The Ladies Love the Boomie drawn by me

The weather’s been getting warmer and sunnier here in Berlin. And for that, here’s my most beloved Rowdyruff of all time, Boomer on the beach, being the lovable, adorable, muscular dude that he is. Joining him are his most favorite young ladies of all time, Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup. Blossom is rather fascinated by the size of Boomer’s left bicep and is astounded at his peak physical strength. Bubbles just loves having her beau around and, as the Joy and the Laughter of this superhuman group, she is so happy to have a wonderful, loving, caring, muscular young man like her darling Boomie in her happy life. Buttercup is rather impressed at how much muscle Boomer has and gives him a thumbs up. Meanwhile, Brick and Butch are in the background, as they are astonished of how their youngest brother can obtain a lot of attention from these babes. This piece of fanart is dedicated to all of the shippers of Blossoomer, Boomubbles, and Boomercup. So, I hope you all enjoy.   As I stated before, I do fancy Blossoomer because of how endearing and sweet it is, as Boomer and Blossom seem to have a relationship based on trust, empathy, kindness, and healthy synergy. Mostly because this pairing has the simple yet sweet dumb muscle of a boy in the form of Boomer having a grand time with the articulate and diplomatic intellectual of a girl in the form of Blossom, which in turn makes this pairing plausible.   I kind of like Boomercup because of the gentle giant and feisty tsundere who wears the pants in this relationship type of dynamic. This pairing is rather entertaining and kind of fun because of how these two seem to click.   Finally, there’s my OTP Boomubbles. I don’t need to explain any further why I love this pairing, but for those of you not in the know what I think of it, I think it’s best and healthiest of the RRBxPPG pairings. The Blues have the sweetest, most endearing, and most lovely chemistry. Just their mere presence alone is enough to make me warm and fuzzy inside.   Well, thank you for taking the time to have a gander at this piece of fanart and I wish you more lovely, sunny days to come.   Boomer, Blossom, Buttercup, Bubbles, Brick, and Butch from The Powerpuff Girls belong to Craig McCracken.

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Bringin’ That Trash in Here? This is Our House! drawn by me

Well, random Family Guy quote from the episode Lethal Weapons aside, looks like Brick and Butch are not the only ones to have such a mighty moment. Now, Boomer, Blossom, Buttercup, and Bubbles are here and growling like leopards, jaguars, and panthers to show why they should never be messed with. The answer is pretty obvious, they can open up a can of kickass before you know it. Furthermore, I just love it when Boomer teams up with his most favorite people in the whole world, his darling sisters-in-law, Blossom and Buttercup, and his beloved, lawfully-wedded wife, Bubbles. I can certainly smell the amazing camaraderie and chemistry all four of these superhumans have with each other. Even more so, when Brick and Butch are added, but that’s another story. Much like the previous work I did with Brick and Butch, Boomer is 25 years old, Blossom and Buttercup are 24 years old, and Bubbles is 23 years old.   I decided to bulk Boomer up because I not only see him as a jovial yet misunderstood soul but also someone who is also reliable in terms of muscle. I bet you remember that scene in the episode “The Boys are Back in Town”, where the enlarged Boomer tore off a piece of construction work and bent it to make a hockey puck while making a cute and goofy face. Now that he’s all grown up, I envision him to be a much stronger individual, both physically and psychologically, actually grow a pair to stand up to his big bros, and even start a beautiful friendship with Blossom and Buttercup plus an equally beautiful relationship with Bubbles. Heck, he can even take both of his big bros down all thanks to the Mixed Martial Arts, wrestling, Muay Thai, kickboxing, jujitsu, and all the other martial arts they have down, as well as being in peak physical condition. In addition to that, I did make grown-up Boomer look like Ken Masters from the Street Fighter franchise, which I think makes him look all the more adorable.   I can see Boomer’s relationship with Blossom as a combination of endearing, sweet, plausible, and genuine. Being the diplomat that she is, she would definitely break down his walls and reveal a nicer, kinder side to him. She would even be super supportive of Boomer going out on dates with Bubbles. Moreover, she would even tell him to stand up to his brothers and not even think about pushing him around anymore. Boomer would even tell Blossom to not take everything too seriously and just chill, as he does joke about her worry lines on her forehead in a charming way.   With Buttercup, it’s the case of the gentle giant and the fiery, feisty tomboy. I see their relationship as playful, adorable, and funny. She would be the type of girl who would punch his powerful arms in a fun-loving and mischievous manner and he would be the type of guy who would give her noogies galore. On the long run, they would definitely enjoy each others’ company as sparring partners and there would even be times where Boomer would give Buttercup a massive bearhug with her gasping for air because of how super strong he is. Plus, Buttercup would be the one to further implement on how Boomer should stand up to his brothers and not always care what they think. Boomer would even tell Buttercup how cool she is to have around and would even shed her hardass, defensive and see that she can be a softie. Furthermore, she would also keep a vigilant eye on Boomer to ensure that Bubbles does not get hurt, lest he should he suffer a beating through her hands.   Finally, I will say this once and I will say this again. I am a devout Boomubbles fan because their pairing is not only sweet but it’s actually the most plausible out of the color-coded and overall RRBxPPG pairings, in my opinion. They would be the pair who start letting go of their prejudices and finally see the light and become great friends as children, then hang out more when they reach tweenhood to teenhood, date in their teens, and be the first of their siblings to marry and start a family. I firmly believe that their relationship will end up as the healthiest and will be loving and supportive parents to their darling children.   So, I hope you all enjoy this piece of fanart I did as well as this post. Until then, I wish you all a most pleasant day.   Boomer, Blossom, Buttercup, and Bubbles from The Powerpuff Girls belong to Craig McCracken.

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PPG AU: The Celestial Rulers drawn by me

Hey, everybody! Antoni, here, back with another piece of my PPG AU fan art set in the Edo period of Japan. As promised, here they are. The Celestial Rulers, The Prince and Princess of the Heavens, The Steadfast Lord and his Lovingly Jovial Lady, Boomer-ouji-sama and Bubbles-hime-sama. Joining this lawfully wedded couple are their children, aka my fan-babies, the twins, Bailey and Barley, the middle daughter, Brittany, and the youngest daughter, Birdie.   Man, I have been wanting to draw fanart of my most favorite of the RRBxPPG pairings, Boomer/Bubbles or Boomubbles, because of how not only plausible they are as a couple but also for how adorable they are together. Plus, the Blues seem to have the best chemistry, especially where fanon is concerned. While I do find the mixed pairings occurring with the Blues like Blossoomer to be cute, Boomercup to be kind of funny, and Brickubbles and Butchubbles to be sort of endearing in a platonic big guy protects little lady fashion, there is no denying that I really, really love Boomer and Bubbles together.   In this AU, I wanted to heighten the feudal fairy tale aspect of this story by having Boomer and Bubbles as the celestial prince and princess as well as respectively being the high-ranking yokai lord and lady. Boomer is an amalgamation of Tsukuyomi the Shinto moon god, the Emperor and the Five Princes from The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter, and Zushonosuke from Tenshu Monogatari or Goddess of the Dark Tower from the anime anthology series, Ayakashi: Samurai Horror Tales. In Bubbles’ case, she is an amalgamation of Amaterasu the Shinto sun goddess, Princess Kaguya also from The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter, and Tomihime also from Goddess of the Dark Tower. In addition to that, I can see these two being the first of their respective siblings to marry and have children, in spite of the fact that they are the youngest. Eventually, the Reds and the Greens follow suit with a double wedding. Seeing as these two lovebirds are the youngest that means that their older siblings have to be not only their guardians but to also ensure their overall safety, as they maintain the natural balance of the heavens and of the earth. With that said, let’s talk about this couple individually as well as their darling children.   Prince Boomer or Boomer-ouji-sama in Japanese, also known as the Lunar Prince, is the noble, peace-loving, kind-hearted, and emphatic male celestial ruler, who appears to be a young man between 25 to 26 years old. With his charming face, dashing features, and overall dignity as a nobleman, he radiates with a positive aura that makes his older brothers, his sisters-in-law, his wife, his children, and every person, deity, and creature cherish and love him. His main abilities are shooting lightning from his hands to his fingertips, levitation, super speed, and heightened combat skills. One should not be fooled by his infectiously sweet nature, as he will fight back using all of his might if ever anyone not only hurts him but also his wife, Bubbles, his sisters-in-law, Blossom and Buttercup, and/or his older brothers, Brick and Butch. Prior to obtaining the title of the Celestial Prince, Boomer was not always the person he was today, especially in his younger years.   As the youngest brother, he was always on Brick’s and Butch’s shadows, as he did what they told him to do and were more warlike in everything they did. Boomer always knew deep down that he was not as much of a warrior compared to Brick’s choleric nature and Butch’s brute strength. As a matter of fact, he loathed the destruction his brothers were making not only in the heavens and in the earth, but also towards each other. Every waking day, he had to witness his older brothers tormenting each other over a disagreement and there were times that Brick and Butch almost fatally injured each other with their incessant beatdowns. Finally growing a backbone, Boomer decided that he wanted nothing more to do with their petty animosity and left them for a while to search for inner peace.   One day in a quiet forest, as Boomer was becoming one with nature through meditation, he encountered a lovely, young maiden he knew ever since he was a child named Princess Bubbles. He always admired her not only for her beauty with her youthful and petite features, her infectiously radiant smile, and her overall positive aura but also for her kindness, her warmth, and her quickness to forgive. As he saw her combing her long blonde hair near a river, he shyly approached her and greeted her. Bubbles turned around to see Boomer right behind her and she easily recognized him, as she embraced him. To Boomer, his feelings for the young princess grew and he very much knew that he was destined for her.   After meeting each other again, Bubbles re-introduced Boomer to her older sisters, Blossom and Buttercup, as the boy who was nice to her and sisters, unlike Brick and Butch. Blossom and Buttercup welcomed him with open arms and finally, Boomer did the nearly unthinkable by asking Bubbles’ hand in marriage. Bubbles was initially shocked, but Boomer assured her that he will be the most faithful husband ever. To prove his fidelity, he has to fulfill laborious tasks in order to marry Bubbles.   Full of determination, he set off to travel to India to obtain the stone bowl of Buddha, to Horai Island to obtain the jeweled sprig, to China to obtain the robe of the fire rat, and to other parts of Japan to obtain the jewel from the dragon’s neck and the swallows’ cowrie shell. Despite the fact that the labors were tough, Boomer was able to accomplish each of them, as he gave the items to Bubbles. He also gave her one very special item that neither Heaven nor Earth can have and that was his kiss of…

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Hey, everybody! Antoni, here. I know I was supposed to review Verdi’s Aida live from the Kungliga Operan. However, last week, I caught a live stream production of Verdi’s Les Vepres Siciliennes live from the Bayerische Staatsoper, which I will most likely make a review of tomorrow, as I need to do some research about the opera’s plot. So, I do apologize for some delays in the reviewing schedule, as I had to deal with a Chemistry exam and I did need to catch up on rest so that I will not over-exert myself.   With that said, I am feeling rather naughty right now. I just caught a Powerpuff Girls fanfic that has become a real guilty pleasure of mine, more on that later. It’s called My Dear Sister, written by Yurilover89, published on March 23, 2014, last updated on June 10 of that same year, but it’s incomplete with only two chapters. It’s rated M. It’s in English and the main pairing is…here it goes…Blossom/Buttercup. There are hints of Brick/Buttercup, Butch/Blossom, Boomer/Bubbles, and Princess Morbucks/Bubbles, however, they are only mentioned via exposition. The other character to be involved in this fanfic is Ace from The GangGreen Gang. Even more so, Blossom and Buttercup are 18 years old in this fanfic, so, please, be at ease.   If it were not already obvious, this is basically PPGcest fanfic involving Blossom and Buttercup complete with some steamy action between the two. I am probably not alone when I say that although this pairing kind of titillates me on some occasions, I am sort of not a fan of having Blossom and Buttercup being lovers, given the fact that they are sisters. I am sure that there are certain people who jack off to this pairing because these two girls are sexy, but I am surely not one of them.   I will gladly reiterate that I always enjoy Blossom’s and Buttercup’s tough love as sisters because these two work so well off of each other when it comes to being opposites of each other and having great dynamics whether they engage in physical combat or show genuine care for each other in spite of their differences. When one combines Blossom’s feminine grace, overall professionalism as a superheroine, her unparalleled skills as a fighter, and her genius bruiser persona, which has always made me love her so much, and Buttercup’s rough and tumble, rebellious, tough, fiercely independent yet reckless attitude, full-fledged bruiser persona, and tomboyish cuteness, which in turn has always made her so endearing, one gets a clear understanding how these two work as characters in terms of dynamics and chemistry. This is the reason why I always enjoy these two together because they have strong personalities as the older daughters of Professor Utonium and the older sisters of Bubbles.   However, to pair them up as lovers in fanworks seems wrong as it serves to mainly titillate the mostly adolescent or young adult male demographic. Yet, to the fanfic writers’ and fan artists’ credit, I do fancy some kinky action going on between two of most favorite badass girls of the PPG. It could be their strong personalities that complement each other. It could be their bruiser personalities, what with Blossom being the genius one and Buttercup being the full-fledged one, that makes their interactions really exciting. Or it could just be because Blossom and Buttercup appeal to me a lot more than Bubbles, mostly because I am the eldest in my family and I look up to both of them for having each others’ backs and for being awesome older sisters to Bubbles. With that said, let’s get on to this guilty pleasure of a fanfic.   After a long day, Blossom and Buttercup enter their apartment to have a bit of a rest. Their respective boyfriends, Butch and Brick, have gone off to Jamaica and Bubbles has gone to Korea with Professor Utonium for some philanthropy work, leaving the two older Powerpuffs behind. In terms of Bubbles, both Blossom and Buttercup, especially the former, feel envious of their younger sister because she is so well-loved by everyone and is openly bisexual, not only being in a relationship with Boomer but also having some “sessions” with Princess Morbucks, thus making her female partner change her ways. It all comes to a head when Buttercup proclaims her love to Blossom and vice versa, and then they consummate their said feelings of love to each other. Yes, I’m fully aware that there are some people who feel rather dirty when reading this fanfic and others who feel rather aroused seeing two girls in action, but at least it’s enjoyable in a kinky fashion. Moreover, I’m very pleased that the main characters of Blossom and Buttercup are both eighteen in this fanfic, which is definitely considered to be a legal age to be a young adult in many societies, otherwise, the author would’ve faced a lot of trouble for making the girls younger than that age. It is such a shame that this story was left incomplete for four years because I would’ve loved to see where this would all go especially when Brick and Butch are thrown in the mix, it would’ve been temptingly interesting. Butch could make love to Blossom, Brick could make love to Buttercup, Brick could also make love to Blossom, Butch could also make love to Buttercup, and we could have also had a Brick/Butch moment, culminating in a foursome. I would also like this story to have a little bit more substance in terms of character development and not just titillating the mostly male demographic. Would this story also work as a one-shot? Yes, I see why not, mostly because there were times that the story did drag due to some of the dialogue and the naughty bit scenes. For example, the two girls compliment each others’ breasts, buttocks, and naughty parts all while making love in the second chapter.   Speaking of my favorite…

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Hey, everybody! Antoni, here, with another fan fiction recommendation. Yes, I know I was supposed to review Rossini’s Semiramide live from the Met. However, because of my upcoming Spanish exam, I decided to postpone that said review until tomorrow evening, as after the exam, I also have to study for my upcoming Chemistry exam with some help from my private tutor. With that said, I will be taking a look at, of course, another Powerpuff Girls fanfic called, who you gonna call written by queen caffeine and published October 9, 2017. It’s rated T. It’s in English. It’s humor/friendship, and the main characters involved are Butch and Blossom, in which they have a platonic relationship as friends. There are also hints of Brick/Blossom, Butch/Buttercup, and Boomer/Bubbles. Aside from Brick, Buttercup, Boomer, and Bubbles being involved in this story, Princess Morbucks and a few extra characters make an appearance on here. The characters are all teenagers between 17 to 19 years old. Let’s get this started shall we?   Aside from me being a fan of Brick’s and Buttercup’s platonic relationship as friends, I also happen to fancy Butch’s and Blossom’s platonic relationship, as all of their dynamics are really interesting, in my opinion. You will find out why, but first my thoughts on the entire story.   Blossom goes about her normal day doing groceries when all of the sudden Butch attempts to call her, as something drastic happened. As she approaches her home, she sees Butch who then blurts out that Brick, Boomer, Buttercup, and Bubbles have been kidnapped. Through this revelation, an unlikely friendship is formed between the articulate, intellectual, usually composed pink Powerpuff girl and the hyperactive, big shot, tough dark green Rowdyruff boy. Thank goodness that not all hope is lost, as tracking devices were placed on Buttercup and Bubbles so that they can find their location via computer. Blossom initially wants to do this rescue mission alone, but Butch charmingly lends his aid to her, making her at first reluctant but she relents. After some expert-level hacking through different systems, Blossom finds out that Brick, Boomer, Buttercup, and Bubbles are on a huge ship in different cells, where they are deprived of their powers, somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, and they were kidnapped by none other than Princess Morbucks. So, our two main protagonists suit up, head off to rescue them, and stop Princess. I’m not going to spoil the rest, but let’s just say that the climax has sufficient action and tension to make it interesting and it’s nice to our heroes kicking loads of butt, especially Blossom and Buttercup. Although the ending was satisfying, I would’ve wanted to see what happened after the final battle. Maybe we could’ve seen Boomer waking up and having a moment not only with Bubbles but the rest of the Puff and Ruff gang, that would’ve been sweet. However, as it is, the story has a sufficient amount of humor, charm, action, and enjoyment to make it an interesting and fun ride.   In terms of characters, it should be no surprise that for the most part, Blossom was in character with a few moments, where she kind of swore but not on the sailor-mouth level like Brick, Butch, Buttercup, and Princess. She manages to keep her levelheaded nature to a T and she had her deadpan snarker moments, which made her all the more entertaining as an individual character. Complimenting Blossom’s levelheadedness is Butch’s charmingly lovable idiot jock, big shot personality. Alone, he too is extremely entertaining, being at times the chivalrous pervert to not only Blossom but, of course, to Buttercup. Even more so, he has his sarcasm and hilarity to make him all the more charming. He even blurts out the relationship status for each of their respective siblings, like Boomer and Bubbles officially dating for Lord knows how long, Butch being completely convinced that Buttercup wants him even though she is rather annoyed by him, and Brick and Blossom have a lot of unresolved sexual tension to the point where she is defensive about it. When one puts these two characters together, they are not only entertaining but also pretty good teammates, with Blossom being the savvy, articulate, composed technician and genius bruiser and Butch being the muscle and the impulsive yet lovable idiot big shot jock. These two definitely have some funny moments of dialogue where on the outside they show sass and irony but deep down one can tell that they care for each other as friends. I even enjoy how Butch calls Blossom “Rapunzel”, mostly due to her attractiveness and her long hair. Princess Morbucks and her troupe of guards serve their purpose as the big bads of the story, as she uses her master plan to lure Butch and Blossom to their fellow Ruffs and Puffs almost to perfection. The other characters also serve their purpose very well, like Brick keeping his impulsive and sardonic nature, Buttercup keeping her tsundere and tough girl edge, Bubbles keeping her sweet nature, and Boomer…Well, he passed out for the duration of this story. So, overall the characters were, as always, lovable and interesting with Butch and Blossom stealing the show all thanks to their fun character dynamics.   Now with such praise, I have to give this story in terms of build-up and characters, one would think this is perfect right? Sadly, no. There were definitely some technical issues to be found, most especially in the grammar. First of all, the title’s first letters should have been capitalized, as it is the standard protocol when it comes to writing. Secondly, when dialogues are not involved, the story is written in present tense, when it should have been past tense. For anyone who aspires to write stories, please, use the past tense, as they indicate what the characters did. How this story was written seemed more like a script than a piece of fan fiction or even a book. Third, there were times that…

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