Team Xtreme: Six Stylish Superheroes drawn by me

So, I have just turned 26 years old, just four more years until I reach the big 3 o. I am both happy yet anxious because of all the plans I need to iron out for a more stable future and I have to keep on being consistent in everything I do. So, in honor of my very special day, I decided to draw the now grown-up Rowdyruff Boys and Powerpuff Girls looking really sharp tonight. In my headcanon, these two teams ended up becoming one grand superhero team, known as Team Xtreme, while they were still kids and have been on several missions from fighting monsters, beating criminals, battling supernatural forces and balancing all that with school, work, and other endeavors. Moreover, while the Powerpuff Girls have their parents, Professor Utonium and Miss Keane, known in my headcanon as Mrs. Keane-Utonium, I decided to let the Rowdyruff Boys be away from Mojo Jojo and Him and be adopted by Mr. Green and Miss Sara Bellum, known by her married name as Mrs. Sara Bellum-Green. No worries, I will definitely make fanart out of these two families, one when they were children and one when they are grown up. So, without further ado, here’s Team Xtreme from left to right. Brick “The Lord High Bludgeoner” Green, aged 25 going on 26 Butch “The Baron of Brawn” Green, aged 25 going on 26 Boomer “The Fleet Athlete” Green, aged 25 going on 26 Blossom “The Commander and the Leader” Utonium-Green, aged 25 Buttercup “The Toughest Fighter” Utonium-Green, aged 25 Bubbles “The Joy and the Laughter” Utonium-Green, aged 24 I hope you enjoy this piece of work and I will definitely see you on the flip side. Take care. The Rowdyruff Boys (Brick, Butch, and Boomer) and the Powerpuff Girls (Blossom, Buttercup, and Bubbles) belong to Craig McCracken.

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My RRB/PPG Ships

The PPG/RRB Shipping Chart was originally created by QuietLullabies.   Well, I am in the marvelous city of Madrid, Spain, where I will be celebrating my 26th birthday. Yes, I know, another year older, another year wiser. So, to celebrate my upcoming birthday here’s my take on the whole PPG/RRB shipping meme chart.   I have been seeing fellow artists’ takes on these pairings. Some were interesting, some were a bit one-sided, and some were actually well-thought out and I enjoyed reading their opinions on the Rowdyruffs and Powerpuffs they like or not like to pair up with. So, without ado, here’s my take on the PPG/RRB shippings.   OTPs: Boomer/Bubbles or Boomubbles- In my opinion, this has to be the most plausible and overall best of not only the color-coded RRB/PPG pairings but also RRB/PPG pairings in general. These two seem like they are destined to be for each other and are akin to the star-crossed lovers that I have seen in the media and literature, i.e. Romeo and Juliet. I am very sure that these two would start leaving behind any animosity if the Rowdyruff Boys became good guys, joined forces with the Powerpuff Girls and will be the first to show loads of forgiveness and compassion, while they are still young children. Eventually, Boomer and Bubbles would start becoming the closest of friends and comrades, thus building a healthy and genuine relationship between the two. Once they reach their tweens and teens, they would develop even deeper feelings for each other and will actually go on more dates, aside from the usual crime-fighting they have to do. Plus, in my headcanon, they would end up being the first to marry in their late teens to their early 20s and have children with Boomer being the loving, well-meaning father and Bubbles being the supportive, compassionate mother, in spite of the fact that they are the youngest of their respective sibling groups. It’s no surprise why I love the Blues when they are together. It’s because of not only their appeal of being adorable, sweet, and/or lovely but it also has this fairytale-like feel in their relationship, where after every trial, every challenge, and every hardship, Boomer and Bubbles still have each others’ backs and will seem to be the couple that will stay faithful to each other until the end of time.   The Reds and the Greens were rather interesting to pair up because not only do I like Blossick and Butchercup, even though they can be a tad bit overrated, but I also enjoy Brickercup and Blossutch as much as the former. Moreover, the Reds and the Greens don’t really have that fairy tale, lovey-dovey, sentimental vibe that the Blues have, thus showing how tough being in a relationship is, yet at the same time it is reassuring, as principles of respect, responsibility, compassion, allegiance, and trust need to be put in to practice, not only with each other but also for the good of their team. So, here’s my take on these pairings, even though I made it kind of clear in my OT4 drawing of Bricksomutchercup. I still keep my word that Brick, Butch, Blossom, and Buttercup are the strongest OT4 in my opinion, hence that’s why I dub them to be my Four Favorite Bruisers of All Time because of their unwaveringly strong personalities and overall determination. Plus, I imagine the Reds and the Greens living together under one roof, with the Blues living in another house. So, here are my explanations, anyway.   Brick/Blossom or Blossick- I put this as my first choice because they seem to be the ones who follow suit when it comes to Boomer and Bubbles being together. As they grow up and form a six-person superhero team, I can see them still obtaining responsibilities of being leaders as well as the eldest children with Brick and his large-and-in-charge warlord personality who ensures a fair fight, great combat skills from all of his teammates, and a grand victory for every mission they do and Blossom and her tendency to be the team mom who ensures strategy to be present in battle and the overall safety of not only her beloved but also her comrades. I can see their romance as not being that of a fairy tale but one that is really challenging, as walls need to be broken down, trust has to be formed, and respect and allegiance need to be put to practice. Sure, they would initially have difficulty trusting and respecting each other. However, as time goes by, they would start to see each other for who they are. Brick would see that Blossom is not always Little Miss Perfect and Blossom would see that Brick has some insecurities, which are more often than not hidden in this proud personality. Together, these two can take what primal doubts and insecurities they have and take them in stride, thus helping each other reach their full potential not only physically but psychologically as well. As young adults in their twenties, they and the Greens would even have a double wedding after their youngest siblings’ matrimony and as parents, I can imagine Blossom being the stern, well-meaning, and supportive mom and Brick being the strong, tough, and really loving dad. I really love this pairing because it does show how being in a relationship is not always easy but when two people have patience, trust, respect, allegiance, and understanding anything is possible.   Butch/Buttercup or Butchercup- Ah, yes. One of the Takahashi couples to end all Takahashi couples because of their volcanically belligerent sexual tension. They would be the couple who would argue and shout one moment and be cuddly and make love to each other in the next. As I stated before, Ranma and Akane would end up paling in comparison to Butch’s and Buttercup’s brand of belligerent sexual tension. As the toughest and most volatile fighters, with Butch being the big muscle and Buttercup being the…

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Bringin’ That Trash in Here? This is Our House! drawn by me

Well, random Family Guy quote from the episode Lethal Weapons aside, looks like Brick and Butch are not the only ones to have such a mighty moment. Now, Boomer, Blossom, Buttercup, and Bubbles are here and growling like leopards, jaguars, and panthers to show why they should never be messed with. The answer is pretty obvious, they can open up a can of kickass before you know it. Furthermore, I just love it when Boomer teams up with his most favorite people in the whole world, his darling sisters-in-law, Blossom and Buttercup, and his beloved, lawfully-wedded wife, Bubbles. I can certainly smell the amazing camaraderie and chemistry all four of these superhumans have with each other. Even more so, when Brick and Butch are added, but that’s another story. Much like the previous work I did with Brick and Butch, Boomer is 25 years old, Blossom and Buttercup are 24 years old, and Bubbles is 23 years old.   I decided to bulk Boomer up because I not only see him as a jovial yet misunderstood soul but also someone who is also reliable in terms of muscle. I bet you remember that scene in the episode “The Boys are Back in Town”, where the enlarged Boomer tore off a piece of construction work and bent it to make a hockey puck while making a cute and goofy face. Now that he’s all grown up, I envision him to be a much stronger individual, both physically and psychologically, actually grow a pair to stand up to his big bros, and even start a beautiful friendship with Blossom and Buttercup plus an equally beautiful relationship with Bubbles. Heck, he can even take both of his big bros down all thanks to the Mixed Martial Arts, wrestling, Muay Thai, kickboxing, jujitsu, and all the other martial arts they have down, as well as being in peak physical condition. In addition to that, I did make grown-up Boomer look like Ken Masters from the Street Fighter franchise, which I think makes him look all the more adorable.   I can see Boomer’s relationship with Blossom as a combination of endearing, sweet, plausible, and genuine. Being the diplomat that she is, she would definitely break down his walls and reveal a nicer, kinder side to him. She would even be super supportive of Boomer going out on dates with Bubbles. Moreover, she would even tell him to stand up to his brothers and not even think about pushing him around anymore. Boomer would even tell Blossom to not take everything too seriously and just chill, as he does joke about her worry lines on her forehead in a charming way.   With Buttercup, it’s the case of the gentle giant and the fiery, feisty tomboy. I see their relationship as playful, adorable, and funny. She would be the type of girl who would punch his powerful arms in a fun-loving and mischievous manner and he would be the type of guy who would give her noogies galore. On the long run, they would definitely enjoy each others’ company as sparring partners and there would even be times where Boomer would give Buttercup a massive bearhug with her gasping for air because of how super strong he is. Plus, Buttercup would be the one to further implement on how Boomer should stand up to his brothers and not always care what they think. Boomer would even tell Buttercup how cool she is to have around and would even shed her hardass, defensive and see that she can be a softie. Furthermore, she would also keep a vigilant eye on Boomer to ensure that Bubbles does not get hurt, lest he should he suffer a beating through her hands.   Finally, I will say this once and I will say this again. I am a devout Boomubbles fan because their pairing is not only sweet but it’s actually the most plausible out of the color-coded and overall RRBxPPG pairings, in my opinion. They would be the pair who start letting go of their prejudices and finally see the light and become great friends as children, then hang out more when they reach tweenhood to teenhood, date in their teens, and be the first of their siblings to marry and start a family. I firmly believe that their relationship will end up as the healthiest and will be loving and supportive parents to their darling children.   So, I hope you all enjoy this piece of fanart I did as well as this post. Until then, I wish you all a most pleasant day.   Boomer, Blossom, Buttercup, and Bubbles from The Powerpuff Girls belong to Craig McCracken.

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PPG AU: The Celestial Rulers drawn by me

Hey, everybody! Antoni, here, back with another piece of my PPG AU fan art set in the Edo period of Japan. As promised, here they are. The Celestial Rulers, The Prince and Princess of the Heavens, The Steadfast Lord and his Lovingly Jovial Lady, Boomer-ouji-sama and Bubbles-hime-sama. Joining this lawfully wedded couple are their children, aka my fan-babies, the twins, Bailey and Barley, the middle daughter, Brittany, and the youngest daughter, Birdie.   Man, I have been wanting to draw fanart of my most favorite of the RRBxPPG pairings, Boomer/Bubbles or Boomubbles, because of how not only plausible they are as a couple but also for how adorable they are together. Plus, the Blues seem to have the best chemistry, especially where fanon is concerned. While I do find the mixed pairings occurring with the Blues like Blossoomer to be cute, Boomercup to be kind of funny, and Brickubbles and Butchubbles to be sort of endearing in a platonic big guy protects little lady fashion, there is no denying that I really, really love Boomer and Bubbles together.   In this AU, I wanted to heighten the feudal fairy tale aspect of this story by having Boomer and Bubbles as the celestial prince and princess as well as respectively being the high-ranking yokai lord and lady. Boomer is an amalgamation of Tsukuyomi the Shinto moon god, the Emperor and the Five Princes from The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter, and Zushonosuke from Tenshu Monogatari or Goddess of the Dark Tower from the anime anthology series, Ayakashi: Samurai Horror Tales. In Bubbles’ case, she is an amalgamation of Amaterasu the Shinto sun goddess, Princess Kaguya also from The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter, and Tomihime also from Goddess of the Dark Tower. In addition to that, I can see these two being the first of their respective siblings to marry and have children, in spite of the fact that they are the youngest. Eventually, the Reds and the Greens follow suit with a double wedding. Seeing as these two lovebirds are the youngest that means that their older siblings have to be not only their guardians but to also ensure their overall safety, as they maintain the natural balance of the heavens and of the earth. With that said, let’s talk about this couple individually as well as their darling children.   Prince Boomer or Boomer-ouji-sama in Japanese, also known as the Lunar Prince, is the noble, peace-loving, kind-hearted, and emphatic male celestial ruler, who appears to be a young man between 25 to 26 years old. With his charming face, dashing features, and overall dignity as a nobleman, he radiates with a positive aura that makes his older brothers, his sisters-in-law, his wife, his children, and every person, deity, and creature cherish and love him. His main abilities are shooting lightning from his hands to his fingertips, levitation, super speed, and heightened combat skills. One should not be fooled by his infectiously sweet nature, as he will fight back using all of his might if ever anyone not only hurts him but also his wife, Bubbles, his sisters-in-law, Blossom and Buttercup, and/or his older brothers, Brick and Butch. Prior to obtaining the title of the Celestial Prince, Boomer was not always the person he was today, especially in his younger years.   As the youngest brother, he was always on Brick’s and Butch’s shadows, as he did what they told him to do and were more warlike in everything they did. Boomer always knew deep down that he was not as much of a warrior compared to Brick’s choleric nature and Butch’s brute strength. As a matter of fact, he loathed the destruction his brothers were making not only in the heavens and in the earth, but also towards each other. Every waking day, he had to witness his older brothers tormenting each other over a disagreement and there were times that Brick and Butch almost fatally injured each other with their incessant beatdowns. Finally growing a backbone, Boomer decided that he wanted nothing more to do with their petty animosity and left them for a while to search for inner peace.   One day in a quiet forest, as Boomer was becoming one with nature through meditation, he encountered a lovely, young maiden he knew ever since he was a child named Princess Bubbles. He always admired her not only for her beauty with her youthful and petite features, her infectiously radiant smile, and her overall positive aura but also for her kindness, her warmth, and her quickness to forgive. As he saw her combing her long blonde hair near a river, he shyly approached her and greeted her. Bubbles turned around to see Boomer right behind her and she easily recognized him, as she embraced him. To Boomer, his feelings for the young princess grew and he very much knew that he was destined for her.   After meeting each other again, Bubbles re-introduced Boomer to her older sisters, Blossom and Buttercup, as the boy who was nice to her and sisters, unlike Brick and Butch. Blossom and Buttercup welcomed him with open arms and finally, Boomer did the nearly unthinkable by asking Bubbles’ hand in marriage. Bubbles was initially shocked, but Boomer assured her that he will be the most faithful husband ever. To prove his fidelity, he has to fulfill laborious tasks in order to marry Bubbles.   Full of determination, he set off to travel to India to obtain the stone bowl of Buddha, to Horai Island to obtain the jeweled sprig, to China to obtain the robe of the fire rat, and to other parts of Japan to obtain the jewel from the dragon’s neck and the swallows’ cowrie shell. Despite the fact that the labors were tough, Boomer was able to accomplish each of them, as he gave the items to Bubbles. He also gave her one very special item that neither Heaven nor Earth can have and that was his kiss of…

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Hello, once again! Antoni aka the Brick, Butch, Blossom, and Buttercup FanFiction Critic and Recommender, here with another Reds-centered fanfic. As promised, I will be taking a look at the sequel to Wedding Madness, Baby Madness, written once again by crazycatmommy and published on January 16, 2017. It’s rated T. It’s in English. It’s Romance/Humor. It’s in fourteen chapters, and the main pairing is, obviously, Brick/Blossom. Other pairings featured here are Butch/Buttercup and Boomer/Bubbles. Other characters featured are Professor Utonium, Miss Keane, Miss Bellum, Robin, Mary, and Dexter from Dexter’s Laboratory. There are also some OCs in the forms of Blossom’s co-worker Stuart, Dr. Rosenstein, and some other co-workers of Brick and Blossom. Since the story takes place some months after the Wedding Madness in the span of a year, the main characters are between 22 and 23 to 23 and 24.   Well, folks, the Reds have struck again, along with the Greens and the Blues. As you can tell by the fanfic title, Blossom is going to give birth after that cliffhanger in Wedding Madness. With that said, let’s get on to what I thought about Baby Madness.   Brick and Blossom are excited and anxious that they are going be parents to their newborn baby but they are not sure of the baby’s gender. Butch and Buttercup are confident it’s going to be a boy. Whereas Boomer and Bubbles are confident it’s going to be a girl. What follows is a wager between Brick’s and Blossom’s younger siblings thus being excited to be uncles and aunties to the newborn child, loads of baby shower preparations in courtesy of Bubbles, an ex-boyfriend in the form of Dexter coming to see Blossom, Professor Utonium being excited about the prospect as a grandfather, Boomer’s and Bubbles’ upcoming wedding in Disney World, and the pangs of pregnancy as experienced by Blossom. By and large, I consider this story an exceptional follow-up to Wedding Madness. It maintains its charm, humor, great buildup, and interest, and I dare not spoil the ending, as it is very heartwarming, sweet, adorable and a great way to wrap everything up. Even more so, I almost teared up in the ending. When all is said and done, this story left me wanting more, as I was thoroughly entertained, touched, and let’s just say I loved everything about it from beginning to end. Seeing that this is also a story of a woman getting pregnant, this is also handled with such thought, care, and sensitivity, especially considering the research and hard work crazycatmommy put into understanding about special classes like the Lamaze technique. To top it all off, there were even some references to the original Powerpuff Girls episodes and those were Mime for a Change, Knock it Off, and Cover Up for all the hardcore PPG fans out there.   The characters certainly developed magnificently from the prequel. My heart really went out for Brick in this fanfic. He certainly grew into a mature, wise, caring, emphatic, noble, loving, hardworking, and steadfast husband to Blossom and father-to-be for the new baby. He even proves himself to be an excellent cook making healthy meals for not only Blossom but for the pair of them. I literally rooted for him and Blossom to make it through this particular ordeal and I couldn’t be any happier.   Blossom proves herself to be a devoted, strong, steadfast, loving, loyal, and awesome wife to Brick. During her pregnancy, she had one moment where she exploded at Brick. However, what comes after this will leave one with a huge grin. As a mother-to-be, she does have her anxieties in terms of how she will look during and after childbirth and how healthy their child will be. One also has to leave it up to her loving husband, Brick, to ensure that everything will be all right and she can put her faith in him.   As a married couple, these two have excellently heartwarming chemistry. Gone is the bickering from their childhood, as it has made way to pure genuine love and support for each other. In sickness and in health, these two leaders have each others’ backs all step of the way.   Butch has toned down his impulsivity and still manages to be charming and hilarious, in an occasionally irreverent manner. Even more so, he ended up being happily married to Buttercup after everything they went through. Moreover, Butch is a supportive, kind, and loyal brother to Brick, and a good brother-in-law to Blossom, even though he can be cheeky, with the whole prosthetic belly dare to Brick.   Buttercup has also toned down her stubbornness and impulsivity, and she continues to have Blossom’s back when it came to taking her to her Lamaze class. Even though it was only mentioned, Buttercup states that even though she calls Butch rude names on some occasions, they always make love to each other to compensate for all crazy crap that happened. Even more so, that trademark tomboyish spark she has never dissipated, which has consistently made her endearing.   Boomer has proven himself to be an endearing, loving, and totally caring fiancé to Bubbles. It was clear as night and day that these two will eventually end up together, in terms of their plans of getting married in Disneyworld Florida. Sure, he does keep his cheekiness, but it’s done in a way that makes him amusing as a character.   Once again, Bubbles steals the show. She goes out of her way to make sure the baby shower will be absolutely perfect. Sure, her whole preparation schtick does feel like a rehash of the one in Wedding Madness, but it’s really nice to see someone who takes the full initiative to make her eldest sister happy. Bubbles still manages to be a good listener to Blossom’s suggestions, even though she is fully confident that the newborn baby will be a girl.   Professor Utonium maintains his trademark benevolence as a father to his…

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Hey, everybody! Antoni aka the Brick, Butch, Blossom, and Buttercup FanFiction Critic and Recommender with a Reds-centered fanfic. I’m taking a look at Wedding Madness, which was written by crazycatmommy, published on December 8, 2016, and last updated on January 16, 2017. It’s rated T. It’s in English. It has sixteen chapters. It’s Romance/Humor and aside from Brick and Blossom as the main couple, there is also Butch/Buttercup and Boomer/Bubbles. Other characters involved are Professor Utonium, Miss Keane, Miss Bellum, Robin Snyder, Mary, the chubby girl who is one of the girls’ kindergarten classmates, and Mitch Mitchelson. There are also some OCs in the forms of Candace, Butch’s rebound girlfriend, Jeff, Buttercup’s rebound boyfriend, Sarah the saleslady from Bijou and Belle’s Bridal, Claire the manager of Tasty Cakes, and a teenage girl, who I presume is the intern or someone with a part-time job. Even more so, Brick, Butch, Blossom, Buttercup, Boomer, and Bubbles are between 22 to 23. If I were not obvious already, I now turn my attention to Brick and Blossom also known as the Reds. Whether one likes them as a couple or finds this pairing overrated, there’s no doubt that their dynamics have something rather interesting. Sure, in the TV show, their relationship was antagonistic at best, given the fact that Brick is impulsive, prone to anger, a bully, a major troublemaker, yet has enough street smarts to survive and Blossom is book smart, rational, intelligent, and strong-minded, but let’s not forget, they were about 5 or 6 years old and they were certainly not yet ready to be in an age where they can be together. In terms of how they are usually portrayed as teenagers or young adults mostly in fanfics and fanart, they seem to have this will they or will they not type of dynamic. Partly because they are the eldest and they have to deal with their younger siblings the best they can every single day, in spite of arguments and disagreements, and partly because of their roles as leaders, as they have to constantly face the burden of their responsibilities to not only their family but also the City of Townsville, even though Brick and Butch would usually be assigned in the anti-hero parts with Boomer mostly leaning towards hero. Even more so, they tend to not have the usually clichéd fairy-tale romance, as they are tested to look beyond their personal biases, do what they can to keep the totality of their team together and do what they can to set examples not only as leaders but as the eldest children. Brick, at least according to a lot of shippers, would even grow up to be as smart as Blossom, as he wisened up from his previous life as an impulsive punk and can be more than what he has bargained for, to say the least. All in all, in terms of fan work, unlike Boomer’s and Bubbles’ sentimental, sweet, yet syrupy romance and Butch’s and Buttercup’s Takahashi-level belligerent sexual tension where they are constantly bickering and going back together, Brick’s and Blossom’s relationship grows at a steady yet realistic rate, showing how being in a relationship can be tough if one is not on the same page, if old wounds are in desperate need of healing, and if one is really willing to grow up and take full responsibility for everything one does as an individual and as a couple. Okay, enough of my rambling, let’s get on to what I thought about this fanfic. It seems incredible that Brick and Blossom have been dating for five years. Granted this transition was not at all easy, due to their turbulent past as enemies when they were kids and as teenagers, they ended up matriculating in the same high school. Through this turn of events, Brick and Blossom steadily ended up being good friends, as she was still in a relationship with Dexter. However, she decided to break up with him after some derogatory remarks directed not only at Blossom but her sisters too. Come one day at Brick’s soccer match does he make the move on Blossom to be his girlfriend and all the way up until college, with Brick being in a community college and Blossom in Yale, he decides to give her a romantic trip to Paris for two, as a graduation present. Whilst in Paris, he then proposes to her and Blossom joyously accepts. The news has been spread to their siblings and the wedding preparations are being put into motion in courtesy of Bubbles. What follows is a gamut of madcap activities from Butch’s and Buttercup’s break up leading them to try to get back at each other with their respective rebound partners while still harboring feelings for each other, Bubbles trying desperately to make the wedding plans as perfect as possible, Boomer’s love for Bubbles ever increasing, and Brick and Blossom just doing what they can to keep it together. This story is an absolutely fun blend of humor, romance, and truly genuine and heartwarming moments, enough for one to feel so fuzzy inside. Speaking of the humor, it also functions as a sort of comedy of errors. From Butch and Buttercup setting up strippers for the main couple to the cake fight to Brick and Blossom not being able to tolerate their siblings’ tomfoolery to the main couple’s romantic moment of intimacy being interrupted by Butch’s whining to even the main couple attempting to elope in Paris, there are a lot of moments where I did find myself laughing. I dare not spoil the ending but let’s just say that it’s not only greatly satisfying seeing our three favorite couples together, especially the main one, but it managed to wrap everything up so blissfully and warmheartedly. Even more so, the ending gives the reader a major hint that there will be a continuation. By and large, the story was charming, rollickingly fun, and it’s almost reminiscent of such films like The…

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