My Patreon Updates

Top of the morning, everybody! I made a few edits to my Patreon account and I also added a couple of goals, which will help me flourish and get into high gear in my work, career, and passion as an online critic. I hope you can support me in this journey and until then, take care and have a lovely Sunday.

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Next YouTube Achievement Unlocked

I know this is a week late to say this considering all the stuff I had to do from reviews to acting to school, but I am very blessed to have once again received my next YouTube Partnership payment of 74 Euros. On top of that, I have also reached 457 subscribers, which is really exciting. I want to thank all of my subscribers, friends, family, co-reviewers, colleagues, fellow singers, fellow voice actors, fellow actors, fellow artists, fellow musicians, and role models for supporting me on my journey as a reviewer, actor, and singer on YouTube. I am very happy and grateful to have you all in my life and I, too, wish you all the best on all of your engagements.   If you want to be a part of my journey as a reviewer of operas, concerts, albums, musicals, ballet, anime, cartoons, and movies, please do subscribe to my channel, as I will be very thankful. Until then, I hope you have a great day or evening, depending on where you live, stay awesome and grand, and see you all on the flipside. Take care!

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My Boundless Gratitude to a Good Friend and a Great Supporter

I am really grateful to have someone as awesome as Farcas Andrei being very supportive of my work as a YouTube vlogger who reviews operas, concerts, albums, musicals, ballets, movies, anime, and cartoons. It truly means something when someone can appreciate what you can do and shows support in everything you have to offer. So, Andrei, I thank you so wholeheartedly for your insurmountable support in my journey as a YouTuber, and I will also support you in everything you do. Take care, my friend.

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Congratulating a Fellow YouTuber and a Really Good Friend

Let’s all give a huge round of applause and congratulations to my very wonderful friend, James McLoughlin a.k.a. Long Lee a.k.a. Jambareeqi, for reaching 5,000 subscribers on YouTube. The gratitude I have for this gentleman is boundless as he has been a major inspiration for bettering myself as a YouTuber. I know I sounded like a broken record there, but I’m really happy for James to have reached this mark. So, James, stay cool and awesome as you are and have an awesome Whitsun week. Please don’t forget to subscribe to Jambareeqi’s channel as he’s got a lot of great things to offer. Take care. 😀

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“Movie Review” CAPS TO CATCH ATTENTION by Username

i’m an original movie reviewer on youtube dot com. ●Support Me On Patreon ●SUBSCRIBE ●Joey Hollywood’s FacialBook ●Stalk Joey Hollywood on the Twitter ●Paypal Donation Copyright Disclaimer: Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Link to the PDF:

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