The Asian Critic Chick – Fresh Off the Boat

THANK YOU, GOD.  I’VE FINALLY DONE IT.  What people think is a revolution is to me a fucking abomination.  We live in a very sick and stupid world, folks, and unfortunately roughly 50% of those people are Asian, hence this show’s sickening success.  I beat my own record in regards to length; I spend a full half hour ridiculing my own narcissistic race and shitting on a show that makes me almost wish that I wasn’t Asian.  Every time I see even a few seconds of this show I grumble.  Loudly.  In consequence, editing this video was a pretty damn noisy experience as you could practically hear me going, “UUUUGH!” every few minutes.  Millions of people are gonna hate me for this, and that is exactly what I want.  You can’t undo this.  It’s already been done, Asian bitches.  Wake the fuck up and drink the bitter juice called truth– our Asian American generation is unequivocally fucked.

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