Reflections on a Previous Rant about My Former High School Bully

Reflections on a Previous Rant about My Former High School Bully
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When I look back at the rant I wrote about my former high school bully, who in my fury gave her the nickname Crapsack after I blocked her, I felt a couple of things. On one hand, it was cathartic because I never got an apology from her for everything she did and said to me like calling me a fail at life and just being condescending, cruel, and rude. On the other hand, it did feel rather harsh of me, but you know how it is, what goes around comes around and an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. That rant apparently caught the attention of her older sister, who proceeded to say that my bully never did anything wrong to me and just called me a petty kid. It sort of made me realize that my former high school bully does get away with a lot of things because she thought she was smart and all that and she and her older sister are so accustomed to being rude and condescending towards each other as their form of sisterly love. The other part of me was hurting because we were batchmates, I wanted to see the best in her, I tried to treat her like a good friend, and she still had every right to emotionally harass me even after the retreat and Dux Lucis. Going back to her older sister, it made acknowledge how much of an ignorant, stupid, rude, and obnoxious person she is and on top of that, she was a crummy role model to her younger sister. Sure they may have jobs, but does that entitle especially my former bully to think what she did and said to me was okay? No. Did her older sister think that I would easily forget about it even if it were after so many years without even getting an apology from her? No. On top of that, through a really good friend of mine, I kind of realized that my former high school bully was not just mean and unemphatic to me but to a lot of other people when she was a lot younger and even had a rather toxic relationship with her older sister to the point where they are so rude to each other and from what I can interpret, it’s like their parents do not even have a clue on how to discipline them and be great role models. And comparing her to the other former bullies I had, she really gets the short end of the stick when it comes to truly growing up, whereas some of the other ones have actually turned out for the better and saw the crap they did and made their own lives greatly.
Just by realizing what my former high school bully was through her older sister and to an extent her family made me realize how grateful I should be to have had parents who ensured that we, my younger brother, my younger sister, and I, stayed kind, patient, polite, and with good decorum. If I were to be a teacher, then this is something that I have to acknowledge. It’s so easy for kids and teenagers to bully, harass, and put certain people down and think they can get away with it, which is why I am not a fan of bullies, nor anyone who puts on a thinly-veiled mask after hurting certain people. Sometimes the words one says to a person can last for a long time and usually the one afflicted will end up coming back with something even more painful.
All in all, I am very happy I got myself away from her and her older sister, because like I said, I never want to be as fake and nasty as those two. I don’t need them to be in my life anymore as they belong in the distant past. I have a lot of other people in my life I need and want to connect with given my YouTube and performing arts careers and especially my future career of being an English teacher. There are so many things I need to do with my life and more than anything, I always have to love and respect myself, if I want to live a life full of good contacts, meaningful relationships, and an overall fruitfulness to ensure things go spectacularly.

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