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What If Miss Bellum adopted the Rowdyruff Boys?

Greetings, Rowdyruff Boys and Powerpuff Girls fans, it is I, your dear friend, Antoni with another written entry. I am sure you can tell from the title that I have been wanting to express my sentiments with this particular question. That is, what if the Powerpuff Girls did not destroy the Rowdyruff Boys with their kisses and instead have Miss Bellum adopt the Rowdyruffs, thus stripping Mojo Jojo of his title as their “guardian”, after their debut episode? One can call it the classic case of kicking Status Quo is God by the loins, thus giving Brick, Butch, and Boomer a more loving, more stable family life without the need for petty vengeance nor animosity. Moreover, the whole convoluted insanity with HIM resurrecting the boys would never have happened, even if I enjoy “The Boys are Back in Town” though I cannot overlook how much of a torture porn episode it can be especially towards the girls and through Miss Bellum’s brand of discipline and tough love, the Rowdyruff Boys would definitely be upstanding young gentlemen to not only the girls but also Townsville in general. I am not just saying this as a shipper of my OTPs Brick x Buttercup, Butch x Blossom, Butch x Bubbles, Boomer x Blossom, and Boomer x Bubbles, but also as someone who continues to be fascinated with superhero teams consisting of more than three people, hence that is why, in my headcanon, the Ruffs and the Puffs joined forces when they were still kindergarteners to form Team Xtreme. So, without further ado, let us commence. A Most Likely Scenario It is true that Miss Bellum held the key to aiding the Powerpuff Girls defeating the Rowdyruff Boys by using their feminine charm. However, knowing how Mojo Jojo indoctrinated destruction, cruelty, and violence into them and used the Rowdyruff Boy as his own guns to wreak his petty vengeance on the Powerpuff Girls, Miss Bellum would brave all odds, hop on a helicopter all the way up to Mojo’s domain and confront him directly. Mojo Jojo, once noticing Miss Bellum is there, would order the boys to attack. Knowing Miss Bellum, she would tell them to cease and desist by signaling them to stop and the boys obey. What would follow is, Miss Bellum, looking Mojo Jojo directly into the eyes and letting him spill the beans of how he made the boys to exact his vengeance on the girls. Comprehending this, she would even tell Mojo that he is not truly fit to be a parent to his “creations” and, therefore, does the unthinkable. She decides to take Brick, Butch, and Boomer away from Mojo Jojo with the boys finally getting the chance to beat him up for good and for all after receiving her permission to do so. She would even have the police involved and take Mojo off to prison once again. Brick, Butch, and Boomer would initially feel doubtful when it comes to Miss Bellum, but ultimately it would be Boomer who would show the first signs of feeling attached to their new mother with Butch and Brick eventually swallowing their pride and following suit. Moreover, now that she understands that the boys do not have real Chemical X in their systems, she would even send them to Professor Utonium to have Brick, Butch, and Boomer vaccinated with the real deal. After getting them all sorted out, Miss Bellum would even go out of her way to let the boys apologize to the girls and admit everything they have done. Eventually, Blossom, Buttercup, and Bubbles forgive Brick, Butch, and Boomer for their misdeeds, start becoming great friends and allies, and the boys would have a more stable, familial home by courtesy of Miss Sara Bellum. More Character Dynamics If the show were to go on with the Rowdyruff Boys being reformed through Miss Bellum’s influence and sense of maternal duty to her sons, Brick, Butch, and Boomer would definitely be more fully developed characters. Sure, their return found in “The Boys are Back in Town” gave them slightly more developed characters, but that is because HIM brought them back from the dead to cause more destruction and, of course, use them as his weapons in the hopes that the Powerpuff Girls are defeated. I would not mind keeping Brick’s hot-headed nature, Butch’s bouts of insanity, and Boomer’s dim-witted nature, but where my headcanon is concerned, Miss Bellum is able to find the best quality in each of her sons with Brick being brave, determined, and someone with a large-and-in-charge personality, Butch being strong, tough, equally as determined as Brick, and the overall muscle of the household and Boomer being kind, good-humored, sensitive, helpful when necessary, and just as physically strong as both Brick and Butch. In the Bellum household, one would also see just how the Rowdyruff Boys get along with Miss Bellum as their mother. I could not only imagine Miss Bellum being the stern, firm, loving, intelligent, protective disciplinarian she is but also how the dynamics between Brick, Butch, and Boomer would function. In my Team Xtreme headcanon, Brick is both book-smart and street-smart, responsible, has a large-and-in-charge and determined personality, and has a tendency to be impulsive. Butch is impulsive, tough, rough but tends to have a softer inner side to him that he does not always want to show. Boomer is the most innocent of his brothers and his heart is always in the right place. Butch admires Brick as a brother, even though he does tend to be envious at him because of how much of a well-rounded person he is. Boomer would not only look up to Brick and Butch as his brothers but he also has the tendency to get himself into their double noogies with him. There may be crazy happening within this family, but it would be great to see how they learn from each other and grow as people. In my Team Xtreme headcanon, Brick, Butch, Boomer, Blossom, Buttercup, and…

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