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Hey, everybody! I’m kind of relieved that I got my fair share of venting and ranting out of my system a few days ago. Yes, I could’ve been more civil with my choice of words as there was a lot of pent-up frustration I had and I’m sorry I could’ve composed myself a lot better. I may not have parted from that person in the best of terms, but the point is it’s over and we can move on well with our lives.
Anyways, I know it’s been a pretty long time since I’ve mentioned this, but I’ve been on Steemit ever since August of last year and I was releasing a huge amount of my content, whether they be my reviews, blog entries or written rants. I got here by complete chance, thanks to a good online friend by the name of Johannes Schneeberg. And after some time of trying this out, I was really satisfied with what I got.
Basically, it’s a site where you release your content and you get upvotes in the form of Steem power, which is then converted to Steem when it’s powered down. Once you acquire Steem then you turn any amount of it into Bitcoin in Poloniex. Finally, you can convert the Bitcoin amount into the currency of your choice, in which in my case it’s Euros, and you get paid. How much time it takes, it depends.
So, aside from releasing my works on Channel Awesome, Patreon, Manic Expression, Team Night Saturn and of course, YouTube, I think Steemit is by far a very good platform to be on so far. Feel free to support me by upvoting the posts I have here and even following me here because it would mean a lot and I will be really grateful.
I wish you all a great Whitsun or Pentecostal Week and as we say in Germany, Schöne Pfingstferien an euch allen. 🙂

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