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The RRB x PPG Pairings and My Thoughts on Them

Greetings, Rowdyruff Boys and Powerpuff Girls fans, it is your old pal Antoni here with another written entry. I know this one, in particular, might sound blasé to some of my more experienced readers but there are some thoughts about the color-coded, color-clash, and color-crack RuffPuff pairings that I would love to have the pleasure of expressing them in earnest. Sure, some of my thoughts remain the same, while others need further clarification. As one can tell, a lot of my thoughts are based on my own headcanons, my experience with reading fanfics focusing on all of the RRB x PPG pairings, looking through RRB x PPG fanart, reading through a lot of RRB x PPG memes and charts, and even my insurmountable immersion with other great superhero shows such as Teen Titans 2003 and Justice League. Moreover, even when Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup did not end up kissing Brick, Boomer, and Butch, therefore having Miss Bellum adopt the Rowdyruff Boys as her own sons, there would be countless possibilities and probabilities on how the boys and girls would end up working together not only as couples but as a six-person superhero team. However, I am getting way ahead of myself. Discussion and debate are always welcome in the comments section so long as they are civil and well thought-out. Furthermore, please keep in mind that these are my opinions and do not come whining to me if you disagree with any of them. With that said, let us begin. The Color-Coded RuffPuff Pairings (Boomer x Bubbles, Brick x Blossom, Butch x Buttercup) This set of RuffPuff pairings is the most popular throughout the RRB x PPG shipping fandom, mostly because of the ending where the Powerpuff Girls gave their kisses to their respective Rowdyruff Boys counterparts before the latter group exploded. Seriously, this is just as popular as Mickey Mouse x Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck x Daisy Duck, and the color-coded Chipmunks x Chipettes pairings (Alvin x Brittany, Simon x Jeanette, and Theodore x Eleanor). While I can understand the appeal of this set of pairings, I also find it to be extremely overrated and, at times, annoying, seeing that this set of RuffPuff pairings take up most of the RRB x PPG shipping fandom. I know this will get a lot of color-code RuffPuff shippers in a tizzy but please take the time to hear me out. The true story is that I used to be a color-code RuffPuff shipper ever since I was between my tweens and teens. Nowadays, I just cannot stand two out of the three color-coded RuffPuff pairings and chances are you already know what they are. Additionally, now as an adult, I basically find the color-coded RuffPuff pairings to be on the bland side at best and troublesome at worst. Even though I can enjoy the wonderful fan artists and fanfiction writers for producing such fine pieces of Boomubbles, Blossick, and Butchercup works, I have taken off those rose-colored glasses and have seen beyond this particularly overrated set of pairings. At least, one out of these three color-coded pairings managed to hold up exceptionally. Boomer x Bubbles (Boomubbles) This is the only color-coded pairing I can ever defend as my OTP and the best of this set of color-coded RuffPuff pairings from here to eternity. Sure, on the surface, if Boomubbles had an ice-cream flavor, it would be bubblegum blueberry swirl, which is pleasing to the palette so long as I am consuming it in moderation. However, looking beyond the sweet fluff, I can see a genuine, well-meaning, pleasing, and peaceful relationship between the blues, as they are the most normal out of their siblings. Considering that my upcoming Rowdyruff x Powerpuff OTP timeline fanart mainly focuses on how Boomer and Bubbles grew as a couple in my headcanon, I am really excited to have this accomplished. All of you Boomubbles shippers will have to wait for the final product because real life and educational priorities have been getting in the way, but here is the itty bitty CliffsNotes version to prepare you all for the real thing. Boomer and Bubbles start off as childhood sweethearts, affirm their relationship all the way up to teenhood, end up married in their young adult years, and start a happily euphoric family. Getting back to the matter at hand, I have been shipping Boomer and Bubbles as a couple ever since I was a teenager and, to this day, I am pleasantly surprised to see how well this particular color-coded pairing manages to hold up. I can imagine them to be unafraid of letting their emotions show and proclaim to the world of their undying love for each other. Moreover, both Boomer and Bubbles can find something positive within each other, thus sealing the deal in their ever-blossoming, ever-sweet relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend as teenagers and husband and wife as adults. Boomer would easily fall for Bubbles’ brand of forgiveness, kindness, physical flexibility, beauty, talent as a performing artist and visual artist, and warmth while Bubbles would be exceptionally fascinated with Boomer’s sympathy, physical and psychological strength, endurance, kindness, and protectiveness, thus making Boomubbles the best color-coded RuffPuff pairing in my eyes. Overall, I can still smile at how much Boomer and Bubbles have sweetness and lovability that few couples can ever compare. In spite of that sweet blueberry bubblegum cotton candy fluff, I can attest that Boomubbles is a treat that I would not mind having over and over again. Brick x Blossom (Blossick) I know that I used to like Blossick but, nowadays, I find this particular pairing really annoying! This is in due part to how overrated BlossSICK really is. Everywhere I go on the internet, whether looking at fanfiction or looking at fanart, Blossick seems to be the poster child for Rowdyruff x Powerpuff pairings. And the whole Blossick hullaballoo does not fricking stop! It makes me even happier that I abandoned the Blossick campaign in its entirety because of how annoying,…

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My RRB/PPG Ships

The PPG/RRB Shipping Chart was originally created by QuietLullabies.   Well, I am in the marvelous city of Madrid, Spain, where I will be celebrating my 26th birthday. Yes, I know, another year older, another year wiser. So, to celebrate my upcoming birthday here’s my take on the whole PPG/RRB shipping meme chart.   I have been seeing fellow artists’ takes on these pairings. Some were interesting, some were a bit one-sided, and some were actually well-thought out and I enjoyed reading their opinions on the Rowdyruffs and Powerpuffs they like or not like to pair up with. So, without ado, here’s my take on the PPG/RRB shippings.   OTPs: Boomer/Bubbles or Boomubbles- In my opinion, this has to be the most plausible and overall best of not only the color-coded RRB/PPG pairings but also RRB/PPG pairings in general. These two seem like they are destined to be for each other and are akin to the star-crossed lovers that I have seen in the media and literature, i.e. Romeo and Juliet. I am very sure that these two would start leaving behind any animosity if the Rowdyruff Boys became good guys, joined forces with the Powerpuff Girls and will be the first to show loads of forgiveness and compassion, while they are still young children. Eventually, Boomer and Bubbles would start becoming the closest of friends and comrades, thus building a healthy and genuine relationship between the two. Once they reach their tweens and teens, they would develop even deeper feelings for each other and will actually go on more dates, aside from the usual crime-fighting they have to do. Plus, in my headcanon, they would end up being the first to marry in their late teens to their early 20s and have children with Boomer being the loving, well-meaning father and Bubbles being the supportive, compassionate mother, in spite of the fact that they are the youngest of their respective sibling groups. It’s no surprise why I love the Blues when they are together. It’s because of not only their appeal of being adorable, sweet, and/or lovely but it also has this fairytale-like feel in their relationship, where after every trial, every challenge, and every hardship, Boomer and Bubbles still have each others’ backs and will seem to be the couple that will stay faithful to each other until the end of time.   The Reds and the Greens were rather interesting to pair up because not only do I like Blossick and Butchercup, even though they can be a tad bit overrated, but I also enjoy Brickercup and Blossutch as much as the former. Moreover, the Reds and the Greens don’t really have that fairy tale, lovey-dovey, sentimental vibe that the Blues have, thus showing how tough being in a relationship is, yet at the same time it is reassuring, as principles of respect, responsibility, compassion, allegiance, and trust need to be put in to practice, not only with each other but also for the good of their team. So, here’s my take on these pairings, even though I made it kind of clear in my OT4 drawing of Bricksomutchercup. I still keep my word that Brick, Butch, Blossom, and Buttercup are the strongest OT4 in my opinion, hence that’s why I dub them to be my Four Favorite Bruisers of All Time because of their unwaveringly strong personalities and overall determination. Plus, I imagine the Reds and the Greens living together under one roof, with the Blues living in another house. So, here are my explanations, anyway.   Brick/Blossom or Blossick- I put this as my first choice because they seem to be the ones who follow suit when it comes to Boomer and Bubbles being together. As they grow up and form a six-person superhero team, I can see them still obtaining responsibilities of being leaders as well as the eldest children with Brick and his large-and-in-charge warlord personality who ensures a fair fight, great combat skills from all of his teammates, and a grand victory for every mission they do and Blossom and her tendency to be the team mom who ensures strategy to be present in battle and the overall safety of not only her beloved but also her comrades. I can see their romance as not being that of a fairy tale but one that is really challenging, as walls need to be broken down, trust has to be formed, and respect and allegiance need to be put to practice. Sure, they would initially have difficulty trusting and respecting each other. However, as time goes by, they would start to see each other for who they are. Brick would see that Blossom is not always Little Miss Perfect and Blossom would see that Brick has some insecurities, which are more often than not hidden in this proud personality. Together, these two can take what primal doubts and insecurities they have and take them in stride, thus helping each other reach their full potential not only physically but psychologically as well. As young adults in their twenties, they and the Greens would even have a double wedding after their youngest siblings’ matrimony and as parents, I can imagine Blossom being the stern, well-meaning, and supportive mom and Brick being the strong, tough, and really loving dad. I really love this pairing because it does show how being in a relationship is not always easy but when two people have patience, trust, respect, allegiance, and understanding anything is possible.   Butch/Buttercup or Butchercup- Ah, yes. One of the Takahashi couples to end all Takahashi couples because of their volcanically belligerent sexual tension. They would be the couple who would argue and shout one moment and be cuddly and make love to each other in the next. As I stated before, Ranma and Akane would end up paling in comparison to Butch’s and Buttercup’s brand of belligerent sexual tension. As the toughest and most volatile fighters, with Butch being the big muscle and Buttercup being the…

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