Brian Matthew Green: Tenacious Triple Threat drawn by me

This Blossoomer fan-child picture, which is part of KatyGorl’s Blossoomer Next-Gen Month last December, is dedicated to Lida aka LIDA-JEM, SarahMyriaCarter, nightshadowmlp, E.D. Thweatt aka thweatted, Jasmine aka JazUmiN13, and Michelle aka PoweredButtercup10 who celebrated their birthdays some weeks ago. So, I hope you all had such wonderfully beautiful birthdays and exceptionally happy holidays with your friends and families. I wish you a lot of love, joy, happiness, beauty, grace, brilliance, and elegance in your lives as artists and as people especially in this new year of 2019. This is also dedicated to all of the Blossoomer shippers out there. So, I hope you all enjoy this.   We find ourselves in Townsville in the year 2028, where we see Brian Matthew Green growing up from being a loving, sweet, and adorable young lad to a charismatic, charming, and exceptionally well-rounded seventeen-year-old young man. Even though Bloom, BJ, and Beau are in the twelfth grade, Brian preferred to not be accelerated when he was in the first grade, since he wanted to make sure that he had a stable career path when he came of age. As a seventeen-year-old that does not stop him from having such great ambitions to go to the Curtis Institute in Philadelphia, the Juilliard School or the Tisch School of the Arts in New York, Guildhall, Royal Academic of Dramatic Art or London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts in England, Harvard University with his desired Bachelor’s programs being musicology, theater, opera, musical theater, and the performing arts. Moreover, Brian even has his eye on performing at the Metropolitan Opera House, the Chicago Lyric Opera Theater, the San Francisco Opera House, the Royal Opera House, Glyndebourne, the Salzburger Festspielhaus, the Wiener Staatsoper, the Staatsoper Unter den Linden, the Deutsche Oper Berlin, the Globe, and/or the Carnegie Hall to perform as either a French horn player or even an opera singer or an actor, who also has his eyes on Hollywood. While Beau is mainly savvy in music, Brian expands his boundaries to theater, film, and television acting, thus making him a well-rounded and ambitious performer. He still has his usual anxieties and jumpiness, but performing whether as an actor or a singer or even playing on the French horn are outlets where his nerves are not only calmed down but his creativity flourishes at an impeccable rate. As a child, he and Beau would always find themselves playing the French horn and the piano respectively in their school assemblies, to the point where their teachers saw so much potential in them going to schools like Juilliard. He even sang in the Townsville Opera’s children’s chorus in various productions like “Carmen”, “Tosca”, “Madama Butterfly”, “La Bohéme”, and “Turandot” just to name a few. He even had the same voice teacher as Beau, the magnificent Giorgio Gregorio Zampieri, who heard in Brian’s voice a stylish tenore leggiero in the making, all thanks to his experience with the French horn, which has contributed so much to how he was able to control his breathing and his phrasing. Being the ambitious teenager that he is, Brian found himself in a couple of vocal competitions. The first one was held in Townsville where he sang “Ecco ridente in cielo” from Rossini’s Il Barbiere di Siviglia, “Loin de son amie” from Halévy’s La Juive, and “Dies Bildnis ist bezaubernd schön” from Mozart’s Die Zauberflöte and he won the Golden G-Clef Award for young singers and musicians at the tender age of sixteen. A year later, he found himself in New York, where he found himself in the Maria Callas Bel Canto Competition for Young Classical Singers, the very competition Beau got himself into as well. There, Brian sang his three aforementioned opera arias as well as “Morgen” by Richard Strauss. He even ended up winning the Maria Callas Bel Canto Award for Young Classical Singers. Outside of his musical endeavors, Brian also has a few acting stints, as he got himself into a few film shoots as well as star in a few leads in some television shows all while still being a teenage boy. For that, he would not only practice his opera arias, but also learn his lines from play and movie scenes that he loves so much. Brian has such an affinity with Shakespeare that he practically has his favorite monologues thoroughly memorized and internalized within a matter of three days. Aside from doing film and television shoots, Brian aims to also do more voiceover work for Audible and even for anime. Brian even speaks fluently in French, Italian, German, Russian, Czech, Hungarian, Japanese, Cantonese, Mandarin, Korean, and Tagalog to the point where he wants to travel all over the world so that he can perform in different languages. Beau and Brian are very close as brothers to the point where they confide in each other when the curtains close. They would perform duets on their musical instruments and even sing duets for two tenors from the operas by Monteverdi, Rossini, Gluck, Händel, and Haydn just to name a few and even sing some chamber music pieces, show tunes, jazz numbers, K-Pop, J-Pop, and Enka, thus strengthening their passion and love for music as a sign of their fraternal love for each other. Just because Brian has found success in music, theater, film, and television at such a young age does not mean that he has to skimp out on his studies. As a matter of fact, he is an ace in English, Spanish, French, German, Latin, theater, soccer, music, history, biology, mathematics, sociology, and political science to the point where he has averages ranging from 96 to 99%. Sure, at times, the burden of both academics and professional desires tend to get to him. Nonetheless, he is not one to wallow in self pity and he really enjoys balancing all of these academic and extracurricular activities, thus finding the joy and passion in each of these activities. Brian’s passion for the performing arts has gotten him so…

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Zane’s Got Your Back

This piece of Zane fanart, which is part of my art trade with my very good friend and sister from another mother Dolo aka PowerpuffObsessed, is dedicated to the one and only Zane aka ZaneRowdyruff who celebrated his birthday yesterday. So, Zane, I hope you had a wonderful, grand, and exquisite birthday. I wish you a lot of love, joy, happiness, abundance, and beauty in everything you do as an artist and as a person. Como se dice en español, espero que tu hayas tenido un maravilloso, grande y exquisito cumpleaños. Te deseo much amor, felicidad, abunancia y belleza en todo que tú haces como artista y persona.   I have to say that enjoy making Zane’s OC Zane the Rowdyruff Boy because of how I had to make sure that I got the right characterization, attitude, stance, and everything about him that makes him awesome and fun. I figure that he would make a nice addition to my Team Xtreme universe as one of Brick’s, Butch’s, Bommer’s, Blossom’s, Buttercup’s, and Bubbles’ greatest ally of all time. Since he is fifteen years old and Brick, Butch, and Boomer are twenty-six years old, Blossom and Buttercup are twenty-five years old, and Bubbles is twenty-four years old, I think he would make a nice apprentice to them and he would look up to them as his greatest sources of inspiration, thus giving them a lot of respect and admiration and the team respecting him back in virtue of his extraordinary powers that while in the process of development shows exceptional promise.   So, Zane, I hope you like my idea for your OC in my Rowdyruff x Powerpuff Headcanon. Happy Holidays and I will see you on the flipside, man.   The Powerpuff Girls belong to Craig McCracken and Cartoon Network.   Zane belongs to ZaneRowdyruff.

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May It Be drawn by me

“May it be an evening star Shines down upon you May it be when darkness falls Your heart will be true You walk a lonely road Oh! How far you are from home   Mornië utúlië (darkness has come) Believe and you will find your way Mornië alantië (darkness has fallen) A promise lives within you now     May it be the shadows call Will fly away May it be your journey on To light the day When the night is overcome You may rise to find the sun   Mornië utúlië (darkness has come) Believe and you will find your way Mornië alantië (darkness has fallen) A promise lives within you now   A promise lives within you now” – May It Be, Originally sung and written by Enya, Co-Written by Roma Ryan, From the 2001 film The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring directed by Peter Jackson   This long overdue art trade I have done with one of my dearest friends Sylina aka AmusedDoodler is dedicated to Reddanmanic aka Silent-Sid and Iga aka Aiiga who celebrated their birthdays last week and, of course, the very person who has given me life, love, inspiration, strength, courage, and a lot of will-power my very own mother, Alma Mia Garcia, who is celebrating her birthday today. So, I wish you all a lot of love, joy, beauty, courage, hope, and abundance in everything you do in your lives. I salute, honor, and love you all.   This was actually a long time in the making. For AmusedDoodler’s OC pairing, Voic x Voice, to work, I had to be able to bring in a certain loving connection that these two have. I have seen some fanart of these two and they are actually lovely to look at, though this pairing kind of reminded me of Blossick, which, in turn, is one of my least favorite RRB/PPG pairings of all time, though I used to like it. Regardless, I have to say that it was rather fun drawing this lovely couple.   Enya’s May It Be is one of the most beautiful, haunting, and wonderful songs I have ever had the pleasure I have listening to growing up as a music aficionado. I basically listened to both the original Enya version as well as the Hayley Westenra version and I they are both exceptional in their own ways. I figured that in this picture, I thought that an autumn environment would suit Voic and Voice really well. I had them situated outside an open field, where there are colored leaves and potpourri falling around them like raindrops to add a fairytale-like mood and feel to this picture. Plus, Voic is basically dressed as a fairytale prince with Voice as his fairytale princess. I hope you all enjoy listening to both Enya’s and Hayley Westenra’s renditions of May It Be, as you gaze into the loveliness that is Voic x Voice.   May It Be sung by Enya https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i7MLT4MmAK8   May It Be sung by Hayley Westenra https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OwfyYk3eAdw   I hope you all enjoyed this and I will see you in the next submission.   Voic and Voice belong to AmusedDoodler.

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