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My three favorite Disney muscle hunks, Hercules, Basuli, and Tarzan, are back. This time, based on the look in their eyes, they are so ready for a beatdown, more specifically a Pankration match. Plus, they are aged up to be in their forties, given their ages after their shows or movies were aired and, of course, their beards. In this pic, Herc is 45, Basuli is 44, and Tarzan is 43.
For those of you not in the know, Pankration is an ancient Greek martial art that existed since the 7th century BC and that is a combination of wrestling and boxing along with the usage of kicks, holds, locks, and chokes. The only unacceptable moves were biting and gouging the opponent’s eyes out. Etymologically speaking, Pankration derives from two Greek words, “pan” meaning “all” and “kratos” meaning “strength, power, or might”. When combined together the literal meaning is “all of the power”. Moreover, Pankration is rather similar today’s mixed martial arts given the similarities of certain moves.
Going to Herc, Basuli, and Tarzan, I envision them as veteran pankratiasts, given their superhuman strength and unparalleled combat prowess. Even more so, when making this drawing, I kind of knew that Hercules would also specialize in something like Pankration, as he is based in Ancient Greece, and I figured that Basuli and Tarzan would make perfect sparring partners and teammates for Herc. Growing up, they would participate in many a Pankration match and would constantly sharpen their skills. By the time they reach their forties, they would still go on with competing, but they would also dedicate themselves to becoming coaches to aspiring young fighters and teach them the basics and watch their growth and development.
When making this drawing, there were facets that had to come into consideration from the stance to researching the typical Pankration attire to aging up these three gentlemen. I gave Herc, Basuli, and Tarzan their signature color loincloths, with Herc’s being burgundy, Basuli’s being red and Tarzan’s being dark brown, and even different beard styles, with Herc having his beard around the jaw and chin area, Basuli having a sort of full beard and Tarzan having a goatee. Plus, I gave them the same color of cloth that binds their hands and wrists when fighting. In addition to that, I am rather satisfied with how their arrangement turned out, as everyone is seen and in a line.
Overall, I definitely enjoyed making this and even finding out a bit about Pankration. I imagine these guys would square off against Nessus, Kaj the Leopardman, and Muviro, Goku, Vegeta, and Gohan all three in their Super Saiyan 4 form, or even, Conan, Prince Zula, and Ka-Zar in a three-on-three throwdown. That would be such a spectacle I would pay really good money to see! As always, it’s really fun seeing Hercules, Basuli, and Tarzan kicking loads of butt together while being really close friends, which is definitely a crossover I would’ve loved to see happen.
Thanks so much for taking a gander at this pic and for reading this post and I will see you all on the flipside. Take care.
This is where I found some information regarding Pankration, so here you go.
Hercules belongs to Disney and Greek Mythology
Basuli and Tarzan from The Legend of Tarzan and Tarzan belong to Disney and Edgar Rice Burroughs.

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