My Completed RRB/PPG/PPNKG Shipping Meme

Credit goes to one of my really good friends, Hadrian aka SapphireSonicmaster, for this particular meme. Greetings, fellow Rowdyruff, Powerpuff, and Powerpunk shippers! It is I, your dear friend, Antoni, with another completed Powerpuff Girls shipping meme. I know that filling this meme up was pretty hard and crazy work, but I will gladly guide you all to which of these I support strongly as my OTPs and which ones I do not. I am sure that a lot of my followers already know who they are, but let us get cracking anyway by starting off with the pairings I abhor. NOTPs for Life Brick x Blossom (BlossSICK) Do I need to further express my overall seething disdain for this particularly overrated RuffPuff couple? Butch x Buttercup (Butchercup) GET THESE GREEN-CLAD HOTHEADS AWAY FROM EACH OTHER!!!! Mitch x All of the Powerpunks As if he is ever going to have a fulfilling relationship with these particular ladies. All of the Powerpuffs x All of the Powerpunks No, just, no! Snake, Ace, and/or Bud x All of the Rowdyruffs I do not care if this is going to be a shounen-ai situation for the sake of titillation. It is not going to happen and it will never happen! Meh Pairings All of the Rowdyruffs x All of the Powerpunks Where my headcanon is concerned, the Rowdyruff Boys are much too busy being the dashing gentlemen to their true lady loves, The Powerpuff Girls. While the Powerpunk Girls are having the time of their lives with their respective beaus. It kind of works as a short fling though, but nothing more. Snake x Bubbles (Snubbles) and Bud x Blossom (Budossom) These two never grew on me and all I feel from these two pairings is indifference and skepticism. Ace x Buttercup (Acercup) It works as a first-crush scenario but nothing more. BroTPs Mitch x All of the Powerpuff Girls Whether it is the epic best friendship of Mitchercup or the fair-weathered nature of Mitchubbles and Mitchossom, I cannot deny just how interesting they are pretty good friends with benefits, especially where Mitchercup is concerned. Brick x Butch x Boomer x Mitch This is quite the epic band of bros. Just add in Mike Believe and it will be a BroT5 for all the ages! Blossom x Buttercup x Bubbles x Bunny The greatest band of sisters until the end of time. Add in Robin Snyder and it will be an epic SisT5. Ace x Snake x Bud A veritable band of bad boys with attitude. Berserk x Brute x Brat A delightfully catty trio. Pairings I Really Like Boomer x Buttercup (Boomercup) A cute, innocent pairing between a sympathetic dumb muscle and an athletic brawling beauty. Other than that, it is on the fluffy side. Brick x Bubbles (Brickubbles) This is the sweetest pairing to ever exist between a hot-headed rogue and an inwardly hardcore ingenue. Ergo, Brickubbles may be the second best color-crack couple, in my opinion considering that there is one that rules over this and Boomercup combined, but it might as well be kept within a high school crush scenario. My OTPs for Life Brick x Buttercup (Brickercup) Hot and Spicy Couple for life!!! Butch x Blossom (Blossutch) Watermelon Couple for the win!!! Butch x Bubbles (Butchubbles) Oh, yeah! Toughie, Cutie Couple in the house!!! Boomer x Blossom (Blossoomer) Ah, the purely undeniable pleasure of the Cotton Candy Couple!!! Boomer x Bubbles (Boomubbles) My precious Beautiful in Blue Couple!!! Mitch x Bunny (Bunnitch) Yet another exceptional example of an “Opposites-Attract” Couple. Ace x Berserk (Aceserk) There is nothing sexier than having exciting intimacy between two hot-headed leaders. Bud x Brute (BudBrute) An indifferent jerk and a chick with violent tendencies. I smell a love-hate relationship between these two. Snake x Brat (SnakBrat) It is simply adorable in its own special way. So, there you have it, ladies and gentlemen. I hope you all enjoyed this and I will see you all in the next submission. Take care and have a great spring. Ace, Snake, Bud, Brick, Butch, Boomer, Mitch, Berserk, Brat, Brute, Buttercup, Blossom, Bubbles, and Bunny from The Powerpuff Girls belong to Craig McCracken and Cartoon Network.

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Volare Nel Blue Dipinto Di Blu drawn by me

“Penso che un sogno così non ritorni mai più, mi dipingevo le mani e la faccia di blu, poi d’improvviso venivo dal vento rapito, e incominciavo a volare nel cielo infinito   Volare oh oh cantare oh oh oh, nel blu dipinto di blu, felice di stare lassù, e volavo volavo felice più in alto del sole ed ancora più sù, mentre il mondo pian piano spariva laggiù una musica dolce suonava soltanto per me.   Volare oh oh cantare oh oh oh nel blu dipinto di blu felice di stare lassù.   Volare oh oh” -Volare, Composed, Written, and Sung by Domenico Modugno, Co-Written by Franco Migliacci, Released by February 1, 1958   English Translation courtesy of LyricsTranslate: “I think that a dream like this won’t come back anymore. I was painting my hands and my face blue. Then suddenly I was being enraptured by the wind. And I was beginning to fly in the endless sky. To fly, oh, oh! To sing, oh, oh, oh, oh! In the blueness, painted in blue. Happy, to be up there. And I was flying, was flying happily, higher than the sun and still higher, while the world slowly, slowly was disappearing far away down there, a sweet music was playing just for me. To fly, oh, oh! To sing, oh, oh, oh, oh! In the blueness, painted in blue. Happy, to be up there.   To fly oh oh”   This piece of SnakBrat fanart, which is part of KatyGorl’s Claim a PPG Pairing Month back in September, is dedicated to Blueelephant7 and Larisa aka glittermuffins who celebrated their birthdays a couple of days ago. So, I hope you guys had an amazing, awesome, thrilling, and splendid birthday. I wish you a lot of love, joy, and prosperity in everything you do as artists and as people.   Ah, Snake x Brat or SnakBrat. This is a pairing I came up with seeing that I am not really a fan of pairing Sanford D. “Snake” Ingleberry up with Bubbles and prefer for him to end up with Brat of The Powerpunk Girls, but that is just my personal tastes. I just think these two are really adorable together and I can see it being the classic love-hate relationship which will eventually mellow out when these two drop their defenses and start being cuddly and comfortable with each other.   My love song for these two, which is, in turn, one of my favorite Italian pop songs, “Volare” composed and originally sung by Domenico Modugno is certainly a nice tune for these lovebirds. I grew up with this song when I was an eleven-year-old boy and I first heard Russell Watson singing this and I enjoyed his rendition. So, I hope you also enjoy listening to Mr. Watson’s rendition of this song.     I hope you all enjoyed taking a gander at this piece of SnakBrat picture and I will see you in the next submission.   Sanford D. “Snake” Ingleberry and Brat Plutonium from The Powerpuff Girls belong to Craig McCracken and Cartoon Network.

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