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94SideKick, often referred to as Danny, is a Freshmen in college who started character reviewing in late September 2013.


Originally, Danny created his YouTube account, 94SideKick in mid July of 2009, because the name SideKick94 was already taken. His original videos were shot on his hand held camera but most of them were deleted when Danny wanted to actually start becoming a bit more serious, and realized that a video of him and his sister having a lightsaber fight between a cow and a penguin, shot in April of 2008 as well as other home movies he made with that camera, wouldn't get him that far. Danny started reviewing with Danny Does Hollywood in late 2011. It wasn't officially successful and he quit after the 6th review. His follow up show was the History Critic, where he took a look at films based on true stories. While the concept was original, Danny couldn't get invested into the series, especially after his review of Downfall was sighted by Constantine Films. His third show was Request a Film, which was also unsuccessful since nobody would request anything for him. In October of 2012, Danny started talking about films he liked, and even created a Top 15 List of his Favorite Love Interests. While he did like Danny's Favorites, he realized that talking positively about something on the internet could get him so far. That is when, in September of 2013, he settled with Your Character Sucks, in which the worst of the worst characters could be bashed to the ground. With the exception of Episode 6: Slenderman (original and remake), Episode 7: The Governor, and Episode 14: The Totally Spies, the response from the fans was mostly positive. He officially joined Team Night Saturn early April of 2014.


  • Was Valedictorian in the 8th grade.
  • Favorite film series of all time is Star Wars.
  • Is a fan of '80s pop and rock music.
  • Wishes rock music would return to the eyes of the mainstream.

List of Episodes

Season 1

Johnny Test

Dora the Explorer


Courtney ft. WorstMusicOfTheYear

Aline Cedrac

Slenderman (remake) (flameshield up)

The Governor

John Strode

The Purge Kids


Veruca Salt

Scarlett O'Hara


Totally Spies (remake)

Bella Swan

Megan Fox (lol)

Jar Jar Binks

SpongeBob Squarepants (season 4-now) first review as Team Night Saturn Member

Deadpool (X-Men Origins Film)