: Hey, Bubs, remember that rabbit girl stuffed doll I gave to you when we were at the amusement park down at the pier?   Bubbles: Yeah, I gave it to Brittany as a hand-me-down. She and Birdie love to share it too. Plus, that doll kind of reminded me of the imaginary friend Blossom, Buttercup, and I had to create to fight off Patches.   Brick: Who’s Patches?   Bubbles: Oh, he was Mike’s ex-imaginary friend. Poor Mike got blamed for all of the mishaps when it was actually Patches who caused mayhem. It was up to me and my sisters to think up our own imaginary friend to combat him.   Brick: Wow! How are Mike and Robin these days?   Bubbles: They’re doing really well. Mike’s a child psychologist and Robin’s an English Literature teacher working on their PhDs. Boomie and I paid them a visit and we even spent some time with their three children, Sarah, Cayden, and Michelle. They are such darlings.   Brick: Glad to hear. Like I said, I cannot even believe we dated each other. How did Boomer feel about it?   Bubbles: He put that all behind him   Brick: That’s good. Because the last thing I could’ve done was hurt him so bad.   Bubbles: Yeah.   (Flashback to July 2009 begins. The then seventeen-year-old Brick and the then fifteen-year-old Bubbles are at the amusement park down at the pier.)   Brick: Here we are, Bubs. We got the whole day to ourselves.   Bubbles: That’s for sure, Brick. I don’t even know what ride we should go on first. And that makes me even more excited!   Brick: Well what are we waiting for let’s go!   (Montage of Brick and Bubbles in the amusement park rides, akin to Beastboy’s and Terra’s amusement park date from the original Teen Titans, begins. Brick and Bubbles are first seen on a rollercoaster called The Sharpshooter. Brick is clearly enjoying the thrill of the ride while Bubbles is rather terrified, to say the least. After that, they are riding on bumper cars laughing. Following that is photo taking time at the photo booth where Brick and Bubbles are making silly faces and choose the best photos including the one that is shown. Brick participates in a game where throws a baseball at five metal bottles and all three tries have ended up being successful to the point where he gets a rabbit girl stuffed doll, which looks like the Powerpuff Girls’ imaginary friend from the episode Imaginary Fiend. Bubbles hugs Brick tightly and he blushes. They walk arm in arm to the Ferris wheel, where they watch the sunset together.)   Bubbles: It was such a great day, wasn’t it Brick?   Brick: Sure was, Bubs. Who knew it’s been a week since we went out as you know…   Bubbles: Boyfriend and girlfriend?   Brick (somberly): Yeah.   Bubbles: Is everything okay?   Brick: Yeah, everything’s cool. I think I’m kinda hungry after all the rides we went to.   Bubbles: Me too.   Brick: I know an awesome burger joint where we can have dinner. They don’t just serve beef burgers, but also chicken, turkey, and even fish burgers. What do you say to that?   Bubbles: I think I would love that.   (Cut to the boardwalk, specifically at the restaurant Fish McFood, the same place where Brick, Butch, and Boomer were causing a ruckus and getting their burgers from the episode Boy Toys. The place as of 2009 looked a lot more stylized in comparison to the 1998 design, especially evidenced in the restaurant logo, as it has flashing lights. Inside the restaurant, Brick is munching down on a quarter pounder with cheddar cheese, applewood-smoked bacon, onions, lettuce, tomato, sriracha and mayo sauce, and gherkins, while Bubbles is munching down on a salmon burger with avocado, onions, Romaine lettuce, and aioli. They even share a bowl of cajun fries, which they also managed to munch down.)   Brick: This place brings back a lot of memories. I can’t believe my brothers and I were such monstrous little crapheads back then wrecking the place.   Bubbles: I know, but that was then. You guys just didn’t have a great role model until Miss Bellum came. And look at you. You’re the most popular, handsome, well-rounded guy in Townsville High, Butch is the superathlete alongside Buttercup, and, well, Boomer, he’s the most talented and most loved guy in school.   Brick: Wow. Thanks, Bubs, you really…

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Four Blissful Powerpuffs and their Dear Husbands drawn by me

This Powerpuff Girls OTPs fan art is dedicated to a fellow DeviantArtist, WildGirl91 who celebrated her birthday yesterday. So, Silvia, I hope you had a most pleasant birthday and as you say in Italian, tanti auguri a te e tutto la mia felicitá e gioia per te. Spero ti piaccia il mio regalo. I also wanna dedicate this to all of the Brickercup, Blossutch, Bunnitch, and Boomubbles shippers out there, as I put in a lot of effort and time to not only make this birthday gift for one of my fellow DeviantArtists but also for you wonderful people. You all know who you are and I hope you enjoy this too.   My dear viewers, if you did not already get the hint, I am a major shipper and fan of Brickercup (Brick x Buttercup), Blossutch (Butch x Blossom), Bunnitch (Mitch x Bunny), and Boomubbles (Boomer x Bubbles). These four are my most beloved OTPs of all time and I am here to show my undying passion for these four lovely couples. By the way, the ages for these couples are as follows.   Brickercup (Brick x Buttercup) Brick Green, aged 26 Buttercup Utonium-Green, aged 25   Blossutch (Butch x Blossom) Butch Green, aged 26 Blossom Utonium-Green, aged 25   Bunnitch (Mitch x Bunny) Mitch Mitchelson, aged 26 Bunny Utonium-Mitchelson, aged 24   Boomubbles (Boomer x Bubbles) Boomer Green, aged 26 Bubbles Utonium-Green, aged 24   With that said, let’s proceed.   Brickercup (Brick x Buttercup) There is always something amazingly plausible and cool about this particular mixed-colored pairing. One is the fact that Brick’s large-and-in-charge personality can mesh really well with Buttercup’s feisty, mischievous, and snarky attitude, which is something I find really endearing about Brickercup. The other is how someone like Brick can be able to be the roguish charmer that he is and soothe Buttercup’s temper tantrums in his own way by being cool and not giving himself into shouting matches, even though they can occur between these two though it’s just their form of tough love.   As fighters, they would definitely complement each other. Brick can teach Buttercup new, intense, and interesting moves while Buttercup would be easily fascinated by Brick’s combat prowess, strength, and the command he has over his movements, thus making him a most admirable fighter in her eyes. Therefore, she would learn a lot from him.   Let’s also not forget that when Brick’s ego gets the best of him, Buttercup would always be the one to shrink it down to size by being the direct person that she is and calling him out on his crap.   Through everything they do as a couple, there will never, ever be a dull moment, as everything they do will be filled to the brim with excitement, figurative fireworks, and oodles of passion that these two have not only for combat but for looking out for each other with all of their beings. Speaking of combat, they would definitely form the tightest duo especially when it comes to fighting off criminals, thus making them such a great asset.   Outside of crime-fighting, they would be doing such fun activities like Dance Dance Revolution, doing sports, and many other physical activities, thus getting a kick out of each other with this electrifying synergy.   When it comes to having a family, Brick would be the strong, cool dad and Buttercup would be the tough mom who ensures that her kids are safe and well-disciplined.   Blossutch (Butch x Blossom) I cannot begin to describe how utterly fascinating this color crack pairing really is. On the surface, it’s the classic case of the strong bad boy pairing up with the smart bookworm of a good girl. Real life implications may show the consequences of such a relationship like this, but I can defend this pairing on what I find so plausible about it.   Butch is essentially this person with insurmountable strength, abundant fighting spirit, lots of determination, but also has the tendency to be easily ticked when one pushes his buttons and does not always have self-control where it is needed. On the other hand, Blossom is an articulate, intelligent, clever, diplomatic, and gorgeous seraph of a young woman who has enough patience and savviness to deal with someone as unpredictable and wild as Butch. What makes them complement each other is that Butch is strength and raw power incarnate while Blossom has strength, tact, and structure wrapped up in one gorgeous package.   Once they face each other, they would automatically acknowledge each others’ strengths and weaknesses and they would help each other become not only better fighters but also better overall people. Butch would indubitably fancy the pants off of Blossom’s combat prowess, strength, and impeccable reflexes but he would also call her out on using her head way too much when fighting is about instinct and having this primal urge to spot an opponent’s weakness. Blossom would absolutely acknowledge Butch’s raw animalistic instincts and brute strength thanks to being the muscle in this relationship, which would come in handy whenever she gets injured or ambushed, but she would also call him out on his lack of self-control.   This is where meditation is put to great use for both Butch and Blossom, as they would do this and yoga on a ritualistic basis, thus ensuring a healthy synergy and balance to occur in the body, in the mind, and in the soul. Through activities like meditation and yoga, Butch and Blossom would be able to not only gain a further awareness of their surroundings both external and internal, but they would also see another side to each other. Butch would be able to see a Blossom who is warm, sympathetic, nurturing, and kind and not just this uptight, highly-strung person. In turn, Blossom would see a Butch who is sympathetic, kind, protective, loyal, and strong in mind, body, and spirit and not just this bloodhound who is constantly itching for…

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Have a Flex-tacular Fourth of July drawn by me

The first panel on the upper left side (Brick x Buttercup or Brickercup) Brick: Yo! The name’s Brick. (He flexes his left bicep.) And I’m the muscle wall you can never bludgeon. The raven-haired cutie here is my queen, Buttercup, or as I would love to call her, BC or Butterbabe. Buttercup: Yup, that’s my Brickster. The most awesome and coolest hubby I have!   The second panel on the upper right side (Butch x Blossom or Blossutch) Butch: ‘Sup, peeps! The name’s Butch. And you wanna know why my biceps go berserk? (Butch flexes his biceps.) Grrrr…It’s because I got the greatest babe by my side, Blossom or Blossy. Blossom: Oh, Butch, you really are a charmer and an equally great husband. Truly the definition of the strongest and most elegant man I have in my life.   The third panel on the lower left side (Mitch x Bunny or Bunnitch) Mitch: Waddup! Name’s Mitch. (He flexes his right bicep.) And I’m hard as a rock. My wifey, Bunny Rabbit, can attest to that. Bunny (touching Mitch’s bicep): Why yes. You definitely know how to put those muscles of yours to work, Mitchie.   The fourth panel on the lower right side (Boomer x Bubbles or Boomubbles) Boomer: Hey! Name’s Boomer. (He flexes his pectoral muscles.) And my pecs go boom boom whenever I see milady, Bubbles, smile. Bubbles: Oh, my handsome Boomie! I’m the luckiest girl in the whole world to have someone like you.   Finale Brick: I’m Brick. Buttercup: I’m Buttercup. Butch: I’m Butch. Blossom: I’m Blossom. Mitch: I’m Mitch. Bunny: I’m Bunny. Boomer: I’m Boomer. Bubbles: And I’m Bubbles. Brick, Butch, Mitch, Boomer, Blossom, Buttercup, Bubbles, and Bunny: And we wanna wish you a HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!!! WOOHOOHOO!!!   Here we have Townsville’s and in Mitch’s and Bunny’s case Citysville’s all-American heroes having a great time at the beach and enjoying the surf on the Fourth of July. There’s nothing more enjoyable than seeing my most beloved OTPs of all time, Brickercup, Blossutch, Bunnitch, and Boomubbles, looking phenomenal and being the power couples that they are.   My main source of inspiration to make this was Soraya7’s Fun in the Sun, which was a piece of work I totally love. I will admit that I am rather envious of how she was able to make Brick, Butch, and Boomer look so hunky and handsome and Blossom, Buttercup, and Bubbles look so gorgeous, and I wish I could make them all as attractive as she did. I really love her work to bits and you should go check it out. After taking a gander at that awesome piece of work, I decided to remix it by giving my piece of fan art not only a summer feel but also something that screams Fourth of July pride though not as blatantly obvious. So, I want to thank Soraya for her great RRB/PPG fanart, I hope she continues to do more of that in the future, and, Soraya, I wish you a most blessed Fourth of July.   I would also love to give my warmest Fourth of July greetings to all of the wonderful shippers and fanart specialists of Brickercup, Blossutch, Bunnitch, and Boomubbles. You all know who you are and I am wholly grateful for everything you have contributed so far. May your summer as well as your Fourth of July be splendid and may you celebrate this very special day with joy in your hearts.   Brick, Butch, Mitch, Boomer, Blossom, Buttercup, Bubbles, and Bunny from The Powerpuff Girls belong to Craig McCracken and Cartoon Network.

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The Mitchelson Family: Ten Years into the Future drawn by me

My final Bunnitch month submission for this year, as pioneered by BrickercupMasterX3, is dedicated to a phenomenal DeviantArtist, Mythiril, who was celebrating his birthday yesterday. So, I hope you enjoy this present I have for you and I wish you a blessed, awesome, and great birthday. I figured that my final Bunnitch month submission for this year would be the theme of what would Mitch, Bunny, and their kids look like ten years later. Well, this is what I came up with. It’s the year 2028 and Citysville is now a properly functioning city ranking highly alongside Townsville. The economy is thriving, politics seem to be a lot more organized and less corrupt than before, and everything, in general, is booming. Sure, there is still the occasional crime going on, but with Team Xtreme, Mitch the Persecutor, Bunny the Bouncing Mountain, and their offspring on the job to stop it dead in its tracks, both Townsville and Citysville are at peace altogether. Mitch Mitchelson, now aged 36, still has his gig as The Persecutor. When he is not fighting crime in this guise, he is a stay-at-home-dad as well as a writer. His memoir “From Trailer Park Punk to Avenging Hero” won international accolades to the point of becoming a bestseller. In terms of his duty as a father, he consistently makes sure that his children do not fall into the same trap as he did several years ago. Moreover, he ensures that his children do their homework regularly, do their chores, and even help him and Bunny with the crimefighting. He continues to keep in touch with Brick, Butch, and Boomer, as he always stated that these three were and will always be his best friends and brothers from another mother. Bunny Utonium-Mitchelson, now aged 34, continues to be the Bouncing Mountain every citizen knows and loves and criminals fear due to her transforming into her hulk form. Outside of her superhero duties, she is a Middle School English literature teacher, given the fact that she loves all types of literature and her experience with working at a bookstore during her college years. As a mother, she continues to ensure a nurturing home for her children as well as stability and discipline. She also continues to keep in touch with her beloved sisters, Blossom, Buttercup, and Bubbles, thus ensuring the familial lines of communication to be consistently open. The now twelve-year-old Ryan Kendall Mitchelson has taken some of Mitch’s mouthy nature but without being such a jerk. He consistently wears a tough side as a means to show that he is not one to be easily frightened. On the inside, Ryan is a kind and helpful soul not only to his family but also to everyone around him, even though he does not always like to show it in spades. As someone who is partially superhuman, he bears super speed, super strength, great reflexes, and, of course, flight. He also bears the power to transform into his Hulk form like his mother, but he still needs to learn the essence of controlling such an awesome power. Outside of his superhero activities, he is on Citysville Middle School’s soccer team and is the MVP. His favorite school subjects are PE, Biology, Spanish, and English. Moreover, he considers Brick and Butch to be his favorite uncles, as he always flies over to Team Xtreme headquarters to train with them in the art of self-defense. The now eleven-year-old Pauline Clara Mitchelson is an absolute darling on the outside. However, if one dares to push her buttons, she will be the one to beat the absolute stuffing out of that individual. She continues to make great use of those cymbal-like claps in order to stop villains dead in their tracks. Additionally, she has her supersonic scream akin to her aunt Bubbles. In terms of transforming into her Hulk form, she is more controlled. Outside of her duties as a superheroine, she is an artist in every single way. In her middle school, she is a staunch member of the Drama club, the Arts club, and the Glee club. It is said that she has a stirring, high soprano voice which is not only useful in chorus numbers but also solo performances. Pauline’s favorite subjects are Mathematics, History, Drama, Arts, Spanish, French, and English. Moreover, she considers Boomer to be her favorite uncle because of how kind and supportive he is and Blossom, Buttercup, and Bubbles to be her favorite aunts given the many stories her mother would tell Pauline about her sisters. The Mitchelson clan continues to go strong. One cannot help but be proud of Mitch and Bunny for achieving more than they can gain throughout the years and, of course, Ryan and Pauline for doing solid jobs not only as young superheroes but also as pretty good students and valuable members of society as a whole. Well, ladies and gentlemen, this marks my final Bunnitch month submission of this year. I had an absolute blast participating in this and I would love to thank my dear friend and fellow DeviantArtist, Paula aka BrickercupMasterX3, for giving me the opportunity to take part in this really special month. Truth be told, before I became a Mitch/Bunny or Bunnitch fan, I used to ship Mitch Mitchelson with Princess Morbucks because of the fact they were essentially freckle-faced, mouthy, bratty smegheads, for lack of a better word. Sure, I was only fifteen years old when I got introduced to this pairing and I thought it was kind of cute even before I thought about shipping Mitch with Bunny. However, now as an adult of twenty-six years old, I can attest that Mitch/Princess is a toxic pairing which will not last for a long time. This was also why I had to put that little “subplot” of Mitch formerly dating Princess during their tween and teen years in my first Bunnitch entry because now I acknowledge how fatal and emotionally draining their sham of a relationship…

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Quiero Amanecer con Alguien drawn by me

“Que sensación extraña Que soledad tan larga La luna que me llama Amor que me reclama, que mágico poder Estaba yo distante Pero hoy quiero volver Volver a enamorarme A compartir con alguien todo lo que hay en mi Quiero amanecer con alguien Que en la lucha por regirme me seduzca Que separe bien mi cuerpo de mi mente Que sepa como amarme, que no quiera cambiarme Quiero amanecer con alguien Que me intuya solamente con mirarle Que me busque al sentirse vulnerable Que sepa como amarme, que no quiera cambiarme Y mi razón se calla, mi corazón le llama No quiere mas ausencias, y busca una presencia Que lo haga aun latir Que importa lo que pase Que importa lo que fui Porque la vida es una Y aun contra corriente yo quiero proseguir Quiero amanecer con alguien Cuya fuerza me defienda de mis dudas Que no rompa mis silencios con preguntas Que sepa como amarme, que no quiera cambiarme Quiero amanecer con alguien Que en las noches se confunda con mi sombra Que comprenda que explicarse esta de sobra Que sepa como amarme, que no quiera cambiarme.” -Quiero Amanecer con Alguien, Daniela Romo and Bebu Silvetti, 1989 English Translation: “What a strange feeling What loneliness The moon that calls me Love that claims me, what magical power. I was distant But today I want to go back To falling in love again To share with someone everything in me. I want to wake up with someone That the struggle to rule me, seduce me That separates my body well from my mind That knows how to love me, that does not want to change me. I want to wake up with someone That I intuited only by looking at him That look for me when feeling vulnerable That he knows how to love me, that I do not want to change. And my reason is silent, my heart calls It does not want more absences And searches for a presence Let it still be beating What does it matter? What does it matter what I went Why is life one? And even against the current, I want to continue. I want to wake up with someone Whose strength defends me from my doubts That does not break my silences with my doubts That he knows how to love me I do not want to change. I want to wake up with someone That at night be confused with my shadow That he understands that explaining is superfluous That he knows how to love me I do not want to change.” This Bunnitch month submission as spearheaded by BrickercupMasterX3 is dedicated to AyosDesignz who just celebrated her birthday yesterday. So, I hope you enjoy this piece of Mitch/Bunny fan art and I hope you had a magnificent, blessed, wonderful and great birthday. Keep up the good work and stay awesome. After a long day of stopping criminals in Citysville, it’s time for our beloved vigilantes Mitch and his darling wife Bunny to have a quiet moment together. Isn’t it sweet and wonderful to have a couple like this stick together through thick and thin and go against all odds? I think I answered my own question. It’s safe to say that Mitch will always be there for Bunny and vice versa. In sickness and in health, for better or for worse, and in everything they do. By the way, here’s the music video with the phenomenal Daniela Romo. So, I am sure listening to this song while looking at this picture will certainly emit an emotional experience. Mitch Mitchelson and Bunny Utonium from The Powerpuff Girls belong to Craig McCracken and Cartoon Network.

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Gira con Me drawn by me

“Il mondo gira con me questa notte Piccoli passi che faccio con te Seguo il tuo cuore e seguo la luna Così nascosta lontana da me Il mondo gira con noi questa notte Ah, esistesse lontano da qui Un posto dove scoprire il mio cuore Sapere se lui può amare ti o no E girera e girerà Il cuore mio assieme a te E girerà la terra Girerà la mia vita E un giorno lui si, si caprirà Sei tu che giri con me questa notte Sei tu che giri lontana da qui Ma si io so che tu sei la mia luna Qualcosa mostri qualcosa no Ci sono strade azzurre nel cielo Ci sono occhi e il cielo e già lì Si questo credo cesiano le stelle Ah, se potessi fermarmi così E girerà e girerà Il cuore mio lontan da te E girerà la terra Girerà la mia vita E un giorno lui si, si caprirà Cuore e già lontano Si tu sei la luna Potessi scoprirlo nel cielo E girera e girera Si girera il cuore mio Girera il la terra Girera la mia vita Un giorno lui si, si caprirà Un giorno lui sì, ti caprirà” – Gira con Me, originally sung by Josh Groban and composed by Walter Afanasieff, David Foster, Lucio Quarantotto, 2001 English Translation: “The world turns with me tonight Small steps that I make with you I follow your heart and I follow the moon So hidden far from me. The world turns with us tonight Ah, if only far from here there existed A place where to discover my heart, To know if it can love you or not. And it will turn and it will turn My heart together with you And the earth will turn And my life will turn And one day, yes, it will understand. It’s you who turns with me tonight It’s you who turns far from here But I know that you are my moon Something you show, something you don’t. There are blue streets in the sky There are eyes, and the sky is already there Yes, I believe they are the stars Ah, if I could stop myself like this. And it will turn and it will turn My heart together with you And the earth will turn And my life will turn And one day, yes, it will understand. Heart already far away Yes, you are the moon If only I could discover it in the sky. And it will turn and it will turn Yes it will turn, this heart of mine And the earth will turn And my life will turn And one day, yes, it will understand And one day, yes, it will understand you.” I want to dedicate today’s Bunnitch month submission, as spearheaded by BrickercupMasterX3, to Edward Marmet aka Death-Driver-5000 who is celebrating his birthday today. So, Ed, I hope you have a most pleasant and awesome birthday and I also hope you enjoy this piece of Mitch/Bunny fan art. A night under the golden stars and the full silver moon is certainly ideal for this power couple to spend an evening to remember and that is for sure. There are no disturbances, no clutter, and no calamities. It’s just a loving couple kissing under the magical night sky. I was really inspired by the Josh Groban song of the same name to make this picture come to life. On a personal note, I first studied this song, Gira con Me, when I was fourteen going on fifteen years old. To this day, it holds a very special place in my heart because of how I was taught how to sing something like this in the classical bel-canto style and I have my former voice teacher to thank so much. So, here’s the original version of the song with Josh Groban and I also hope you enjoy listening to it while also taking a look at the picture. I believe it really helps. With that said, Ed, I hope you enjoyed and take care. Mitch Mitchelson and Bunny Utonium from The Powerpuff Girls belong to Craig McCracken and Cartoon Network.

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I Almost Lost You drawn by me

Today’s Bunnitch month submission as spearheaded by BrickercupMasterX3 is dedicated to a fellow DeviantArtist, Advanced-Dorkness, who is going to celebrate her birthday tomorrow. So, Advanced-Dorkness, I hope you will have a great celebration and I hope you enjoy this overall post.   (Mitch and Bunny have just got back from a skirmish with some thugs. Prior to what happened, Bunny transformed into her hulk form when she was severely battered by some thugs. One of the thugs knocked Mitch out cold, thus accelerating her overall transformation. After what transpired, Mitch woke up and saw a badly battered Bunny. He took her in his arms and wept.)   Mitch: Oh, Bun. Please don’t leave me. You can’t go just yet!   (Mitch’s tears fall on Bunny’s face. She wakes up faintly on his arms.)   Bunny: M…M…Mitch?   Mitch: Bunny. Thank God you’re okay. I thought I lost you.   Bunny: It’s okay, Mitch, I did what I can.   (Bunny notices Mitch’s teary face and a sad smile.)   Bunny: Mitch, why are you still crying? I’m still here, you know.   Mitch: It’s just that I have someone to protect. And that someone is you.   Bunny: Oh, Mitch.   Mitch: Come on. I’ll carry you home.   Narrator: Oh, how touching to see such a beautiful, caring couple like this. So, once again the day is saved. Thanks to Mitch the Persecutor and Bunny the Bouncing Mountain.   This moment can certainly melt one’s heart because of how a tough guy like Mitch can be such a big softie, especially to his darling wife Bunny. It also helps that the street they are in has houses which give the pair an undeniable sense of nostalgia. Gee, I wonder why?   Thanks for taking the time to take a gander at this piece of Bunnitch fan art and read this post.   Mitch Mitchelson and Bunny Utonium from The Powerpuff Girls belong to Craig McCracken and Cartoon Network.

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Our Goth Kingdom drawn by me

This is today’s Bunnitch month submission spearheaded by the lovely Miss BrickercupMasterX3. Without further ado, I hope you all enjoy.   It’s time for the Mitchelson clan to go goth and, boy, do they know how to rock it in style.   Mitch is essentially the warlord patriarch heavy metal king in this house. Think of Macbeth mixed in with KISS, Black Sabbath, and Metallica then one gets this style.   Bunny is the more regal matriarch goth queen. She’s essentially Lady Macbeth mixed in with Morticia Adams, Amy Lee from Evanescence, Elvira Mistress of the Dark, and Ortrud from Wagner’s Lohengrin.   Then we have little Ryan and Pauline, the Mitchelson offspring.   Ryan is essentially dressed as a dark fairy-tale prince. While Pauline dons a gothic lolita dress.   ‘Tis a joy to see this family don their gothic apparel. Sure, Halloween is not until four months from now, but if you know me, I happen to fancy goth clothing and goth culture in general.   Until the next post and pleasant dreams.   Mitch Mitchelson and Bunny Utonium from The Powerpuff Girls belong to Craig McCracken and Cartoon Network.   Ryan Kendall Mitchelson and Pauline Clara Mitchelson belong to me.

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Si Tu Quisieras drawn by me

“Si tu quisieras yo daria mi vida solo por un beso de ti si tu quisieras gritaria al mundo que te amo y que solo pienso en ti   Que te amo, que te amo, que te amo y que solo pienso en ti   si tu quisieras le darias a mi alma con tu amor la fe que ya perdi le haces falta, me haces falta, le haces falta a mi corazon y te pido   que vuelvas que me perdones te juro ya no te hare sufrir vivo arrepentido pero si tu quisieras pero si tu quisieras yo te haria feliz.” – Los Temerarios, the intro song to the Mexican telenovela Salomé   English translation: “If you want I would give you my life only for a kiss from you if you want I would scream to the world that I love you and that I only think of you.   That I love you that I love you that I love you and that I only think of you.   If you want you would give me my soul with your love the faith that has been lost you need it you need me you need it in my heart and I ask of you   that you return that you forgive me I swear to you that I will not let you suffer I live repentantly but if you want but if you want I will make you happy.”   I would love to dedicate this picture, which is in collaboration with BrickercupMasterX3’s Bunnitch month, to a fellow DeviantArtist, Jeremy G. aka TXToonGuy1037 who is celebrating his birthday. So, Jeremy, I hope you had a wonderful birthday, keep on doing what you are doing, and stay awesome.   Is there anything more serene, calming, and romantic like a sunset on the beach? Well, for Mitch and Bunny, there’s nothing more serene than moments like this. They’re both lucky and happy to have each other in their lives. So, why not take a moment to look at the sunset and marvel at its untainted majesty after a long day.   I also thought that the opening to a Mexican telenovela I caught as a child, Si tu quisieras (If you want) from Salomé starring Edith González, would be a perfect fit to this piece of Bunnitch fan art. Without further ado, here’s the song and I hope you enjoy listening to it while looking at this piece of fanart.     That’s all for now. As we say in Spanish, hasta la próxima. Y Jeremy te deseo un cumpleaños muy feliz.   Mitch Mitchelson and Bunny Utonium from The Powerpuff Girls belong to Craig McCracken and Cartoon Network.

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