Fan Fiction Recommendation: An Odd Pair, an Inuyasha fanfic written by JapanLurve101

Happy Easter, everybody! Antoni, here, with another Inuyasha fanfiction recommendation. I will be taking a look at An Odd Pair, which was written by JapanLurve101 and published on November 10, 2008. It’s rated M. It’s in English. It’s Romance and the main pairing is, get ready for this, Inuyasha/Ginta.
Before I talk about this fanfic, I want to talk about Inuyasha and Ginta as a shounen-ai couple. It is a guilty pleasure, and I kind of enjoy it because at least they are not related in any form. However, if you ask me, I actually ship them as a BrOTP. In my mind, their dynamics will function with Inuyasha functioning the large-and-in-charge, strong-willed, hotheaded and badass big brother to Ginta’s meek, endearing, jolly, and beware the nice one’s younger brother.
In terms of shipping them with characters of the opposite sex, while I pair Inuyasha with Ayame to the nth degree, I always thought about pairing Ginta with Shunran of the Panther Devas. Sure, they clashed a bit in the anime, but I think Ginta/Shunran has potential. Think about it, Ginta is a kind, sensitive, sweet guy and Shunran is a feisty, fun-loving, lively girl. He would find her cute, fun to be with, and agile in her movements and she would find him hilarious, charming, and super strong. Sooner or later, they would hit it off rather well. I know it sounds a bit cheesy, but the thought of Ginta and Shunran as a couple always seems to fascinate me and it can be plausible.
Okay, enough rambling. Let’s get on to what I thought about this story.
Deep in the forest, Inuyasha is his usually vexed self, as he is thinking about Kouga’s blunt unwillingness to challenge him, as Kagome is not present. Just by thinking about what Kouga said is enough to make Inuyasha all the more riled up to the point where he is thinking about executing him by cutting off Kouga’s tail. A voice manages to startle Inuyasha out of his psychotic fantasy and then he sees that the voice belonged to Ginta, who exposits that Kouga is not in the area. Inuyasha is initially disappointed until Ginta decides that he needs to take a bath in the hot springs, for someone is about to take over guard duty. Inuyasha is initially hesitant until he decides to join Ginta along. What follows is the brewing relationship between the hotheaded hanyou and the innocent wolf yokai. By and large, this story is a mixture of humorous, charming, and rather steamy in the climax. By steamy, I mean there is male fanservice and eroticism, but it’s done in a way that does not feel too forced, as the story builds itself up quite nicely. It does not obnoxiously thrive on the fanservice and it’s balanced with substantial interest on the characters’ part. For one chapter, I thought it had a sufficient enough story, so high marks there.
Talking about the characters is talking about Inuyasha and Ginta. It’s always a pleasure to see Inuyasha’s brand of toughness, brashness, and strong will present in this fanfic until he lets his defenses down. He was very much in character.
Ginta is fleshed out the most. In the anime, he and Hakkaku function almost like fraternal twin brothers and are usually either the butt-monkeys or just the comedic sidekicks to Kouga. It’s a major shame because I would’ve loved to have each of their personalities fleshed out a lot more. Here he does keep his brand of innocence, charm, meekness, and youthfulness but it’s also backed up by a slightly mischievous attitude, especially when he realizes Inuyasha’s desire for some sensuality.
There were not so many spelling and grammar errors, which made my overall reading pleasure a blast for the most part. I also have to give it high marks for the descriptive and varied enough language.
Overall, this is a story I thoroughly enjoyed, especially with Inuyasha and Ginta as the main crack pairing. With their different personalities meshing together so well helped by a sufficient story and steamy action going on between Inuyasha and Ginta, I say go check it out if you are a fan of this crack pairing. With that said, I give this fanfic a grade of A+. Minute errors aside, I still say that this is a worthwhile read if you enjoy having Inuyasha and Ginta as yaoi couple.
Well, that’s all for now, tune in later for another Inuyasha fanfiction recommendation centering around Kohaku and Rin with Sesshoumaru playing a paternal part, Twenty Truths: My Daughter written by NalaxSimba. Until then, have a most pleasant Easter.

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