Power Couples

The Power OTPs of Townsville

This piece of RRB/PPG fanart is dedicated to a fellow DeviantArtist, Samuel Aken’Ova aka tmntsam, who celebrated his birthday two days ago. So, Sam, I hope you had a magnificent celebration, please continue to be as awesome of an artist that you are and I wish you a lot of love, joy, prosperity, and happiness for the days and months to come. I would also love to dedicate this to all of my fellow hardcore shippers of Brickercup, Blossutch, and Boomubbles. I hope you all enjoy this piece of work.   A guy like me can’t have enough of my most beloved OTPs of Townsville Brickercup, Blossutch, and Boomubbles. So, let’s not waste any time and find out what makes these three sets of superhuman couples so fascinating and awesome. And to help us get in the mood here’s our good friend The Narrator to tell us, dear viewers, what makes these power couples super.   Narrator: Gladly. (clears throat) The City of Townsville! Home to the courageous, powerful, and daring six-person superhero team, Team Xtreme. Team Xtreme Headquarters! The resident of our superheroes. Oh look, the gentlemen Brick, Butch, and Boomer have just finished their round of Muay Thai sparring. Even their wives, Buttercup, Blossom, and Bubbles, who almost look like Tekken’s Christie Monteiro, have just finished their capoeira routine. Together these three couples band together to be The Superhuman OTPs of Townsville! We begin with the first one in the form of this kick-butt, fiery action duo Brick and Buttercup.   Brick: That’s our names.   Buttercup: Don’t wear it out.   Brick and Buttercup aka Brickercup aka The Hot and Spicy Couple aka The Fire and Spice Couple   Narrator: Kicking off this power OTP roster is the couple who can kick butt and take names, not take crap from anyone, can be a bit on the rebellious side and can send a shiver down one’s spine if not cautious. This hot and spicy couple is branded by fans as Brickercup. Donning red shorts with thick black stripes and Muay Thai wrappings as well as having the fiercest red eyes and being the hunky redheaded Alpha Male that he is is none other than Brick “The Bludgeoner” Green, the 26-year-old eldest son of Mr. Green and Mrs. Bellum-Green.   Brick (raises his arms to greet the crowd in a proud manner and flexes his biceps): Yeah, that’s right! Brick the Bludgeoner is in the house! And so is my awesome wife, BC.   Narrator: Speaking of BC, donning a gorgeous red top, pants containing a warm-colored fire, green smoke, and green firewood, green gauntlets, and lime-green armbands as well as being the lime-green eyed, raven-haired warrior girl that she is is Buttercup “The Toughest Fighter” Utonium-Green, the 25-year-old middle daughter of Professor Utonium and Mrs. Keane-Utonium.   Buttercup: Brickster! Your toughest fighter is also in the house!   (Brick and Buttercup kiss each other euphorically. After that, they face the camera with fierce grins on their faces.)   Narrator: Just by knowing what one can expect from both Brick the Bludgeoner and Buttercup the Toughest Fighter, one can expect these two to give any opponent a run for his money when one dares to come face to face with these two. Their combat prowess, fiercely independent spirits, never-give-up, rough attitudes, and overall toughness make them a force to be reckoned with. Individually, they work just fine, but together any criminal or monster won’t have a prayer to say before the beating commences.   (Brick and Buttercup beat up muggers who attempt to rob an old lady, a giant monster, and a corrupt politician.)   Brick and Buttercup: And stay down, suckas!   Narrator: What did I tell you? Attitude and toughness. Moreover, their powers truly do complement each other, what with Brick being an expert pyrokinesis user and Buttercup also being pyrokinesis user as well as being a geomancer. Man, talk about fire and earth becoming one.   Brick: That’s right. And do you wanna know why you should never make us angry?!!   Buttercup: You really wanna know why you shouldn’t piss us off?!!!   (Brick’s hands ignite and fire spews from his mouth, as he lets out an earth-shattering scream.)   Brick: It’s because I can roast you alive! So, you better be prepared for me to heat things up!   (Buttercup then telekinetically lifts up a huge rock from the ground and it ignites it. She struggles at first but then she also lets out a powerful scream.)   Buttercup: And I can crush you while seeing you burn!   (Brick’s flames die down and Buttercup gently drops the rock to the ground.)   Brick: You’d have to be really stupid to face us.   Buttercup: Unless you’re really craving for a knuckle sandwich then we have it in spades.   Narrator: Well, that was igniting, to say the least. So, anyway, when this couple is not completely engaged in combat, they are engaged in steamy intimacy. Seriously, the belligerent sexual tension is just so spicy but so invigorating, as they feed off of each others’ impulses and can also be tender towards each other when they’re not pummeling their enemies.   (Brick and Buttercup are making out when the door creaks open.)   Brick: Hey, bozo, move it or lose it.   Buttercup: Before we knock you out cold.   Narrator: Well, there you have it. Team Xtreme’s Hot and Spicy Couple. Let’s move on to the next pair, shall we? And the next one is our brawn-and-brain action duo in the form of Butch and Blossom.   Butch: ‘Sup. I hope you’re ready to feel the wrath of the Baron of Berserk.   (Butch flexes his muscles.)   Blossom (chuckles): Oh, Butch. I think they are. But you need to save it for the criminals.   Butch: Oh, sorry, Bloss.   Butch and Blossom aka Blossutch aka The Beastly Brawn and The Brainy Beauty Couple aka The Watermelon Couple   Narrator: Our…

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