Two Hispanic operatic aces of the twenty-first century, one who is a young lyric coloratura soprano from Madrid, Spain and is on the cusp of international acclaim and the other who is a light lyric tenor from Hermosillo, Mexico and has been a well-established Bel Canto star for decades, tackle the iconic Scottish star-crossed lovers.

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24 Stunden in Berlin (Version 2)

This is another version of the collaborative film that me, my colleagues, and my teachers did for our school’s project day. Moreover, this is the version edited by one of my German teachers, Mrs. Philine von Oppeln-Bronikowski, as it includes not just one but two songs. When all is said and done, I continue to be as grateful, enthusiastic, blessed, and full of positive vibes to have partaken in this short film project. Any way we slice it, any version that the viewers like, the whole process of making this come to fruition is a blessing in its purest, most undefiled, and greatest form.

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