Richard Strauss

Three extraordinary ladies rose up to the challenge in New York’s Metropolitan Opera House. One was an American dramatic soprano who has been acclaimed for singing this punishing yet exciting tragic heroine of Elektra. The other was a gorgeous young South African spinto soprano who has made her role debut as the timid yet formidable sister, Chrysothemis. The third was an acclaimed German dramatic mezzo-soprano known for the versatility of her repertoire who has made her Metropolitan Opera House debut as the guilt- and angst-ridden anti-heroine, Queen Klytämnestra. How did these formidable singing actresses fare? Find out in this review!

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My Thoughts on Richard Strauss’s Elektra at the Kungliga Operan

By the gods and goddesses of Mount Olympus and the Elysian Fields, this was definitely a most invigorating, extraordinary, and uplifting afternoon I had with this magnificent Legion of Superwomen. Three mighty and awesome ladies who put Richard Strauss’s high-octane music to great use, Iréne Theorin as a powerful and nuanced Elektra, Cornelia Beskow as a gorgeous and youthful Chrysothemis, and Katarina Dalayman as an elegant yet troubled Klytämnestra, managed to sweep me off my feet. They, of course, were joined by a fine ensemble, but these ladies certainly stood proud and tall. Find out in this review why I especially admire these classy, alluring, and strong superwomen and let me know your opinions as well.

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